My Shopping Trip: ShopRite

My Shopping Trip: ShopRite

Here is my last trip for the Purex Deal at ShopRite.  I actually only did this deal twice because I really have a nice stock of laundry detergent.  But, at this price, you just can’t beat it.

If you follow LRWC on Facebook you probably already know why our dog, Bogo is sitting under the table looking up at me.   This started a couple of months ago when ShopRite had the Purina Catalina.   I was using the catalinas (similar to the Munch Mania Catalinas now) each week to buy Bogo treats.  Every time I came home from the store I would put all my groceries on the table, take my picture for my shopping trip post and then I would give him one of the treats I had just bought.

Apparently he has associated the camera with treats because  each and every time I take out my camera, he sits and cries for a treat.  And, you can see that he is waiting there while I take the picture.

And, yes, I still give him a treat.  How could I not.  He’s just too cute sitting there 😉

Here is what I did at ShopRite tonight

ShopRite Transaction:

  • (4) Marcal Toilet Paper- $1.14
  • (2) Dole Salad – $2.00
  • (3) Purex Detergent – $1.99
  • (3)Purex Ultra Pack – $1.99
  • (1) Renu Travel Size $1.49
  • (1)Febreze Car Vent $2.69

Coupons Used:

Total Out of Pocket = $3.81

$5.00 Catalina (Purex)

Total Savings including sale prices and coupons: $44.97 which I will be adding to the LRWC Reader’s Grocery Savings Counter.  Be sure to add your savings so we can see how much we have all saved in 2012

Here is an update to my Grocery Budget:

      • -$14.14 from shopping trip on 3/4
      • Total in envelope as of 3/4: $649.29
      • -$20 for the past 2 weeks of inserts
      • -$56 at the Farmer’s Market on 3/10
      • -$12 misc trips to stores
      • -$2.26 from Shopping Trip on 3/13
      • Total in envelope as of 3/13: $559.03
      • $31.29 from Shopping Trip on 3/15
      • Total in envelope as of 3/15: $527.74
      • Added $150 to Grocery Envelope
      • -$6.02 quick trip to ShopRite
      • -$3.81 from Shopping Trip on 3/17
      • -$75 giving my son to go grocery shopping at school
      • Total in envelope as of 3/17: $592.91

If you’re interested in seeing how we set up our budget envelopes, make sure to check out, How To Set Up a Budget and Stick to It.

How are you doing on your grocery budget?

LRWC Reader Grocery Savings Counter: Be sure to add your weekly grocery savings to the the LRWC Reader Grocery Savings Counter below. You can check out the counter in the sidebar to see how much we have all saved so far in 2012!

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  • All4Savings

    BOGO is sooooo cute!

  • lisa

    Bogo is just too cute for words. What kind of dog is he?

  • Aileen

    I went to 2 shoprites and they’re both out of the purex ultra because of that I wasn’t able to do the deal :/ oh well. Hope there’s a next time 🙂

    • Jen

      Same thing happened to me…should have gotten to the store before the shelf clearers! Fear not, there is always another deal around the corner!

  • Bayonne Coupon Queen

    Just love Bogo such a good doggie.

  • Meli

    if my daughter ever falls asleep i will be heading out….

  • Stacy

    Omg… Bogo is too cute for words!

  • Jenn

    Bogo is a sweet little guy! That’s adorable, sitting there waiting for his treat. Is he an apricot poodle?

    • Cindy

      Yes he is a poodle! Good guess. No one ever thinks that he is a poodle.

  • Cindy

    Where is the other dog?

  • B. Gennaro

    BOGO is AWESOME!!! No wonder you love that dog so much!

  • Nicole L

    I’m jealous. I went to my shoprite last night and they were out of Purex power Paks… But they did have Dole extra Veggie salad kits for .50 which became free with the .50/1 coupon and I was able to score free Centrum ProNutrients with the $5 e-coupon and $5 mfr coupon.

  • aimee

    Bogo’s a sweetie!! Love the pic.

  • Anonymous

    Your cute dog is distracting me

  • Krystal

    I agree an adorable puppy indeed!!

  • Rose

    Cindy, I’m having problems with my ecoupons, sometimes they come off but most of the time anymore they don’t. I’ve emailed them several times & I have yet to get a response. I noticed on the pic you have of the febreeze is set up w/the add & check mark. my question is do I have to check and/or click add to my shopping list in order for them to actually go on my card? I never had to do an addtional step once I added them to my card on the main page. thank you for all your help

    • Renee

      Call the contact number from the shop rite ecoupon site. I had this problem as well. Have your receipt with you when you call so that they can look up the transaction and go over your receipt with you on the phone. Each time this happened, they sent me a OYNO coupon. One thing I found was that there was a step in the registration that had to be completed for the coupons to come off.

  • Jessica

    you are so lucky to have such a super pup. My 2 darlings would have been standing up on the table investigating my purchase. Everything that enters our house must meet thier standards.LOL

  • Bree

    Sorry BOGO is the best part – hands down 🙂

  • CJ

    Bogo is a smart little fella and waaaaaaaaaay too cute 🙂

  • Cara

    Bogo is too cute!

  • Debbie

    Is BOGO a Cockapoo??? My baby (a Cockapoo) looks identical to yours! They seem equally as ornary, lol.

  • Courtney

    Bogo is too cute!!!! And yes my 2 kitties always go through the bags before I can even set them down. But they are hard to resist.
    Great trip!
    Thank you Cindy for sharing all your great knowledge 🙂

  • katie

    classical conditioning! how cute. perfect way to train any dog.