New Diet Coke CVS Coupon = $1.60 Per 12/pack

New Diet Coke CVS Coupon

There is a new Diet Coke CVS Coupon available.  The coupon is for $1 off any 2 Diet Cokes and although it is a manufacturer coupon the coupon is to be used exclusively at CVS.

Print: Diet Coke CVS Coupon

Starting on Sunday, 3/11, Diet Coke is part of an Extra Care Bucks offer for Buy 5 Coke 12 oz cans 12 pack and get a $5 ECB (limit 1).  The packs are priced at just $3 each.

Here is the deal starting on Sunday, 3/11:

Buy 5 Diet Coke 12 pack $3.00 each
-(2)$1/2 Diet Coke CVS printable coupons
Pay: $13
Get a $5 ECB
$1.60 per Pack after coupons & ECB

Be sure to check out the rest of the CVS Preview Ad for 3/11.

Thanks commonsensewithmoney!

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  • Melissa

    i got these when i the 2 liters were 99cents they were on the bottles. thanks for the reminder. : )

  • Deb

    I don’t see the CVS diet coke coupon. Help!

  • Meredith

    I couldn’t find the coupon either…help too?

    • hanna
      • Janice.

        still not coming up for me 🙁

        I just get the join diet coke for heart health message

        • Anne Marie

          same here… shows gray scren and can only click on ” mycokerewards” and then asks me to register(did that) and then it gives points for joining but no coupon to click on…sigh…

  • Erika B

    Think I could buy 4 diet coke (so I can use the coupon) and a case of sprite to get the ecb or must it all be diet coke?

    • Tara

      Sadly the wording on the coupon is for diet coke.
      You do not have to buy 5 coke products to get the ecb, but $15.00 of select products listed (back of ad). So if you have coupons for any of the other products that will lower your OOP.

  • Heather

    Heres to hoping we don’t get that stupid coupon again in the test market and get a regular flyer this week bc I could really use that soda!!

    • Carol S

      I went to the coupon and it said I had already printed out the coupons the number of times available, I never printed it.

  • Alejandra

    I printed the coupons if anyone needs them. I don’t do diet coke 🙁 email me and ill send

  • tina mcnabb

    If you have trouble getting the coupon, what I did was hover my mouse to the left of the place to click the coupon, and it came up that way…


    I had to allow it to my computer to the website. but I was able to print two. Good luck ladies. thank you so much!

  • Donna

    my CVS will only take (1) of these coupons =(

    • Lesley

      I think that if you do separat transaction, using one coupon per transaction, you could still do the deal…The cans are 5 for $15…$3 per 12pk. The amount you spend toward the $15 gets tracked at the bottom of the receipt. I am not sure if you have to buy 5 12pks of coke to get it for $15…I am assuming they are just $3 each. So, do separat transactions, using a coupon eash time (one of the times you will need to get an extra 12pk…or something else that is included in the deal). Hope this helps!

  • Melissa

    Do they allow these to be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons as well? I have $1/2 Diet Coke 12 packs from a tear pad.

    • Laura

      Hey all…run to Stop and Shop where you can find women’s heart health tearpads with $1/2 manufacturer’s coupons! This should make this deal even better!

    • Kelly

      Yes, they do allow coupons to be stacked. I bought all regular cokes and the cashier told me that I could use the Diet Coke coupons so I went for it! Great deal!

  • Ron Johnson

    Say I buy the 5 diet Cokes (but I’m not a diet Coke fan). Won’t CVS exchange the diet Cokes for regular Coke, or any other Coke product?

    • Lesley

      I was wondering the same thing. I would not think it was a big deal, but I wanna make sure it is fair to do that or not before I attempt to exchange it.

  • neysa

    thanks Cindy! my other half and I drink Diet Coke all the time. I can sure stock up on these!!

  • Tina

    Why are the coupons always for the yucky diet coke? Wish they had coupons you could use on all their products instead of just the diet stuff.

  • Jody

    I’m upset, I drink alot of coke and I was so excited for this, I JUST checked my ad, and its says coke is $2.88 each. 🙁

  • Did the deal today and bought 4 Coke Zero and 1 diet coke and my diet coke coupons were accepted. I received the ECB