Pathmark Coupon Matchups 3/2 – 3/8

Pathmark Coupon Match Ups 3/2 – 3/8

All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Make sure to check out Pathmark’s Coupon Policy.

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Need information about their coupon policy? Make sure to check out the Coupon Policy Page

NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • arizia

    PM looks good for detergent!!
    Question, I live in DE and heard the Sun. paper will be $3 doesn’t that seem too much? Are inserts less expensive? Opinions plz! TIA

    • Michele

      Maybe you could check to see what’s in the coupon section before you buy the paper. This site usually can tell you what type of coupons you can expect or just go on ebay and buy 4 inserts for about $4 delivered and can buy them as early as Friday the Sunday before. Good luck! HTH.

    • Christine

      Check out inserts are less there I think

    • Lady J

      $3 is expensive for a newspaper. It’s not like you’re talking about the Wall Street journal or something either.

    • Kathie

      Arizia, I’m in DE too and the Sunday DE News Journal is indeed $3 now. 🙁 It sucks. I am lucky though, I get the coupon inserts on Sat in a mailer, get a Sunday paper delivered for $2, and a co worker gives me his coupons.

      • Anonymous

        I am in Delaware too. I go across the line to PA and get the daily times which is only 2.00 and their RP always gets the best regional coupons. Also try MD for your paper.

      • Dave

        Zingos sells the sunday paper for 2$…it helps

    • Amazhon

      I purchased the Sunday paper at Pathmark a couple of weeks ago and a coupon code printed out to have the paper delivered for $1

      • TedR

        I have been getting the Sunday only delivered to my house and they raised my price from like 4.15 to 8.00 (which is about $2 per paper). I saw on delawareonline they were offering it for $1 a week all through Feb but when I called they didn’t make any sense and said I was getting that rate. I was like ummm no I’m not I’m paying $8 a month how is that $1 a week? They’re really screwed up. I’m thinking about canceling and seeing how much the papers are at the dollar store.

        • Arizia

          My dollar store isn’t carrying it anymore because of the price increase… I’m thinking of going thru a clippin service or buy the inserts whole.
          Thanks for all your help!

  • CK

    I just checked for their current circular. The Red Baron & Freschetta pizzas are 2/$10, not $2 EA. 🙁

  • Ed

    Hi Cindy,
    Wouldn’t the Brisk Gallon Teas just be .99 after the Q and e-Q?

  • Christina


  • Kim

    Bummed…. I never to Cat deals, but tried it today with the (4) Cheer and (1) Gain. I didn’t realize my prices were lower than that was listed here ($6.99 Cheer; $8.49 Gain) and my total only came to $38.64 and I needed $40 for a Cat. Lesson learned to always check the prices!

    • Victoria

      hi kim today i went to pathmark and the cheer was at 6.99 the gain 8.49 i grab 4 dawn for 1.69 use my coupons for the cheer and the gain and i paid 14.55 received 13 in catalinas tomorrow in going to do the same order and im going to use my ecoupon gain is 1.00 im going to end up paying .55 cent for 4 cheer 1 gain and 4 dawm after coupons and catalinas

  • Isha

    I can’t seem to find any of the pathmark e-coupons or zavers coupons listed for the p&g deal here, in my account. Does anybody else have this problem or is it just me?

    • Rachel

      I had the same problem, I did not see the Nature’s Bounty Coupons, and I know that I didn’t use them already.

    • Ana

      I think if you do not save them by a certain time, then they will no longer be available…I only saved a few and forgot to save the rest…so some are in my account (which expire today) and others are not even available..I’ll have to remember to just save them all as soon as they are available..just in case! lol

  • yolene

    I tried the cheer deal it didnt print any cats should I take it back as i dont need any now and this isnt a stock pile price am in brooklyn ny

  • yolene

    hi kim the same happened to me do u know if we go back and buy one more if we will get the cats ?

  • Love couponing

    Deal idea 4 cheer and 1 gain. The shelf price will not work. Cheer 7.49 x 4= 29.96 and gain 8.49 total is 38.45 the sample is wrong even if the shelf price is as shown. Just noticed so I thought I should pass it on.

    • Jordan

      So buying 2 gain and 4 cheer should work well? Is it working on shelf price?

    • Jordan

      So buying 2 gain and 4 cheer should work well?

      • Liz J

        Just came back from Pathmark and it did work for me, 4 cheer and 1 gain..
        And the total 13.95 and recieve 10 catalina. I use 4 of $2 for the cheer, and $1. for the gain , No problems…

        • Love couponing

          What was your shelf price for the cheer end gain? If you don’t mind me asking?

  • Cathy

    I tried the detergent deal, but apparently the dark bottles of Cheer were unmarked, but ringing up as being clearanced 50% of at my store. The white bottles in the same size was the expected price.

  • yolene

    I went back they wouldnt allow me to buy one more and get the cats and also told me i cant get back value for my coupons since i didnt need any i told them give me back my money little do they know they did give me back the price of my coupons so they dont know there own coupon policy my oop was a little over 15 and i got back little over $27
    did anyone go back and try 4 cheer and 2 gain and did it work and if so is it still considered sp price

    • Laura

      I did this deal with 4 cheers and 2 gain. The e coupon for gain did not come off, but I did get $10 cats.

      • toby

        LOL- you made $12 and no oop! woo hoo

  • Pam

    I bought 4 cheer and 2 olay BW and got my $10 CAT. Had a rain check for the cheer for $3.99 and it still worked. Will be doing this deal again but next time 4 olay body wash and 1 cheer or may do the 4 BW and 4 dish washing liquid I think that should bring it over $40.

  • toby

    anyone tried the P &G at the pathmark in east meadow 11554? Do you know if its running on shelf price or sale price?? Huge difference and I find that the local waldbaums goes on sale price

  • Anonymous

    lol toby yes i did all i wanted was my $10 cats was willing to buy another bottle lol

  • Purvi

    I don’t see Marcal coupons on Zaver. Its even says on their flyer. Any ideas?

  • Christine R

    I’m not doing any of the deals here this week but wanted to mention that the Pathmark in LAWNSIDE, NJ is closing next month. I just found out from a fellow couponing friend on Facebook. I’m bummed since that’s the only supermarket near me that does a true double!