Pathmark Coupon Matchups 3/23 – 3/29

Pathmark Coupon Match Ups 3/23 – 3/29

All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Make sure to check out Pathmark’s Coupon Policy.

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Need information about their coupon policy? Make sure to check out the Coupon Policy Page

NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Janelle S

    I have Super coupons for
    Nabisco Chips Ahoy! 2/$3(must buy 2)
    Paseo 12pk TP or

  • Janelle S

    Sorry clicked Enter by accident

    Paseo 12 pk TP or 8 pk PT-$3.99
    Americas Choice 4 lb. bag California Navel Oranges $1.99 ea.
    $5 off Extra Large Shrimp 2lb. bag
    FREE Americas Choice Pasta Sauce
    $10/$75 purchase
    $5/$40 purchase

    All of the coupons (except the $10/$75 & $5/$40 coupons) require an additional $15 purchase

  • Christina


  • Christine R

    Thank you Cindy!

    I don’t think the ecoupon for the ProNutrients can be used with the paper coupon. The one I have saved is a “brand” coupon not a “store” coupon. Please tell me if I’m wrong. I stock up on these every time I see them free.

    • ag

      The ecoupon came off for me, so free vitamins.

      • H

        I cant find it I only See the $1.00 one

  • Barbara A.

    I went to Pathmark before midnight so that I could get some more Keebler chocolate cookies on sale but then stayed to try the new Ziploc sale. (my store closes at 1) Since there weren’t any tags up on the shelf I wasn’t really sure what to buy and of course bought the wrong Ziplocs the first time. The sale isn’t on the slider bags but the regular ones. You will know if you have the right ones if they ring up for $2.99. On the first order I bought 4 of the wrong Ziplocs and one Fantastik and got a $2 catalina but not the $5 catalina. I returned the stuff and bought 4 regular Ziploc bags and 1 Fantastik and got a $5 and yes, a $2 catalina. Yipppeeee. I then bought the .99 cantalope and the Sorrento Riccotta cheese and Mozzarella. Good prices. Thanks for posting the matchups.

    • Lori

      Thank you, thank you Barbara! I’ve been waiting for someone to test this out. That’s great news!

      • hanna

        I purchased 5 boxes of 20ct slider bags and got both $2.00 & $5.00 catalina today. Are you sure you didn’t pick larger than 20ct bags at first?

        Pathmark catalina deal doesn’t say excluding slider bags, it only indicate
        number of count. Tag showed $2.99 but at self check out, it was $3.09.
        Customer service adjusted the difference after I mentioned it.
        Maybe different Pathmark include different bags??

        • Anonymous

          Gee, I didn’t do a price-check. Just came from Pathmark, where I only purchased the regular bags, not the sliders (which I like for storage). Anyway, the only bags marked at 2.99 were the regular bags. Btw, all the quart-sized freezer bags were gone! I did pick up some of the new single-portion sized, though. Has anyone tried these yet? They’re not nearly as substantial as the freezer bags, but they’re shown inside of a large freezer bag.

          • Anonymous

            Just tried purchasing 4 boxes of Ziploc slider bags @ Pathmark, but only the $2.00 coupon generated — the $5.00 coupon did not print. (But the $5 coupon did print when I purchased the non-sliders). Since I used the two coupons from yesterday, decided it would be too confusing to make a return. Wasn’t sure it this is the best way to get Catalina adjustment, anyway. I’ve seen it before, but have never taken note — isn’t there a phone number or e-mail address for Catalina?

  • Tina

    Awesome Barbara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for shopping so late:) We now have it CONFIRMED:)

  • lisa

    Thank you for the ZIploc info, Barbara.

  • Kristy

    I don’t see the centrum $5.00 ecoupon. Is it gone?

    • Jordan

      I don’t see it either?

      • Jim

        I believe it’s already expired and gone, but with so many coupons to keep track of, one is expected to slip through the cracks now and then

  • Dana C

    The Dove Visible Care Body Wash wasn’t included in the sale at my Pathmark yesterday. The ad states 14-17 oz. bottles were on sale for $5.49 and the Visible Care was an 18 oz. bottle. It was included in the catalina deal but the shelf price was $8.99 and not on sale.

  • enalyn

    I also received a store coupon booklet with the following products that you can stack with manf. coupon:expired 4/12/12
    Paseo TP$1/1
    Kleenex $1/2
    Bounty TP $1/1
    Prego pasta Sauce $1/2
    Dove BW/4 pk bar $1/1
    Marcal products12 rollBT/PT 8 roll or larger $1/1
    Goldfish bag .25/1
    Farmland Skim Plus Milk,half/quart .55/1
    Truvia item .50/1
    Chobani 16oz or 4pk .25/1
    Coca cola 20pk cans $1/1
    Skinny Cow products $1/2
    Dial lotion $1/1
    Arm & hammer Unidose Package $1/2
    $8 off on $80.oo on your bill

    • enalyn

      This are store coupons you can use at Pathmark,SuperFresh,Waldbauns& A&P.

      • Ariana S

        where do you get the store coupons?

        • enalyn

          i received them from the mail. I also getting a super saver coupon insert together with the store flyers every fridays separated from the rest of the flyers.

    • Dana C

      The ones less than $1 also double, like manuf. coupons. I used the $.55/1 Farmland Skim Milk on and it doubled.

      • enalyn

        yes, also doubled for me when i use them..and guess what,my i bought a 2-8-pk basic bounty towesl last thrusday and i used $1/1manf. coupons, the extreme saver store coupon $1/1 from the mail and the other store coupon saved in my card (ecoupon) deducted on my order too.

  • Alexandra

    Does anyone know if the Active Scrub Cleanser is included in the buy $15 get $5 catalina deal?

  • Jenn

    does anyone know if the ziploc, or any other SC Johnson deals are rolling??

    • Dana C

      The SC Johnson rolled for me yesterday 🙂

    • enalyn

      yes they are rolling!!!!bought 4 ziploc bagsthe 1st transsaction recvd $5 cat & $2 cat . 2nd transaction:4 scrubbing bubbles use 2-$2/2 sbrubbing bubbles,$5 cat & $2 cat recvd $5 cat.

  • Alexandra

    Another question about the SC Johnson Cat: does anyone know if the Windex Multi-Surface is included? In the circular it says “Windex Glass Cleaner,” but when I was at the store today, all of the Multi-Surface cleaners were priced at $2.99, so I’m hoping they are included….

    • enalyn

      yes alexandra,it is included too! I saw them last sunday at 2.99(3.99 reg.price)

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know if pathmark will take coupons expired upto a week? some stores do….wanted to use the $4/4 kellogs q

    • Anonymous

      There are new $4/4 coupons available. Just printed two this morning.

  • Min

    Does anyone know if theres a limit on getting the free pop tart boxes when purchasing 2 kellogs cereal? I would like to buy 4 boxes of kellogs cereal at a time would I be able to get 2 boxes of the pop tarts?

    • enalyn

      I dont think so. I bought 6 boxes of cereal and get 3 pop tarts Free!

  • Alexandra

    Just found a small money maker on the Dove! Buy 2 Dove Invisible solids ($3.59) $2.50 and 1 Dove Body Wash ($8.49) $5.49. This comes to $10.49 before coupons. Then use 2 $0.75/1 deodorant (RP 3/25) and 1 $1/1 body wash (RP 3/25). Plus there are Dove coupons on Zavers that can be used: $0.75/1 deodorant and $1/1 body wash. Total after coupons: $4.74, plus you will receive a $5 catalina, making it free!

    • Terry

      Nice find!!!! Thanks!!!!! 🙂

  • ag

    I tried to do this deal today and it did not work for me. I bought 4 ( 15ct) boxes of 1 gallon freezer bags ( $3.99 shelf price) and nothing printed. Were they not included? thanks

    • enalyn

      I bought 4 boxes of theZiploc double Zipper (smart zip seal) 20 bags (but with 30% more bonus and 24 bags in all 26.8 cm x 27.3 cm).They were priced at 3.79 shelf price.

      • ag

        Did you get both cats?

        • ag

          I called catalina regarding this issue and they said the cat machine was out of ink that’s why the cats didn’t print.

          • Anonymous

            So what is the next step? I just posted with the same problem, before I saw your post. Thanks much!

            • ag

              If you didn’t get the $2 cat, you can contact catalina marketing at 1888-826-8766 and they will send you the cat once they figure out you got the right items to qualify for the cat.The $5 cat is Pathmark’s promotion not catalina marketing, so you have to talk to customer service. Unfortunately, they always say, catalina is based on sale prices, not shelf prices and that’s exactly what the guy told me . So I asked him, if I purchase another item, would he give me the $5 cat ( I was short of 5 cents) and he said yes, that’s fine. Sometimes when store cats don’t print for me, it’s either I return the items ( losing my coupons) or I’ll just add another item to reach the qualifying amount to get the catalina.

  • Monica

    For anyone doing the Scrubbing Bubbles Cat deal there is a $1 Saving Star deposit if you purchase 2 Scrubbing Bubbles product..

  • ruthies s

    Found the zavers for body wash but not the one for Deodorant. Anyone know why that might be?

  • Robert

    I was only able to get 3 Ziploc coupons and can’t find them anywhere now. If I buy 3 Ziploc and 1 Fantastik, will I get both the $2 and $5 cats?

    Thanks in advance for any response.

    • Robert

      Forgot to mention the shelf price of Fantastik is $3.79 at my pathmark

    • aimee

      You have to buy 4 ziploc to get the $2 cat. I don’t think 3 ziploc and 1 Fantastic will add up to $15 ( shelf price), so you may have to add one more item to reach $15. Check your Pathmark’s shelf price. Hope that helps.

      • Robert

        That helps a lot. Thank you aimee !!

        • Laura D.

          Robert, did you ask them to check in the back for more ziplocks??? They usually have more stock in the back. Good Luck!

  • Terry

    The Nestle water cat is rolling!!!!!!!!! I bought 4, and used the $5 cat on my 2nd transaction of water and received another one! 🙂

    • Laura D.

      Just read your other post, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 🙂

  • Anna

    I went to pathmark yesterday and I bought:
    – 2 Fantastics ($3.29) $2.99
    – 2 Scrubbing Bubbles ($4.29) $2.99
    – zip lock bags $2.69
    No catalina printed. I guess I will have to contact catalina.

  • Lin

    Every time i have a problem with catalinas not printing i just go to customer service and they take care of it, whether they print the cat themselves or give me a SR gift card. Try CS first.

  • Anonymous

    i bought 4 ziplocs at 2.99 each and used 2 (.60) coupons and 2 (.70) coupons (all doubled) and was told the coupons brought down the price under $ 15. so i added 3 more ziplocs and added 1 (.60) (doubled) and 2 (.50) not doubled. total did go over $15 and got $5 cat but no $2 cat. weren’t the cats supposed to print based on shelf price? whats wrong with my transaction? please help. thank u.

  • Poetiq

    hey there! does any1 kno if the ziplock perfect portions r apart of the cat deal?
    if not i hve to redo all of my scenarios….wht a bummer!