Pathmark Coupon Matchups 3/9 – 3/15

Pathmark Coupon Match Ups 3/9 – 3/15

All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Make sure to check out Pathmark’s Coupon Policy.

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  • The item will be placed in your shopping list.
  • The list will appear from the right bottom of this site
  • Once you are done, click print.
  • Look for the to find the best stockpile prices



Need information about their coupon policy? Make sure to check out the Coupon Policy Page

NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Heather

    I don’t see the Doritos eCoupon??

    • sara

      same here, let me know if you find it

  • Michele

    There is also a double or possibly triple dip on the buy $15 get $5 Clorox deal. The glad trash bags are part of the buy $9 get $2.50 Catalina for summer and a Clorox Catalina of buy $9 get $2.50. I received the summer one for Pathmark which started on 3/2/12 but I could have also sworn the Clorox one was here too. I will test it in the morning so I’ll let you all know then.

    • Cindy

      I am actually working on the details of that right now!

      • Michele

        So even you think I’m right___I definitely must be. I actually think for a minute there I was as good as you. I girl can dream, LOL.

  • karen

    i can’t find the ecpn for doritos/ruffles:(

  • Heather

    Cindy, there’s a $0.75/2 Eggo in this Sunday’s paper! Makes them $1.25 each! Yeehaw, stock up!

    • Cindy

      oh you are right. It wasn’t on the list. Go figure, we get a better coupon then others.

    • Rocky

      And, there is now a $1/3 zavers ecoupon to clip.

  • Heather

    The fb coupons for clorox bleach & wipes make a great deal. I was planning on buying (4) of each – $8 OPP with the $5 cat = $0.38/each

  • Heather

    Is it typical for Pathmark to use shelf prices for the P&G and/or clorox deal?

    • Cortney

      I find that’s very location-specific.

      At the Pathmarks I have been to (Long Island, NY), it never seems to work. However, when the same deal is going on at Waldbaum’s, it works there. Very YMMV.

  • Jordan

    Bumble bee tuna $5/5 with the new facebook $1 off 1 would make it free for 1

  • Rei

    Don’t forget about the $3/1 & $1.50/1 Clorox 2 printables for participating in the Play2Day promo 🙂

    • Jordan

      I played that 6 separate times and won nothing…lol

      • Jordan

        I just figured it out after all this and got the coupons…Thanks…lol

    • Janelle S

      I totally forgot about these coupons….I am headed over to print these right now 🙂

  • nicole

    Have a question…

    I have a coupon from a tearpad. Buy. 2 Welch juice get jam free. Can I use the tearpad coupon and the 1.00 coupon???



  • Victoria

    cindy i just went to the pathmark e coupon and there is a coupon for voskos yogurt 1.00/3

  • lisa

    I printed a coupon for minute maid 10pk $1 on this week under zip 77477 making the pks $1.99 this week. Not the cheapest I have seen but I am in desperate need of juice pks for the kids lunch.

  • northeasterner

    I can’t find the ecoupon for the chips either! 🙁

  • Robert

    I can’t find the doritos ecoupon or the GM Milk N’ Cereal eCoupons. Where they removed?

  • V

    Has anyone who has had issues with zavers in the past gotten it fixed? My ecoupons NEVER come off and I tried contacting Zavers [they have yet to do anything]. Is there anything I can do besides getting a whole new card and zavers account?

    • Michele

      Yes, I just fixed it when I linked my info from zavers to pathmark account, yes, you have to sign up for both sites. Even with A&P even though your zaver coupons work for both. It’ s strange, what can I say but it worked for me.

  • r

    If you didn’t add the Doritos e-coupons last week, they are no longer available. I can see them on my account because I added them last week.

    • Heather

      Ugh, I DID add them last week and now they’re gone. =(

  • Pam

    Can I use the $3/1 Era coupon from the friends and family on the era that is on sale this week. did not see any one mention this. It says on 50 oz and the circular has the era 50 0z for $3.99.

  • Rei

    Kraft cat deal is working at Pathmark…picked up 5 breakstone’s sour cream and got the $4 cat 🙂

  • goldenfool

    right guard product deal by 4 items get $4 coupon
    go to right guard face book and print out coupon by 2 get $1 off.

  • Elena

    Any word if Dawn Ultra is part of the select P&G catalina deal? I read that this particular deal ends 3/11 while the store catalina deal ends 3/15. Unfortunately, it seems that my Pathmark uses the sale price not the shelf price for the catalina deals.

  • Alexandra

    Does anyone happen to know if Aleve Simply Sleep are included in the $2.99 sale?

  • Eric in NJ

    I don’t shop at PathMark anymore but I still get my mailers.

    Would anyone like my coupons? I have 3x $10 off $100 (1 for this sale week and each of the next 2 weeks) along with a $15 off $150 for 3/30-4/2.

    Whoever replies to this post with their email (Id suggest ‘name AT blah dot com’ format), Ill email you to get a mailing addy. I have 1 envelope and 1 stamp left on this desk, it’s karma! 😉

    These obviously aren’t tied to a particular club card, so anyone with a PathMark card can use them.

    • Michelle

      mgvelez AT gmail dot com

  • Michelle

    i would love them .

    • Eric in NJ

      Message incoming 😉

  • marie

    Is there any more word on the Clorox, Glad double dip deal working? I am trying to decide if I want to try this or not. Please let me know. Anyone?? TY!

  • Kristin

    Was wondering if anyone else is having any issues with Pathmark and their new coupon policy. I knew that they are only taking 4 like coupons, but when I was there last night they also only double the first 2. They also wouldn’t take the free milk coupon when you buy threee breakfast items from the milk promotion last week. The cashier and manager said that are not taking a lot of internet coupons beacuse they are fake, especially if they are from Smart Source. They are checking all of them before they scan them. My store had a whole binder of coupons they wont accept. They said that they are not accepting anything that states it is free and doesn’t state a specific brand.

  • marina

    I have done different Glad deals at my PM and haven’t gotten the $2.50 cat. Yesterday, I bought 1 trash bag and 2 Press n seal and I only got the $5 cat.