Reader Shopping Trips: A&P

Rebecca had a great trip to A&P! She used her free milk wyb 3 breakfast items coupons! Here is what she had to say:

Made a last minute deal at A&P! Both my kids needed milk, which means a gallon of Whole AND 2%. I though I’d make it to Saturday when I planned a Shoprite trip with my $10 off $100 coupon and many others. Anyhow, milk ran out faster than I expected and we had to stop at the A&P so I made a quick deal on the fly! I took advantage of the Quaker deal when you buy 5/$10 and automatically get $3 off. If I had sent my husband on his way home from work, we would have spent $14.16 just for milk and Half & half! Glad I grabbed my coupons and ran back out myself!


  • 2- Life Cereal 5/$10
  •  2- Aunt Jamima syrup 5/$10
  •  1- Quaker granola bar 5/$10
  •  2- Milk Gallons $3.59 each
  •  2- Land O Lakes Half & Half $3.49 each
  •  2- Yoplait Lactose free yogurt $.60

Coupons Used:

  • (2) Free Milk when you buy 3 breakfast items
  • (1) -$1/2 Land O Lakes Half & Half (NLA)
  • (2) –$.30/1 Yoplait Lactose free yogurt
  • Quaker deal when you buy 5/$10 quaker items, automatically get -$3
  • -.04 reusable bag discount

OOP $12.54

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  • tina m.

    way to go! my a&p wouldn’t let me use the free milk coupon! (used it at shoprite today though!) i remember having to buy whole AND 2% milk for the kiddos!! lol

  • FYI. you can freeze milk. i buy when on sale and it keeps beautifully. Need to defrost when you are getting low and it is perfectly fresh.

    • Christine R

      Glad you mentioned that! I bought Smart Balance when it was on sale and “test froze it”. Good to know it wasn’t a waste!