Reader Shopping Trips: ShopRite

Karyn had a great trip to ShopRite this week! She took advantage of the Purex Deal and spend just over $1! Way to go!


  • 4 Purex Ultra Packs $1.99
  • 2 Purex Liquid $1.99
  • 1 Tastykake $1.88
  • 1 Coffemate creamer $2.39
  • 2 Yoplait Greek yogurt $1.00
  • 1 Centrum Probiotics $9.99

Coupons Used:

OOP $1.52
Rec’d $5.00 Catalina (Purex)

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  • Cynthia

    You go girl!!!

  • Misally


  • Purvi

    Great trip!!

    Is anyone having issues with their ecoupons? Its not coming off for me. It happened twice. I talked to customer service and she said we don’t know anything about website. You can try calling them. I just called Shoprite customer service number and guy on phone said he will get back to me about this.

  • coleen

    that is wonderful!!! good job! btw, i, too am having problems w/ecoupons. as well as our sr (niskayuna, ny) contend that they do not/never have had the centrum pronutrients products. (though i have bought them–on 2 separate ocassions!) so, no taking advantage of that deal for us! boo-hoo.
    may i also just add, again, thank you to cindy for all your hard work that blesses us, and our budgets! have a great weekend everyone!

    • Rebecca

      I shop at niskayuna too. I had a problem with the ecoupon and cell fires recently. I also wasn’t able to get the cat for the joy soap last week. Did you try that one? tia

  • Jackie

    where did you find ecoupon for centrum?

  • Melissa

    Awesome job!!!!

  • val

    Anyone know which stores in westchester still have the ultra packs?

  • linda203

    do anyone know if the purex catalina rolls?

    • H

      Yes. She just did it Linda…. LOL I’m doing this deal tomorrow morning. I need them for my mom!!!

      • yes the catalina prints with each transaction. I did 5!!

  • Jennifer

    I had 1 ecoupon for the Leave cereal come off but the ecoupon for the Robitussin cold medicine did not come off. Its annoying!

  • michelle

    I did 5 seperate transactions for the Purex deal and the Catalina prints each time!! My total for 10 bottles of liquid Purex and 20 bags of the Gel Tabs came to $5.90 and I still have 1 $5 Catalina!!

  • I did 5 seperate tranactions for the Purex deal and I got a total of 10 bottles of liquid and 20 bags of the gel tabs for $5.90 and I still have a $5 Catalina left. The catalina prints with each transaction!!