Reader Shopping Trips: Target

Reader Jamie headed to Target to take advantage of some of the new Target Coupons.  If you are planning on use the $5/2 Revlon Beauty Tool Coupons, you might want to check out what Jamie had to say about them:

Let me say that I learned something about one of their current coupons. The Revlon $5 off 2 beauty products.
I had 2 coupons, so I bought 2- nail files at $2.99 each and 2- nail clippers at $1.97 ea.  So you would think that the one $5 off would go towards nail file $2.99 & clippers at $1.97 so they are free. BUT since I used both coupons in the same transaction They grouped the $2.99 files together and the $1.97 clippers together so instead of all 4 free i paid $.98

Which is still good but they should of been all free. So I wanted to pass that along to you.


  • (2)$.99 24ct Ibuprofen
  • (2)$2.99 nail file
  • (2)$1.97 nail clippers
  • (1)$8.49 Biore Pore Strips
  • (1)$6.49 Biore Cleanser
  • (1)$7.00 Merona T-shirt
  • (1)$3.49 Glade mist starter


  • -(1)$3.00 Merona shirts Target web coupon
  • -(1)$8.49 Biore buy 1 strip get one cleanser free (manf)
  • -(1)$1.00 Biore Target web coupon
  • -(2)$5.00 Any 2 Revlon Beauty Tools Target web coupon
  • -(1)$1.00 Any 2 Ibuprofen Target web coupon
  • -(1)$1.00 Glade mist Target web coupon
  • -(1)$2.00 Glade Starter mist manf

Paid: $10.88 OOP + tax
Received: $1.00 Catalina for next purchase of Revlon Beauty tools.

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  • ag

    Nice job! How much are the Lysol Dual action wipes? Are they 75 ct? I’m asking because there’s a rebate for them up to $5.00 for 35ct or 75ct so i’m looking for the 75 ct that’s less than $5. Thanks.

  • Jill

    Nice job!

  • britney

    What is a Medora shirt???

    • Anonymous

      Merona…its a brand 🙂

  • Tiff

    Great job!!! I’m shocked they took the $8.49 off for the pore strips instead of the price of the face cleaner. My target doesn’t miss a beat.

  • Anonymous

    Walgreens had the Biore products as buy l get l half off so when I used my two coupons they took off 7.99 & 3.99 respectively.

  • Cyndy

    Same thing happened to me with the Revlon coupons!! I used 4 of them not thinking anything of it and then when I looked at my receipt I saw that they grouped them in that same way and I ended up paying about a dollar for 3 of the transactions!

  • Linda

    Are the Revlon beauty tools in the same aisle as the Revlon makeup? I went into one of the nearby Targets and couldn’t find any.

  • Shannon F

    My Target doesnt carry the Revlon beauty tools…which I thought was odd…I was bummed.