Reset $0.75/1 Land O Lakes Butter Coupon = $0.47 at ShopRite!

New Land O Lakes Butter Coupons

Woohoo!!  I was able to print more of the awesome Land O Lakes Butter Coupon!  The coupon is for $0.75 off 1 pound of Land O Lakes Butter and can be found at zip code 60015.

Print: $0.75/1 Land O Lakes Butter Coupon (60015)

ShopRite has the 1 lb Land O Lakes Butter quarters on sale this week for only $1.97

Here is the deal:

Buy 1 Land O Lakes Butter Quarters 1 lb Package $1.97
$0.75/1 Land O Lakes Butter
$0.47 each after coupon

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  • Brenda

    I’m not sure how it’s .47 after coupon–am I missing something? Even if they double it, it’s usually up to 1.00 so that would be .97 after coupon.

    • Christina

      Some shoprites are a true double store….so, the coupon would double to 1.50

    • Samantha

      Hi Brenda,
      Some Shoprite stores fully double coupons under $1, so the $.75 coupon takes off $1.50, making the butter $0.47. Most of the Shoprite stores in Bergen County, NJ fully double.

    • Susie

      Some stores will double the $.75 cpn – so you save $1.50

  • Arianna

    omg i already have 10 pounds of butter in my freezer! good thing i have two freezers!

  • Lianne

    thats fab! I was able to print the .75 smuckers coupon again too!

  • wow. I was able to print it 4 times so looks like I’m refilling my butter stock pile! whoot!

  • Sally B

    Well that was a nice surprise right before I headed out to Shoprite 🙂

  • celia

    Time to get to the computer LAB!!! 🙂

  • Michelle T.

    If you’re tired of going back to ShopRite, A&P has it on sale for 1.99 starting today 🙂 Time to go use those Cats from Ziploc!

    • christine

      My a&p doesn’t double internet coupons, so if you’re is the same, shoprite is still the better deal

      • Michelle T.

        I hope this doesn’t happen in my store. I have had coupons not double recently, but I have caught it and the cashier has corrected it.

  • Jenny

    Awesome! I was so bummed because I was setting up my new printer and screwed it up so I never got the first set.

  • Michele

    Thanks Cindy! Now I can share the buttery “wealth” with family and friends!

  • Kathy

    Woo Hoo!! Happy dance!! Thanks Cindy!

  • Carolyn C

    Thanks got the butter last night but can get 2 more to freeze! The minute maid reset and Haribo is back! I love coupons! Back to Shoprite tonight! my friday night fun 🙂

  • liz v

    I printed it out twice for my parents this am. Gotta spread the love around!

  • Barbara

    It let me print it FOUR times, woo hoo!!

  • Kim

    It doesn’t even show up in my printable coupons! Why not???

  • Michelle

    How long does butter last in the freezer?

    • Diana

      I’ve had butter in the freezer up to 5 months and it bakes up in stuff just fine…never tried longer I’m lucky if it last a few months before I need to use it!

      • Laura D.

        I’ve had it in the freezer for at least 8 months without any problems. I’ve been freezing butter for over 20 years now.

        • Michelle

          Thank you both for the info! : )

    • Deena

      You are safe up to 8 months, which is the longest I have ever gone. I freeze in the boxes for an extra layer of protection.

  • jet

    thanks! i also found haribo coupon there….

  • Nikki

    Awesome! We bought six in the beginning of the week and will go back for more now. We won’t have to buy butter for the rest of the year! 🙂

  • Lori

    I was wondering the same thing…if you pull it out of the freezer but its expired, is it still good to use?

    • christine

      yes it is still good to use,
      the expiration date is based on Non-frozen time passing.
      Time is suspended once it it frozen.
      LAND O LAKES says:
      Butter can be frozen in its original carton for up to four months from the time of purchase. To protect the delicate flavor of butter, wrap the carton in aluminum foil or in an airtight, resealable plastic freezer food bag before freezing. Once the butter has been thawed, it should be used within 30 days.

  • Missy

    I was only able to print this once. Bummer.

  • me

    How come I can not hit the back button anymore to get a second print? I try and I never get a second print?

    • Kabby

      For me that only works with the “brick” type coupons.

  • Paulette

    Was able to get two prints. Thank you!

  • Jay

    Maybe gone already? 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Jay, did U tried the zip Cindy mentioned 60015….I just printed using that zipcode …….hth….


      • Jay

        I did, yes 🙁

      • Jay

        Ahah! I had a typo! Just printed them.

        This is a very very local coupon.. I tried a bunch of other zipcodes and didn’t see it anywhere. 60015.

  • Susie

    I was also able to print the minute maid juice cpn again!

  • Linda

    And to think, I was planning to stay in this morning!

  • lauren

    my shoprite has a limit of 4 of each variety. does this mean per shopping trip or per PP card?

    • Janelle S

      Per shopping trip

  • Susan

    Thank you!! I already have 7 lbs in the freezer but you can never have too much butter!

  • Jen

    Can anyone confirm? I can get it on one computer, but not the other. Is it gone?

  • susan c

    i get sooo excited over these things…lol

  • NancyB

    Woo Hoo! Thank goodness I got 2 more! I am planning a big cooking & baking week next week for the holidays.

  • Laura D.

    I was debating if I should buy more using the $1/2 coupon, no longer necessary! Thanks Cindy 🙂

  • Tina

    was able to print it 4x on one computer! thanks, because i missed it the first time 🙂

  • Jocelyn

    Yay! we are stocked up on butter again! we were running VERY low… thanks Cindy

  • rc

    is this different than the coupon you posted last week for .75 off? if you printed it are you able to print this now?

    • rc

      ok so i was just able to print 4, but i hadn’t printed the previous time they were posted at 60013. maybe those who had not printed at all yet got 4 and those who already printed got 2? because i could’t go back and print the first one that was posted even though i hadn’t printed yet, i was out of ink.

      • Qpon Jenn

        It seems that way. I was able to print 2 last week and 2 today, not 4 today like some are reporting. I got print limit reached.

  • Palomita

    awesome 🙂 now the pampers wipes coupon just needs to reset, lol.

  • mario

    I have done this butter deal 38 times, so yes i have 38lbs of butter lol. I am freezing most of it. But they limit you to 4 per order, the lady game me a hard time but I just kept going back and doing it in the self checkout.

    • rc

      what in the world are you going to do with 38 pounds of butter! if i was this greedy i would definitely not come on here and embarass myself. you must be beyond obese!

    • c

      would be thoughtful of you to save some of the deals for others who really need it! (like my family, for one!)
      this kind of behavior is surely going to add to the restrictions on couponing trips for the rest of us.
      i won’t be surprised if soon stores are only allowing a limit of one or two coupons on everything due to entitled couponers clearing shelves and leaving hoards of customers unhappy because there’s nothing left on the shelf for them to buy.

      i am so sad to see this kind of thing.

      i actually personally buy things that i won’t even use and donate them directly to a women’s shelter that i know will use them. and i usually have a quantity of four, because that’s what’s allowed in a shopping trip in my area.


      i hope i’m misunderstanding something here…

      • Sonya

        While I agree with you that 38 lbs of butter is excessive, I don’t think it’s right to attack someone like that and to say that that person must be obese. You really don’t have to be obese to store 38 lbs of butter in the freezer and this might be very offensive to the people who are actually overweight for whatever reason. There were a LOT of butter at SR when I went yesterday, so let’s hope there is some butter left for the others. If not, there are always rainchecks.

        • Sonya

          I meant rc, not c, not sure if this is the same person, my apologies.

          • c

            not same person, and, no, i do not agree w/ calling someone obese whether it’s over the computer or in person.

    • Cynthia

      What are you planning on doing with 38 lbs. of butter??? You are very GREEDY mario!

      • Anonymous

        And another thought, if your store is out of the butter get your raincheck everyday then you will also be able to get 38 lbs of butter to stock up on. Don’t forget to buy your Q’s to stack with this promotion.

        • Michelle

          Where did you get enough coupons to do this deal 38 times?

          • Anonymous

            land o lakes had an IP- 50 off 2 and 75 off 1. I have access to 4 computers at 2 prints each equals alot of butter. This coupon reset so you were able to print it again today. There was also a man Q for 50 off 2 in the papers two weeks ago.

            • April S

              We used our 2 iPads, 3 iPhones, iPod touch and 2 computers. We’re up to 24 lbs at our house. I still have 4 more coupons, guess I,ll have to hit A&P next week.

  • Mimi

    I didn’t find this under 60015 but rather 60013. Just printed two.

  • V

    My Shoprite got really cranky with this coupon. They kept trying to tell me it was fake, yet they could not see it in their fraudulent coupon book. I was treated like a thief and a liar. Human Resources personnel had to come and verify and say that my coupon was legit. Stand your ground!

  • Ellena

    Thank you Cindy!! Just got my 2 pound of butter for $0.99 each!! My Shop rite doubles up to $1 ..