Rita’s Free Italian Ice First Day of Spring Giveaway

Rita’s Free Italian Ice First Day of Spring Giveaway

Yippey!  It’s almost spring!  And, you know what happens on the first day of spring?  FREE Rita’s Italian Ice of course!

Tomorrow, 3/20, head on over to your local Rita’s and get your FREE Italian Ice.  For Rita’s this continues with their 19 year tradition of giving away a free Italian Ice on the first day of spring.  Love traditions 😉

FREE Rita’s Italian Ice

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  • Robert

    I go every year. Love Spring, love Rita’s !! 🙂

  • Jessie

    Is this one per family, one per person? Anyone know how it works?

    • Jenni

      One per person and they physically have to be there in line (i.e. you can’t order for yourself and someone else who is waiting in the car or something). That’s the rules in Philly at least.

      • Jessie


  • Courtney

    Do we just show up and receive a free Italian Ice? Do we need a coupon?

    • :)

      Yes I go every year. They give one small ices for every person that comes to the window. No questions asked. (except for what flavor u want) they do not give for siblings or children at home.

  • Eileen

    One free regular size Italian ice per person. No custard or mix-ins included in the freebie. I am bringing a van full of teenagers. Yay!

  • Eileen

    No coupon necessary.

  • Denise

    I LOVE this day!!!!!

  • Dacia

    Last year we couldn’t figure out why all these people were all over the street and cars parked everywhere for a half mile – until I came home and saw this on the computer the next day and realized the new Rita’s was there! Will be taking my kids to be one of “those” people this year!