ShopRite: Additional Deals

Here are some additional deals available at ShopRite.  These have been added  to the main ShopRite Coupon Deals for this week.

Note that some of these prices are not advertised sale prices and may vary from store to store.  Please check the shelf price at your store.


Let us know if you have found any other great deals.
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  • rachael

    Thanks cindy! shoprite site must be flooded because ecoupons is not working and neither is munch mania! Either that or they are changing all the q’s once they realized what they were giving away 🙂

  • Tarah

    I loaded the ecoupons at like 7 this morning and when I look at my coupons those are all missing now? Plus site is down

  • Carol

    I needed an override on the cone coupon for renuzit, not sure if it was for that product or just not working.

    • Connie

      The Renuzit wouldn’t scan at Shop Rite in New London, CT. Cashier and courtesy desk both said it had to be the “neutralizer” product which is the spray….the cones say Super Odor “killer” not “neutralizer so they wouldn’t overide it 🙁

      • Cindy

        There are 2 cones. One is for the Super Odor Killer and one is for the Super Odor Neutralizer.

        • Bettsy

          Correct… I carefully chose the super odor neutralizer and had no problem with coupon.

          • Jenn

            I had no problem with that coupon either 🙂
            now my house smells like Hawaii
            (never been there – but I am assuming that this is what Hawaii smells like)

      • Michelle W

        Regarding the Renuzit cone, what zip code can I find this under?

  • Kim

    I think the following would work:
    Buy 1 Nutrisse Hair Color ($7.99)
    Buy 3 Garnier Shampoos/Conditioners ($2.99 each)
    Total: $16.96
    Use: $2.00 off Nutrisse from various sources
    Use: 3($1.00 Garnier shampoo/conditioner from various sources)
    Use: $2.00 ecoupon for Nutrisse and use $1.00 off ecoupon for Garnier Shampoo
    Total: $8.96 … Receive a $3.00 CAT
    So …. $1.49 each, but with the hair color that’s a great price! 🙂

    • Meli

      thats grest let me know if it works please!

  • Joanne

    What are ecoupons? Is that cellfari?

    • Izabela

      Shoprite eCoupons from their website.

    • Jaime

      If you go to Shoprite’s website you can now load coupons right onto your Price Plus card.

      • joanne

        I have the cellfari app on my phone these aren’t the same?

        • 0246

          cellfire, not cellfari, and no they aren’t the same. shoprite ecoupons are different than cellfire ecoupons.

          • Rocky

            SR ecoupons are from the cellfire company. They are one and the same.

  • Nancy

    Has anyone tried/asked if the Munch Mania could be done more than once? I asked at Customer Service today and they were not sure.

    • Kate

      Yes, I did it twice. 2 separate transactions though.

  • amethyst

    Does anybody use the shoprite from home pick up with their coupons?

  • Anonymous

    Munch Mania is only good for one per card. I did the transaction twice but it only printed up with the q’s for the first transaction. Went to Cust Service and they gladly gave me a second set of q’s.

  • Christina


  • marie

    Im confused when you clip a shop rite ecoupon, if i buy multiple of the same items does it come off once or as many times as items? Example on the Scott deal above it says 4+ ecoupons, does that mean if i purchase 4 scott tissues it would come off 4 times? Sorry still a bit new to couponing 🙂

    • Rocky

      An ecoupon comes off only one time (no matter how many of that item you might buy), and, it does not double. The “4+ ecoupon” that Cindy mentions, above, just means that the package must contain 4 or more rolls for that coupon to be applicable. It is still just one ecoupon, though.

      And, please, don’t worry, keep asking questions – everyone was new once and the people on this site are extremely helpful! Lastly, if you haven’t, already, be sure to check out everything Cindy has filed under the Beginner’s tab, above. There is lotsa great info there, also. Good luck!

  • Andrea

    the ecoupon for the scott naturals tp says 6pk or larger.

    • Andrea

      nevermind just saw the other one.

    • Cindy

      There is one for 6+ and one for 4+

  • bree

    There’s also a cell fire coupon for osteo biflex

  • Jeni

    FYI to anyone out this morning, Shoprite in Succasunna is out of the MultiGrain Cheerio’s in the size on the 4/$8 deal.. i had to buy 1 box of cheerio’s full price because i only had 3 coupons [60c/ lucky charms, 50c/ lucky charms, $1/dulce] and planned to use the cellfire 75c/multigrain.. at least i’ll get to try the cinnamon burst cheerio’s finally 🙂 never any coupons for those!

  • Matthew

    Another unadvertised deal for this week.

    Tobasco sauce. 0.99 for small size. I think Cindy posted a printable coupon a week or so ago for 0.35/1 or around there…would make them twenty-something cents after coupon!! I loooooove Tobasco sauce!!!

    • Rocky

      Thanks for the tip, Matthew. My daughter is a hot sauce fanatic, so, I am ALWAYS on the lookout for these kinds of deals on them!

    • Robert

      There is (or was) a 0.50/1 coupon on any size, any flavor Tabasco sauce on that expires 3/13/12, but forgot what zip code it was under. Sorry.

      If you can find them, that would make these free after coupon.

      • Rocky

        Thanks, Robert. Now that you mention it, I’m pretty sure I remember this coupon, but, now, really need to find it – it’s not where it’s supposed to be and it’s driving me nuts!!!!

        • Jake

          There’s a 50 cent coup on their website –! It seems to have reset since the last time I got it.

          • Rocky

            Thanks, Jake, it did reset and I appreciate it! I had signed up for their emails awhile back and got one or two coupons. Then, it seemed like every mail after that was to order their products by mail, and, no coupons, so, I started ignoring them! So, this reminder was really helpful, thanks!

  • Rebecca

    I clipped the ecoup for Scott but when I went to look at my list of available coupons it was not there. Any ideas as to why? Thanks!

  • steph

    Can you use cellfire + shoprite ecoupon + paper coupon all on the same item? I see that cellfire has Garnier coupons. Would all three come off?

    • Michelle T.

      Steph, you can use a paper coupon and one digital coupon per item. Careful, if you clip both Cellfire and SR digital coupons for the same item, many times neither comes off. I’m trying to use the SR digital coupons, and after using them, clip the Cellfire coupons for future use. Seeing how this will work 🙂 However, SR corporate is very helpful and will look into it if they don’t come off.

      • Rocky

        Don’t they drop off cellfire, once you’ve used the…SR version? I always clip from the SR page and if I go into CF directly, they show already clipped so I know CF has the record of my having clipped them. Once used, do they then still show as available to be clipped, again, directly from the CF site?

  • Joan

    Could someone tell me which of the Shoprite Imported pasta will work with the ecoupon.

    • cheri

      any that come in what looks like paper bag

      • Becky

        Do you happen to know where I find this? I looked all around the pasta section and couldn’t find any that said imported

        • cheri

          at my shop-rite it’s in the pasta section top shelf

  • Taima

    Has anyone used the Scott coupons for .99 are they doubling? say “Do not double”.

    • Kelly

      If a double says “Dont not double” It’s not suppose to be doubled

      • cheri

        used 1 today-it doubled!

  • amy

    Finally got onto the Munch Mania Site and it asked for my price plus number. After I entered it, they said “Sorry, you have already received your offer”. I didn’t receive anything!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lady J


  • Lora

    There’s an unadvertised sale on Swiffer at my Poughkeepsie store. If you buy two you get a $4 cat. Combine this offer with the coupon in today’s P&G insert for buy one kit and get a refill for free and it makes a pretty awesome deal.

  • rose

    im trying to find the nutrisse or garnier ecoupons am i missing something? because they arent in shoprite website

  • Amira

    I love love love the SR on RT 37 in Toms River. Always nicely stocked and the CS staff are wonderful. I had to laugh when we couldn’t find the Coke glass anywhere in the store and CS called a manager who brought one up for me. He thanked me for explaining how I got it through the Vote MM promo. I also had the nicest cashier run and grab me a reusable bag because I forgot to get one before I started loading the belt. With a 2 year old in tow, I really appreciated Anthony’s help! And….the best part, I just learned about the cooking workshops they offer. This Tuesday’s class is already full but if enough people register on the wait list, they will offer a second class. So please sign up in store ($20 per class) and see you there!

  • Lin

    Is it best to do the munch mania deal for a second time on one card or should i try using another store card (i have two) Im afraid Im going to get confused but if customer service does give them out for the second time maybe just use my main card. Last week during the dollar days one of my cats didnt print, and customer service was great, they gave it too me. I asked them if this happens all the time and say not really, unless you have done the deal before which they didnt even question me on. Obviously they didnt care whether i did this deal a second time which is good. Also my cashier forgot to take off one of my coupons so when i went back in the afternoon customer service took it off for me (even though they didnt know the amount i got my $1 back).