ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 3/11/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 3/11/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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  • Connie

    Thank you, for all ur hard work.

  • Misty

    Can we use the $2/1 clairol q for the nice and easy with the super coupon…if so it would be 1.99 right?

    • Marie

      Where is the Clairol coupon?

    • Alexis

      I was wondering same thing Im going to try tomorrow morning. If you dont go before me Ill post and let you know what happens 🙂

    • Alexis

      Just did it and it works 🙂

  • Gloria

    not sure if ALL colgate toothbrush coupons are worded the same way – but all of the clipping services i tried to order from every coupon states not valid for “extra clean” – which is the only variety on sale…..

    • Anonymous

      My coupons say the same thing and they will not go through for the toothbrushes on sale. I tried it and they weren’t on sale….they were marked .99 and I had a.75 coupon which would have made them free but they didn’t work.

    • Anonymous

      I have .75 coupons too and they say not valid for extra clean or plus. They do not say DND. I’ve been able to use them for the Triple Action toothbrushes. They were .99 last week and this week are 1.24. They require an over ride but the coupon doesn’t say you can’t use them on the triple action, so the manager pushes them through.

      Also, I have .75 on Colgate toothpaste 40z or larger coupons that I’ve been able to use on Colgate Luminous Bonus 42% free, which is a 2.8oz+1.2oz, so a total of 4oz. They’re .99 regular price, so free with the coupons.

  • Nicole

    Thanks Cindy! Anyone else having trouble getting the .75 Soft Scrub coupons?

    • Alexis

      Im having trouble also

      • phoenix

        me too 🙁

        • Jill D

          Me three…
          I called up Dial and requested coupons last Thurdsay, they came in Saturday’s mail…
          I got (3) .50/1 off any Liquid Purex detergent
          (1) .50/1 off any Soft Scrub product
          (1) .35/1 off any Dial product
          (1) .40/1 off any Renuzit product

          I know .75/1 off Soft Scrub is better, but this is better than none!

  • KitKat

    Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for the match-ups. Any idea what to do with our munch mania CAT? I don’t see anything awesome…

    • michelle

      I’m using mine on the Nabisco Single Serve 12pk. It’s on sale for $3.33 and after my $5 cat, $1.67 goes toward my whole order. I’ve also heard of people buying something cheaper and using the rest of that Cat towards the rest of their order too. And I have also heard people say they had no problems using the Cat as an OYNO and not getting the brands listed on the Cat.

    • Renee

      You should go to the Kraft webpage and see all the brands that fall under Kraft. I found that I was buying a lot of Kraft products without knowing it. Kraft is more than Cheese! Coke also makes a lot of brands, so you will be surprised at what you can choose to use the MM cats on.

      • Renee

        Oh, and don’t forget that the Kraft catalina is still running through 3/18, so if you get the Kraft products listed under this catalina you can use your MM cats and get a Kraft Cat!

  • michelle

    anyone else having trouble with the suave coupon? i tried to print it but it said i already did (even though i didn’t) 🙂

    • Courtney

      Me too. I never printed any suave coupons.

    • laurab

      me too..

    • Rachel

      I had the same problem.

    • Kim

      I’m getting same response

      • Diana

        I’m glad I’m not the only one! I thought I was crazy 🙂

    • robin

      same thing, telling me I printed it when I didn’t

    • Annette

      Same here! I wonder why this is happening to all of us.

      • Jessica

        me too 🙁

        • andrea

          it said I already printed it too.

          • megan

            same! it would make a great free product


      i heard it`s possible they`re out of prints for the day, which sucks if true 🙁

  • dawn

    instead of doing 4 and 2 on the purex deals, can we just do 3 of each? i get three papers so it’s easier than trying to come by a 4th coupon for the detergent.

    • Anna T

      I just bought three of each and it worked for me. i got the $5.00 CAT

  • Lisa R

    Thanks for the match ups!!! Does anyone have any good sites to order coupons?

    • Aileen C

      I like coupondede or thecouponclippers.

      • Lisa R


  • rj

    when i click on purex 75c coupon it says either get a sample for the liquid detergent or the actions bags. help?

    • Cynthia

      When I did it you had to choose which sample and then it would take you to the next screen where you could choose a coupon. HTH!

    • hp

      If you enter your info for a free sample it will eventually give your the option to either print a coupon or wait for the free sample in the mail. You’ll be able to print 2 coupons.

      • MJ


      • bracha

        already asked for a free sample, so it’s not giving me the option. oh well 🙁

  • Meli


  • thank you cindy!

  • tina mcnabb

    I get the same message with the suave..

  • Cynthia

    Blue Bunny Ice Cream novelty ice cream is on sale for $2.77 each. Go to and join their “iScream team”and you can print 2 $1/1 any Blue Bunny frozen item. Making them $1.77 each! I love their ice cream!

    • Larisha


  • lauren

    Thanks so much Cindy! You’re the best.

  • Looking for ways to spend my $5 cat from last week. Any ideas.

  • Jess

    For munchia mania cat, if I buy the Kraft sour cream for $1.50 will the $3.50 just go towards my other groceries?

    • 0246

      yes, if your store allows that.

  • Liz v

    I still have my .70/1 pop tart. It expires TOMORROW!!!! Can’t wait for .48 pop tarts. That’s DA BOMB!

    • Christianne I

      Where was the $.70 coupon from?

      • Susie

        pretty sure was a printable from last month

      • Lady J

        que vida rica – i think. maybe kellogg’s.

    • TM

      Me too.. Almost used them today glad I didn’t

  • Sonja

    thanks so much Cindy

  • Kelli

    Cindy are you going to post coupons that go with the munch mania?

  • Beth

    Where has everyone been finding the Discover the Value of a Great Buy booklet?

    • Katherine

      I finally searched that too this am and I guess it was a booklet at Publix stores…bummer!

  • Val Gal

    The LUVS diaper coupon- where is it? Is it the one where you have to sign up and they send it to you in 6 weeks?? If so- the deal won’t work?

  • Donna

    Cindy… I don’t think you can stack the $3/5 Quaker in ad Q…. it is coded as a Man Q even though it is to be used at ShopRite only – says “MFR” in upper right corner of SuperCoupon. Compare it to the Free Matzoh Super Coupon which says “SR” in the supper right corner.

    • Cindy

      You are right. Not sure what I was thinking. I took off the deal ideas but will fix the rest as soon as I get home. Thanks for the heads up

  • Val Gal

    Purex coupon not working

  • Marie H.

    If you still have the .55 kraft parmesan cheese q’s, and have the 1+ oz bottles at your SR, it is a good way to honor the requirement to buy at least $4 of the $5 in Kraft product with the Munch Mania cat, while still being able to apply the bulk of the $5 toward other things.

    • Matthew

      Even tastier is if anyone else got a free coke zero/coke 1.25 L Catalina printed at the register last week like I did. Buy 1 bottle of coke and meet the requirement for munch Catalina, get item free, use all $5 for purchase!

  • Claire

    Luvs diaper Q comes in the mail. 🙁 Thanks Cindy as always for everything!
    PS If you do the purex coupons on a second computer from, be sure to use a different mailing address and email address otherwise you are blocked from printing more Qs.

    • Kate

      I know! 6-8 weeks? Come on Luvs!

  • Lisa

    I asked this in the preview thread but no one answered. The $1/1 Gain Detergent, Fabric Softener, Sheets, Dryer Bar or Scent Booster, exp. 3/31/12 (RP 02/19/12)…. can’t that be used for dish detergent? It’s called dish detergent, thoughts? I never use even questionable coupons, but this one seems like it should be fine. HELP!? thanks.. 🙂

    • Kabby

      I would say no.

  • Laura D.

    Thanks Cindy!!

  • Jaclyn

    Anyone else having trouble finding the 0.99 scott bath tissue coupon? When I go to it is 0.99 off flushable wipes.

    • tm9876

      I’m having the same problem!

  • Savingmomof3

    Thanks as always Cindy! Just an FYI the huggies wipes coupons expire today 3/10 and the sale starts tomorrow 3/11 🙁

  • amber

    the Huggies wipes coupon I’d expired as of today and the sal starts tomorrow.. bummer!

  • Karen B

    Cindy, I have a question on using shop-rite ecoupons with a mfr coupon. I tried it this week with the French’s mustard and only the mfr. 30 cents came off. I called shoprite and they said you can’t use a paper coupon with the ecoupon. Is it up to the individual stores to allow it? Thanks for all you do for us!

    • Melissa B.

      I thought my ecoupons hadn’t came off either. However, since these are SR ecoupons it seems to come off underneath the product instead of with the rest of the paper coupons at the bottom.

      • Karen B

        Melissa, mine aren’t coming off under the product. When they do work they come off at the bottom with the other ones and the have a TC code in front of them. Are you sure it’s the ecoupon you are seeing and not just the sale discount? I guess every store is different. The 800 # people said if we had gotten to use an ecoupon & mfr coupon in the past that it was just luck. Not supposed to happen. Just wish they would have one set of rules and stick to it so we can plan ahead. I only bought the mustard because I though I would get both off. It was still a good price, but not as good as I had hoped.

        • Rocky

          Mine come off under the product price, also. They always have. Yes, it looks very much like the PP discount, but, shows up underneath that. Most of the time, it also says CFire, unless it is for a SR product (although someone mentioned recently that they spoke with SR corp and were told that SR is phasing out of using cellfire, but, I haven’t heard anyone else mention that). When I bought my mustard, both the paper and ecoupon came off.

          BTW, someone mentioned, on one of the threads, that if you go into your account on and re-enter all of your information (even though you are not changing anything), it seems to kick it back into gear and they’ve gotten all their ecoupons, ever since. If you notice this happening a lot, you might want to give that a try!

          • Karen B

            Thanks Rocky. I will try that!

          • V

            I suggest not calling SR to ask about using a manu coupon and an e-coupon. They may eventually code the ecoupon differently and then these extra savings will be taken away from us all forever.

          • D

            Also – customer service at my store had no idea how to read the receipt to see if ecoupons were coming off…half the people there didn’t even know what an ecoupon *is*….I finally figured out it is coded at “TC” next to the line item (coupon) right under the product. HTH!

            • Karen B

              @D, you are right about them not knowing how the ecoupons worked. I asked at 2 different Shoprites and they are clueless. I get my TC’s at the bottom of the receipt and only if I don’t use a mfr coupon. @V, I already called SR and they said it’s just luck if both coupons come off. I guess I am just one of the unlucky ones.

  • Maria

    Thank you very much for match-ups!

  • robi

    thanks for the matchups!!!
    is there a catalina for garnier shampoo?

  • Matthew

    I’m typically THE LAST person to rain on somebody’s parade…but…I really REALLY hope people did their research on Purex and their ‘compatibility’ with HE machines…..

    • Kim

      Where did you find information otherwise? I’ve had my HE machine for less then a year. I’ve been using Purex HE detergent on and off (whatever is on sale). Please, if there is something out there, I would love to know! I don’t want to ruin my $1000 washing machine!


      • Jessica G

        Purex is fine for HE machines.

  • Rebecca

    I posted this yesterday, but I thought this might be a good place to post it again. For anyone who shops at Klein’s ShopRites in Harford County, MD apparently they have started to enforce part of their coupon policy that I believe has been out since early last year. They will no longer double internet coupons. What makes me mad is that early last week I used internet coupons and they all doubled. On Friday I went to ShopRite again and none of my internet coupons with a face value of less than $1 doubled. When I asked the cashier about it she said it was in their coupon policy not to double internet coupons. But for at least the last year since their coupon policy changed they doubled internet coupons. They put up no notice letting their customers know that they were no longer doubling internet coupons which I don’t think is right. They will definitely be losing some of my business as I won’t be buying items that I have internet coupons with a face value of less than $1 since they no longer double them. Sorry for the long post, but it just frustrates me when a store changes or starts enforcing a policy out of the blue!

    • Janice

      I go to either the Jacksonville ShopRite, which is very coupon friendly, or I go to the Timonium one because they fully double. HTH

    • Denise

      Thanks for the heads up Rebecca. Which ShopRite stores in Harford County, MD started doing this?

      • Jenny Dunn

        I to am in Harford County!! Bel Air area. I will have to ask mine if they are doing this as well. I know that they were doubling as of thursday… Thanks for the heads up!!

      • Rebecca

        Denise, I believe it is all of them in Harford County that are owned by the Klein Family. The two I know for sure that have seemed to stop doubling internet coupons are the store in Aberdeen and the one at Festival. Those are the two stores I shopped at on Friday. But I would have to assume that the others in Harford County (Riverside, Main Street, Forrest Hill, etc) are also not doubling internet coupons since they are all owned by the Kleins.

        • Amanda

          Last week shoprite in forest hill told me they would flag my card, send me a letter and limit my coupon usage because I used too many coupons! How many is too many? Whos judging? im purchasing all the right items and following their policy! Ill go out of county to do my shopping they are getting on my nerves!

          • Erica

            @ Amanda Wow! I shop at the Forest Hill one all the time and have never had a problem. I wonder what is going on there 🙁

            @ Rebecca, I was just in the one in Forest Hill yesterday and didnt see any signs yet. Maybe they just hadnt gotten to it. I will start shopping in Timonium if this is how they are going to be. 🙂

          • D

            WHAT? That is ridiculous!! Usually Forest Hill is pretty good…(depends on the cashier, though…) 🙁 That is a huge bummer if they stop doubling internet coupons – I’ll just start going to Wegman’s – they double up to .99!

            • Rebecca

              Just to update, today I shopped at the Aberdeen ShopRite and I used three internet coupons with a face value of less than $1 and all of them doubled. I don’t know if Friday was an off day in their system since none of my internet coupons doubled then. When I asked again today at customer service they told me that they don’t double internet coupons but yet today mine did. I guess it could be a hit or miss kind of thing. So just beware you could have your internet coupons doubled and you couold not. And if your internt coupons don’t double like mine didn’t on Friday, there is no way to go to customer service or call customer service to get the rest of your money back from what didn’t double since it is stated in their policy not to double internet coupons in Harford County ShopRites.

              • anonymous

                I just tested out the Bar’s Keeper (.55/1) internet coupon at the Shoprite Festival (Bel Air) and the register automatically doubled it so if there was an issue at that store as well, it seems to be fixed.

          • Lin

            wow i would definitely go out of my way to shop at another shoprite. My store in Elizabeth is great i never have any problems as there are so so many people in & out of that store they couldnt ever be bothered with flagging anyone’s card. You need to find a more buy store perhaps.

          • Lianne

            thats crazy!!

        • Janice

          I went to the Jacksonville one Saturday (3/10) which is a Klein’s and they doubled all of my coupons.

    • June

      Same thing happened to me at Shoprite at Kearny, NJ and I wish there’s a way we can keep track of individual store’ policies so I don’t get surprised at checkout.

      • Jennifer

        Hey june, i alao go to Kearny, nj SR and i am desperate to buy my car to go to another. the manager looks at me like im stealing and its soo rude to me. And they’re always out of stock on sales

      • Mustafa

        I have also been to the Kearny, Nj location, so i suggest going to the Wallington location. They are very coupon friendly and it is usually not that crowded. Good luck 🙂

    • Joan

      I also shop in Harford County. Last year I had one cashier tell me that she would not double my internet coupons per their policy but have never had that problem again. I shopped last week and all of my internet coupons doubled. Safeway, which has excellent customer service ever since Wegman’s went in, doubles all coupons up to $.99 which often times results in a better deal than Shop Rite.

      • Jess

        I shop at sr in Cardiff, md. Now I’m worried.

      • Rebecca


        I’ve driven by the Safeway in Churchville/Bel Air many times, but never went in. How are their prices compared to ShopRite? Are they coupon friendly? Like I mentioned above, after Friday the internet coupons started doubling again, so it may just have been a fluke, but if it happens again there is no way to get the doubled part of the coupon back from ShopRite’s customer service since their policy states they don’t double internet coupons. Since right now I do the majority of my shopping at ShopRite, I’m considering branching out to other nearby grocery stores that I don’t normally use to see if they are better than ShopRite or not. For the most part I’ve been happy with ShopRite except for the internt coupon problem I had on Friday and also some of their customer service people are not very coupon friendly, so if there is a problem with coupons for a particular order, they make it a pain in the butt to get my money back.

        • Amanda

          The Safeway in the Greenbrier shopping center has a self checkout which is nice to scan your own coupons in a make sure everything works out right. They double up to .99 so that is great but most times i feel like they have higher prices

        • Joan

          Hi, Rebecca,

          I find most prices are cheaper at Shop Rite, but have had weeks where I have done 40% of my weekly shopping at Safeway. I started going to Safeway on a regular basis when Shop Rite raised thier organic milk to $5.69 a gallon. I go to Safeway to get the hormone free for $3.99. Since I am already making the trip, I look through the paper and pick up any other good sale deals I see. Besides the milk, I find them to be cheaper on snacks such as granola bars, fruit snacks, and crackers as well as bread. Their produce is often cheaper any given week and much better quality. It really depends on what you are buying and what is on sale. When they offer thier store coupons in the flyer, I usually cannot beat the prices once I match it with a MFG coupon that fully doubles up to $.99. Their customer service is very friendly, the best I have seen in any grocery store in the area.

        • Joan

          Hi Rebecca,

          Overall, Shop Rite’s prices are lower. I started shopping Safeway on a regular basis when Shop Rite raised the price of their organic milk to $5.69 a gallon. I now get hormone free at Safeway for $3.99 a gallon which saves me $3.40 a week for the two gallons I buy and since I am already making the trip, I pick up many other good deals. It really depends on the sales that each store is running, but I often find them cheaper on snacks such as granola bars and fruit snacks as well as bread and yogurt. Their produce is often cheaper and often much fresher. When they run their in ad store coupons, once you match with a mfg coupon that doubles up to $.99, their prices are the lowest. Their customer service is consistently friendly and customer oriented.

  • Lmk

    Does anyone know if you can do the purée deal more than 1 time I got 50 papers today and would like get 50 packs of the tablets since my family can only use Purex????

    • guest

      who buys 50 papers ???????

      • Stephanie

        Someone smart!! Those Purex coupons are worth it considering I only pay .75 per paper.

        • `Jen

          thats awesome how did you get such a good price?

    • 123

      how were you able to get 50 papers? thats awesome!!

      • V

        I hope you recycle them all! 😛

    • MYOB

      I love how you think you’re the coupon policy. If someone wants to buy 100 papers, they can. As long as this person isn’t clearing shelves I don’t see how this is any concern to you. Jealousy is a funny thing… When there is a coupon in the paper that I want, I tend to buy between 20-30 depending on the product and I do this over 3 stores….. And usually I go back at night and get them. Not a big deal….

      Chances are the purex deal will roll… good luck trying to find 300 of them. If I was you, I would order them instead of taking them off the shelf all at once. Or spreading it out between stores. Or getting a raincheck.

      Good luck.

      • Aileen C

        If you click the “reply” button under the post this is directed at, we will know who you are responding to.

        • LP

          Hi Cindy
          The Maruchan Yakisoba at shop rite is having a clearance sale on the Four Cheese flavor and the Beef Taco flavor or .88c each, with the coupon from ss03/11 its free.

          Thank you so much for all you do for my family.

          • Sue

            They were .60 cent ea at my Shoprite and I had a $1.00 off two items

      • Rose

        who would buy 300 I wouldnt even want to think about washing that many cloths let alone storing that much

  • Rocky

    Just a heads-up that the Mrs. T’s Pierogis are on sale for 4 for $9 in my NW NJ circular, so, $2.25 ea., not $4.50.

  • Tracy

    Does anyone know if the Purex Cat. deal is rolling?

  • Lily

    $1/2 Right Guard coupon is on their facebook page:

    • Yesenia K.

      Thanks a bunch!!! I was hoping to get some for my hubby.

  • Rebecca

    Is there a specific zip code for the right guard coupon? I can’t seem to find it.. 🙁

    • John

      I found it on their Facebook page.

    • Yesenia K.

      1. click like on the page
      2. look on the left of the facebook page were it says offers
      3. click offers
      4. coupon link appears

      • Jenn

        That was a lifesaver. Thanks Yesenia!

    • Anonymous

      Go on you can find it there.

  • Ruth

    Does anyone know of a good deal for the new clorox & glad catalina (buy 9 get 2.50)? Thanks

  • New ecoupons at Shoprite….$1.oo off 3 eggo products….50 off Super pretzel…will go nicely with deals this week 🙂

  • Raquel

    It worked!! The Purex worked!! And using all .75 coupons I turned it into a money maker!!!! + the Catalinas are running!!!

    I would suggest that everyone head out soon to get this deal. Shelves will definitely be cleared soon.

    • neolla

      this info, i need. thanks 🙂

      • Raquel


    • Raquel


  • Lin

    Just to let you know the Purex Ultra was included in the Purex Deal. I bought 4 Purex Ultra liquid detergent – 1.99 ea (4 – 75c cpns internet printables) 2 Purex Ultra pack detergent (2 – 75c IP cpns). After $5.00 catalina $2.00 money maker. yeah!!!!

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Aimee

    Hi Cindy, I went to the Bergen county SR and the total defense body wash is coming up as $2.99 and not $1.99- is it only a regional deal? The flyer also has it for $2.99. Thank you. Have a great day.

    • Aileen C

      The deodorant is what’s on sale.

    • Leslie

      Same here. The total defense body wash is also $2.99 at my shoprite in Morris County.

  • Lin

    Oh i forgot to add i was able to use both $5 catalinas off my shopping for the munch mania. I decided to spend the whole $10 for the items in the deal so i could stock up on Hi-C packs which i bought 4 and 1 reeses mini pack. The juice i would have had to buy every week for my kids anyway so this worked out to be a great deal. I will have a nice stock of HI-c & OJ at the end of the month.

  • Christine

    For the Kellogg’s Krave cereal…if you bought Krave during Dollar Days, there are $1/2 boxes of Krave on the back of the box. So if you used your .75/1 like I did, there is another option. Not as good, but still a deal.

  • Christine

    For the Kellogg’s Krave cereal…if you bought Krave during Dollar Days, there are $1/2 boxes of Krave on the back of the box. So if you used your .70/1 like I did, there is another option. Not as good, but still a deal.

  • Heather

    balance bars are a kraft product so that would work for mm cat? maybe??

  • D

    FYI – Maryland (Harf. County) stores have SuperCoupons for the Scott – 7.88 for towels & 5.98 for TP…now if only our stores would fully double those .99 coupons…. 😉

    • Janice

      Go to Timonium. They have the Super Coupon AND they will fully double your 99 cent coupon 🙂

  • Shita

    No Purex in my RR today. But i did get .75 printable for Purex Triple Action and $1 off softscurb total from 3/11 SS. so end up free. The Triple Action are included look for them in white and Blue bottle.

    • Lin

      Thats funny i wonder if the papers are being tampered with this week. I had done 2 transactions of 6ea this morning for Purex and wanted to do a 3rd and was looking for only 1 more coupon. I had a $2 register reward at CVS so was going to break down and buy a paper. I must have looked through 10 papers and no redplum.

      • Rocky

        It might depend on which paper. For example, in NW NJ, the newstand copies of the Star Ledger do not ever contain the Red Plum inserts. The only way I get them is in my subscriber copy on Thursdays. The Daily Record, on the other hand, does include Red Plum in the newstand copies, but, although they also include Smart Source, the SS is very lean and doesn’t contain nearly as many coups as the Ledger’s SS does…. It drives me nuts….!!!

        • Kristy

          I buy the daily news for ny now just because they have all the inserts, but as Rocky pointed out, they’re not as full as the other papers. I just deal and order coupons I see I can use when the preview comes out on Tuesday.

          • Rocky

            Oh, yeah, me, too! Because even when I do get ‘all’ the coupons, they are rarely what I consider the ‘good ones’. While others are raving about getting 75 cents off 1 coups, my coupon will be $1 off 2 -euwww…so, when I see the good coupons available to order, I do!

  • Christina


  • cheri

    Has anyone tried the Gain deal?

  • heather

    fyi my viva is 85 cents off one roll and my purex couon in paper is 1 off 2

    • Pat

      the Viva paper towels at $1.99 at the Byram shop-rite, the .85 cents off coupon in the paper doubles….So paper towels are .29 cents this week : )

  • Wormworks

    The Purex Triple Action printable says “Limit of 1 like coupons in same shopping trip.” Has anyone had a problem using more than one for the cat?

    • cleo

      I used 4 of them in one trans and 2 of them in the 2nd trans. No problem. And I was able to roll my catalina! This was this morning at shoprite in Ramsey. HTH

    • This morning, I used two Purex Triple Action .75 coupons I printed from the Purex site and one $1.00 off two Purex Triple Action from RedPlum today. Also used two Purex coupons for the paks and I got the Catalina.

      • Kim

        I only had the two printable $0.75 Q’s. That made 2 of them $0.49. Still a GREAT price, even though I only got two 🙂

  • shannon

    @ myob are you speaking to cindy or is there a comment i’m not seeing?

  • shannon

    @ myob who are you refering to? cindy? or is there a comment i’m not seeing?

    • Cindy

      They are referring to a comment that I deleted. The comment was just a negative comment so I removed it.

      • Vanessa

        It was VERY negative. Thanks for deleting it Cindy.

    • Lmakowski

      Shannon it was a comment directed at me because of a post I did stating I get 100 Sunday papers, I get so many because my paper guy knows I coupon and asks people if they want there coupons and also will bring me all the leftovers. I stated I would be buying 100 of the Pyrex tablets and the person called me selfish and such. Never mind the fact that I am a college student who doesn’t work and takes care of her two disabled and retired parents living on an extremely fixed income. People just need to chill out if a person like me preorders what they want and let’s the store know first then it shouldn’t even be an issue. Oh well. Have a good day!!!

      • Meg


        That negative comment is showing up at the bottom of my feed here again, but still dated March 11. Just wanted to give you a heads up!

  • Susie

    Is the Catalina deal for the gain only good for today or can I do it anytime during the week?

    • Rose

      Just checked my flyer. Looks like it’s 3/11-3/17 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Thank you! I’ll be heading out on Wednesday to do all my shopping at once!!

    • Lala..

      Susie I did the gain.. 5 dish detergent and 1 fabric softener — got a $3 and a $5 Catalina

  • Cathy

    Has anyone tried the Gift Card deal more than once with the same card? (Buy $25 gc get $5 cat) TIA

    • Jenny

      I bought a Lowe’s 25.00 GC’s in (2) seperate transactions with the same card and received a $ 5 cat each time.

      • Aileen C

        Great – thanks!

      • Ruth

        Is there any fee for the cards? How much? Thanks

        • Aileen C

          Not for the Lowes card. Might be for the Visa.

    • Yesenia K.

      I am hoping to try this deal tomorrow so I hope it does =)

  • jeanine

    I bought the Emerald Breakfast On The Go a few weeks back and inside the box there is a coupon for $1.50 off/1. With this week’s sale that will make them $1 a box.

  • Rose

    Thanks so much, Cindy! I lucked out today and got 4 Nescafe 7 stick paks and got the Cat for $3.00 and used it towards the Sylvania Lightbulbs, Baileys’s, and Purex. Almost couldn’t get the Purex Ultra, though. There was a woman literally grabbing the unopened, unpacked boxes off the display. I had to sneak in just to grab 2 bottles! Anyway, I saved 80% today and have enough points for 2.00 off my next trip! Thanks for all you do: my year to date savings is now $968.70!!!!

  • Lianne

    Went to the Manchester CT Shop Rite this morning and found a display of O-Cedar mops, on sale for 9.99 with a $2 off peelie!!! I was so psyched, then two ladies came along-I pointed it out to them and they got excited too!

    • Kim

      Haha! I love it! And that’s an awesome SR!

    • Jennifer

      I go to the Glastonbury one, hopefully those have peelies, thanks for the heads up!

      • BL

        Not sure which you got, but ProMist has a rebate:

        • adriene

          they had the peelies at the Bristol store

  • Pat

    I had a Shop-Rite ecoupon for $5.00 off Centrum ProNutrients and I combined that with $5.00 off coupon in the sunday paper, FREE
    also Viva paper towels are $1.99-coupon in the paper is .85 cents off (doubles) paper towels are .29 cents this week

  • anna

    I wish Purex Crystals were cheaper instead, purex is the only detergent i sort of hate – it never gets anything clean. Crystals i love though.

  • Erika

    Can someone verify for me the the Purex Triple Action Detergent is on sale for $1.99,I dont have the insert coupons only the printables, so if there not included its a “no go” for me. Thanks i appreciate it.

    • Yes–this was included in the sale!

      • Erika

        THANKS :)!

  • Kim

    It amazes me every week how much money I save! My bill was over $70.00, came down to $31.00 and I received a $5.00 CAT. AND of course the amount of items I had ($10.00 worth of cold cuts, 2 detergents, a downy softener, 2 huge TP packets, cereal, tuna, veggies, fruits, light bulbs, feta, wraps, protein bars … ) Sometimes I look at my receipt like 10 times just to see how much I saved. AND I qualified for my free turkey.

    So … people should just be thankful and grateful. My donation pile is growing, my own stockpile is full, and I have food on the table.


    • Maggie

      I’m just getting into Shoprite, they opened a new one in Hatfield, PA recently. How do you earn a free turkey?

      • mary

        Spend$300.00 using ur SR Price Plus card.

      • Rocky

        Some additional info: It is for purchases during the promotional period of Feb. 26 through Apr. 7, and, I think it must actually be redeemed by Apr. 7. Also, it is not out-of-pocket price. I think most of the stores calculate your spend amount based on shelf prices. For example, I haven’t spent $300 out of pocket since the promo period started, but, I have earned my free turkey (check your latest receipt to see how much you have earned, thus far. There is a spot where they tell you. It probably isn’t what you’ve spent!).

    • rosanne


  • The Hidden Valley Catalina for $2.50 did not print for me. Thank you Cindy as I found the info in the FAQs and just sent an email to Catalina Marketing.

  • Jules

    Snif…no purex or soft scrub coupons in my Red Plum…and no luck on the soft scrub printable.

    • Kristen

      same here:(

      • Lauren

        Not in Wash Twp Nj either? So bummed I wasreally looking forward to this deal. 🙁 Guess I’ll get some Gain instead.

        • Same here in Woodbury. No Purex q’s. Disappointed!

          • Matthew

            Out of 4 papers I got (ledger, post, record & a NY paper) 2 had purex inserts & soft scrub. Morris county, NJ.

            • kristen

              I bought some off of…way cheaper than ebay and you can firstclass mail it for another 1$.

          • cris

            I find that the Burlington County Times RP has the better coupons, the Courier-Post just aren’t the same. Wish we could do something about that! (write to the paper?)

  • Tiffany

    Are the mini poptarts included in the sale? Thanks

    • Rocky

      Unfortunately, they weren’t in NW NJ. They were ~$3.29 today…

      • Tiffany

        Thank you 🙂

  • Where were the purex ultra packs located in the store? I could’nt find them in my store. It was not in the detergent aisle.

    • John

      They were sold out already in my store by noon. There were plenty of the liquid detergent in the middle aisle. I was bummed that I couldn’t do the deal today. I’m waiting until later in the week for them to restock.

  • eyesofbabyblue

    Hi just a heads up the cabbage is $.17 not $.7 😉

    • Anonymous

      nope…. $.07 here!!!!

    • Melissa

      It’s .07 at my store in Northern NJ.

      • Vicky

        Unfortunately, it’s 17 cents in Fairfield County, CT as well…

        • Anonymous

          organic is 17 cents

      • Jennifer

        .17 at the East Hartford/Glastonbury, CT store

        • mary

          $.07 in westchester. ny

  • Dawn

    I tried 2 Shop Rites near me in Bridgewater and neither has the new Purex packs yet to use my 75 cent coupons….. Has anyone found them in NJ???


    • Bailey

      The Purex was at Shop Rite in Parmus for $1.99 and it rolls! I had the coupons from the paper for $.75, but if you go to FB that coupon is $1.00 if you don’t want to wait for the sample. I did of the bottles and 4 packs!

      • Lisa

        Does anyone know how long this cat is running? Thanks!

        • Kabby

          Till Saturday.

    • Kim

      I saw them at the Brookdale Shoprite I believe, in Bloomfield!

    • Vanessa

      Somerset NJ SR has them. On Elizabeth Ave.

    • Shari

      I received No Purxx in CT

  • LK

    If you have an Inboxdollars account, you can print the coupons from through their website and earn an extra 10 cents per coupon.

  • Lin

    I too had trouble finding the ultra packs this morning, thought they would be right next to the liquid but not, they were at the other end of the aisle along with the other dishwashing packs.

  • Lin

    can someone tell me how much the One Soft Scrub Total spray costs, i have $1/1 coupons. Trying to figure out a deal with that.

    • Janice

      They are on sale this week for 2/$5. HTH

  • christine

    Able to use 4 munch mania $5 coupons in one purchase without any problem.

    Super Dee Dooper

  • Brittany

    does anyone know of any shoprite stores that fully double in the south jersey atlantic/cape may county area??

    • Jamie L


      • kristen

        I have only found that in south jersey, acme is the only store that fully doubles. Acme is more expensive but when they have sales or BOGO you can get really good deals there.

        • Christine R

          Pathmark does a true double as well, but they’re closing a lot of them down. 🙁

          • Anonymous

            Manahawkin shop rite fully doubles

        • cris

          and Genuardi’s, but same as far as higher prices

        • Rose

          acme in vineland is the only store I found within an 1 1/2-2 hrs drive thank goodness its just down the street from me, but if its not one of thier catalina sales or buy 5 get $3 instant savings etc I dont purchase it, even thier milk prices are crazy.

  • kmegg

    anyone in ocean county nj find the purex ultra pacs? lacey only had liquid.

    • nanci

      The shoprite in Brick has them

  • Elena

    Hi Can someone please explain the aunt jemima deal to me? and how to get the 3 dollar in ad coupon?

    • Lauren

      The couponis in the circular you have to cut it out touse it. If you buy 5 products in the box and use the Q you save $3

      • Elena

        thanks 🙂

  • bri

    What does the “ad” refer to?
    Quaker: Buy 5 and use $3.00 in ad coupon

    • Lisa

      There is a coupon inside the SR circular, so you need to clip it from the circular itself.

  • Jill D

    Question: Can I use my CATs to pay for a gift certificate?

  • Anonymous

    Here in CT (Shelton), the circular has a .99 cent Ellio’s Pizza Store Super Coupon therefore making it free with the printable coupon.

  • There is a Shoprite Super Coupon in CT (Shelton) for Ellio’s pizza for .99 cents making it free with the printable coupon above.

  • Brooke

    Has anyone tried using their Munch Mania catalinas on their regular purchases? Did you have to buy Kraft or Coke or whatever?

    • Lauren

      I bought oscar mayer deli meats which I also had couponsfor, which left me with $4 left from my two cats. I used itto buy sunday papers! But from now on I plan on using my cats to stock up on juice boxes!!!!!! Since I rarely see couponsfor capri suns

    • christine

      I purchased one box of kraft mac/cheese $1.29 and used 4 munch mania coupons on one transaction. Awesome
      No one seemed to care and nothing beeped

      • Brooke

        Thats great! Thank you!!!

  • chrissy

    thanks cindy!

  • Lin

    Has anyone done the purex/softscrub deal more than one transaction per card and was successful getting catalinas?

    • michelle

      I did the purex deal las tnight and this morning and both times printed the catalina.
      I just ordered more coupons from ebay to split with my friend. Hopefully Ill get them before Saturday, I plan on rolling the cats 2x.

  • Anonymous

    Much appreciated….. you are my favorite site. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Kelly C

    Thanks so much Cindy! I use your match ups for Shop Rite every week and have run into shoppers at the store following your website too! What a help this site is.

  • sarah

    the luvs deal….takes 6-8 weeks to get that coupon…boo

  • Bettsy

    Thanks Cindy!

  • Beth G.

    Is there anyone else who’s SR E coupons do not match the list? For Example, Cindy has a super pretzel and eggo SR E coupon but I don’t have those as options in my account.

    • Rose

      I’ve never gotten messages are additional coupons but none of the ecoupons are coming off anymore & I dont know why I emailed them no answer so far

  • robi

    there is a coupon for bumble bee on recycle bank, tuna is on sale tomorrow

  • jaye

    Does anyone know the if the Lowe’s gift card comes in $25 amount? My Shop Rite, Carteret, NJ, only hase $50 & $100 Lowes Cards.

    • Aileen C

      Yes, they do. I got one on Saturday for $25.

  • New To Couponing

    Sure this has probablky been asked and answered, but I didn’t see it above…does teh shop rite e coupon combine with the cell fire coupons? They both had $5 off centrum pro nutrients and I wanted to get two bottles, but wasn’t sure how it works…Thanks in advance!

    • Rocky

      Right now (but, maybe not later – someone hinted that SR may be changing over, but, not sure how true that is, yet), SR ecoupons are Cellfire, except for the ones for the SR brand items. So, you can’t use two of them. Only one ecoupon will come off, one time, but, you can use it with a paper coupon.

  • Doe anyone know how to get your money from ebates,and is there anystore in new york that excepts expired coupons?

    • Suzanne

      cannot help with the Expired coupons, but with ebates, they either mail you a check every quarter, if you have over a certain amount ( maybe $10) or you can have it deposited directly to a Paypal account.

  • Barbara

    Can someone tell where I can find the new circular? I found it scanned in a few weeks a go on a Tuesday night. ( not sure) And I go in every week looking for it & could never find it till the week has started. 🙁

    Thank you

    • LRWC
      • Barbara

        OMG! Thank you 🙂 Where do i go to find it every week?

        • Rocky

          If you can’t find it by searching, just check for it on Tuesdays. That’s the day it is usually posted, however, sometimes it comes out on Wednesdays. And, if by chance you miss it, just check back to that day’s end of day “While You Were Out” post to locate it more easily.

          • colleen

            It’s under “Find my Store” then click “shoprite Hot Deals” and scroll down.

            • Jenn

              You can also find it on Shoprite’s website, on the left side of the page, click on ‘View our Circular’ . Usually on Thursday the circular for the following week (starting Sunday) is there. It will appear as a link at the top of the page.

  • Trina

    So there was no purex ultra packs left at my shoprite so I could not do the deal. Also the Renu they had in stock, but would not let me use to the $2.00 coupons, cause they said coupon exceeded value of item. I told them to lower coupon they would not do. Also the Total Defense at my shoprite was $2.99 and not $1.99. What total defense is 1.99? I left the store with only the Krave and lightbulbs, and some bannanas, I will go to another shoprite friday.

    • Kabby

      The Right Guard Total Defense 5…only had “FRESH BLAST” for 1.99 at my store…gray/silver container with orange cap…I was able to buy 4 and received the $4 catalina…Good luck.

  • Barb

    Hi everyone:) I shop at the East Hartford Ct shoprite and when I did a couple of the deals on Tuesday the 13th…my cats didn’t print. I did the 4 right guard total def deodorant, 4 Kraft sour crea m and even the Kraft balance bars

    • Barb

      …and continuing w/ what I was saying….no cats printed. When I went to cyst service to ask about this they looked at me like I had 3 heads and they said dollar days were over…I explained to them it wasn’t dollar days nut if you buy so many of a certain item like Kraft then you get a cash catalina. They said maybe it would print next time when I do my next shopping trip???

      • Alicia

        I would just contact cat marketing. i shop at the manchester store and they never have a clue about the cats that are not dollar days!

  • Sue

    Nestle Dark Choc Raisinetts are on sale $1.00 box and there are $1.00 off coupons (2 items) for Wonka candy or Nestle. Yum!

    • Sue

      Whoops! Sorry, there are 75 cent off Wonka/Nestle cpns.

  • Kabby

    WHERE ARE THE COMMENT ATTACHMENT>>>Am I the only one not seeing comments at the end of a posting….yet at the bottom of the home page people are posting??? WEIRD????

    • Eileen

      Probably a stupid question, I’m a newbie. I used the Pronutrient coupon and the shop rite coupon to get the free deal. Another $5 coupon spit out of the Catalina thing . How many times can I use the Shoprite Ecoupon for Pronutrients? Thanks!

      • Laura D.

        Ecoupons can only be used once.

      • kate

        The eCoupon only works one time under each SR card.

      • Rocky

        Sometimes they re-set them (and, others, of course, not just this particular one), though, so, good to religiously check the new batch they offer each week.

  • Bonny F.

    I tried to buy the Hormel Compleats with the buy one get one free, and the manager said that they don’t accept any free internet coupons. I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t completely free because i had to buy one to get one free. it’s weird because any other time it always worked.

    • Rocky

      This one was weird for me, also, but, in a different way. I didn’t notice until after I left, but, each of the two I used only came off for $1.59, however, the price of each Compleat was actually $2 – so, I ended up losing 41 cents on each….!

  • Cat

    Not sure if anyone else has noted this yet….I bought 4 of the Silver Palate oatmeal on sale for 1.99. I used 4 coupons from the February 2012 Live Right magazine. The coupons have an expiration of 4/30/2011! I feel bad because I used these coupons and hope the cashier doesn’t get in trouble for taking them. They went through without a problem. Just wanted to warn everyone that they are expired!

    • Karen B

      Cat, my coupons expire on May 31, 2012. Are sure you have the most current issue?

      • Cat

        I just checked again. The cover magazine cover says Feb 2012 but the coupons that are on page 11 expire on April 30, 2011. I have 4 copies that I picked up in the Plainview NY store. I even had my daughter check them because now I feel like I am going crazy!

        • Rocky

          I had noted this in one of the posts awhile back. It seemed to have happened only in the Feb. edition. It’s clearly marked as the Feb. 2012 edition, and, all the other coupons in the booklet do have 2012 exp dates, so, I think it was probably just a printing error.

  • Sandy

    SR has 100 ct. Equal saccharin on sale for $1.49
    My SS 3/11 had .75 and $1.50 coupon making them FREE

  • Rose

    Hi! To the person who mentioned emailing Turkey Hill for coupons: THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙂 ! They arrived today, and I got the large containers for only $1.50 each with more coupons to spare! Thanks so much-I really appreciate that advice!

    • Lauren


    • Rocky

      Yes, thanks from me, also! I just received mine, too, and, was really surprised at, not only how many coupons they sent, but, also, the nice package/packaging. They sent a listing of all their special, limited flavors and which months they are available (such as, Fried Ice Cream in April!), along with information about the plant tours they offer. Left me really impressed!

      • Rocky

        Just to give credit where credit is due: it was reader Cynthia (in the 3/11 ad scan thread) that gave us this great hint, so, Cynthia, from all of us, THANKS!!!!

    • Laurie A

      Ditto for me! They came so quickly!

    • Tara

      Thanks also…..amazing how fast they came in the mail. Only 2 days!!

  • Jennifer

    Went to shoprite Monday.. Making another trip tomorrow.. Getting some more things like the Right Guard Deordant and Ellios, and planning on the Cats to come out at the end!! Love Couponing, I never understood how I shopped before… Thanks Cindy for doing all that you do!!! I love the Daily Coupon-Match-ups!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Marcella

    Can you still use the .50/1 pop tarts mini crisps coupon even though the sale is for the regular pop tarts?