ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 3/18/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 3/18/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Marques

    There is no eCoupon for Centrum Pro Nutrients on the Shoprite website

    • Christine R

      It’s not available anymore. You had to save it right away when it became available last week.

      • H

        No Nutrese coupon either!!!

  • Jayme

    thank you!

  • rachael

    wat is the kelloggs great days?

  • Kate

    Did anyone get the Dove/Degree coupons? I got the paper this morning, and there are no coupons for Dove/Degree.

  • VA

    Hmmm i thought the P&G B1G1 on the swiffer would be a better deal, anyone know if there are other stores that are having good deals with this?

    • Anonymous

      If you have access to a military post it is cheaper at the commissary.

  • Janelle S

    there is or was (I printed already it so it still pops up for me so I’m not sure if its gone or not) a coupon for $0.70/1 Keebler Fudge Stripes Dark Chocolate Cookies on the snack picks website making them $1.59…..but they are on sale at Pathmark for $1.66 making them only $0.26 and I must say these are delicious (I bought 4 packs of these about a week ago at Pathmark and they are all gone…Family loves them)…..HTH

  • Arizia


  • Kabby

    Kotex there is also a shoprite coupon to stack with the Kotex for an additional $1 off. Will be .89 cents. Coupon in the March issue of Shoprite Living well magazine.

  • Kelli

    $9.99 is not a good price for a reveal mop?

    • Lisa

      this mop is ok, i have it but after a few weeks the bottom kept coming off the stick while I mop. Needless to say its been in the garage for months , I went back to my swifter.

      • Melanie

        I have had mine for over a year and I love it! Much cheaper than the swiffer, you can use any cleaner, pads are washable , and no batteries. I have had the problem Lisa mentioned where the handle falls off but only occasionally. Go for it!

        • Michele

          Love it! Yes it comes off if you push too hard. My son was able to use it at 2 years!

  • Kabby

    carefree liners. There is also a printable for $1 off. FREE

    • Janelle S

      My store won’t lower the $1 coupon to $0.99 so I am going to use the carefree coupons at CVS this week

      • Lin

        I had a problem at Walgreens with using the cpns there. Cvs was able to do twice and shoprite no problem also

  • Laura N

    This is amazing. Thanks so much!

  • Linda – NJ

    Thanks for the match ups Cindy!

  • Steven

    What are folks using their MunchMania certificates on?

    • Sarah

      Juice boxes and cheese…both aren’t cheap this time of year and yet we still need them for school lunches!

      • Christine R

        Good idea Sarah. I never see coupons for Capri Sun.

        • Anonymous

          There is a coupon for Capri Sun in the SS this week.

    • Lin

      Im stocking up on the Hi-c & OJ even though you only have to really buy one thing figure i may as well do a stock up.

  • Erin

    How does the V8 Splash work on 3/18 if the catalina doesn’t start until 3/19?

    • Vanessa

      The V-8 coupon expires on 3/18 right? Without the coupons, not a good deal at all. Drat! My sons love this juice. (After I thin it with water by about 60%!)

      • Kesha

        ha ha! We do the same with my daughter

  • The Carla’s coupon is .50 and says do not double. I tasted their products at Shop Rite and they were good!

    • Christine R

      Does the barcode number start with a “5”? If it does it should double anyway, unless your cashier catches it and hits the DND button.

  • Ellen

    no comments?

  • AA

    Planning on getting Minute Maid OJ for Munch Mania.

  • jannine

    in my redplum i receieved a coupon for tresseme shampoo and conditioner $ 1 off..but i did nto get any of the cat coupons or the danon coupons so upset..

  • Meli

    for the keebler there is a tear pad for $1.00 off mill wyb 2

  • Brandy

    i dont see glad trashbag coup or kc bbq sauce? what zip?

  • ueen

    This looks like a good deal on Gorton’s Seafood. (at least for me 🙂
    Gorton’s Grilled 7.6 oz seafoof product is priced at 2.49. There is a $1/1 Q in this link.
    Flyer says (last page):
    Buy 3 save 2.
    2.49 x 3 = 7.47
    less 3 $1/1 – 3.00
    less 2 – 2.00
    total: 2.47 for 3
    0.82 each

    • `Jen

      thats awesome thanks so much

      • ueen

        no problem.

  • kmegg

    didnt see the charmin for 1.99 at my store. they were much higher for the 4 pack. dont know if that will change sunday.

  • Kim

    Hi I am currently a Shoprite employee and we just got a notice at our store that any manufacturer coupons used when trying to gain a catalina will take away from the total amount of the purchase. So for instance with the buy Olay/Charmin deal, there wouldn’t be a total purchase of $25.00. I have not tested whether this is actual valid yet. But just be mindful if your catalinas start not to print this may be a reason

    • Cindy

      Hmm, this has been said on and off for many years and it never is the case. Catalina Marketing would have to program it that way and I haven’t gotten word from Catalina Marketing about it. However, we will certainly keep an eye out for any changes and I will reach out to catalina marketing to see what they have to say.

      • Anonymous

        thanks, cindy! <3

      • Mike

        In the deal the regular price for the Suave body wash is 3.39. Would you only need to buy 5 of these to get the catalina? Even though the sale price is 1.89?

      • Kristy

        This happened to me at Paramus with the Munch Mania. It didn’t print the Cats and the customer service girl told me the same thing, but was nice enough to give them to me anyway simply because it doesn’t say that on the flyer. I assume they will start stating it at some point.

        • christine

          Same thing happened for me with munch mania. Customer service insisted I had to actually pay 25 oop to get the cats. I askedfor a manager to show me where it said that and when she couldn’t she said fine and printed the cats

          • Eileen @QponPrincess

            customer service will ALWAYS say things like that, sometimes the fine print on these deals specifically mentions that it is before coupons but after the doubled value for coupons that double and whether its before or after the price plus discount…. I have never had a problem, but when you do contact catalina directly Cindy put the number on here somewhere

            • amy

              my cat wouldn’t print for the munch mania and the woman at cs was not at all helpful and then she tried to tell me it was bc i had done the deal earlier int he week…which i had but i had also done other cat deals more than once with no problem!

      • Sr employee

        I am also a shoprite employee and this is a new regulation in our store as well so the total from now on is after coupons that is why many of you are experiencing problems when you are required to spend a certain amount

        • Danielle M

          I just came from shop rite. I bought 3 olay facial cleansers and got 3 Olay Ribbons bodywash free. I was using the 3 body wash(4.99 x 3= 14.97) to go toward my deal. Then I grabbed 2 charmin (5.99x 2=11.98) total $26.95. I even used sales price and not shelf price and No Cat Printed….: ( Im bummed. It would have been a good deal if it worked.

          • naomi

            Thanks for the info. I was going to try this deal. Sorry it didn’t work for you.

  • Valerie

    Oreo cookies are on sale for $2.49. I have an IP for $1 off oreo cookies when you buy milk. I believe it is NLA.

    • Michelle T.

      Good catch, Valerie! I missed that one. Oreos don’t last in my house LOL. And I can use my free milk Q, since I’m buying breakfast items, too 🙂

      • Eileen @QponPrincess

        oooh yeah use the nabisco cookies and milk in conjunction with the free milk wyb 3 breakfast items AND the munch mania… that should be good

  • Jessica G

    For this one:

    Buy 2 Olay Body Wash ($6.69) $4.99 each
    Buy 6 Charmin 4 pack $1.99 each
    Total: ($25.32) $21.92
    -(2)$2/1 Olay Body Wash Coupon from the 3/4 PG
    -(3)$1/2 Charmin Coupon from the 3/4 PG
    Pay: $14.92
    Get a $5 Catalina
    $1.24 each after coupons & catalina

    Could we buy 2 cleaners and get the body wash free ? and still do the deal

  • Valerie

    Pepperidge farm swirl bread is on sale $2.14. There is a mfg coupon for 50cents off. It was in the philly inq. but I do not know what date.

  • cheri

    Just a heads up- I got 2 emails from Shop-Rite today 1for $1 off any Natures Fusion product and 1 for $2.50 off Listerine instantly at check out.

  • Maria

    Loving some deals!!! Thanks!

  • Vanessa

    Why is this here: “{ Comments on this entry are closed }”. (Taken under main entry.) Hopefully we’ll get some comments about the shopping this morning and other queations.

    • Cindy

      Once you click the link for the match ups, the comments are there which is where you left a comment.

  • Kyle

    When is the Wafflebakers coupon going to reset??!!??

    Thanks for the match ups Cindy!

    • Sandy

      Mine reset as I was able to print again. This is one company who sends you(1) free coupon & 5-6 $1.00 off coupon in mail so definately contact them!

    • Aileen C

      I asked on their FB page and they said they only give out 2 digital coupons per year.

      • Jenn

        That stinks!

  • Mustafa

    Can we use a Cellfire and shoprite coupon on the same product?

    • Lori

      No-either the SR OR cellfire coupon will come off but not both. In fact, most of the time my cellfire coupons don’t come off as they should & the store says they have no control over cellfire coupons, so won’t give the refund. You have to contact cellfire for that. I found I had to do that too frequently, so I stick with the SR e coupons & only clip cellfire if I don’t already have a SR coupon for that item. If clipping a cellfire coupon, I don’t count on it as savings… is a bonus if it deducts! 🙂

      • Hi Lori, would you know if we can use an SR e-coupon and a Manufacturer printed coupon on the same product? I asked SR customer service (when my Yoplait Kids yogurt e-coupon did not come off) and she said you can only use either one …:(

        • BL

          You can use the paper manufacturer’s coupon and the e-coupon or cellfire as the e-coupon or cellfire is automatic. There were previous posts saying that ShopRite is going to prevent both from coming off but worked for me this week on a couple of purchases.

          • Karen B

            In the Shop-rites by me, an manf. coupon doesn’t work with SR ecoupons, but does work with cellfire. The 800 # said anyone who gets the manf. coupon to work with ecoupons is just lucky. Makes it really hard to plan. For me I’m better off with cellfire.

  • Lady J

    The Minute Maid OJ that’s on sale for 1.88, what size is that?

    There’s a .75/1 IP from 2 weeks ago (i think for 59 oz +). Fully doubled that would be .38 OJ, and that counts for as part of the $5 Munch Mania since Minute Maid is a coca cola product – right?

    • Cindy

      The coupon is for the bottles. The sale is for the cartons.

      • Tisha

        The flyer states 59oz container any variety. The q says 59 oz bottle. Even though the coupon says 59 oz, we can’t use it because it says bottle and not container?

        • deanna

          in parentheses it says from concentrate, the coupon is for the bottle which advertises not from concentrate

          • Tisha

            gotcha thanks for clarifying

  • CC

    Bought 2 kids Yoplait yogurts but didn’t get the cat =(

    • CC

      Should I contact catalina? If so, what do I reference?

      • same here, i did not get a CAT and did not get an SR e-coupon deduction… 🙁

        • Anonymous

          didn’t get the CAT either!

      • Barbara A.

        I accidentally bought the wrong yogurts. I bought 2 Trix yogurts and then realized that my e-coupon did not come off and that I paid more. I DID get the catalina. The Trix were 2/$5 while the kids yogurts were 2/$4. So I went up to customer service and explained that I had just bought the wrong yogurts and that I wanted to return these 2 Trix yogurts and buy 2 Kids yogurt. She rang up the kids yogurt and the e-coupon came off but it did not print the cats. So I don’t think the Kids yogurts were included in the catalina deal. CC did your e-coupon come off? At customer service they looked it up in the book and there was a catalina for Trix yogurt. If the e-coupon came off and you paid $4 for 2 and used a $.75 that doubled then you paid $1.75 for 2.

        • CC

          My ecoupon did come off so I am guessing you’re right that the kids yogurts weren’t included in the deal =(

      • Sr employee

        customer sevice scans a upc that automatically prints it out

  • Nicole M

    My yoplait cat didn’t print. 🙁 Anyone else have this problem?

    • deanna

      yep I am thinking because it is for Trix yoplait, not 100% sure tho

      • Bree

        No Yoplait Kids Cat here either 🙁

    • chrisstina

      Mine didnt print either 🙁

      • Lori

        Did you try gogurt anyone or just yoplait kids?

        • Bonny F.

          The cat. is for Yoplait Trix yogurt, not the Yoplait kids. I bought the Trix one and got the cat.

  • Karen

    I had the same problem with the yoplaits kids.

  • Shirley

    I just got back from Shoprite and did the V8 spalsh deal but I got back two catalins one for $2 and another for $2.50 they both say compliments of V8 beverages. I bought 4 bottles.

  • Thanks for all of the advice on this site! I’ve been able to save an average of 30 to 40 dollars per shopping trip which is GREAT!!

  • Karen

    I can’t find the Mitchum coupon…did anyone else find it?

  • Alexandra

    How do I find and print the $1/3 Red Pack Tomatoes coupon? I can’t seem to find it on the website.

    • Ann

      I am wondering the same thing?

  • Scott

    I do not get a catalina for the kids yogurt, but was able to use the cellfire and coupon. Anybody have the same happen?

    • Bettsy

      I did receive the 1.50 from yoplait but unfortunately the cashier used my pathmark card instead of shoprite so my cell fires did not come off 🙁

      • Kristy

        Bettsy, which yogurts did you buy to get the CAT?

        • Bettsy

          The yoplait trix strawberry

          • Kristy

            Thank you!

            • Bettsy

              Anytime! Good luck 🙂

          • Karen

            Thanks. Bought the strawberry after reading your post and I got the $1.50 cat.

          • Barbara A.

            I think that you might have paid more for the Trix yogurts. They were 2/$5 where as the Kids yogurts were 2/$4. Cell fire was for Kids yogurts and didn’t come off Trix yogurt…. Way too confusing but I think it was a little cheaper to buy the Kids yogurts (2/$4- $.75= $3.25- $.75 x2 = $1.75 vs. 2/$5-$1.50 = $3.50 – $.75 x 2 = $2)

  • Faith

    I just saw that my DD catalina expired yesterday!!!! 🙁 🙁 If I take it to customer service, do you think they will still accept it? Anyone who were able to use expired cats?

    • mary

      It’s worth a try. I’ve had a coupon expire and the manager was very nice and accepted it.

    • Brielle

      Hi Faith, I had a DD catalina that had expired and the cashier was nice enough to scan it and it went through! The catalina was from Shoprite LiveRight so maybe that made a difference.

  • heather

    Tried the Muellers coupon and its says there are no current coupons or promos going on 🙁

    • Klara

      I just printed 2. You have to sign up and will get a welcome email with the coupon. But I states not to double.

    • KitKat

      I logged in with existing account, but no cpn for me either. I created another account and printed 2 🙂

  • Michelle

    I just came from my shoprite on long island.No cat for the yoplait kids yogurt either!I did get one for .75 from Dole.

  • Linda

    There is a $1 off of 2 Shoprite ecoupon available which drops the per box price to $1.49 when combined with the sale and coupon

  • pat

    went to Byram SR, I bought 7 charmin’s for $1.99 each and 4 Febreze car vent air fresh. for $2.69 each (shelf price $2.99), used 3 charmin coupons $1.00/2 and 4 $1.00/1 Febreze car vent. It did not print $5.00 catalina, but the manager printed it for me.

  • Katie

    No catalina for the Yoplait Kids either. 🙁

  • Christina


  • Fi1

    I did the P&G deal idea with the 2 Olay ribbons bodywashes and the 6 Charmin 4 packs and the $5 Catalina did not print in my case. Can anyone else verify that this deal is working on shelf price and not sale price? I will probably just pop back to Customer Service with my receipt and see if I were to buy an extra bodywash if they would be willing to manually print the $5 cat.

    • Tisha

      I did the same deal and I too did not get the cat. I went to customer service and was told.I had to purchase those items pictured. They called.the manager who confirmed. Too bad. 🙁

      • Alejandra

        Yes yes, I didn’t get it either! sooo bummed

  • Debbie G

    Is the Suave deal rolling?? I have enough coupons to do 2 transactions !! yipee!

  • RC

    I did this deal and got no cat. It seems the presale price is not a pre price club price so it didn’t get factored in for $15. It’s the only thing I can think of. Anyone else have any idea why my cat didn’t print?

    Buy 2 Suave Professional Shampoo/Conditioner ($4.98) $3.58
    Buy 3 Suave Body Wash ($10.17) $3.54 (W B2G1 Coupon)
    ($15.15) $7.12
    -$.50/2 Suave Professionals Coupon

    $6.12 + tax

    • Cindy

      The shelf prices are not price plus prices for those items so you have to go by the sale price. ShopRite catalinas only work on pre price plus price, meaning a discount your would receive if you use your price plus card. The sale on the Suave Professional and Body Wash were just regular sale prices. Hope that helps.

      • RC

        Yea thats what I thought too bad I didnt realize it until I got home.

    • Lin

      You need to buy 9. I made this mistake last time a few months ago, i miscalculated and bought 8 never printed because i was only a few cents off. This time i bought 8 suave professional shampoos with my 4 50c cpns, and 1 kids shampoo to make up for the extra which came out to about $15.90 if i recall so did receive my cat.

      • rc

        what I do to make sure im above the sale price usually is have the cashier scan those items for me first and watch the total, without giving my pp number, once i confirm i have the right amount, i give her my pp and then she adjusts the total. because i dont always do the same deals and follow the popular scenarios and prefer to get different products im going to use, i find that helpful. i also bring along the cheapest item from that list, incase once everything is scanned im a few cents below. if im not, i just leave it out. Hope that helps.

  • frink

    Buy 3 Suave Kids Shampoo $1.77 each
    Buy 6 Suave Naturals Body Wash $1.89 each
    -(3)$0.50/1 Suave Kids Shampoo Coupons
    -(2)B2G1 Free Suave Naturals Body Wash
    Pay: $9.87
    Get a $5 Catalina
    $0.54 each after coupons & catalina

    If you only use 1 B2G1Free, then 3 coupons $0.50/1 Body Wash printables, your “Pay” is only $8.76 – $5 CAT = $0.42 ea!

    • Jenn

      I can’t find the $0.50/1 Suave Kids Shampoo coupon. I looked under zip 07039, but onlg got the Suave Everlasting Sunshine Shampoo coupon. Any other zip I should be looking under? Thanks!

      • frink

        The Kids shampoo coupon is off Recyclebank.

  • Bettsy

    Did anyone get the Dove coupons?

  • diane

    shoprite in long island isnt accepting the barilla whole grain pasta coupon – they said some part of the bar code was left off by the company. And they said a TON of people have been complaining.

    • Robin W

      I have had some success in contacting the companies and letting them know that their coupons are not being accepted. Often they will mail me other coupons or at least thank me for notifying them of a problem.

    • Klara

      I got mine for free but it had to be done manually. Depends on store.

    • Kim

      My coupon ended up in the manager’s hands. Every single internet coupon I had. They went through them all. But in the end, they all went through. There wasn’t a thing wrong with them. My Shoprite never does this!

    • Aimee

      Which town in long island? I go to Commack and I plan to go this week.

      • Sr employee

        it is a fraudulent coupon we were advised not to take it as a consumer put it out there for his/her own benefit

        • Sandy

          I went to c.s. first before using coupon and asked them to check “fraud book” and it was not in there so mine was accepted.

  • sari

    I did the swiffer deal and the wet dry starter kits and refills were priced at 8.99. So actually it came to 2.50 each, and since you are able to roll catalinas, I was able to get a 2nd set for .99 for both with qs and catalinas. Not too shabby. My shoprite was all out of the diet splash variety and printed me a rain check. The manager said the rainchecks are now digital and that they will generate the catalinas that were active with the sale. Has anyone ever tried this?

    • rc

      oh my that would be amazing, i was a little disappointed i had to take home a rc for the purex tabs. what does your manager mean by digital, did you have to give them your price plus card? because she just gave me a rc when i asked. love to know if it works for anyone!

  • Andrea

    I tried to get the coupon for the goya rice at area code 07039, but it wasn’t there, did anyone els have that problem?

  • savingmomof3

    I just want to be sure your post will work, are the crunchers included? I looked up the price from shop from home and they were 3.19?

    Danimals Drinkables, Coolision, Dan-o-nino, or Crush Cups – $2.00
    $0.50/1 Dannon Danimals Crunchers, exp. 4/30/12 (SS 03/18/12)
    as low as $1 each after coupon

  • Betty

    thanks cindy.Any d\good deals to use munch mania for?

  • Marjie

    Heads up on shrinking quantities for the Bounty Basic Big Roll 6 pks. I realized that some I bought were 6 rolls = 333.6 sq ft at 52 sheets a roll , and some were 6 rolls + 305 sq ft at 48 sheets a roll. Same price at $5.99 each.

  • Melissa

    I am disappointed. Can’t find the Suave kids shampoo coupon or the Friskies cat treat coupons.

  • Alejandra

    I didn’t get the P&G Living or Laundry Cats! I did the deals as indicated which for me were slightly under 25, However, the unstoppable rang 7.29 instead of 7.99. But even at 7.99 its still doesnt add up to 25 so I’m confused. So I still winged it thinking it would still print but it didn’t. Debating on returning everything..ugghh..anyone have this issue?

  • Marjie

    For the Laundry Cat, the Downy before the price plus discount is $8.49. 3 of these at this price is $$25.47. The catalina usually works on the shelf price before the price plus discount. I don’t know why it didn’t work. You can contact catalina marketing or just return the items.

  • Laura D.

    Can anyone please tell me if the Barilla pasta coupon is being taken in Oakland, NJ; Ramsey, NJ; or Rochelle Park NJ or Warwick NY? I’m having major problems with that coupon and will be on the road this week and would love to get some free whole wheat pasta. Thanks for your help! 🙂

    • cleo

      Worked fine in Ramsey.

      • Laura D.

        Thank You:)

        • Karen B

          Worked fine in Warwick yesterday. I was able to use 4 of them.

          • Laura D.

            Thanks! Love Warwick Shoprite, not just the great produce and organic section but also the people are always so friendly and happy to be working there.

  • My Shop Rite had a Gold’s Kosher booklet that had coupons in the middle. In there was a coupon for a free Lipton’s dumpling mix or Lipton’s soup and dumpling mix if you bought a 5 lb. box of Yehuda matzos (they are the best) which you get free if you spend $50.00. Two freebies. Yahooooo.

    • Eileen @QponPrincess

      in my store at customer service they had passover haggadah booklets with coupons in the middle probably the same booklet

    • Kim

      Good one mom 🙂 Too bad I cannot find the booklet anywhere!!!

      • Sr employee

        there are extras in customer service we usually end up throwing them away along with the leftover circulars

    • curecrazy

      I tried to use both coupons at my shoprite but they would not accept the one for the lipton mix-stating that because I was getting the 5lb. box of matzos for free that I was not actually paying for them, so I could not get the lipton mix free also.

  • paula

    Be on the look out for a free6pk snapple rebate. I found mine at walmart.

  • Eileen @QponPrincess

    my p & g living idea is 3 packs of luvs diapers and one charmin 4pk (1.99)

    can anyone confirm the 4pk counts towards cat?

  • Kabby

    My shoprite has… the QUAKER SOFT COOKIES for $1.99 not 2.39 so a better deal with the $1/1 coupon and .75 ecoupon..will only be .24 cents. Check out your shoprite price.
    The WHO NU cookies are 2/$5..I received a coupon from the catalina machine for BOGO FREE…only $1.25 each….check your files.
    There is also a ROBITUSSIN printable from a while ago for $2/1…stack with the ecoupon of $1.00 off…robitussin will be .99 cents.
    Good luck!

    • MaryC

      Which SR location has WhoNu cookies 2/$5? Thanks!

      • Kabby

        Bergen county…Emerson

  • Lisa

    Did anyone see the add in the coupon insert this week about Gain running a promotion at Shoprite. Buy two 100 oz liquid for $20 and receive a $5.00 off the next shopping order? I cut out the ad but don’t see anything in the ShopRite circular.

  • Heather

    If anyone printed the $0.55/1 Jif coupon last week, they’re on sale for $2.99 which will make them $1.89 after the doubled coupon. Woohoo!

  • billie

    HI Cindy!

    many many thanks for all you do…

    i can’t get the My list email function to work?

    sorry if i am being spoiled!


    • Beth G.

      Mine has not worked for weeks. I have tried three different accounts, nothing. I put it in print form then copy it and paste it into an email.

      • Sherry

        Same problem here.

  • Brittany

    Can anyone tell me if the Sauve catalina is rolling???? I have enough to go get more.

  • lalluji

    i do not see the mardi-gras ecoupon.. can you tell me where to look for it.

  • Rachel

    Hi – I’m sorry but this is the 2nd week now that I do not see the 30 cent off Chobani when I click that link. I only see a 50 cent and $1.00 one for the larger Chobani.

  • nicole

    no e-coupon for mardi gras, don’t know where you are finding that.

    • Kim

      I think it’s gone already 🙁

  • Jessica

    Has anyone done the pampers wipes?

    I want to buy (2) pampers wipes – (2) 75/1 (fully double) to = 11.98 = 3 =8.98 – $4 cat I have. So $4.98 OOP get $4 cat.

    Then I want to roll it.

    • coleen

      hi there,
      i did! worked beautifully…i am thankful. unfortunately, i had trouble with two OTHER cat deals but the pampers wipes was not a problem. <3

  • Mustafa

    Hey fellow couponers, I recently went to shoprite to pick up the Suave Buy $15 and get $5 back and what a steal! Instead of the $2.79 deoderants i was planning on buying, I got some that were $1.66 each…. So here is how it went.
    4 Suave deoderants- $1.66 each
    4 Suave cpns- $0.75
    4 Suave Conditioners- $1.77
    4 Suave cpns- $0.50
    I paid $3.72 (before tax) amd got the $5 Catalina!

    • Kabby

      Great deal…I did not get any Suave…good score!

  • bbc



    can you give us an idea how to roll our much mania cats this week.. have not gone to SR yet… thanks

    • Karen B

      I could use some help with munch mania this week too. I really don’t need anymore indulgence or the cheese and breadcrumb mixtures. Thanks.

  • Neon

    FYI all couponers,

    I went to Shoprite today and was NOT allowed to use my Mueller pasta coupons. I was told that there’s a NEW COUPON POLICY that requires printed coupons to have the website on it. I usually get dirty looks from the cashier for not cutting them out and leaving them on a whole sheet of paper, but today, I was told to leave it on if it means that it’ll have a website URL on it.

    They’re fighting fraudulent coupon and were looking really closely on every coupon I handed in.

    Thank you Cindy for all these great deals! I really appreciate all the time you put in to the site.

    • Sandy

      My store has been asking me to do this for over a year now. Most stores will not accept PDF coupons at all!

  • Will this Sauve deal work?

    3 Sauve bodywash – 5.67 (10.50)
    2 sauve kids shampoo – 3.54 (4.98)
    Total – 9.54 (originally 15.48)
    Use 3 50c off bodywasg
    Use 2 50c off shampoo
    Pay 4.54 & get $5 cat

    • michelleb

      I don’t thinks so. Cindy was saying in an earlier post that the suave shampoo and body wash weren’t pre price plus items. You will have to buy 9 of them. Hope that helps.

      • Thanks Michelle! I will rework the deal 🙂

  • sophie

    Has anyone done any of the P&G deals? What is working and what is not?
    is on based on shelf price or sale price?
    please let me know

  • Ted

    Can I use more than 1 munch mania catalina in the same transaction. I know it says 1 per family so I didn’t know if they would not allow this or not.

    • curecrazy

      I haven’t had any problem at my store using two munch mania cats on the same order.

      • rc

        curecrazy, did one of them beep but they still put it through? just wondering if i have to go through the hassle of separating my order. Last week I used mine on 2 separate orders, one had kraft/minute maid products in there, the second didn’t have any but it still went through. my cashier didn’t think i’d be able to use both in same order that’s why i separated them. but i forgot to move over some of the products it covers into that order, however it still worked no problem.

  • Sandy

    My store allows me to – when in doubt just split your order.

  • Roslyn

    The individual Kozy Shack’s are .79, used the $1/2 coupon making them .29 each. I’m the only one in my house who eats it, so this deal works out great for me.

  • Michaela has a coupon for .75/1 Dannimals Crunchers 4 pack at zip code 08332. I don’t know if they are part of the sale, (can’t find my circular) but I printed it out and will bring it with me to the store just in case 🙂

  • Karen

    I did the Kitchen and living deals and the suave deal. I calculated all of my items according to sale price to make sure they would go through. I was over the required purchase for each deal. The kitchen deal printed but the living and the suave one did not. I went straight over to customer service and showed them my receipt. I told her I was not sure if I calculated wrong but I thought I should have gotten them. She added the stuff up on a calculator and after seeing I did spend slightly over on each deal she printed them out for me without a problem. I have had this happen on one other deal a few weeks ago also. They checked my reciept and then gave me the deal. I check my print outs before I leave the store now.

    • Sophie

      For the living deal…did you purchase what was shown in the ad under the living…or did you purchase any Charmin ,Febreze, etc. like the ad stated?

      • Sophie

        thanks in advance 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Sorry just getting on now and answering, even though it is too late now =( I purchased the larger pack of Charmin, two of them and the Febreeze car freshner, and something else. Don’t remember what was exactly part of the deal.

  • Sandy

    Equal on sale again so if you have the SS coupons for .75 and 1.50 you can get them for free or cheap again.

    Pink box is 1.50 – either coupon = FREE

    Blue box 1.94 – either coupon = .44 box

  • Meli

    i dont have the loreal kids coupon anyother deal seneriors i can do??

  • Dawn

    Anyone know how to get the Cheezit coupon from on-line? I get to the voting site but cannot find anything about a coupon. Thanks

  • frontend peep

    anyone else having trouble with….not printing…i printed a few earlier and nothing…hmmph

  • Keri

    The minute maid juice boxes seem to be $3.99 in my store. Wondering if they’re different size boxes, but I didn’t see more than the 1 size 10 pack. Oh well…

  • Heather

    I went to Shoprite Saturday and bought (6) 1.99 Charmin tp and (2) 4.99 Olay Body Wash and Didn’t get any catalinas. Anyone know why???