ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 3/25/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 3/25/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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::Unadvertised Deals

Note: Because these are unadvertised deals, prices may vary by store so please check your prices before you head to the register




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  • Connie

    Thank u!

    • Leela

      Is the scotts natural towels part of the deal for the 10. Cat

  • cc

    Any idea for munch mania coupon this week?

    • marie

      Capri Sun is part of Kraft so you can use your Munch Mania and pay $1 for 4 boxes after BOGO coupons and munch mania cat. Hth

      • Diana

        Thank you! I was wondering what juice I should get.

  • Pat C

    Barilla and Friendship coupons are no longer available 🙁

    • Susie

      🙁 I have not been able to get the barilla all week 🙁

      • rose mason

        I tried to use my barilla coupons yesterday and they would not scan. The manager said the coupons were no good because they didnt have the water mark on them. That stinks I have like 4 of them.

        • frink

          I found they need to be held like 2 inches above the glass in order for them to scan, especially at the self-checkouts…I did not have any issue with them!

          • Rose Mason

            Ill go to another SR that has self check out.

      • Anonymous

        Hey Susie,
        I printed 2. But I am well stocked right now. Email me @ and I can mail them to you… Don’t want them to go to waste.

    • All4Savings

      I just printed the Friendship coupon

    • Andrea

      I just got the friendship coupon.

  • Becky

    The rebate for drano is for ace stores only, fyi

  • Betty

    Can you freeze the sorrento mozzarella and ricotta cheese? I have a few coupons but will never you it up in time.

    • Laura D.

      Yes you can! Just take the ricotta out of the container so it doesn’t crack.

      • Betty

        Thanks! What do you put it in?

        • Laura D.

          I put mine into a regular zip lock bag. I divide it into measurable portions that I usually use for recipes. I do 2/3 cup & 1 cup portions. I make sure they lay flat while freezing then they stack nicely. I usually defrost the ziplock in the fridge overnight before use and squish up the bag before I open it. I have defrosted it in the microwave in a bowl with a paper plate on top, usually 1 minute 30 seconds on a power of 60% and stir occasionally. Everyone is REALLY picky here. If I try to buy a cheaper cheese they all notice, fresh vs frozen ….. clueless 😉

          I don’t recommend freezing in the container because my container has split in the past, I won’t use it then. If you’re not sure if you would like it, try it early in the week. Freeze, defrost and see how it goes for you! Good Luck!

      • jenny

        prop the ricotta on its side…allows for more surface area…good for expansion!

    • Rebecca S.

      I freeze the mozzarella with no problem, not too sure about the ricotta, don’t think it freezes well.

    • Melissa

      I have frozen both in their original package with no problem. The mozzarella is harder to shred after being frozen, so if you will use it that way, shred it first, place in ziploc bag, add 1T flour to the bag & shake to coat (so it won’t clump). Ricotta may seem watery when you defrost it, but will cook up fine.

      • Betty

        Thanks all!

      • Dee2

        I shred the mozzarella when it is still frozen in the food processor. I’ve frozen both mozzarella and ricotta in their original containers with no issue.

    • michele a

      I leave it in all the time. Just be careful.

    • Anonymous

      I freeze mozzerella all of the time and it is alway fine….never have tried the ricotta though.

  • Linda

    Thanks Cindy for the match ups!

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match ups.

  • Tammi

    I feeze riccotta and Mozz ..never had a problem

  • Grace

    I found a .70/1 Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal coupon in the recent People magazine with the Bachelor and Courtney on the cover(nice find in my doctor’s office!)

  • lisa

    The LOL butter and Sorrento are HUGE deals!!! Love it.

    • Susie

      Is the sorento the cheese sticks???

  • Mommyof3princess27

    If you did the one step toilet cleaning deal at Target, in the box are b1g1 free coupons for the refill!!!

  • zuna

    can we use land o lake butter rebate on simple butter too .any one tell me

  • NY

    My circular has some great super coupons this week. $.97 for the LOL butter, $.97 for 18 pack eggs, $.97 for kelloggs cereal and $.97 for the blue bunny or friendly’s ice cream (w/$50 purchase).

    • Jess

      Mine has .44 Ronzoni Lasagna noodles, .44 Birdseye (should be good with the ecoupon, even though it’s only for one!), SR Cream Cheese .44, and Iceburg Lettuce .44! All with $20 purchase

    • Marie

      Where do you live?

    • KT

      @ NY, where do I find the super coupons? do only the circulars mailed home get those? What area are you in? Thank you in advance.

    • Rebecca

      Wow! Where in new York?

    • Kelly

      a $50 purchase instead of the usual $15? Bummer =(

      • NY

        NY is my initials not where I live – LOL. I’m in PA but on the border with Delaware. I get the DE circular in the mail each week. They usually always have good super coupons but with either a $25 or $50 purchase.

        • Laura D.

          Hahahaha!!! I thought you lived in NY too! Very funny. I’ll be on the lookout for those super coupons 🙂

        • MARY

          Have been able to print them in the past. Which store?

          • Kera

            I have all the 44 cent super coupons too with a 15 dollar purchase. Im in Norwich CT. I think they lowered the limit cause everyone in the town is poor lol.

            • Shari

              we had Free cream cheese , onions, 99 pudding cake and 99 maxwell house coffee- Thankyou West Haven Grand opening

    • Ashley L.

      Does it need to be a $50 purchase before or after coupons?

      • NY

        It’s the Delaware stores that have the super coupons. It’s spend $50 before coupons.

  • Rachael

    Do you think we can use two of the $.50/2 Yoplait greek coupons for the 4 pack?

    • Sophie

      No, I dont believe so. Those are for the individual cups only.

      I believe it was in this past Sunday’s inserts there was a coupon specific for the 4 pack of yoplait greek. My area got $1 for 1 pack of 4 pack. But some areas might of gotten a higher value or maybe $1/2 packs of 4 pack.

      hope it helped!

  • Liz

    I guess there won’t be any confirmation until tomorrow about whether or not the spring it on deal is working on pre-price plus prices, right? Is that ever something that differs depending on what store you go to?

    • Aileen C

      The only thing that sometimes differs at each store is the shelf price (which then affects how many items you need to buy). Some stores have higher or lower shelf prices than the matchups, so you do have to be careful of that. That’s only been an issue for me once, though.

  • Meli


  • Jude

    Thanks Cindy. LOL butter here we come!! I went off the hook and had all my buddies print me coups!! Going everyday this week for that and the birds eye veggies.

  • Sheryl

    i plan on stocking up on veggies, mozzarella and butter…..LOL

  • Anonymous

    I heard the ecoupon has something to do with new smartsource ipad app..which is amazin if u have an ipad n havnt tried it. Will update when 3/25 ad is released on app.

  • nick

    Anyone else hear the $5 add savings has to do with new smartsource ipad app

  • lori

    If a coupon bar code starts with a 9 will that coupon double???

    • nick

      No just 5

  • Rebecca


    The deal ideas for the Dove deoderant and the Simple Skincare that you posted both require you to buy more than two of each product (i.e. 3 of the Simple Skincare for one deal idea and 4 Dove deoderant in the other deal idea). However, the coupons that you need to use for these deals have a restriction on them of only two identical coupons per shopping trip, so I don’t think your deal ideas will work. I was intending to instead buy 2 Simple Skincare products and 2 Dove deoderants. I should still qualify for the catalina and will be abiding by the limit of 2 identical coupons per shopping trip.

    • Cindy

      Oh boy with these coupon restrictions. There are so many of them lately that restrict it to 2 per transaction. Such a bummer. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll change that.

      • jen

        I used these coupons last week at cvs and their system allowed me to use more than 2. The cashier may not read the fine print.

  • Claire

    Major issue at Shoprite today. I gave the cashier my whole pile of coupons before he started ringing me up. Somehow by the end, two of my munch mania coupons were missing. I even had the front end manager open the coupon drawer and look. After I got home, I was thinking about it. There was no way I dropped them. I didn’t even take them out until I was in line. I think since he was sorting them on the ledge they must have went underneather the register. I called customer service to have them look, but I nev er got a call back. Bummer…. My bill should have been 65, instead it was 75. Anybody ever have something like this happen to them?

    • nick

      I had em go under the belt to be unfound…what a mess…they credited me after 35 minutes

      • Laura D.

        I always treat my catalinas like money and NEVER give them until the end. They should have called you back, major bummer!

        • Cc

          Me too, I put all the OYNO cat in my wallet with my money. I hand them over when all other coupons are done scanning.

        • Jodi

          I learned that the hard way too. Some places treat them like coupons. I always hand them over as cash and then pay with any other options. Good point to remember.

          • katrina

            me too… except for the shoprite flyer coupons. those i do first along with any $x off of $40 or whatever i have.

    • Lin

      Yes you really have to watch these cashiers like a hawk. I went to a&p had a very simple transaction, 2 8 rolls paper towels. I had put my 2 catalinas which i had just gotten from a transaction minutes before, right in front of me, and the dummy cashier threw them in the trash. went to pay and shes asking me for money, i said i just gave you two cats, so she went into her trash can and got them out (oh i thought they were garbage. what????????)

      • Claire

        Wow. I am going to hold onto high value coupons until the end from now on. The problem is most of them want to see the coupons before they start scanning, but I’ve going to treat them like cash now. Live and least I still saved over $130.

        • Jenn K

          On Friday the cashier accidentally took all the Catalina’s out from the machine instead of handing them too me. I didn’t see where she put them, but I did see them spit out of the machine. Come to find out, when I was swiping my credit card to pay, She put them in the pouch where she keeps the used coupons! I asked her nicely where she put them, she looked at me frazzled! The supervisor was their next to her anyways and pulled them out of the pouch. Always have to watch the cashiers like a hawk, you never know what they’ll do.

    • Sherry

      I have had my catalinas evaporate to the Bermuda Triangle when the cashier turned on the conveyor belt. He opened the drawer to search for them and I even climbed underneath and never found them and this was last year’s Dollar Days catalinas! Wahhhhhhhh!

    • Lady J

      Why do they always have to have multiple piles of q’s. You only need 3 piles. 1 for q’s you haven’t scanned yet, 1 for q’s that were already scanned, and 1 for q’s that will need a key. But no, cashiers always mix up all the q’s and don’t know what they scanned and what they didn’t, and want you to sort it out. Bet that’s how your MMs got lost.


        you always have 4 store coupons, coupons you scanned coupons that need a managers override and mfr coupons

    • Grace

      I had a similar situation at ShopRite too! I had a stack of coupons (including 2 $5 CATs) that I handed to the cashier and while she was scanning them the manager came over, asked her a question and then, for some reason, switched places with the cashier, who then left –all of this in the middle of scanning my coupons! The manager was all confused(of course!) about which coupons had been scanned already and because I was distracted by my two kids who started acting up by then, I didn’t realize until I got to my car that only one of the $5 CATs had been scanned! I knew that they probably weren’t going to believe me if I went in and said I actually had 2 CATs, because I had no proof! Ah, the joys of couponing!


      tell them to check their trap!! everything that falls off the conveyer lands in there!

    • Michelle

      That happend to me once at pathmark and they managed to find it inside the register. Now I hand my coupons at the end of my transaction.

    • Christine R

      I go to self check out more times than not these days. This way I can sort the coupons my way. I usually know ahead of time which coupons will need an override or price prompt so I just save them till last and have the front end manager come over one time. I’ve had issues with the new bar codes, but none where the coupons were actually lost.

  • Bettsy

    Thank you!

  • Kabby

    ROBITUSSIN if you printed it up a while back there is a $2/1 Robitussin stack with ecoupon $1/1 ten pay .99 cents.

  • nick

    5 dollar extra ecoupons up, pledge. Scrubbin bubbles, etc..

    • shita

      where is the $5 extra ecoupons? I got the Scrubbing bubbles and etc..

  • Keri

    The minute maid juice boxes seem to be $3.99 in my store. Wondering if they’re different size boxes, but I didn’t see more than the 1 size 10 pack. Oh well…

    • Christine

      Same for me and I was wondering the same.

    • Mary C

      The MM juice boxes are sold in the East Brunswick store, but not my local Hamilton or Lawrenceville stores. You have to be lucky with the specific stores I guess.

      • Angela

        I believe she’s talking about the pouches. The coupon works for those too!!

  • keena

    Thanks for the matchups

  • Cc

    ACME has LOL eggs for $0.50 after the $0.75 q
    Cheap eggs and butter, great for baking, breakfast or whatever.

  • Allyson

    Wow. I wasn’t going to do this weeks spring cleaning deals until looking at the ecoupons this morning. Really makes the deals even better and also makes using the cat’s easier for the next 2 weeks. Looked on Shoprite and says 2nd week you can only use on Scrubbing bubbles and windex…is that true if so I will buy pledge this week an save my ecoupons and savingstar for that week….
    Also I still have the Scott $1.20 ecoupons on my card so makes them much cheaper than the cvs deal this week.

    • Massiel

      No true..just did it twice, rolled cats and used the remaining $10 on my grocery shopping!!!

      • Sallie

        You rolled the Spring Cleaning Cats? I thought they were for the next 2 weeks on specific items onmy. Please clarify! Thanks!

  • Eileen

    I have the Reynolds wrap coupons which I don’t currently need. If someone wants them I will send them out to you. Let me know. I could use the .75 coupon for land o lakes butter, if someone doesn’t need those.
    (I hope it’s okay to post this Cindy.)

    • nick

      butter coupons are still available at 60013

  • Beth C

    Someone mentioned the new SS app for iPad….
    Does anyone know how it works?
    Do the coupons double? I’m assuming that they are Manu Qs, so that they don’t stack with paper coupons, right?. Do the SS ecoupons apply before my paper coupons? If I have one ecoupon and one paper, can I buy two of the items?

    • Kim

      I can combine a paper (or internet) coupon with a Shoprite ecoupon. Ecoupons do not double.

  • Christina


  • Michelle T.

    Wow, there are so many new ecoupons on ShopRite’s site! Now I have to rework some deals 🙂

  • Vanessa

    My husband just tried the Nestle water deal and it’s ONLY kicking out a $3 cat. Is anyone else getting anything different? I’m not sure if it’s a good deal w/out both cats.

  • Joanie S

    Was anyone able to find the Pretzel Crisp coupon????

    • Jessica

      no, can’t find it either.

    • Jasper

      Someone left a comment on their Facebook asking about the coupon, and they said they don’t currently have one.

  • Shita

    Back from SR and got my free turkey!!

    The Rayovac Batteries take coupon off $1. So, is MM.
    Also, the Spend $30 Get $10 deal you can get the extra $5 mobile coupon if you have iPhone or smart. Same with the stream fresh veggie extra $1 off. Just scan the square dot box on SR ad with your phone and show then the cashier at checkout.

    Idid this deal.
    Buy 4 Kleenex Hand Towels ($2.99) $2.79 each
    Buy 4 Scrubbing bubbles Toilet Gel ($4.35) $3.79 each
    Buy 1 Fantastik $1.99
    Total: ($31.50 assuming pre-price plus prices) $28.31
    -(4)$0.75/1 Kleenex Hand Towels from the 2/12 SS insert
    -(4)$0.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel Coupon
    -(1)$1 Scrubbing SR ecoupon
    -(1)$0.75/1 from the 3/25 SS
    -(1)$5 SR mobile coupon
    Pay: $9.81
    Get (2)$5 Catalinas

    3 Birds Eye Vegetables – $0.99
    -(3)$.50/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh Chef’s Favorite Item ( included)
    -(1)$1/3 Birdseye Steamfresh Ecoupon
    -(1)$1/3 Birdseye Steamfresh mobile coupon.
    =$2 MM

    • stacey

      Shita, how did you get the mobile coupon? I’m planning for this deal right now. Thanks!!

    • Allyson

      What did you scan something on add? Wonder if it will work at my Shoprite on their policy at register it says they don’t accept scannable q’s from smartphones…

    • Cindy

      Wait, when you scanned with your smartphone, the $5 was immediately applied to your price plus card and $5 came off automatically at checkout? Or, you showed info on our phone and they manually deducted $5?

      • Kabby

        I have my teenager trying to help me with this..anyone know how to scan the box??? New smartphone owner???

        • ueen

          try downloading the QRReader app

          • Shari


        • Purp66

          If you have an ATT smartphone, the ATT code scanner app should already be installed on your phone. Click on it and just hold the phone over the code. If it is not already installed, just go to your app market, search for it, and d/l it.

      • Purp66

        I think she’s confused. The ad says scan the code for up to $5 additional savings.. and when you scan it just takes you to the new ecoups for $1 off each product. There is no additional $5 mobile coupon that I can see…

        • Ueen

          @Purp66, yeap, when you scan the SR ad it brings you to where the digital coupons are.
          The up to 5 additional savings are as follows:
          1/1 scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel
          1/1 on pledge
          1/1 scrubbing bubbles 1 step toilet bowl cleaner refill
          1/1 cottonelle bath
          1/1 viva

  • stacey

    I’ve had trouble with cellfire and shoprite ecoupons working for the same transaction. Does anyone know if this is the same for savingstar and SR ecoupons? I’d like to use them both for the sprint it on sale…thanks!

    • V

      You can use shoprite ecoupons OR cellfire, both don’t come off.

  • I am in need of clarification. I have been having problems with the e-coupons not always coming off of my SR card, when I called SR’s *)) # to ask why, I was told that the e-coupons are also manufacturer coupons & that you can use only 1 or the other. If you are using a paper manufacturer coupon, then the e- coupon will not be deducted from my SR card. Although I find that sometimes they both work, but many times they do not. Am I doing something wrong??

    • Sarah

      E-coupons are not manufacturers Qs.. they are shoprite’s. Both should come off. I sent shoprite an email the other week regarding this b/c I had about 3-4$ of ecoupons not come off- They were very kind and took care of it. Both should be coming off-shoprites and man. Qs.

      • Michelle

        Same thing happened to me, the woman told me the same thing. That it’s one manufacturer coupon per item. How do I get to the bottom of this? It has almost always worked for me and when it didnt I call and they fix it.

      • Shari

        how do you tell if they came off- e- coupons………….I gave her so many _- its hard to keep track ??? Today saved $112.00 – OOP was $55.00 with $10.cats for Fantastic/pledge and $5 cat for 4 cases of Water ( dieting )
        Another Great day at Shop Rite

        • sarah

          The ecoupons and cell fire coupons come right off at the register- you can see it on your receipt.

    • Kierstin

      I noticed the same on my receipts. Some eCoupons were coming off & some weren’t. The manager of my SR (who also happens to be a couponer) said that cellfire & ShopRite online coupons are both “powered” by So, sometimes, if you give them an internet coupon from & try to stack a cellfire coupon with it, it may not work because the system sees it as 2 of the same. However, if you try to stack a RedPlum printable with a cellfire, most likely they will both come off. Does that make sense? LoL She explained it much better than I just did. I did notice that my RedPlum & SmartSource printables came off along with their eCoupon counterparts. However, I had 1 eCoupon that matched up with a printable that did not come off…only the printed one did. Not sure if this is the real reason why some don’t work, but she seemed pretty convincing. Hahahaha 🙂

      • IK

        Makes perfect sense to me… Thank you!!!

        • Laura D.

          Thanks Kierstin! That would make a lot of sense. Will have to watch that on my receipt in the future.

  • Carolyn C

    Hoping someone can help me with this question. I have 4 scrubbing bubbles one step toilet bowl cleaner refill, get one free coupons. (they were in the packages of the starter kits a while back ) If I use all four coupons – get four free – will the free ones count toward the $30.00? Thought I would ask before I finish up my match up list. Thanks for your help!

    • ueen

      it will but the flyer says limit 4 on the scrubbing bubbles 1-step refill

      • Carolyn C

        I will use 2 b1g1 coupons and still have the 4 go towards the total for the catalina. Thank you for the reply. I just wanted to understand these before heading on out to the store.

        • Laura D.

          @Carolyn C, did you get the two coupons $3.00 off one Scrubbing Bubble One Step along with the B1G1 coupons? I think using 4 of the $3.00/1 coupons will work out to be a better deal for you. If you are using 2 B1G1 the OOP on the Scrubbing bubbles will be $5.98 for four with the ecoupon applied. If you use 4/ $3.00/1 coupons the OOP will be $0.96 on four one steps. Double check your coupons, I received a total of 3 coupons in each package 1/B1G1 and 2/$3.00/1.

          • Carolyn C

            Thanks Laura! I will have to check the binder again to see if I have these. I remember seeing them now that you mention them . I know the b1g1 don’t ext until 12/31 /12 so I still have plenty of time to use these if I find the others. Thanks again! Now, I hope there are some left on the shelf by the time I get my act together to go shopping 🙂

            • Laura D.

              Uh Oh Carolyn, scratch that plan, it is wrong. 🙁 I didn’t have my binder with me and when I went to gather up my coupons for that deal, I noticed the $3.00/1 coupons are only for a “starter kit”. Bummer! Ugh! I hate when that happens!!!! Sorry ………

      • Sallie

        The limit of 4 is per variety. There are three different scents. This worked great for me today!

  • lindsay in pa

    I’ve tried to access the $0.70/1 Keebler Fudge Stripes Dark Chocolate Cookies coupon on and can’t seem to log into the site. Anyone else having issues? Anyone know how I can get to the coupon?

    • Kera

      are you sure youre registered? I had no problem….

      • lindsay in pa

        still having issues. i enter in my login info and the page just reloads. when I click on the coupons at the top, it asks me to log in…i do and then the page reloads. i’ve actually been trying all day. 🙁

        I’ll try again later and maybe tomorrow, too. I really want those cookies (can’t you tell?!! – lol!)

        • lindsay in pa

          I switched to Safari browser and it worked fine. I was using IE. 🙂

  • kathy

    can anyone help me how saving star warks
    thank you

    • Kim

      You sign up and add your PPC to the account. Once you reach $5.00 in the Savings Star account you can cash out the money. It’s easy!

      • kathy

        thank you very much , i will try again

  • kathy

    anyone had problems with i can not print from there sites
    please help

  • Lynda

    Ideas for Munch Mania cats this week? Saw cream cheese on sale, so will pick up some of that, however I need some other ideas.

    Does anyone know all the different products we can use the Munch Mania on?


    • Massiel

      You should be able to use it on anything…someone posted before she used it on milk

    • Sarah

      I have two kids in grade school, and with warmer weather here I’ve been stocking up on juice boxes and cheese…two things I hate spending $ on for full price! This week I got 4 Capri Suns ($8 minus the manuf q b3g1 free) plus a pkg of Kraft singles for 3.39 and a Hershey bar for my pregnant self lol. Total before the two $5 MM cats=$10.08, after= $.08.

  • Sarah

    FYI in case you’re wondering, the Birds eye DOES include the Chefs Favorites. With the in-ad coupon where I am (1 for .44), the $1/3 ecoupon which I thankfully finally got on my smartphone while I was in the store, and two separate transactions with 4 rice and 4 Chefs each, I managed to get 16 bags of Birds Eye for a total of $1.49 (actually a bit less because in one of the transactions I used my $10/$50 Baby Bucks coupon…)

    • AA

      Sarah ,
      Thanks for the update on Chef favorites. How many coupons did you use for the 16 bags? Just wondering if you used any other coupons apart from the 1 for $0.44 and $1/3 ecoupon.

  • Anna

    Just a heads up – Cindy mentioned the Viva paper towel deal last week I believe which was on an unadvertised sale of $1.99 for the single roll. I went to SR this morning and it was still on sale for $1.99. With the .85 coupon (that doubles to 1.70) from the 3/11 SmartSource, the rolls are only .29!!! I couldn’t get them last week because someone had cleared the shelf so I made sure to pick some up this morning and will probably go back during the week since i have more coupon. If they are out of them, I recommend getting a rain check because these are normally $2.59 per roll and the coupons do not expire til May 6th. Happy shopping!

  • Megan

    In my shopRite circular got .99 for land o lanks butter. gonna make a great freebie!

  • neolla

    the Q for barilla (printed bigger than usual, from coupon factory) did not work for me.

    • Kim

      Hmmmm I was able to use a whole bunch of them. They didn’t scan on the glass, but used the hand held gadget and they went through fine!

  • Josh

    BTW, my Shoprite circular came with a coupon that made Sorrento Mozzarella 99 cents, so adding the $1 manufacturers coupon made it free!! I tore through there today, spending 14.34 OOP on an order that was over $60 before coupons.

  • dawn

    i went to shoprite this morning (cherry hill plaza in MD) and purchased the simple skincae deal, but didn’t get a catalina. anyone else have this happen? i feel like every other catalina deal i’m at customer service cause they don’t print out….

  • Kim

    Anyone who uses Brita filters … there’s a sale on them at Shoprite. 2-five packs for $41.98. Makes them $4.20 per filter!!! I know there’s not a coupon but 1 filter alone costs $8.99. I even checked Amazon and didn’t find anything quite as good. I actually made out well … spent $94.00 but with coupons and CATS ended up paying OOP $56.00. Even WITH the brita filters. So no complaining here.
    It’s a good deal for anyone who uses a brita 🙂

    • MJ

      I needed Brita Filters. Thanks!

  • Karen

    No catalinas printing at my SR. Cashier advised must go to Customer Service. After examining my receipt, CS explained that cats don’t print when coupons are used because the required amount is not being purchased. I asked if this policy were new. She didn’t know. She claimed it was catalina policy, not SR. She printed cats this time, but told me no more coupons with cats, unless I buy proper amounts. Where can I find catalina policy?

  • Corine

    The pretzel crisps coupon is no longer available on their facebook page. Someone from pretzel crisps confirmed that coupons will be available again in April.

  • Jenn

    There is no Kellogg’s coupon in the 3/4 RP.

  • Anonymous

    The simple skin care shows its on sale for 4.99 n up from 5.49 & up. It does not show your card is needed for the sale. Which means we would be short for the catalina. Can anyone confirm this working

    • Cindy

      ah ha! Okay, well that explains why it’s not printing. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll update the post!

    • dawn

      yea this isn’t working- total is too low. i found out the hard way.

  • Cassandra

    Has anyone tired the water deal? Do we know if it is printing out the 2$ and then either the 3$ or 4$ for 3 or 4 cases?

    • Pat

      Yes, I bought 3 cases of water and $3.00 cat prints out : )

    • Shari

      4 cases and $5 cat ……………..thats it there was not an extra $2 cat


        extra $2 are for customers whose price plus how that they purchase the water on a regular basis

  • Kabby

    Pepperidge Farm Swirl variety breads are $2.14 at my Shoprite…use .40/1 from SS 2/12 or .50/1 SS2/26….pay either $1.34 or $1.14. Good luck

    • Anonymous

      Kabby, thanks for pointing this out. I was hoping it would carryover from last week, but, didn’t notice it in the circular. Appreciate the heads-up!

  • Barbara

    I couldn’t use the $1.00 Barilla coupon in my Shop Rite. When the cashier had trouble entering the coupon, he called for the mgr. As soon as she saw the coupon, she said it was fraudalent; that Wakefern sends them notices and that they have a whole notebook for such coupons.

    • Heather

      I would contact Corporate. Barilla coupon isn’t listed on the CIC’s website as being fraudulent. Here’s their website for a full list of known fraudulent coupons:


      a coupon can be fraudulent not only when it is fake but also when it does not ask wakefern for permission to be used at the store the barilla coupon I think if I remember correctly was missing a return address

      • Kris

        They wouldn’t take mine either because it’s missing the 3rd bar code, the manager said when he was called over so I missed out on it too 🙁

  • New London Shoprite will not allow overages.

    • Lady J

      most SR’s don’t with the following exceptions:

      1 – E-cpn’s and mani q’s combining to more than the price of the item = overage
      2 – I haven’t figured it out exactly but it has something to do with a coupon doubling, and the item costing less than the double coupon price. There are some cases in this scenario where there will be overage – unless they notice and correct.

  • Marjie

    Anyone know the list of products for the Munch Mania coupon?

    • Michelle

      I used mine on the 4 for 5 coke. Making all 4 free.. Not the best deal but it’s all I could figure out. Although last week I bought 2 minute maid fresh squeezed oj’s.
      3.99 each
      -(2) 75/1 minute maid fresh squeezed oj.
      -5 munch mania

    • Lady J

      Nabisco, Planters, Coke, Hershey’s. But those brands incorporate many other brands.

      • Lady J

        P.S. Kraft

    • Michele

      Maxwell House is a Kraft product, so you can buy 2 – they are on sale for $2.99. .98 for 2 cans of coffee is pretty good!

    • the capri sun are kraft and you can use the b3g1 it turns out to be a $1 for 4 boxs

  • Michelle

    I went to Shoprite yesterday, among my purchases was the Maybelline Fitme foundation. I used a 3/1 q and had the 3/1 ecoupon loaded on my card. The ecoupon did not come off. I called the corporate office and she said hat there has been a change that you can longer use both bc they are condsidered manufacturer coupons. I asked when this change took affect. She didn’t know but said that it goes for cell fire too. Anyone else? What the heck?

    • Maryann N

      I went to Shoprite on Sunday and I also purchased the Maybelline Fitme foundation used the $3/1 q and the $3/1 ecoupon that I loaded did not come off either. I have emailed Shoprite but they have not responded yet. I also purchased the Keebler dark chocolate cookies, used a .70 printed q that doubled and the .70 ecoupon did come off. I also purchased the Mccormick spices and the Fundamiddles cake mix, I used paper coupons and the cellfires did come off. I don’t understand why some can work and others can’t.

  • Janelle S

    Does anyone know how much Equal Classic (Blue box) costs this week??? I am in desperate need of some and have tons of the $1.50/1 coupons that I ordered of my fav coupon clipping site

    • Kabby

      My shoprite is showing Equal Blue box 115 pk for $1.94…Equal pink box 100 pk= $1.50…Equal yellow box 100 pk= $2.29. Hope that helps.

      • Janelle S

        Thank you so much Kabby 🙂 I am going to buy 10 boxes as this is the only sweetener my mother will drink….I am going to call the store to ensure that they have enough….as I would hate to clear the shelf and my store usually only has like 3 of these

  • Sha

    what is munch mania?

    • Kristy

      Munch Mania was the sale that included Coke, Kraft and (?) 3 weeks ago that resulted in getting 4 $5 catalina coupons to use over the following 4 weeks.

  • Kristy

    Where is the PretzelCrisp coupon? I’m not finding it on the facebook page.

    • Kyle

      It’s gone.

      • Kristy

        That stinks. It was gone on Saturday when I looked, too then. Thank you.

  • Julie

    I tried printing the Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Coupon and the Carefree coupon and neither printed. Does anyone know if these coupons run out and are no longer available? I didn’t get a message saying so; the Bird’s Eye coupon just never printed and the Carefree coupon could not be found on Any insight would be appreciated!

    • Keisha

      I just printed the bird’s eye steamfresh at 3:44pm.

      • Julie

        I will try it again — thanks!!!

  • Joe S

    I don’t know if it’s a local SR deal, or a franchise wide deal, but my local Bristol, CT SR has a sick deal on New England Coffee – $3.99 / lb! THis is about 1/2 price. Unfortunately, teh flavor I wanted (Decaf Hazelnut) was sold out, but since it was in their circular, I got a rain check I can use whenever – best of all, I’m going to check later int eh week to see if it’s in stock and if it is I’ll snatch them up and use the rain check later on!

  • hi i am looking at my current ad and the its not the Rayovac batteries on sale but the eveready and its not on sale for $.77 its $1.77…..i live in NE PA and shop at the Brodheadsville store. anyone else out there have the same thing?

    • barb

      I’m in the same area, but when I look at the ad online for brodheadsville, stroudsburg or mt pocono on page 4 they all have the rayovac for .77 cents.

  • kelli

    starting 3/29 at big y land o lakes butter is 3 for $5 and with the .75 coup makes them .16

    • Cynthia

      Thanks for the post kelli. I’ll be buying my butter at Big Y instead 🙂

  • Ariana

    Has anyone had an issue with the Hunt’s Catalina deal? I purchased 10 cans but did not receive the $5 catalina.

    • kmegg

      i had to go to cs, they think it was an issue w/the diced tomatoes. they printed it for me.

  • Grace

    Why is it that at my ShopRite(Wallingford, CT) the managers, cashiers and customer service workers don’t understand what “Limit 1 offer per customer, per transaction during promotional period” means!!.
    I tried to do the Hunts Deal (Spend $10 get a $5 CAT) for a second time, but no CAT printed up. I asked about it at customer service and she said that since I had already done it once then I couldn’t get the deal anymore. She acted like I was trying to scam the store or something!
    Am I wrong about what this really means?

    • Janelle S

      I thought “Limit 1 offer per customer, per transaction during the promotional period” meant that you could only do the deal once during the week or at least that how I read it…..But then again I have only been doing this for a a little over a year so maybe I’m wrong…..You should ask the store manager or email ShopRite to make sure…..I remember after that Buy 1o Get $10 dealwhen everyone was getting the free Sobe Water they limited it to once per card/customer per week and tracked it on your card so it wouldn’t print out the Cats anymore….maybe ShopRite has started to track the deals on your card like at CVS…..Hope this helps 🙂

    • Jennifer

      It means you can only do the deal once during the promotion. You can’t do it multiple times. The only way you could do it again, is if you had another SR account (card), then you could do it.

    • Kabby

      I read this as one per transaction…meaning you can do it on another visit…???

    • Diana

      I shop at Derby CT and I had no problem getting the 2 cats (I did them on 2 diff days only because they didn’t have enough of what I wanted) and they printed just fine. I figured out (back during the Purex deal) that Wallingford acts like you’re stealing from them! They try and scrutinize my coupons that make things free hoping I can’t use them or something.

      • Grace

        LOL, Diana! Dont even get me started on the Purex deal!!! 🙂 I used to live in Derby-small world 🙂 happy couponing!

        • JayR

          LOL… I shop in Derby too.

  • billie

    Hi just opened my scrubbing bubbles gel to use and it had coupons inside so … try to open yours to do the deal over this week!

    Thanks Cindy!

  • Tiffany

    Anybody know where I can find the Pretzel Crisps Coupon ?

    Their Facebook page comes up, but I have no idea where to look.

    I really want that free Hummus and those pretzel crisps will be great to dip into it.

  • Eileen

    @ Nick: thanks for the zip code!

  • Shop Rite has catalinas on 3-12 pack scottissue but does anyone know if you can purchase the 3-20-pack that are on special and still get the cats. Thanks.

  • Stephanie

    Hello! I’m new to this site, but not to couponing. If you see a “manufacurer” coupon in lets say Acmes ad, you can use that at your local supermarket. Even if it says redeemable at Acme. If it says “ONLY REDEEMABLE” at Acme or whatever store ad you see the coupon in, then its only good at that particular store. Today I went to shoprite and got 5 12 packs of pepsi for $9.97. I had a “manufacturer” coupon that was in Rite-Aids ad, buy 3 12 packs of pepsi get one free. Shoprite had a “store” coupon, if you spend $25 you can get 4 12 packs for $9.97. Just thought I’d share 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Oh does anyone know if you can view a previous circular from shoprite online?

  • Natalie K.

    I just noticed tonight that under the ShopRite website for their are digital coupons for the Spring it On Catalina deals you can get $1 off of 5 different items. Thought I’d let you know.

  • Sha

    I tried using the $1 off coupon for the rayovac batteries which are on sale for $0.77. The girl at the register adjusted the coupon for $0.72!! I didn’t realize until I got home because my baby was crying while we were in the line. Should I go back to the courtesy desk or should I let it fly? I’m really appalled that they did this because won’t they be refunded the full price of the coupon?

    • Rocky

      Sha, this is not unusual, in fact, it is the norm. The only problem I see is that you lost 5 cents per coupon. Most SRs almost always round down the coupon to match the price of the item if it is lower than the coupon value (and, not sure, but, I THINK that is in their policy). If they didn’t, it would be considered an overage, which you would get at, say, Walmart, but not here. Only once in a great while will a coupon go through that is a higher price than the item. When that happens, consider it a nice bonus, I know I do! But, as mentioned, you should have gotten credit for 77cents, the full cost of the item, not 72cents, so, you did lose 5cents each.

      And, just as a side note, and, only a personal opinion, but, I don’t overly mind that they do this, because they pick up a lot of the cost of coupon doubling, much of the time, and that is a VERY big deal to me. They are in business, after all!

      • Sha

        Thanks! I actualy went back and used another coupon and they scanned at the full $1 – guess it was the cashier 🙂

  • Trish

    Sadly I dont know why but I’m not getting certain coupons in my inserts, for instance, the steamfresh veggies… no coupons, same with Keebler coupons and Kraft Mayo … I expect to see them because I see them on the insert preview and they are listed here, but no luck. I know sometimes coupons are regional but thats usually stated here on the match ups… any thoughts, its frustrating to deal with.

    • Rocky

      Trish, I agree that this is a big letdown because i have had it happen, also…But, I’m not sure there is any way to know, ahead of time (for the preview publication), for all of them, which are regional coupons. Because this really bugged me, though, one week, early this year, there was an abundance of 4 inserts, so, I tracked them on a spreadsheet to get an idea which papers gave me the most bang/coupons for the buck! I know, sounds rather anal, doesn’t it?? Chuckle, chuckle!

      At any rate, I copied over Cindy’s preview list, then, bought 4 papers that week. 2 different NJ and 2 different NY and just checked what matched in the columns, X’d what wasn’t in some of them, put in the differing values, etc. I found, oddly enough, that, although I didn’t get some that Cindy listed, or, got different values of them, I also received a bunch of coupons that were NOT listed in the preview!

      Some basic stats from one paper:
      SS: Did not receive 12 from preview, did receive 24 that were not in the preview
      RP1: Did not receive 4, did rec’v 8 that were not in preview
      RP2: Did not rec’v 5, did rec’v 3 that were not in preview

      But, my point is (you knew I’d get to it eventually, right?), I narrowed down my paper purchases to the 2 that gave me the best/most coupons each week and I now don’t bother with any others. There is no one paper that gives all the coupons, or, all the best coupons, unfortunately.

      You might, therefore, want to do a test of your own to see if there are other papers available to you that gets the closest to the list. If you do try this, see if you can first get a couple of the papers from a dollar store so you don’t have a bigger oop, while testing.

      If you find that you still can’t come up with certain coupons that are not in any of the papers available to you, try ordering just those select ones from a clipping service. I love doing that because I usually get the $1 off 2 coupons (instead of the 0.75 off 1 coupons that I prefer) in the paper, and those don’t usually make for the best deals at my stores…

      Just some thoughts, hope this helps!

      • Meli

        Hi Rocky so what 2 did you find to be the best lol. I keep saying i am going to do the same thing my subscription runs out at the end of the month and i think i am going to swich papers

        • Rocky

          I’m in NW NJ and I settled on the Star Ledger, which I get delivered, and, the Daily Record. The subscription Ledger gives me the RedPlum and the most (and, best I can find, though not necessarily in those values I like) SS. But, the conundrum is that the newstand copy of the Ledger does not contain the RP at all (duhhh), and, while the Record does, it has a really lean SS. I’ve tried the NY Post and Daily News, and, IMHO, the News isn’t at all worth it with their realllly lean/missing inserts! The Post, while it has more than the News, has that lean version of SS, which annoys me. So, I get two NJ papers in order to feel like I’m getting one full paper, but – since readers on this site recommended the Dollar Store for extra papers, it’s not as bad as if I were buying them at 7Eleven, like I used to!

          • Laura D.

            I’ve had the same problem here!! My Home delivery of The Record (mine is Passaic County, my parents is Bergen County) has all the good coupons and all the inserts. If I go to buy The Record at any store in town, the inserts are not complete and thin (does not have as many coupons). I have been thinking of getting the Star Ledger home delivered, which I may give a try now that I know there is MORE inside the home delivery version. It didn’t used to be like this 6 months ago. If you got good inserts in your home delivered paper, you would get the exact same in the newsstand version. not any more!
            I do agree, the Star Ledger has a nice thick SS. I will buy that from time to time.

      • Laura D.

        I did the same thing last year, Rocky! I printed the list, compared it to the papers in my area, and decided which papers would be worth buying. It worked really well for me! I get The Record home delivery and will purchase the NY Post when the coupons are different. I also get a ton of coupons from family. I have yet to purchase from a clipping service or ebay but have been considering it for awhile now. Looking forward to trying it.

        One piece of valuable advice for you Trish, make sure you look through the papers you want to purchase to make sure the coupon inserts are there. If they ask why you are going through the papers, tell them you are making sure the inserts are inside the paper before you buy them, they have been missing in the past. I learned the hard way! Good Luck!

        • Rocky

          Aha, great minds think alike, Laura! Funny that we ended up liking different papers, though! But, regarding looking through them before buying, I wholeheartedly recommend that. The folks at the convenience stores where I used to buy my papers know me and are used to me going through every paper! This past Sunday, I couldn’t get to the Dollar Store in the morning, so, when my son came over in the afternoon, I sent him to get papers for me, but, didn’t ask him to go through them, first. I almost fell off my chair when, out of 5 papers, combined, I got only 2 RP and 2 SS..! So, believe it, this is very good advice!

          • Laura D.

            I have found, the same as you, I get many different coupons than Cindy does. I met a reader once and her binder was actually a database of all the coupons she had. She would take each of one insert, cut it up, write the insert type & date on the back (SS 4/1/12) then file them into categories (produce/dairy/bath/beauty, etc…) in the binder. Then the rest of the inserts were in a file box, labeled by date that she kept in her car. Never missed a deal and binder doesn’t weigh a ton. Brilliant! I recently realized I need to set aside the time to make my binder a database to do the same. I think the time spent to do this will save time in the long run.

            • Rocky

              The database sounds like a good idea, albeit, a bit of a time-consuming one, at the outset. If it helps to increase the savings, and then, time in the long run, it is worth it, though. I just started a db for the coups I order since those are the ones that I get the most mileage/savings from. I find I am loving it, I refer to it often and it is very helpful, so, it may be worthwhile to include all the others. I don’t yet have a binder (I’m using plastic zip pouches from Staples), and, based on how I heard some of the readers were organizing their coupons I started trying to just identify and file the full inserts, and clip when there are deals. BUT, I am finding that to be a real pain – frustrating and totally cost-DEfective, for me, at least! I am losing track of what I have, not using what I need, when I need it at a moment’s notice, etc. So, that reader’s idea of combining both, seems like it might be worth trying! Thanks for the tip!

              • Laura D.

                If you don’t mind me asking, what type of db have you set up? Is it on computer? Longhand? I really need to start one of some type. Time is a problem right now, but having to constantly search for that coupon I know I have and didn’t put into my binder is frustrating and time consuming. Right now I have coupons in my binder that are what I know I will buy, printouts and tearpads, booklets and mailers. I really need to make a decision and soon! I just purchase 2 more large letter/legal file totes from Staples so my coupon mass needs a better system, lol!

    • Aileen C

      Just buy from a clipping service. Easiest way around it. I usually order on Sunday afternoons/evenings and I have my coupons by Thursday at the latest.

      • Rocky

        I love clipping services and that is where I get my, what I call, stock-up coupons (specific coupons for great deals, or, for items I know I regularly buy and that have long expiration dates). Problem is, I feel like a kid in a candy store when I am there. It is soooo hard not to buy, well, everything [grin]! At any rate, I’ve never purchased full inserts, though, since I’m not sure if I would be getting the values I don’t like, or, the ones I do, since I’m not familiar with the source/s!

  • Aileen C

    Has anyone found the Weber Marinade Packets? I looked in several spots but didn’t see them. I’m guessing they would probably be by the McCormick Grill packets if my store carried them.

  • Jenny

    Went to SR today to grab a couple more LOL butters and wanted to see if there was anything worth getting before a bunch of my 3/31 coupons expire today. The BC cookie pouches are $1.79 so the .40/1 coupon that expires today makes them .99/ea.