Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 03/09-03/15

Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 03/09-03/15

Make sure you check out the Stop & Shop Coupon Policy. Note that these prices are based on circulars from Northern NJ. Some area may have slightly different prices so please check your circular.  Also, some areas have gas rewards instead of instant savings deals.

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Jill D

    For the Kraft Cream Cheese, the catalina is only on 3/18 or through 3/18?

    • Michele

      Through 3/18

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

    • C

      Don’t forget the Mann’s coupon for .55 cents on their website…making the slaw FREE! 🙂

  • kathleen

    For the save 10$ onyo when you spend 25$ does the 25$ have to be met or can you use coupons and still get the cat. ?? Thanks for the match-ups 🙂

    • Michele

      Most stores claim you must meet the purchase requirement after all coupons in order to qualify for the promo. However, my S&S does not tell me that when I go up to the courtesy counter with my receipt after I pay, sure it’s annoying but I’m used to it now.

    • Cindy

      The $25 can be met before coupons. Also, it may also be on shelf price. Stop & Shop is not always consistent with that so we go by sale price first. Then, as the week goes on, we can usually determine if the deal can be done on shelf pricing. I will be sure to post once I know more.

      • kathleen

        Ok thanks!

      • Mark

        Yes, I’m interested if the deal works off shelf price.

        • Rei

          I can confirm it working on shelf price 🙂

          I did:
          4 Dole Frozen Fruit ($4.69) $3.19
          6 Totino’s ($1.79) $1
          -(2)$0.95/1 Dole printable
          (2)$0.75/3 Totino’s printable
          -3 CAT (from Kraft CAT last week)
          -$0.10 reusable bag credit
          Paid = $8.86
          Received = $10 CAT

      • Shannon

        I can say that this particular S&S deal seems to be working off of shelf price. I created a deal for myself this weekend where I spent $25 AFTER coupons since that’s what my S&S usually requires. Unfortunately several cases were down in the freezer section rendering my deal completely undoable. I was able to get rainchecks for the items I wanted, but decided to forgo trying to reformulate another deal. I bought $30 worth of frozen foods BEFORE coupons and the sale price, with the after coupon price being well below $25. You can imagine my surprise when a $10 cat popped out after I paid! I wish S&S would be more consistent with the structuring of their deals that way I could have rolled the cat, now I will just hold it for next week.

  • Lori

    Hi, where do we get the booklet with the Huggies coupons?

    • Michele

      Usually it’s in the store next to the circulars when you walk in or just go the courtesy counter and ask for one or two.

  • Jen

    Does anyone know if the Philly cream cheese cats include the 4 pack of minis?

  • Marleen

    Thanks for the matchups! If I do the Philly cream cheese deal and pay with the catalinas I got last week, will they print out again?

  • merle

    my stop and shop says the bertolli deal is $3 off any meat when you buy 2 bertolli…not just the sauce…?

    • LRWC

      Thanks! Sorry about that



  • JF

    Where can I access the Redplum coupons? Trying to get the Milkbone deal but can’t find the coupon.

  • Mike

    Confirmed it works on shelf price


    Are the small tubs of Huggies wipes usually included in these CATs or did someone already try this deal. I only ask because I don’t see that pictured in my ad and want to be sure, thanks!

    • LRWC

      they were last time

  • Jessica

    At my S&S the Bertolli is 2/$5 and there was a $1.50/2 in the Sunday paper making them only $.25 a piece!

    • Betty

      how did you come up with that price?

      • Michele

        Because when you buy two you get $3 off instantly on a meat purchase which I believe she is taking it off the jars themselves, but you do need to purchase some type of meat with them.

        • Jessica

          I did not have to purchase any meet in my transactions. I only purchased sauce.

  • Bronwyn

    I have an 3/4/12 SS $1.50/2 coupon that expires 4/1/12.

  • Bronwyn

    There was a 3/4/12 SS coupon for Bertolli sauce for $1.50/2 exp 4/1/12 to add to the deal above.

  • Rich

    Does anyone know if you can do the frozen $10 cat more than once? I’m tempted to do it again after saving so much.

    • Ann

      I did the the frozen deal twice and got a catalina each time

  • Amanda

    I bought 5 of the cream cheese and it didn’t print the Catalina. So I returned it. I bought the whipped cream cheese.

    • Mary G

      I bought two whipped and three non-whipped and did get the Catalinas, so not sure what the issue may have been for you. I think the whipped cream cheese should work.

      • Amanda

        It never printed the catalinas so I asked customer sevice but they were no help so I just returned all 5. I live in New York City.

        • Jen

          I just came home from a Long Island SNS and purchased 5 of the Philly whipped. Out popped the $3 and $4 catalinas!! Yeah thanks!!

          • karen

            where in li do u live? is it the 8oz for $1.99?

  • Yash

    Hello Cindy,

    Can I buy all 13 TOTINOS pizza rolls and use coupons , will all of them under 99 cents double? and can I still get the $10 catalina?
    Please confirm, Thanks!

    • Katherine

      I believe that Stop and Shop’s policy is that they will double the 1st 6 of any like coupons. You can use up to 16 but only the 1st 6 will double. I have not found that to be true at self scan however… ;< )...unlimited!

    • 0246

      S&S policy is 4 like coupons per order double. so no, if you use 13 of the same coupon they likely will not all double.

  • Heidi

    There is a printable coupon online for $.55 off one pkg of Mann’s Fresh Cut Vegetables. The coupon shows a picture of the slaw that’s on sale for $1. The coupon is located on the Mann’s site at

  • Hajar Collica

    what is the zip code for Filippo Berio Olive Oil printable for ???

  • Laura

    Thanks so much! This was a great week at Stop & Shop, I spent $154 with tax, saved $109 between deals and coupons, and ended up getting back $12.50 total in catalinas for my next trip! I had coupons for nearly everything in my cart, which never happens! Not to mention I purchased a lot of originally high priced items in this trip! And I have $12.50 for next trip!!!

  • LN

    I did the $10 Catalina deal in the frozen food twice and the $5 catalina once. It printed each time. You can only use one of the catalinas per transaction when you are paying. The second one won’t go through. The Huggies deal was only on $25 after coupons but they still gave me $7 in cash after the catalina did not print. I spent $339 and paid $125 out of pocket.

    • Michele

      Very proud of you, Good Job!

  • Lori

    Does anyone know if you can freeze cream cheese or how long it lasts? I just bought 2 pkgs at ShopRite for .99 each today, but I’d really like to grab the .50 Philly ones at S&S if I can keep them for awhile. Thank you!

  • Sandy

    Use the .75/1 Purex liquid coupon from (choose the coupon instead of the sample) at Stop and Shop. I was able to print 2 coupons, and paid just $1 each for 2 bottles of detergent after coupons were doubled.

    Someone else mentioned the Mann’s vegetable coupon at I had 2 of that coupon, but didn’t see the sale ’til I came here. Have to go back now and get my free Mann’s slaw!

  • kaitlyn

    can anyone confirm if purely potatoes are included in the stock your freezer deal?

    • Mark

      Yes, they are included. They were tagged and I purchased them and received the CAT.

      • kaitlyn

        Thanks so much!

  • adriene

    I don’y usually shop at stop and shop but this fill your freezer promo was too good to pass up. I bought 8 totinos pizza rolls & 4 super pretzels. used 4 $1/2 and 4 $0.50/1 paid $8.00 nd received a $10.00 Cat

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the Buy $25, get $10 cat is working on shelf price in Sparta, NJ?

  • Val Gal

    Anyone know if the FREEZER deal- can you do the SUPER PRETZELS BITES FILLED WITH CHEESE??????

  • Rocky

    Does anyone know the shelf price of Hot Pockets (regular hot pockets, not the snackers) in NW NJ? From the picture, it looks like they are included in the Buy $25, Get $10 OYNO promo. I need to stock up, but, need to know the shelf price, please, if you know? And, of course, need to know if this deal is working off shelf price in Morris Plains, NJ store! TIA!

    • Rocky

      Hmmm, or, maybe, since they are 5/$10, they wouldn’t go off shelf price? Just the $2 price?

  • Shatika Wallace

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I did the spend $25 and get $10 Catalina

    7 Totino’s Pizza Rolls ($11.69) 10/ $10
    Buy 7 $7.00
    Used 4 $.35/1 coupons (doubled $.70×4= $2.80)
    And 1 $.75/3 coupon (doubled $.75×2= $1.50)
    Oop $2.70 ($.38 each)

    4 Super Pretzel ($11.96) 2/$4
    Buy 4 $8.00
    Used 4 $.50/1 coupons (doubled $1.00×4= $4.00)
    Oop $4.00 ($1.00)

    2 Ben & Jerry’s little ice creams ($1.25) 10/ $10
    Buy 2
    Oop $2.50

    (org price $26.15) paid $9.20 received $10 Catalina SO ALL FREE FREE


    BUY 5 items get $3.00 off instantly
    Plus hidden catalina $2.50 when you buy 5 Clorox Items

    2 Clorox Wipes 2/$6
    Use $1/2 coupon
    Oop $5.00

    3 Formula 409 Cleaner 2/$5
    Buy 3 $7.50
    Use 3 $.50/1 coupons (doubled $1.00×3= $3.00)
    Oop $4.50 ($1.50 each)

    Final $9.50- $3.00 = $6.50 – $2.50 Catalina = $4.50 for all ($.90 each)

  • Margaret H.

    Hi Cindy-
    I think the coupon listed for the Cape Cod potato chips is actually a coupon for Olde Cape Cod products, a division of Cains, which sells condiments, soups, salad dressing, etc., but no potato chips! Too many Cape Cod companies out there I guess, lol! Just thought I’d let you know. Thanks for all the great work you do.