CVS Coupon Match Ups 4/15/12

CVS Deals for the Week of 4/15/12

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  • kimberly ashton

    what the free WISK when you buy …….


    • Laundry detergent……

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Stephanie

    Was anyone able to find the right guard coupon? i clicked on the link but could not find it.

    • Mark

      For the $2/2 use zip code 60012 at coupons dotcom and then click on the personal care tab.

  • Nicole

    Wasn’t there a deal on eye drops that was posted on the preview list a few days ago? Costs 8.99 and 8.99 ECB????

    • Karen

      If you go up to find my store and click onto the CVS link it is posted there but it is for the week starting the 22nd atleast that is what is stated there

  • Nicole

    Nevermind…. It’s for 4/22. Not this week. Thanks! 🙂

    • Meli

      how do you know next weeks deals?

      • Gaby

        Various forums and websites post up the ad scans ahead of time. Just google something like cvs 4/22 ad scan and it should come up.

        • Lauren

          check out these sites for scan for the whole month then you can figure out if you should use or save a specific coupon week to week

  • Marie

    Hi! Thanks for the match ups. Since the Suave Body Wash is a Non ECB deal is there a limit on how many I can buy?

  • Kim

    Do we need a filler for transaction 2 in order to use the coupon and ECB from previous transaction? Thank you!

    • Lauren

      you don’t need fillers at cvs…just at walgreens

  • galyl

    I have a question i notice that the ad also had the orbit gum 14ct buy 1 get 1 free cant i use the coupon for the eclipse 18 ct or orbit white that also states buy 1 get 1 free getting both free?

    • Lauren

      I think if you use a bogo coupon with a bogo sale you get three and pay for one?

    • kay

      I think it’s both free, right?

    • Rebecca

      Where is this coupon from??

      • Elizabeth F.

        Their coupon policy states that if you have a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale you get both items free.

  • brandi

    there’s also a 2.50 coupon for pepcid (any pepcid product) on cvs website. 🙂

  • michelle

    Marie – there is not a limit

    • Marie

      Thank you! At my store they were priced at $2.99, not $1.86 🙁

  • michelle

    Brandi – what is the zip code you found it under? I don’t see it on the CVS site

  • Elizabeth F.

    My 4/15 insert has a $2/1 Act Total Care Sensitive coupon in it! Making it only $.99 after coupon and ECB

  • Deanna

    Does anyone know if CVS goes by non sale price for ECB? For example, Crest pro Health rinse is reg price $5.39, on sale for $4.31. I only have to buy 2 to get the ECB if it goes by reg price.

  • Michelle T.

    If anyone wanted to do the Suave body wash deal, they were 2.87 in my store, and the B2G1 coupon took off $3.00. Which made them $2.74 for 3, or .91 each. Still not bad 🙂

  • Ok so I know the radiant tampax is not a good deal this week but I still bought a box and inside there is a $3.00/1 for any radiant tampax. $2.00/1 always.$2.00/1 Venus & the best one of all for this week is covergirl $2.00/1 product!!!
    Can you open the box to get the coupon out right before you purchase it ???

    • Elizabeth F.

      Are those the coupons in the larger count box? Not the ones from last week?

      • Miranda

        If you are buying the product then I would take it out before. But they are good until 9/30/12. I bought the 16ct last week and the coupons were in there. It says on the box “coupons inside”.
        Rite aid has the 16ct again this week $3.99 with a $1UPR. My coupon was for a $2 off so .99.

        • Sebsa

          FYI, the coupons included in the smaller size radiant box (at least the Always pads) were printed on the inside of the box. They aren’t inserts in the box. So if the larger size radiant tampon box is the same, then you really couldn’t access the coupons before buying the product.

          • Elizabeth F.

            In the smaller tampax box the coupons were on the instruction sheet at the bottom.

        • JE

          I honestly think that taking something before you buy it constitutes stealing, as it isn’t your product to take from until you purchase it. The point of Tampa putting the coupons inside thr box is so you buy ANOTHER box of talons after you find the coupon. If they wanted you to save on your first purchase, they would have put a peelie on the box instead of coupons inside it. I would personally be embarrassed to open a box of talons in the middle of the store to dig out a coupon.

          • JE

            *Tampax and * tampons, not talons. Gotta love autocorrect!

            • Elizabeth F.

              Haha, I totally agree. Although I did take out the coupons in the store after I purchased the first box in order to buy the second box, but that was after I had already paid for the first box. I also don’t like it when people walking around eating or drinking something in the store before they pay for it. What if your card or something were to get declined? You would then have no way to pay for it which to me, is the same as stealing.

  • blanca barcia

    I was wondering if I do the buy $20 get free wisk can I also use the $2.00 wisk coupon from rp 3/25.

  • Rachel

    Is Colgate Total Advanced included in the sale this week?

    • Mark

      Yes, I did this deal this morning.

  • Mel

    There’s another pretty good deal I came across while shopping today. The INFUSIUM hair care line is on sale for $4.99 (Normally $7.49 in my store) and there was a $1.00 coup in 1 of todays SmartSource booklets. So It’s $3.99!

  • CouponerLI

    Can someone clarify CVS’s policy on the A&W BOGO? What is the deal if I have the $1/2..examples of how many can I get and how many do I have to pay for?

    • Michelle T.

      CouponerLI, I bought 4 bottles and used 2 $1/2 coupons. On my receipt, it said “Limit 3”, so I would think you would be able to get 6 bottles.

  • Tiffany

    @ my CVS the Suave Naturals soap was a little over a doller more than the projected price
    did any one else have that issue ?

    There was also a coupon for $2 off one Act Sensitive Mouthwash

  • stephanie

    Picked up the kraft homestyle packs today and got 3$ ecb back woohoo! Also I did the suave bodywash deal twice in the sme trans they cost 2.67 at my cvs (got six to donate to my churches group home) used two b2g1 free q’s and 1/2 suave mens body wash q w no problems making then 50 cents!!

  • Delaney R

    Do you know if you started an ECB deal and it didn’t fill if you can complete it later in the week? My dad bought gillette razor cartridges and a pro glide razor, but it came out to 27$ and change, could I go by 3 dollars worth of products and get the $10ECB

    • Kabby

      As long as you are still in the same sale week…if this was last weeks deal you could not go add to it this week…..use his card to earn the ECB. Hope this helps.

  • Ellena

    They did not allow me to use the Colgate coupon , because says available at walmart on it! please advice!!

    • Dez

      I would try again with another cashier, it says available at walmart. not redeem at walmart and it a manafactures coupon so you really should be able to use it there.

  • Joy

    $1/2 Ajax product coupon in SS 2/26 can be used on the Ajax dish detergent on sale for $0.89. This should help with the Free Wisk deal.