DIY: Repurpose Crystal Light Containers

Repurpose Crystal Light Containers

We are always getting deals on Crystal Light and always end up with a bunch of containers! Yesterday I was looking at these containers and thinking, what can I do with them! They seem like they would be so useful!

I saw these and and thought how cute to repurpose a Crystal Light Container into an Easter Bunny! With Easter just a few days away this is the perfect way to put a candy bar or 2 in your kids Easter Baskets! You can even put them around your house and hide eggs in them. I love this idea!

Here are some other great ideas:

Cheese Storage

 How many times have you had to waste a plastic bag, or all of your tupperware was being used! Now you can store your half used cheese in those Crystal Light containers that you didn’t know what to do with! I love this idea!

Art Storage
This is a very creative idea, especially if you love arts and crafts. Store your markers, pencils, erasers, anything in these containers. Glue them together anyway you would like and you have some awesome storage!

Sunglasses Case

Wow! I never would have thought to do this! Use your Crystal Light container to hold your sunglasses! You can make this any style you want just by gluing wrapping paper, putting gems or even paint the outside of the box! Love this idea!

Perfect for Teachers

Teachers should save Crystal Light Containers because they can be used for anything! This teacher used them for her ABC bins. She put different items in the bin that represented the letter! This is just one of probably many uses that these containers have for teachers!

Do you have any ideas to Repurpose Crystal Light Containers?

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  • Lisa

    WOW!!!!! Cindy your the best! Thanks for sharing, would have never ever thought about using my containers for such useful ideas – my 9 year old loves the eye glass case idea and can’t wait to make a Victorios one!!!!

  • Myisha

    Thank you so much for sharing these ideas! I have been saving my containers and now I know what I can do with them.

  • Patricia

    I use them to carry my son medical supplies (insuline, neddles, test strips) bandages.

  • Andrea

    I love the cheese one. My daughter loves cheese so we always have a ton in the fridge.

  • marcia

    I use them for storing oval shaped crackers.

  • Lori

    I cut holes in the lids of mine and use them to store things like Box Tops for Education and pop can tabs. I also have another one that I store coupons off our large pizzas from Casey’s in… buy 10 and the 11th one is free. They are the perfect size and easily stack!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve used them for traveling. I stored baby spoons and baby formula. I packed one container with enough powder for a three day delay. Didn’t have to pack large containers in carry on. TSA couldn’t confiscate because it wasn’t liquid.

  • Anonymous

    I used mine for make up brushes when traveling.

  • Kimberly

    We use them in our medicine cabinet for all the tubes that don’t stand up nice and neat. 🙂

  • Cecilee Croson

    I use them to carry eggs to work in the morning for my breakfast. Just wrap egg in half a paper towel and put them in the container for traveling.