New BOGO Free Ocean Spray Juice Coupon = $1 at Stop & Shop

New Ocean Spray Juice Coupon

There is a new Ocean Spray Juice Coupon available.  The coupon is for Buy One 64 oz Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Drink and get One 64 oz, Ocean Spray Cherry Juice Drink Free.  Coupon states “redeemable at Walmart” but it is a manufacturer coupon and can be used anywhere.

Print: Ocean Spray Juice Coupon

Pathmark has the Ocean Spray Juice Drinks for only $1.49 as part of their 3 Day sale starting today and running through Sunday.   Sorry, my mistake, these are the 46 oz.  The coupon is for the 64 oz.

But, Stop & Shop has them priced for just $2 making them only $1 each after coupon.  Here is the deal:

Buy 1 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, 64 oz $2.00
Buy 1 Ocean Spray Cherry Juice, 64 oz $2.00
use BOGO Free Cranberry Juice Coupon
$1 each after coupon


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  • Mark

    Hi Cindy,
    I believe those are the smaller ones that are on sale at Pathmark. Stop and Shop has the larger ones on sale this week for $2 each, so would be $2 for 2 with the coupon. Thanks for the head’s up.

    • Cindy

      Thanks Mark. Once again I try to post deals before coffee. Just not working for me 😉

      • Mark

        You’re very welcome. This site has saved me thousands over the years. I only caught it because I’m on my way to Pathmark to pick up my dirt cheap fabric softeners.

  • Barbara

    My coupon printed out saying “redeemable at Walmart”. I don’t think another store will take this coupon.

  • tiny loves coupons

    the coupon says redeemable about walmart.. does the mean you can only use it at walmart?

  • Lisa

    I just printed this out and it indicates “Redeemable at Walmart”??

    • Cindy

      It is addressed in the post above. You can use it anywhere.

      • amy

        and what if they say: no, it says walmart! what is my line of defense then?

        • Cindy

          If they say no there is nothing you can do except just explain to them that it is simply Walmart advertising on the coupon. If they still say no, then you can use it someplace else.

    • julie

      I tried using the coupon at shop rite and they wouldn’t let me use it!

  • Sonia

    I just went to Stop and Shop and they told me I can only use 4 coupons “like” per transaccion, I was planing to use 8 for the Special K, my son is coming today to visit from Collegue and I was planning for him to take cereal and the bars. I never have this problem before where can I see the store policy, thank you!!!

    • Leslie

      Just do two transactions.

  • Sara

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that Redner’s also has them 2 for $6, so that make’s them $1.50 each with the coupon. Not as good as Stop and Shop, but I don’t have that store near me!

  • rj

    ocean spray usually goes on sale for cheaper right?

    I’m think maybe i should print the coupon and save it and hope it goes cheaper. idk tho. what do u guys think?

    • Mark

      I doubt very seriously if you will find it cheaper than this.

    • Kim D.

      Yeah, I have to agree with Mark. I keep my eye on these and it’s rare to find the larger size on sale for that price. Usually, $2 is the price the smaller one goes on sale for.

  • Debbie

    I just got back from stop and shop and they would not take these. They said I can only use them at Walmart.

    • Mark

      Do you have self check-out? They scan fine.

  • Lady

    Had a very hard time using the coupons at Stop & Shop yesterday. They took them, but a total headache. Did their coupon policy change? I called customer service and I’m waiting for them to call me back. They only want to take 2 internet printable coupons per sale, not per item, per entire transaction.