New ShopRite eCoupons: Garnier, Vanity Fair, Tums & More!

New ShopRite eCoupons

There are a bunch of new ShopRite eCoupons available.  Be sure to clip these coupons right away as they seem to disappear very quickly.

Here are the eCoupons you can find:

I’ll be updating the ShopRite additional deals later today.  Make sure to check out the rest of the Shoprite Deals for this week.

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  • Laura D.

    Help! Most of the coupons are missing 🙁 the Tums, Fructis Shampoo & Conditioner & style product, both of the MET-Rx bars. I tried changing the zip code and no luck. I looked in both Cellfire and Shoprite online coupons. Any suggestions? Could they be gone already???

    • Brit

      Laura, I am looking at those very coupons right now – they are still there! Perhaps try refreshing your browser!

  • Karen

    Ditto. I think they might be gone already.

  • Kim

    I tried to use the shoprite ecoupon last week. I signed up for it AND ensured that it was linked to my card. I used the card and bought the right products, but the coupon did not show up on the the receipt. Does using other coupons prevent use from getting the benefits of the shoprite ecoupons?

    • Rocky

      Kim, did you look at the right spot on your receipt to check? The ecoupons/cellfire do not show up in the regular section where all the coupons are listed toward the end of the receipt. The show up on a line by line basis in the body of the receipt where the item, itself, is listed. It should be be right below the price plus discount amount.

      Regarding using other coupons, some people have reported that if they use paper coupons, they do not get their ecoupons to come off. Mine worked for me yesterday (both the ecoupons/cellfire coupons came off, and, my paper coupons were deducted), so, not sure if that happens only at certain stores, or, for certain coupons. I still think it’s worth clipping them. Just wouldn’t factor them into your planning if they don’t come off.

      • Last week my $3 makeup ecoupon from shoprite didnt come off as well as the mcormick I have the print out so I have to go this week for my $. It is hit or miss with them for me. I am not a huge fan of the ecoupons but add them to my card just in case.

  • Nuri

    Cindy, all those links seem to be cell fire, not shoprite, are they correct?

  • Rebecca

    I tried the cell fire account too and it said unavailable… I wonder if maybe it was for another chain (Kroger was the default)?

  • Jessica

    Are the Shoprite E-coupons store coupons or Manufacturer Coupons?