Reader Question: Getting the Best Furniture Prices

This reader question comes from Shannon. She was wondering if anyone had any tips for getting the best furniture prices possible!


A couponer to the core, I hate the inability to comparison shop and I have no idea how to pick
out furniture that will last a long time for a good price. I was wondering if you have any tips or good places to shop for high quality furniture at affordable prices.

Do you have any suggestions for Shannon? How do you shop for furniture and get the best prices you can?

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  • ken lake

    ashleys warehouse has awesome prices for great quality furniture! hope this helps.

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    Anyone know if Ashely’s has solid wood furniture? How are their prices on rocker recliners?

    • Sarah

      Although Ashley furniture is attractive it is not high quality or long lasting.

  • Karen C.

    I think it’s important to be flexible in style/color choices. If you stick with a reputable brand (like Ethan Allen) you can’t go wrong, so wait for a good sale or for something to go on clearance and snatch it up! Then build your room around that. Accessories like pillows, side tables, etc. can be swapped out easily and ikea is a good spot for trendy and updated pieces that you can change as your mood changes. I have a wonderful Ethan Allen sofa and a BEAUTIFUL pier1 side table, both of which I will never get rid of. Everything else is “temporary” and will serve to compliment the main pieces. Hope this helps!

  • Michelle T.

    My favorite site for furniture is They are part of Home Depot, so they can offer great prices, and are on ShopatHome, so you get cash back 🙂 They run sales, have free shipping offers, and have an outlet section. I got a great leather sofa for $479 with free shipping! You have to be patient, though, as sometimes things end up backordered. But I am patient because I am getting great stuff at great prices 🙂

  • JessieJames

    i am an furniture shopper, and so are most of my family and friends. i have always been satisfied. the downside for somee is that you have to asseble the furnitur yourself. customer service is excellent and will keep you pleased. can get some foreign goods and accessories too. hope this hepls.

  • Pat

    I like Value City Furniture. I am one of those people that doesn’t necessarily want my furniture to last forever and I find they have the best prices. I get sick of furniture after like 3-5 years and by then it’s dirty or stained so its time for something new and if you haven’t paid a fortune for it, you don’t have to feel bad about buying new. I know it doesn’t sound very frugal but that’s my philosophy. They have all of the popular brands.

    • homebody315

      Spoken like a true American of the 21st Century. We’ve come a long way from the America of our forebears, especially those of the Greatest Generation whose motto was: “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” Today we’ve become a nation of consumers, rather than producers. No civilization can remain prosperous long once their economic ‘numbers’ are based on finance, not production.

  • Bridget Nunez

    I would not recommend Ashleys. I know from personal experience that they do not stand behind their waranty. I bought a sectional that was ripping in corners within two years of purchasing and they would not fix or replace it. Also my neighbor recently bought some furniture there recently and he is complaining about the quality and how difficult it is to reach someone to fix it. I have had excellent experience with Raymour and Flannagan, they are more expensive but definitely worth it. The last couches we purchase we bought at the Raymour and Flannagan Clearance Center for more than 1/2 off. You can see if there is one near you by going on their website.

  • ken lake

    i went to ashleys ware house and bought a solid wood bed frame and the detail on it was insane and the price was even better, i spent 275 on it and it still looks great its 4 years old . @tags yes they do have solid wood. i dont know about the recliners. but if i buy any furniture i always go to a warehouse.

    • Tags

      Thanks, Ken….looks like I’ll be heading there myself.

  • Deena

    As a mother of 3 who used to sell furniture for a living, I can tell you that solid wood is the only way to go. There are buzzwords in furniture — hardwood, solids and veneers, etc. — that should make you immediately ask questions. If you are buying a table, for example, and the sales person cannot tell you what dead tree it comes from, do not buy it. If they rattle off some exotic wood you have never heard of, ask where it is grown. Are we cutting rainforest for this cheap table?

    There is a lot of furniture sold at places like Pier 1, Target, even Raymour & Flanagan that is really just sawdust and glue. It will not survive!! If it gets scratched it cannot be refinished. If it gets wet, it will literally fall apart!

    Even if you buy a piece at a time and have to spend a little more, you will not go wrong with solid wood. Go to

    to find a solid-wood furniture dealer near you!

    As for upholstered — make sure your furniture is manufactured in the United States. Upholstered furniture made in other counties is shipped over in big containers, and it has to be sprayed with mildewcide and insecticide to keep it from being infested during the trip. Who wants a new couch that has to off-gas? There are some great lines out there — Smith Brothers in Indiana, England Furniture, Halligan in New York, anything out of the Carolinas — that will serve you well. Again, prices will be higher, but a sofa should be thought of as a 15-20 year investment. A good sofa will still last that long (I am on year 15 with my sofa and, even with the kids and the dogs it still looks great).

    All the couponing we do should free up money for things that we could not afford otherwise. That is how we are “living rich with coupons!!” So spend less on the cereal and toilet paper and find a good value on well-made pieces that will last and you will not go wrong!!

    • Sarah

      What wonderful advice! We are in the market for more furniture and what you are saying is true. We just needed to know where to look. I have purchased pieces from lower end places like Ashley but none has lasted. I spent twice as much at Ethan Allen and those pieces still look like they did the day we bought them. No question it is worth the investment. Furniture should last decades not years.

    • homebody315

      You might even want to look at CraigsList ads, or estate sales or auctions. Many of these brand names are sold through all of these avenues, often going for a song. My husband an I once saw an entire dining room set by Ethan Allen – beautiful condition – sell for less than $2000 (table, eight chairs, china cabinet, buffet). I’m sure that all together, that set sold for more than $10K brand new.

  • ag

    When we bought our condo 3 years ago, we bought a lot of furniture from Our wooden bed frame, dining table , accent chairs, handmade rugs were bought from them. We like Crate and Barrel and Pottery barn but their prices are quite expensive. My hubby and I found this pretty accent chair at Crate and Barrel, so when we got home, he looked it up on the internet for a better price. He found the exact accent chair in, and it was half the price. That’s when we started looking on their website for more pieces.Our dining table was also being sold at another furniture store online and their price was 60 % more. Our bed frame and dining table were put together but they’re very sturdy and the materials were well made. I recommend reading the reviews to get an idea of the better products to buy. One thing I like about Overstock is thefree shipping if you’re a member and get a 5 % back. for non members, shipping is $2.95.

  • Amanda

    The best advice I have is try to find a place in your area that sells furniture from model homes. Sometimes listed at furniture consignment stores and they may sell both personal consignments and model home furniture. We were able to buy a $5,000 solid wood bedroom set made by Basset for $1,400. It was marked at $1,800 but I was able to haggle the price with them. It’s beautiful and Basset is a trusted company that makes furniture to last a very long time!

    I will also say that Ashley furniture is junk and forget about customer service once they sell you something its yours no matter what issues you have with it.

  • Rams

    I have to agree with above comment. Ashley is junk once you buy from them. We too want our furniture to be changed to current trends in 5 ys…so we went to BOBS Furniture second time now. Many dont like them but our stuff got sold for more than half the price even after 5 yrs of usage

  • c

    i am an antique-lover to the core, so i stay w/ my antiques.
    my house was built in ’20s, so it’s tiny, and the antique furniture really fits well.
    after years of antiquing, i can’t even walk in a furniture store w/ all of the modern material that they are using for wood furniture.
    i usually purchase furniture at antique shops, through private sellers of old estate furniture, etc.
    two years ago i bought two solid mahogany ’20s to ’30s dressers for $250. one had the swivel mirror on top and the other is a gorgeous highboy.
    i refinish them myself, so i am able to purchase anything that i like the lines of even if i’m not crazy about the finish, if that makes sense.
    i was in the dump furniture shortly after and found a “significantly” reduced piece of furniture that was comparable in size and style to my true antique. price tag $850! no thanks! lol

    i am actually redoing a bathroom now and couldn’t bring myself to spend $700 plus on a vanity, so i found a 1935 sideboard that is just gorgeous! i will be refinishing that and putting in double sinks. solid wood piece like this would cost me a lot more than the $200 i paid for it!

    good luck!
    and a lot of people think that antiques always look “antique” which is so not true. there are tons of different styles and looks if you dig far enough.

    also, if you can think outside the box, you can use specific articles of furniture for something other than they were intended.

    my example: my $50 1940s card catalog from princeton university that acts as my tv stand!

    • c

      * should say the dump furniture store

  • Kay

    With Kids and pets I do not want to spend much on furniture at all. I have done pretty well at estate sales, sometimes garage sales and from people who no longer want a piece of furniture or even a bedroom set. Of course I would only buy wood furniture that way. We did buy our sectional and I should have thought to offer cash. We also got some nice arm chairs that were in a barely used sitting room after my in-laws divorced. Take your time getting things and you will find great pieces that match well. I also like to spend less so I do not feel bad about putting an item up on craigslist for free if we no longer need it.

  • Karen

    After having children, I learned the hard way to never buy nice furniture. I recommend strongly if you are thinking of reproducing or have F1’s currently to a) take the relatives furniture when they upgrade 2) go to Goodwill for your coffee tables etc 3) Garage sales. I don’t recommend this for mattresses-buy new (bedbugs, other weird stuff)

    I foolishly bought light tan couches when I was single. 2 year later, I married and now have an infant. The use of slip covers helps but not the best option.

  • kelly

    Amanda, you are absolutely right about Ashley. The quality is absolute garbage, and you were 100% correct about the poor customer service there. Stay away!

  • Linda

    Ashley Furniture isn’t very well made. I am trying to find better quality furniture but in Orange Co.,NY, there isn’t much around. Can anyone recommend a store in Westchester, Rockland, Poughkeepsie, or northern Jersey that has nice contemporary/modern furniture?

    • Laura D.

      @Linda, if you are in Orange County you should check out “Goldenarea” on Wickham Ave in Middletown NY and “Furniture Options” also located in Middletown, Goshen, Monroe and other locations. If you go, plan a few hours just to look around. Both places have a lot to offer. Also, both places are solid wood and you can pick your finish and fabric on many pieces. Prices are excellent for the quality. I agree with you that Ashley isn’t well made. I no longer see the point in buying a piece of furniture that will “peel”.

      • Liz v

        We got a nice piece from bobs.

  • Tags

    The Dump! Where everyone in S. Jersey goes for a deal. Quality varies.

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    Two questions…..1-How do you all buy furniture from the internet? Without sitting on it or laying on the mattress, etc. and 2-How do you return the items if there is a problem or if you just don’t like it? Must be a nightmare and expensive to pay shipping.

  • mary

    I think the moment you walk into a furniture store you have lost.

    I can go to one of the local auction houses on a Saturday morning and spend $300-$400 for a beautiful hand carved Walnut or Oak bed in beautiful condition from the 1960’s……….. it would be $3000 in a store and no where near the same quality.

    If you need everything new and matching that is fine……… but you will pay for it out the nose.

  • Cynthia

    I am a HUGE Thrift Store LOVER! I have been shopping at thrift stores since high school! 20 years and yes you can find GREAT things and AWFUL things BUT if you take the time to look you can find some great steals! Some things you do have to refinish or put your own twist on but they turn out great!
    My husband likes BOBs furniture. Like someone posted earlier make sure its REAL WOOD or it’s not worth it! We bought a new 5 piece King size bedroom set from them (my husband insisted on a bobopedic) 1 year ago and love it!

  • Sarah

    One suggestion is to learn about furniture quality. this is a good article about wood quality:

  • karin Moore

    I used to work at Domain Furniture for many many years before they closed up. Sofas are something you should invest a little more in and bernhardt or vanguard are more top of the line in price but 8 way hand tied is more expensive. I just got a sofa from west elm (store in paramus nj and catalog) they have contempo furniture and crate and barrel does too. Ethan allen is great for quality, but not for price. Macys seems quality as well.

    Just know that in furniture business March and September are great times for the best prices because the new items are arriving and the old is going. As a salesperson, I would always call customers when there is a great sale. So talk to someone and leave your number to call for a specific sale.

    Good Luck.

  • furniture salesperson

    if you would like pricing and quality help from someone that works for a major furniture store in the new jersey , me:). heres what the stores do

    ikea….obviously put it together yourself get what you pay for here

    ashley…below quality on the mostpart..alot of pressed woods and plywood frames…there is a reason they dont show pricing on their websites..because when they advertise their 50% off sales they raise their regular pricing by 40-50 % then just mark down to regular pricing..and then they “tell you” that they will also give you free delivery..which alot of the time is outsourced by a third party company and not someone who works for them

    raymour and flanigan….most they do discount wise is 10 % but they never price raise on you, if you look on their website its always the same then just show a red tagged sale price under it when its on pricing they are very honest..they have mid grade to high mid grade furniture (broyhill, bernhardt, rowe and others)..they do a friends and family event 2 times a year where they do 15% off under 2500 and 20% off over 2500…delivery guys work for them as well as all service techs. fastest delivery of anyone hands down with 3 days on 97% of what they carry

    ethan allen…very nice furniture but you are going to pay through the roof on the mostpart..if you need design help and to be walked through everything by the hand this would be the way to go but you really are going to pay for what you get

    bassett… between raymour and ethan allen in price but quality is will wait a solid month to get your items

    value city….similar to ashley..some stocked items alot of special order 2-6 week items..bad customer service and pricing is good on broyhill..average on the rest

    any questions or other help feel free to email me
    thanks hope this helps

  • Joan

    I have bought many items from Furnitureland South in North Carolina. I shop the furniture stores in the area, find what I like, then give them a call. Even with the delivery charge they beat the prices. I have saved hundreds of dollars over the years buying from them.

    • Cat

      I have purchased from N Carolina as well. I looked in local stores and did research online to find brands and item numbers and called to get prices. Better prices and no sales tax (you do pay shipping but you get charged a delivery fee when you order from a local store). Got better furniture from Lexington and LeatherTrend for a lot less than local stores. Also look for used furniture for sale in newspaper. I got an almost new Ethan Allen dining room set for a quarter of price.

  • Cc

    I recently purchased a set of mattress for my daughter on I wouldn’t buy mattress without laying on it for sure.I wanted memory foam mattress to limit the little one bouncing on the bed. So first I went to my local furniture store and found a Sealy memory foam set but didn’t want to pay $ $700 plus tax and delivery. I wrote down the model name and searched online and found the same set at for $540 with no tax and free shipping.

  • Cc

    Room and Board has great American made solid modern furniture but they are pricy. They usually have a big clearance sale at the end of year.

  • Lady J

    I have twice bought from Bob’s Discount Furniture and am looking to do it again for a bedroom set. I have not been disappointed. Whereas I have been when buying furniture from other places. Bob’s is affordable. And, the prices are right on the furniture. I have been to stores where no prices are shown, and every time you are interested in something the saleshound who’s escorting you around the store has to go to the office for five minutes to get you a price. Bob’s is more laid back. A salesperson will greet you, but they let you look on your own. Since the prices are right there for all to see, you can skip asking about sets that are out of your price range. And, there’s no feeling that someone else is being given a different price.

    You have options too. I didn’t want any arm charms for my table. I just wanted side chairs. I feel that with only side chairs the table looks more like a set then having 2 chairs that look different. At Bob’s, not only was this not a problem, they lowered the price of my package because side chairs cost less than arm chairs. Other stores I was looking at said it wasn’t possible, or had fees for getting the set in a different configuration.

    I feel the items I have gotten are of good quality. I have 2 toddlers and my wood table and chairs are standing up to their daily abuse.

    Quality doesn’t end in the showroom. A big part of buying a quality item is how you take care of it once it’s in your home. My chairs have fabric seats. I immediately got some clear plastic from a fabric store to cover to cushions and keep them protected from the kids and the husband. I also got long clear plastic to cover the table. I can still enjoy the beauty of it, but it is protected from everyone. When you do clean wood, you aren’t supposed to use windex like you would on a regular table. You are just supposed to use a damp cloth. Over time the chemicals in a cleaner ruin the wood.

    Hope some of this has been helpful. Good luck finding furniture you like that your wallet likes too.

    • i agree with some of what your saying but i used to deal with bobs. bobs will contract out a builder who give them the lowest price on that piece of furniture. so if i will bid for the contract for 1000 bed sofas and ill do them for 500 each and then you bid to do them for 250 each, bobs picks the 250 each and what do you think of that quality? some things are made okay but other stuff i had break within the first year. the best furniture is the stuff that has been handed down for years. sand it upo and paint it or stain it a different color. same piece but a new look for $50.

  • whenever i go to anystore i usually ask if there is a clearance rack or section. furniture stores are no different. you need to go to a warehouse, not an ethan allen or raymore and flanigan. you have to go to a place that has everything and may be sitting on the units for a while. they usually have a back room with old stuff or floor models or custom orders that they cannot return.

    i got a $1700 kitchen aid stainless steel dishwasher for $500 brand new because i did what i said above. they even through in free delivery if i took it that day. still has a factory warrenty and everything.

  • Joan

    Has anyone ever been to the Huffman Koos furniture outlet in Paramus? I am from Central Jersey and was wondering if it is worth the trip.

  • I am Incognito

    Depends on what you are looking for. For the most part, Ashley is junk. However, MOST people these days don’t want their furniture to last a lifetime. They want to be able to change it up in 5-10 years without feeling guilty about getting rid of good furniture. If that is what you are looking to do, then brands like Ashley are perfect. However, if you are looking for furniture to last beyond your kids or to last a lifetime, you will be disappointed. It looks good, but the construction is extremely poor.