Reader Shopping Trips: ShopRite

Gabrielle had a great trip to ShopRite this week. She took advantage of all the best deals available! Here is what she had to say:

I just had a great trip to Shoprite.  I spent $1.34 OOP and received a $2 OYNO catalina, so I really made $0.66!!!  Here’s a breakdown of my trip :


  • Scott Naturals Tube Free 12 pk – $6.98
  • Scott Flushable wipes – $2.29
  • 2 Goodnights Trial Pack Bed Mat – $1.49 each
  • 2 Special K granola bars – $2.50 each
  • 2 DiGiorno Large Pizzas – $4.47 each
  • 4 Lactose Free Yoplait Yogurt – $0.60 each
  • 2 Kashi Steamer meals – $1.49 each
  • 2 Jones Frozen Sausage – $1.50 each
  • 1 Osteo Bi-Flex – $7.99
  • 1 Zantac – $7.59 each
  • 1 Hostess Donettes – $2.50
  • 1 Ortega seasoning packet – $0.75
  • 1 Ortega taco kit – $2.50 each

Coupons Used:

  • eCoupon Osteo Bi-Flex $5.00 off (NLA)
  • Osteo Bi-Flex $3.25 off (4/15 RP)
  • eCoupon Zantac $3.00 off
  • Zantac $5.00 off (4/1 SS)
  • Super Coupon $5.98 for Scott Toilet Paper
  • Scotts Natural Toilet Paper $1.00 off (4/15 SS)
  • Scott Flushable wipes $0.50/1 doubled (4/15 SS)
  • (2) Special K granola bars $0.75/1 – doubled to $1
  • (4) Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurt $0.30/1 – doubled (3/11 SS)
  • (2) Kashi Steamers $1/1
  • Hostess breakfast item $0.50/1 – (NLA)
  • DiGiorno Pizza $1.50/2
  • (2) Goodnights Bed mats $2/1 (took off full amount for $0.51 overage on each) (4/15 SS)
  • Jones Sausage products $2/2 (peelie)
  • Ortega item $1/2
  • $10 off $50 order Baby Bucks
  • $10 off redeemed Shoprite Family points
  • $0.10 off reusable bags

Tax $0.21
Total paid – $1.34
Received a $2 Catalina for 2 Scott items

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  • Lauren

    I couldn”t find the Kashi steamer meals. I looked in the freezer section. Where are they? Thank you for all you do.

    • tina

      My shoprite didn’t even have them out on Sunday and I had to ask the manager & he brought them out . I must have been the only one who asked all day!

      • Lauren

        Thanks. Tina. I will ask when I go back this week.

    • Janelle S

      The Kashi steamer meals at my store where in one of those open cases by the eggs and milk… cashier even said that alot of people where buying them….I tasted the Seasame Chicken one taste pretty good

  • Jen


  • Erika

    Where did the super coupon for $ 5.98 off Scott TP come from? Thanks

    • Jill

      I was wondering the same thing…is the Super Coupon from the paper?

      • gabby

        it was from my circular, I go to Mt. Laurel Shoprite.

  • Eimi M.

    Omg I just checked my family points and I have 720 points. I can get $10 off and $2 off my next trip. Sweet!

    • Jill

      How do you redeem these points?

      • Eimi M.

        You have to sign in/log in to see how many points you have. Mine expire on the 26th.

      • Heather

        Sign in your ShopRite Family Rewards (or sign up, if you haven’t already) and then you can redeem your points. Basically you’re “purchasing” them via the website and it automatically loads to your Price Plus card and comes off your next shopping trip. Hope that helps!

        • LindsayG

          Just a warning==== The Shop Rite Family Rewards come off your total before you scan your coupons! Therefore if you are going to use a $10 off Family Rewards coupon, make sure your total is over $10 after all your other coupons are applied! =) (otherwise you won’t be able to scan your coupons if your total is zero)

          • Heather

            I haven’t been able to log into my family thing ever. I even wrote Shop rite an email and they never wrote back. I tried putting in my card all different ways people have suggested and it still isn’t working. I don’t know what to do I don’t want to miss out on my rewards

            • April S

              Call the 800 number and they will help you out. I had a similar problem because after I got married my last name wouldn’t match. They were able to update my account and get me all set. The # on is on the back of your price plus card.

    • Blanca B.

      Thank you for posting this. I went into my account and I redeem my points for $8 off next order. I had totally forgotten I had signed up for this.

  • Anonymous

    Were the goodnight bed mats on sale? Also how do the family points work?

    • Monika

      What is this Super Coupon on TP?? Do we get a card like a CVS green bag tag to get cents for a reuseable bag?? Please explain on the family points please, i m new to shoprite..thnx

      • Heather

        I replied to Eimi above regarding how to redeem your Family Rewards.

  • gabby

    Awesome, my trip!! The super coupon was in my circular. For the family points, you have to register your card on and then you will get points on certain brands. For $10 off, you need to have 500 points.

  • asurae

    A super coupon is normally in a newspaper. For me its the Pocono record.

  • Sonya

    Gabby, awesome work! Where did you find Goodnights Bed Mats? I looked in the diaper section and didn’t see them, neither a full or a trial pack. Thanks!

  • Erika

    Great Job and awesome savings Gabrielle!!!

    I had a horrible experience at Stop & Shop in Whiting, NJ. Today I went to Stop & Shop in my town to get some good deals that Cindy posted for this week- Coffee mate, Kashi, and Scott paper towels and toilet paper. My store gave me so much trouble that instead I ended spending $51 OOP!!! and my OOP should of been $ 18!!! They would not let me use any coupons or roll any of my catalinas. I regret that I just did not walk away. I should of left all the stuff at the cash register but I’m still a new couponer and I got afraid and intimidated by the cashier the way she treated me. The cashier and the store manager were very unfriendly and had no idea about the sales in their store. When I tried to explain and pointed to the circular they thought I was crazy and they actually made fun of me and rolled their eyes at me that I’m being a difficult customer. I’m thinking of returning most of the items back and calling the corporate office. Please advice what would you do. Thank you.

    • Ebony

      Erika~ No one should ever treat you like that especially in a big name store. I would bring back any items that you didnt get for the right price, you should talk to a manager (Not the same one) and tell them how hurt you were at the experience. I would then write a detailed letter to the corporate office. Like many have said in the past a lot of cashiers feel like you are cheating them personally or something for using coupons. Try not to ever let ANY ONE intimidate you, always stand up for yourself and for what is right.

      • Erika

        Hi Ebony,

        Thank you for your reply. This morning I called the corporate office and reported everything that happened to me at the store last night and later on today I’m going to return the products that the cashier not allowed me to use coupons and catalinas for. I will bring a friend with me to be a witness just in case they give me a hard time with the return. After that I will never shop there anymore.

      • Jill

        I agree! It would be such a shame to stop going to Stop and Shop because you can score great deals there. Talk to the manager, as Ebony suggested, and explain that you weren’t trying to cheat them or do anything wrong. You are 100% allowed to use coupons on all items you purchase.

    • Sonya

      Erika, I also had a bad experience at Giant (same as stop an shop I think). I bought 6 kashi and used the coupons and the $5 Catalina didn’t print. The manager wouldn’t give it to me saying it had to be $15 AFTER the coupons. Scott didn’t work on the shelf pricing, so the $5 cat didn’t print and they wouldn’t let me use 2 $5 off coupons in one transaction. I WENT back later and returned Scott and I won’t be doing much shopping there. I love Shop Rite. I think they are the most coupon friendly an the store is always busy. Other supermarkets always seem dead.

      • Erika


        I also purchased 6 Kashi products and the cashier refused my $2 coupon from recycle bank stating if I want the $5 catalina I have to spend $15 after coupons. I paid $16 because I had 4 cookies $2.50 each and 2 granola bars $3 dollars each. Catalina did not print. I been told that the cookie package does not match the picture although the description at the circular did match the cookies and the sign on the shelf stated catalina will print where the cookies were located. I had to bring the cashier and show her the shelf tag. What was the worst part is that she had the attitude like why don’t I accept that catalina would not print and that I must be doing something wrong with this purchase because other wise it would print out. The same problem was with Scott paper towels and toilet paper. I was not allowed to use any coupons. I had 2 transactions with 3 different Scott paper products. I was able to get the $5 catalina from the machine but not allowed to use for the transaction to bring the price OOP down. So at the end I overspend OOP because of not being allowed to use coupons or catalinas and also got yelled at that I was slowing the line and giving hard time to the cashier. I am still traumatized by this experience. I have never ever experienced problem like this in my life.

  • Eileen

    For anybody having difficulty using/finding their points: call the 1-800 number. All of my info was correct but for some reason, my points were not available online. A quick phone call cleared it up immediately. HTH