ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 4/15/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 4/15/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

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  • Leah

    Just wondering how we can use a coupon for next weeks sale that expires today? Does ShopRite accept expired coupons?

    • Anonymous

      You can’t..

    • Katie Coupon

      In the past, some people have reported that some SR’s start their new pricing late Saturday night. I’ve never done it but some people that use this site have.

      • Veeda

        they only give you the Sunday price late Saturday only if someone already changed the price tags on the product.

        • Lady J

          my SR is really good. They don’t go around changing tags until about 11p.m. on Saturday. This is much better than my PM and S&S which change their tags around noon on Thursday. There’s plenty of time between noon and store closing on Thursday so I’m not so sure why they start so early. It’s annoying, because Thursday is the only day I have to shop those stores and getting their before noon is not usually possible.

    • Monique

      My friend used an expired coupon before at SR. I guess it beeped because the associate said it was expired. The associate called over the manager and the manager ok’d it. I am not sure why. It was around the time of the hurricane so I have no idea if there were just being nice or what

    • Linda

      Yes you can! Both of my local ShopRites accept expired coupons. Just ask the front end manager. It is not advertised, but they do it as a courtesy. But just up to one week after the date

      • Laura D.

        Which Shoprites are they? My store will never take an expired coupon.

        • Linda


          • jmontalvo213

            Linda both shoprite in middletown and dolson avenue…When was the last time they accepted expired coupons from you because they even stop giving out rainchecks??

            • Susan

              The one on 211 always gives me a hard time about rainchecks. I hate the managers there and will only go there if desperate.

            • Lady J

              make an issue of it. If they have it advertised they must give you a raincheck unless the ad specifically says they will not. If they ad doesn’t say, they must give a rain check – otherwise it is bait and switch- which is illegal. Tell them if they don’t give you a rain check that you will call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint of bait and switch.

      • Shari

        fabulous- not throwing out my expires no More !!!
        You All Rock !!!

  • savingmomof3

    Thank you for the match ups! Just checked my .55 jif peanut butter coupon and it expires today! Boooooo!

    • Christi

      Hi… don’t know if this helps, but I accidentally put mine through too and it was expired. They accepted it anyway.

  • dawn

    the francesco pasta sauce deal doesnt make sense

    • Dawn

      What doesn’t make sense about it? They are $1 and if your store fully doubles and you use .75/2 then they are .25 each like Cindy listed.

    • Nanci

      Sure it does. The sauce is $1.00 per jar. If you use the $0.75/2 coupon it will double up to $1.50. The 2 jars of sauce will now cost $0.50 or $0.25 each.

      Francesco Pasta Sauce – $1.00
      $1/2 Francesco Rinaldi ToBe Healthy Pasta Sauce with Omega3, exp. 4-30-12 (Disney Family Fun, Apr)
      $0.75/2 Francesco Rinaldi ToBe Healthy Pasta Sauce with Omega3, exp. 6-30-12 (Weight Watchers, May)
      as low as $0.25 each after coupon

      • Kristy

        My shoprite will only double up to the item price, not giving an overage, so that must be the same thing with dawn’s. I thought the same issue with the Kashi Go Lean bars. I didn’t think any shop-rites did overages.

  • Aileen C

    I found a .50/1 IP from a while back for the Dole Blends/Kits. NLA I’m sure, but check your binders.

    • AA

      Thanks, I found that coupon. Just note that its a DND and begins with a 9, so not the best :(.

  • Claire

    Thanks Cindy! There is a $1 off Aquafresh in this week’s Red Plum.

    • Meli

      thanks i was hoping to find one.

  • only see 4 things that are stock up!the light bulbs,the creamer,the ww cheese wedges,and the lipton green tea!

    • michelle

      My ww cheese Q from my All You magazine is a do not double 🙁 Would have been a good deal too.

      • Jenny

        It starts with a 5 though which makes it a doubler. Unless they hit the key that DND

      • i got some coupons from weight watchers meetings!they hand out a full page of coupona once a month!

  • Linda Hughes

    Thank you for the matchups, as always! Slow week, think I’ll skip Shoprite this week, we are pretty stocked up.

  • Betty

    ok so i went to recyclebank to get the kashi coupon and printed the first coupon it printedf ine,but when i hit the back button it said sorry i printed the amount allowed?Arent you allowed to print a second?I paid for another and after it printed it said i could only print 2 of thesame in 1 day.Can somebody help?

    • frink

      You can only print one coupon per order, but you should have been able to print the second in the same day. Try after 24 hours on the second one, it should still be good.

    • Katlin Wolfert

      you can only do one order of the kasha coupon per month…and it only allows 1 print (not all coupon orders on recycle bank are 1 month some are less)

    • Linda Hughes

      I was able to print 2 yesterday and 2 today. You have to put 2 in your shopping cart and it will deduct 150 points for the 2 and when you print they will both print at the same time. Hope that helps. They are allowing 2 per day for now, not sure how long it will last.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match ups.

  • Susie

    I just found a $.75 off 1, 15 oz or larger Coffee-Mate – was a printable has an exp. of 4/22/12!!! 🙂

    • Eimi M.

      Where? Please share. I am looking for CoffeeMate coupons.

      • Aileen C

        I have it too. Pretty sure it was from a while ago and is NLA.

      • Tara

        I think the Coffeemate website reset their coupons. I was able to print out 2 more of each coupon and I know I printed from there during the last catalina deal.

    • Keri

      Where? Please share! 😉

      • Anonymous

        It’s from the free coffeemate on facebook. When the freebie ran out, you were able to print the .75 off 1 coupon.

        • Susie

          Yes, you are right! That’s where I got it! 🙂

    • Heather

      I have (2) $0.75/1 and (2) B1G1. Going to be getting 6 creamers for $0.60 each!

      • Susie

        I really have no clue where I got it from…was a printable that I found in my “stack”

    • Janice

      I found it!!! Thanks so much!!!

  • Matthew

    Land O Lakes eggs are not there. 2 coupons for butters and 1 for 1/2 & 1/2. Too bad 😐 !!!!!

    • ag

      When you click the link that Cindy posted, it takes you to the LOL eggs site. It’s on the right side of the page.

      • Matthew

        Operator error!

        I found it!

        THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • Evonne

    I got a .25/1 coupon for the banquet brown ‘N serve sausage inside a banquet meal printed on the inside of the package, makes them only 50 cents

  • Karen

    I have an additional save $1 wyb 10 Yoplait yogurts ad in my circular making them 10 for $5 & with the $.60/8 cpn, $.40/6 e-coupon and $.40/6 SavingStar, they come out to $.30 ea 🙂

  • Sonya

    If anyone does the Coffee mate Catalina today, can you please let us know if it works starting today? Thanks!!

    • Elaine

      It did NOT.

    • robin

      Catalina still not working today!

      • Holly

        It’s not for Shop Rite it’s only working in Stop & Shop

  • Jen

    FYI… I got confused with my dates and purchased three coffee mate creamers today (thinking it was the 16th)!!! And the catalina did not print for me. Of course AFTER it dawned on me that it was the 15th today. DUHH!!! Hope that helps for everyone who was hoping it was starting today.

    • masiel

      Jen.. go to CS, they will give it to you.

  • Naomi

    My husband would like me to add that Arnold Country Breads are on sale for half price $2.49. And there’s a coupon in the inserts today for $1/2.

    Buy 2 @ $2.49 each = $4.98
    Use 1 $1/2 from today’s paper (not sure of the insert)
    Comes to $1.99 each.

    Next week, the Arnold whole grain breads will be on sale for half price @ $2.24 each if you want to save your coupon for that sale.

    p.s. He owns an Arnold route. Extra points for you if you buy at the Mansfield or Washington Shoprite!!

    • Cynthia

      Thanks we buy this bread ALL THE time AND I never see coupons!

      • Lesley

        Contact the company, too. They will send you coupons in the mail.

        • Cynthia

          I have but I think they will only send you coupons once a year? Not sure I got some about 6 months ago and tried again a couple of months ago and they didn’t send me anymore. I’ll try again this week.

  • Denise

    Can’t find the ziploc coupons in any of my 3/18ss circulars!

    • Lora

      Mine were in 3/25

    • diana

      Check 3/25. I found mine there!

    • Janelle S

      check coupon clipping sites….I bought some of these a few weeks ago

    • Katie Coupon

      check for 50c/1 peelies on the slider bags!!!

  • Laura N

    Good Morning! On the Kelloggs Cereal $2.49, we can use the $2/4 from the sales ad AND the printables? Thanks.

    • Rocky

      No, I don’t think so. The ad coupon in the circular for $2/4 says manufacturer’s coupon on it. It isn’t a SR coupon that could then be stacked with a printable.

    • Cindy

      No, unfortunately they are both manufacturer coupons so they can not be used together!

      • Shey

        I was able to use both the ad coupon and the printables in my SR.

  • Chris

    I can’t get the Kraft Frsh takes coupon to print 🙁

  • Rebecca

    There is a coupon for $4/10 WW smart ones at also a $2/8 in the WW Weekly for anyone who goes to the meetings.

  • Grande Tortilla chips are on sale 2/$4 and there was a $1/2 coupon in todays’ SS coupons. The bags each had a coupon for $1.50 off ground beef per two bags of torilla chips!

    • Rocky

      Oooo, nice catch, thanks, Karen! I hope I can find them at my store/s! Last time they had a coupon (recently), I couldn’t find them at all. I think they hid them (okay, perhaps hid is a little…harsh…!), because, some months ago, they had them on sale for $1.49 for weeks, along with a $1/1 coupon. Needless to say, people were snatching them up! Then, when they had the dollar coupon again recently, couldn’t find the danged chips!!!

  • Matthew

    Minute rice is $1.99 use the .50/1 from All You and/or from the inserts a few weeks back; makes for a good rice price. Not the best, but if you need rice like we do!!…….

    • Rocky

      Thanks for the heads-up, Matthew. I’ve been waiting for a decent sale on Minute Rice before the coupons expire (end of this month, I think) and it has been months!!! You’re right, it’s not the best price, but, we desperately need to stock up on this rice!!!

  • Kim

    What does NLA stand for? Is that a specific insert? I know the red plum and PG ones, but I haven’t heard of NLA.

    • ag

      NLA- No Longer Available

    • jen

      Hi Kim! NLA = No longer available

  • Alexandra

    Just wondering since this was not included in the match ups: $9.99 is a good deal for a 3 pack Brita water filter refill, right? I also have a $2.50 Catalina coupon for Brita, which would make it only $7.49.

    • Meg

      I got the Brita refills today also. 9.99 and I had a manu. Q from SR for 2.50 off. Great deal because I hate how expensive they are!

    • Lady J

      from what I hear of how expensive they normally are, I would say that $9.99 is definitely a good price.

  • Kim

    Boring week at SR … but the salmon is a good price 🙂

  • Kristine

    Cindy-for the Lysol Wipes, if you get the dual action there is a “Try me free” that is good as long as you buy them by 4/18….it is in the 3/18 SS, so you will get $2.49 back, making it an even better deal!! 🙂

  • Kim

    If you happen to have the Dove ecoupons … there is a $1.00 Dove hair care on Shoprite (not sure if NLA). Also, Walmart has a $2.00 off Dove hair care IP. With the sale of $3.77, makes it $0.77 … pretty good for Dove!

    • Keri

      Hi Kim, is the Walmart $2/1 NLA? I can’t seem to find it.

  • Jennifer

    Online circular for ShopRites in CT say Listerine Mouthwash sale excludes Zero, Restoring, Advanced, Total Care or Total Defense so can’t use the $1/1 Qs for Zero. 🙁

  • Crissy

    I bought 4 coffee mate today, but didn’t receive any catalina. Please advise.

    • Kate

      I believe it starts tomorrow.

    • robin

      Catalina did not work on 4/16 either!

  • Marjie

    The catalina deal starts tomorrow – the 16th. Today is the 15th.

  • Marjie

    Anyone find the Morning Star coupon?

    • Jasper

      I didn’t.

    • Jasper

      Oh wait, now I did. It wasn’t there earlier today but now it is. Check again.

  • Jaye

    $1/1 CoffeeMate Natural Bliss facebook page Can print 2.
    You must” like” them.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think the Natural Bliss is included in the catalina deal.

  • PK

    Arm & Hammer laundry products? Can anyone help me find the coupon? Do I need a certain zipcode on their site?

    • Kabby

      Click on the red lettered words under the Arm & Hammer…it brings you to the site…I had to register…once I did it was there…try using Zip Code 07039. Good luck.

  • PK

    And does anyone know if the ecoupon for Huggies will work on the Pull-ups also?

  • Melissa

    The coffemate catalina is not printing. I went to customer service any they could not help. They said they dont see it anywhere. Also the huggies is only for little movers. I got burned by that one too. Their e coupons are so difficult to use.

  • Katie Coupon

    There were 50c/1 peelies on the Ziploc slider bags at my SR–FYI! Also, when you walked in the front door, there was a huge display of the $1.24 Sylvania lightbulbs, each with a $1/1 manufacturer coupons taped to it–nice!

  • Anonymous

    my shoprite does not double the .75

  • Janice

    Just a heads up…..The ShopRite Tater Bites that are $1.99 are the 32 oz package and the eCoupon is for the 8 Oz package. On the bright side…$1.99 for a 32 oz package is still a pretty good deal IMHO

  • emily

    What is the Discover the Value of a Great Buy Booklet?

    • Keri

      Same question…

  • Meg

    Am I crazy? I printed out my shopping list from here Saty nite and I saw a listing for a BOGO sale on certain Entenmanns products. When I went to the store today, it wasn;t listed on the shelf or in the circular. I just looked back here and can’t see it.
    Anyone else see it?

    • Cindy

      It might have been Stop & Shop. Possibly you were reading the Stop & Shop match ups instead of the ShopRite. I’ve been know recently to mix up those stores 😉

  • Susan

    Don’t know if anyone else mentioned this already, but Got 2b styling products are on sale for $2.99 with PPC. Used the $3/1 Got 2b product coupon = free hair products! I picked up three Got2b products tonight. So happy!

  • Kelli

    With the new
    smartsource app the Ortega seasoning is a .24 money maker

    • frink

      Hi, can you please elaborate, what Smartsource app?

      • Wendy

        If you have an iPad, download the SmartSource App and add coupons right to your store card (just like Shop Rite’s ecoupons- but you don’t go to a website, you have to download the free app)

        • Anonymous

          thank you! trying it now 🙂

  • Heather

    Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes Refill – $1.99
    $0.40/1 Scott Naturals Wipes
    and use $1.20/2 Scott Wipes SR eCoupon (exp 4/28) NL
    $0.50/1 Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes Tub or Refill, exp. 4/22/12 (SS 03/11/12 R)
    as low as $0.39 each after coupon & eCoupon

    Wouldn’t this make them free?

    $1.99 – $1.20 (eCoupon) = $0.79
    $0.79 – $0.80 ($0.40 doubled) = Free

    Correct? Also, my coupon is for $0.50/1 not $0.40/1

    • Keri

      Heather, the $1.20 coupon is on 2.

  • MomofFour

    I did the huggies deal and the ecoupon didn’t come off? Customer Service at SR said that they had nothing to do with the ecoupons and couldn’t help me out. I’m a little perturbed for “losing” the $3. What else can I do?

    • rosanne

      i would call corporate. i’m sure they can help you there. i’ve called with other issues and they were able to help me.

      • Stacy

        Yes, call the 1800 number, I did not have an ecoupon come off but they could see it loaded on my card so they just sent me a coupon for the amount of the ecoupon.

  • Doug

    where do you get the unilever booklet

  • rosanne

    hi, does anyone know how many times we can use the shopite ecoupons? is it just one time? or multiple times until it expires? thanks!

    • Rocky

      One time and it does not double.

  • michelleb

    I just found a deal. Bar keepers friend is on sale for 1.49 after the coupon here
    it will be .39 each.

    • Jenn


  • courtney

    The Tums freshers show that the ecoupons are NLA. I have saved it on the cell fire site. Would it come off as the ecoupon?

    • Aileen C

      As long as you have it saved already (and it’s not expired), you can use it. It’s just NLA for anyone who didn’t save it.

  • Michelle

    Did the
    $1.50 off of 10 cans of Alpo and another coupon printed at the register for $1.00 off of 4 cans. 🙂

  • Julie

    I found the LOL Eggs coupon and tried printing it and it said I had already printed as many as allowed. I have never printed this coupon before, but printed the $.75/1 LOL butter a few weeks ago. Is this why it won’t let me print the coupon for the eggs? Any suggestions? Also, couldn’t find the coupon for Reynolds Wrap (did put in the 77477 zip code as suggested) and when I tried printing the $1.75/2 GM cereals, it said the offer was closed.

  • Kabby

    Turkey hill ice cream $2.50 use $1 off coupon from requesting from company..OOP $1.50

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me if the j&j baby products at 1.88 is a good deal?? I don’t really buy baby products… Thanks

  • Keri

    I can never get the arm & hammer coupons on the site. There are coupons just not the ones for the detergent & sheets.

  • brittany

    did anyone have trouble with the cascadian farms coupon? i notice its the new barcode