ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 4/29/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 4/29/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

   Make sure to check out the Full List of ShopRite Double Coupon Stores. 

New to Couponing? Make sure to check out the LRWC Beginners Section

Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

How to Create Your Custom Shopping List:

  • Click on the box next to the item you would like to buy at the store
  • The item will be placed in your shopping list.
  • The list will appear from the right bottom of this site
  • Once you are done, click print.
  • Look for the to find the best stockpile prices


::Nestle Products: Buy $20 Get $10 in Catalinas

Buy $20 in participating Nestle Product and get $10 worth of Catalinas with a limit of 1 Catalina Offer Per Customer, per transaction during promotion period (4/29 – 5/6)

The catalinas will print as follows:

  • $5 Catalina to be used during the week of 5/6 – 5/12
  • $5 Catalina to be used during the week of 5/13 – 5/19

Note: These catalinas may only be used on Nestle Products.  It states that in the description but it does not state that in the small boxes on the top right of the circular.  We will know for sure once they print.


::Unadvertised Deals

Note: Because these are unadvertised deals, prices may vary by store so please check your prices before you head to the register




 Need information about their coupon policy? Make sure to check out the Coupon Policy Page

NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

This list is for personal use only and is the property of Living Rich Media, LLC. Any use of this list for any other purpose is in violation of copyright laws.

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  • Valora


  • Betty

    thanks for the match ups cindy!

  • Linda

    Cindy – Thank you so much for the match ups! Sure looks like a lot of them. Thanks again for your time and effort! 🙂

  • Jeanne

    I can’t seem to print the muellers coupon??? Anyone else having the same trouble?

    • gayle

      It says there are not coupons available at this time. idk what happened.

      • Nanci

        If you’ve already sighed up for the site and printed out the coupon, it won’t allow you to do it again.

        • Laura D.

          Does it ever reset?? I printed these out months ago.

          • Marie

            You need a NEW email address for Muellers. Only lets you print coupons one time. Now it says on coupon. DO NOT DOUBLE, but pasta will only be .14 each this week. (Wed-Sat ONLY)

            • Annie

              It has always said DND – but will unless cashier hits the DND key.

  • Lynda

    Can’t find the Wonka candy coupon, however the Nestle Mimi bag coupon I found was $2/2. Do I need a zip or something?


  • shirley

    I don’t go to shoprite untill I get your match up thanks Cindy

  • maria

    Thank yoU!

  • Laura N

    Thank you very much!

  • MARY

    TastyKake not giving coupon – just 10% off their website.

    Nabisco Cracker coupon seems to be NLA.

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Helena

    Thank you Cindy for the weekly match ups.

  • Lin

    what about the reynolds foil which flyer says is $1.19 for 25 ft. With the 75c qs would be free?

    • Matthew

      I think there’s a size restriction w/ that coupon….

    • Mercy

      the one on sale is going to be 25ft and the coupons says 50ft or larger

      • Lin

        hi i just went back last night to double check and yes the coupon does have a different size (30 ft & up) and sale is for the 25 ft

    • Deana

      The 50 sq ft is on sale at my shoprite for 1.99. Not free but .50 cents seems like a pretty good deal for original price of 3.09

      • Teresa M.

        My SR (Chester,NY) must not have 25 foot beause the 30 foot is on a huge display for 1.19!

        • jen

          My SR has the 100% recycled foil on sale for $1.99. It’s 50sq ft so the coupon works. Not bad for $.49.

  • V

    There is q .60/6 Banquet Pot Pies (making them .68 Each) and also a Q for the brown n serve .25/1 (making them .49 Each). They are from the inside of the dinner meal box.

    • Denise

      thanks for the reminder… !!!

  • Ann Johann

    Thanks Cindy for all you do !! We couldn’t make it without you !!


    Hello, please help me- does Shop rite allows to combine a BOGO coupon with a cents off coupon for 2 items? I have a BOGO coupon for the Coffe matte and i have a free Coffe matte coupon can i combine them, to get both free? thanks

    • Anonymous

      Worked for me when I did it last week. No issues

    • Jane

      My Shoprite in Warminster will no longer take printed BOGO. They said they are more likely to be counterfeit. Not sure how that is counterfeit and the others wouldn’t be. It doesn’t make any sense. They are becoming more and more difficult. I told them it was okay because I’ll take them to Wegman’s. FYI, Wegman’s in Warrington double completely and Shoprite doesn’t.

      • Ellena

        Thank you, i will try tomorrow!!

      • Kate

        Hi Jane,
        I shop at the Warminster SR too, and lately I’ve been having so many problems with them accepting coupons. The store is so small too! Try going down the dairy aisle with a full cart and two toddlers! :-0 Thanks for the heads up about Wegmans doubling! I’ve never been, but will have to check it out.

        • Angela

          this used to work for me but the last three times I tried, they specifically told me I could only use one or the other. They are definitely getting stricter with the coupons!

  • Vivian

    The circular says the Johnson Baby Products for 2.99 include Johnson Naturals. There is a $2 coupon on Recyclebank making the final cost .99

  • Claire

    Thanks Cindy – lots of match ups this week!

    For those that need diapers, there is a Q in kids stuff book for $2 off box of SR diapers and they are on sale this week for $14.99. Depending on your baby’s size, this could be a good deal. I tried them when they were on sale a while ago and I love them! Also, kids stuff book also has a Q for SR that starts 4/29 as well – $5 off your order. Happy Shoprtie shopping everyone!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Claire. I was also going to remind everyone. I love the kids stuff books.

      • stephanie griffith

        where do you get kids stuff books??

        • Ellena

          Please let us know where from we can get the kids stuff book?

          • Claire

            they are sold through schools and daycares as fund raisers. I don’t know if you can get it directly from the publisher?

          • Donna

            I bought mine In October when my child was selling them for $25 for a school fundraiser. They pay for themselves in no time with >$20 in shoprite coupons and % off coupons at many retailers like Gymboree, Sears, Children’s place etc

            • Brittany

              I buy a few of them each year. My school gives us a free fifth book with the purchase of every four. They are great!

              • Christine

                Mine only has Waldbaums/Pahmark/A&P coupons no shoprite : (

                • Rocky

                  I think that is the Entertainment books that have the Pathmark, etc,, coupons, not the Kidstuff books they are talking about, above.

                  • Melissa

                    Kidstuff Book also has them.

  • Dawn T.

    The Tastycake coupon only comes up if you enter a zipcode from Texas and it states on the coupon “Available in TX Only”. Oh Well 🙁

  • Matthew

    ALL 3 Alpo links do not have any dog food items. Oh well. Thanks though!

  • Jill

    Thank you for the match ups. I’m sure this is posted somewhere but my papers also have 2 pages of Target P&G coupons. BIG thank you to the coupon fairy that my husband met at the Montague store. We enjoyed all of the free Gold Peak!

  • Meli


  • Andrea

    I just got back from shoprite and the cats for the snackwell didn’t print I bought 4 so I should have gotten a $2 one and the nestle didn’t print. I got 6 juicy juices and a box of nerds. What should I do? cs wasn’t open yet. should I go back to the store later or contact the catalina people?

    • MARY

      I would see customer service – with ad in hand.

      • Andrea

        Awesome thanks

        • Jenny

          This did not print for me either but I went to Customer Service and they were aware of hte issue and printed me the CAT right away.

          • Rachel

            The same thing happened to me today. Neither of my cats printed. What’s going on with Shoprite this week?? Luckily, I took them to customer service and they printed them out for me.

            • Lori

              I received the 2 catalina’s worth $5 each for purchasing 6 bottles of juicy juice from Shop Rite. I was disappointed that the $5 can only be used on Nestle products. Did everyone else’s say that also?

              • Teresa M.


            • debra

              Sunday..the only CAT that printed for me was a $1 for buying 2 snack wells. They needed to give me $25 more in CATs went to CS and they gave me a hard time saying it didn’t print because I didn’t buy the right stuff. I was there for about 30mins. Finally after going over everything and calling whom ever they call they finally said yes you are right. The printed me $24 in CATs and didn’t give me a CAT for buying butter fingers because a manufacturer coupon printed out $1/3 I said ok, thinking it was just $1 but in the car I noticed that I didn’t use my coupons .40/2 for banquet pies but I also noticed instead of two $5 CATs they just gave me a $10 on next trip saves me a week lol…..something I just learned APP will be $3 on Sundays called CS to see why my bill was higher and saved $2 from $14 to $12..woohoo! (only because I said I was going to cancel) don’t know what other Sunday papers also go up.

    • Eileen @QponPrincess

      if you dont handle it with customer service immediately then it is better to call catalina directly

  • Christina


  • J

    thanks for the tip on Johnson’s RB coupon. there is a $1.00/1 cabot cheese coupon if you go to there site and register for their newsletter.
    I love your site Cindy 🙂

  • Lauren

    The Belvita breakfast biscuit coupon says redeemable at Walmart, can you still use it at Shoprite, or other grocery stores?

    • Janice

      It’s a manufacturer’s coupon. As long as it doesn’t say “redeemable ONLY at Walmart” other stores should accept it.

      • Anonymous

        When does the Belvita coupon expire? Thanks

  • Brandi

    Has anyone used the dove chocolate coupons yet. Do they beep? Just wondering because it says DO NOT DOUBLE. So if it does not beep I will be going to self checkout!! : ) The coupon does start with a 5 by the way. : )

    • Denise

      mine didnt beep, went thru, and doubled no problem

      • Brandi

        Thank You : ) ^^

      • Jenny

        Mine went through just fine as well.

    • Kathie

      I used mine yesterday with no problems.

      • Christine

        Mine doubled no problem and the chocolates are yummy

  • Tracy

    Just a heads up, I did the following deal and I did not receive the (2) $5 catalinas. Let me know if you received yours?
    Deal Idea
    Buy 6 Nestle Pure Life Water 24 pack $3.67
    Total: $22
    -(3)$1.25/2 Nestle Pure Life Water from the 4/29 insert
    Pay: $18.27
    Get a $10 in Catalinas
    $1.37 each after coupons & catalina
    Select All | Un-Select All

    • Cindy

      You should have as it’s listed right in the circular and this deal is based on the sale price. They should have been able to issue you the catalinas right there at customer service.

    • LAuReN

      Oh no! I was hoping this water deal would work… didn’t try it yet myself… Anyone else have trouble?

      • aimee

        I bought 6 cases of water and my cat didn’t print either. I went to CS and they gave me the catalina. They were actually wondering too why it didn’t print.

    • Elieth

      I didn’t receive it either…i’ll have to return to the store and ask for it.

      • Ashley

        I had the same issue and the issue with the Snackwell’s but c.s. was awesome about it..They had to print out 5 cats bc the cashier at my checkout ran out of paper in his machine lol….

        • Rocky

          So, if the cashier loads paper in, after the order is totalled, the cats are not in ‘memory’ and they won’t then print out when paper is loaded? Just wondering!

          • Ashley

            The cashier wouldn’t even listen to me LOL..but I’m assuming if he had loaded the paper they probably would have printed…

            • Rocky

              Not nice,but, hmmm….if he loaded the paper after you walked away and it did print, he ended up getting cats he didn’t earn! Maybe that’s why he didn’t ‘listen’!! Yeah, yeah, I know…I’m too suspicious!!!

  • kelli

    how do you print the sabra coupon i cant fund the “print” button?

    • Michelle T.

      For the Sabra coupon, you need to register with Common Kindness, after you are logged in, you will be able to print 1 of each coupon every 6 months. They have some great coupons!

  • Cindy

    Is anyone else having trouble finding the Perdue Perfect Portions coupon? Can’t seem to locate it!

    • Marie

      I don’t see the coupon for Perdue perfect portions either!!!!

      • Jenn

        Neither do I.

  • Jeanne

    Thanks for the matchups, is anyone ekse having trouble printing the Muellers 55 cent coupon?

    • Tee

      I can print them, but my SR won’t take them because the website is not printed on the coupon and there’s no watermark. I’ll have try try another SR on my way home from work :/

  • Teshawn

    Thanks Cindy. Shoprite loaded .99 for Friendly’s ice-cream on my PPC (limit one) did anyone get that same deal?

    • Kim

      I did!

    • Betsy

      I did!

  • bracha

    I didn’t see it in the ad, but in the store the Sabra guacamole is .99! so free w/ coupon! too bad we can only print one!

  • Kristi

    Has anyone confirmed the wording on the Nestle deals? See Cindy’s comment below:
    Note: These catalinas may only be used on Nestle Products. It states that in the description but it does not state that in the small boxes on the top right of the circular. We will know for sure once they print.


    • Gosia

      i did juicy juice deal, catalina printed however it says on nestle products

  • christine

    hi cindy, i didn’t know where else to put this but i really wanted to tell you about this really awesome app i found thats super easy to earn rewards because you save me so much money. it’s called apptrailers on iphone and appredeem on android. they give you points and you get you Amazon giftcard codes instantly. i just redeemed my fourth $1 code right now and i download the app last night. I thought you would like this since you got me hooked on Swagbucks! it’s nice to not pay for my kindle books 😉

    I hope you like this app! hope you and your readers and make lots of money! when you sign up it will ask for a “bonus code” to give you 50 points, just put in the name of the person who referred you! my username is “dacruz” if you like to use it, i’d appreciate it but you don’t have to. Thank you and hope you like it!

  • Kim

    Look through your coupons. I got a P&G coupon pack recently. It’s for Crest products. The Qs are all shaped like toothpaste and mouthwash bottles. They are great dollar amounts and work nicely with the P&G Blue deal 🙂

    • Jennifer

      I got them too!

  • Teshawn

    Is anyone else having a problem printing the Over the Moon coupon? I receive the “Java not detected” error message, although I updated my Java to the most recent version.

  • Does anyone know … If you do the Lean Cuisine deal to get the 2 free Skinny Cow shakes or cups, will the shelf price of those 2 freebies count toward the Nestle catalina?

  • Kristen

    Just a heads up. The Nice ‘n Easy hair color catalina did not print for me today. I should have checked while I was in the store, now I’ll have to go back and see if Customer Service will print it for me. Bummer

  • Shanta

    wish I had the $1/3 Nestle coupon, the link is to a $2/2 Nestle but I’m not sure about the size, doesn’t seems like it matches the size advertised in the circular….ughhh!!!!

    • Karen

      If you like Butterfinger, Walmart site has printable manufacturer Qs ($.55 off on each) for 12.5 oz fun size.

  • Cynthia

    Just a heads up. I was at my Shoprite earlier and they had Nivea Soft 2.6 oz lotion for 2.69. You can use 2/1 Nivea from (RP I think) today, it’s only .69!

    • masiel

      which shoprite cynthia?

    • Kabby

      Thanks for the tip..picked up two this morning.

  • ruth anne

    this morning got a few special K shoprite ecoupons as additions to the match ups

  • JenZ

    Snapware Glasslock Food Storage is 1/2 price. There’s a $2 Q in today’s (4/29) SS. These glass containers are leakproof and microwave safe. Bought a 1.6 cup round for $3.24 – $2 Q = $1.24 and 3.5 cup rectangular for $3.74 – $2 Q = $1.74. See pg 13 of ad for other available sizes.

  • Trina

    Hi Cynthia,

    What Shoprite was that? Thanks!

    • Cynthia

      Sorry haven’t been here in a few days. Old Bridge on Rt 9 north

  • Kabby

    Hi Cindy,
    There is also a shoprite ecoupon for $1.50/1o Alpo dog food to add to the savings below…
    Alpo Dog Food – $0.75
    $1.50/10 Alpo Dog Food printable
    $1.50/10 Alpo Dog Food printable
    $1.50/10 Alpo Dog Food printable
    $1.50/10 Purina Alpo Single Can, exp. 5/14/12 (SS 04/01/12)
    $1.50/20 Purina Single Alpo Cans, exp. 5/14/12 (SS 04/01/12 R)
    as low as $0.60 each after coupon

    Alpo would cost .45 cents a can when you purchase 10.
    Thanks for all the match ups.

  • VA

    Has anyone had any luck finding the…..

    -Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal and the
    – Starbucks Refreshers

    ….availability in any of the Northern NJ (preferably Morris County) stores?

    Please help. 🙂

    • Lesley

      I”m in Bergen County and the only food store I found the Starbuck Refresher drinks were at Stop & Shop in Dumont. I did not look at my ShopRite , though. I know you said Morris County, but I didn’t want your request to go unanswered!

    • christine

      quaker is by the oatmeal in shoprite.
      The container is small and easily missed on the shelf.

    • Laura D.

      I saw the Quaker in A&P last night in a cardboard display in the middle of the dairy/bread aisle …… go figure!

      • Eileen @QponPrincess

        found the refreshers in target and rite aid in southern coastal nj

  • Lauren R.

    I just looked at the new ecoupons on SR’s website and saw that there is a new coupon for Marie Calendar’s meals for $2 off 2! That would make them .99 each!

  • Donna Mc.

    Cabot Chunk Cheese – $1.49
    $1/2 Cabot Cheese
    $0.99 each after coupon

    Wow… after all the time it took to sign up at this dumb site and confirm my email just to log in, I seleted the coupon and there is no button to print it. Absolutely aggrivating!

    • Laura D.

      I printed without any problem, I can’t remember but you may have to check your email account to print the coupon, HTH! Makes it $0.49!

    • Yeah I had a link in the welcome email to click for coupon.

  • Has anyone tried the regular ($2.50 priced) Lean Cuisines for the Nestle deal yet? And skinny cows?

  • Michelle T.

    Watch the prices on the Vidalia onions. They rang up 7.99 for the 5 lb bag. Returned!

  • em

    Hi! just wanted to know if you were allowed to do the p&g deals in more than one transaction. Meaning can I do the blue deal two times as long as it’s not in one trans? Is that allowed? Also, if yes then can I use the cat from first transaction on the second one? Will another cat come out? Any help would be appreciated. Thanx. Also does anyone know how many diapers come in the super packs of Pampers diapers? ( The count for any size would help.)

  • brittany

    can anyone tell me where the dove chocolate single bars are located? Couldn’t find them anywhere..Also the reach toothbrushes, the cheapest I saw was 1.99 not 1.64

    • Andrea

      Not sure about the toothbrushes but I found the dove at the checkout lanes but only at every other lane.

  • adriene

    I know many people’s CATS were not printing yesterday when you bought the 6 cases of nestle water. I was wondering if anyone did it today. Thanks.

    • Denise

      i did mine late last night, it didnt print for me either, i went to CS and they printed it out for me…

  • Cindy

    Can’t find the coupon for perdue perfect portions. Am I doing something wrong? The link takes me to the Perdue website but there is no coupon to print.

  • Anonymous

    Any word if the Lean Cuisine Simple Favorites are part of the Nestle catalina deals?

  • cris

    Just to let you know, be careful with the catalinas. I did the 3 Cover Girl products and nothing printed, so I went to CS. They gave me the cats and said they have been having trouble with them not printing. So, pay attention! 🙂

  • Jenn

    Is anyone having trouble printing Smartsource coupons on a MAC? I keep getting a message that I don’t have Java but I do have it installed. I cannot print any Smartsource coupons. They won’t print in Firefox either. :o(

    • Laura D.

      I haven’t been able to print Smartsource coupons or Redplum coupons on my MAC for months. Can’t figure it out either 🙁

      • Yesenia K

        I use google chrome on my mac and I can print smartsource and redplum with no problems. Just make sure you click allow pop ups HTH

        • Laura D.

          Thank you, Yesenia K! I will see if I can download google chrome on my mac. It is very old, I only use to print coupons. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

    • Beth

      I have never been able to print RedPlum coupons from my mac. Very frustrating… 🙁 Will have to have my computer savvy husband help me out (again!) Good luck!

      • Vanessa

        You can, but you can’t use safri. I have a mac and it only works when I use firefox. Anytime I want to print certain coupons, especially those that use the “bricks” it only works when I use firefox…hope that helps!

  • jasmine

    any idea if the lean cuisine simple favorites are part of the Nestle catalina deals?

  • Nicole

    Hi, does anyone know if you can print coupons from an ipad2?

    • Kabby

      The iphone and ipods have an app for I thought i heard there is a smartsource app only available to ipad, not to the others…try both apps. Good luck.

  • sq


    i didnt get the nivea coupon in the red plum this weekend…and i got two different papers with two different red plum inserts….i am confused..
    where can i get the $2/1 nivea coupon…any links out there? thanks

    • lianne

      I get the Hartford Courant and I didn’t get the nivea coupons either. Meh, it happens sometimes. Actually it happens a lot but you can’t let it get you down–if you really need it you can order it on ebay or from a service.

  • April

    Hi, i keep seeing the nestle water posted for 3.67. My shop rite has them @ 3 for 12.oo. Did i miss something on here? ty

    • Andrea

      they were 3/$12 at mine too.

  • April

    I just decided to check ShopRite online and the ad on the site has it for 3@ 11.00. I will just print it out and my ShopRite will honor it. Sorry i should of checked that first. 😉

  • Teresa M.

    Watch your Catalinas! I did the Purchase $20, Get $10 Nestle deal and they didn’t print. The woman at the podium printed the 2 $5 coupons for me but they’re both only valid next week, not next week and the following week as advertised in the flyer.

    • Anonymous

      i had that happen also when i went to CS, instead of scanning both upc’s to get the two, she scanned the one upc twice and i got the same, 2 $5 for first week, not the sencond…

  • Kera

    Hey , I think the Kashi coupons disappeared on me? Does anyone else see them?

  • Rachel

    Has anyone tried the Hartz deal? I would like to know if it’s been confirmed that Crunch N Clean biscuits are included.
    Can the $2/1 Hartz UltraGuard Pro Flea & Tick Treatment coupon be used for the shampoo? Because the picture is of the Flea and Tick medication. I also have a $1/1 Hartz UltraGuard Flea and Tick product, which I’m sure I could instead. Of course I’d rather use the $2 coupons, if that is correct.

    • Last night i got $9.99 Potty Pads, $3.49 Crunch n Clean, $5.99 Hambone but then realized it wouldn’t be enough for $20 so i threw in a $3.99 Pork bones and used 3 of the $1.00 off bones/treats coupons. I am pretty sure they counted towards it because otherwise without them my total would have been $19.97 just shy of $20. Hope that helps!

      • Rachel

        Thanks..I’ll be shopping tomorow,

  • Tracy

    I have a coupon for $1 off any lean cuisine variety. I clipped it from the Sunday paper. Exp 7/31/12. On the right it says “New Chefs Pick” and on the left, it says “Try all 13 Chef’s Pick varieties. Does anyone know if I can use this for the Lean Cuisine/ Skinny Cow offer?

  • Rachel

    For the $8 catalina on Iams, is it vaild for any size dry food or only if I buy two bags of the 15.5 to 17.5 lbs for $18.99 each?

    • cris

      Look for demo girls in the South Jersey Shoprites…they are giving $1 Sabra Guacamole coupons which will make them .99 each!

  • Trina

    question in 03/25 ss there was a reynolds foil coupon $1.00 off of 2, will it work for the reynolds thats on sale this week, for $1.14? The sale size is 30, but the coupon says size 35 or higher?

    Also for hte everlasting sunshine, can you use on any suave or does it have to be the everlasting brand


    • Aileen C

      You have to use the coupons as intended. If it says a certain size/variety, you need to buy that size/variety.

  • Has anyone tried the Chlorox coupon on the Toilet Bowl cleaner? The coupon states Clorox Liquid Bleach (not Clorox product). Maybe I will just try it since I’m running low anyway…

  • Trina

    So excited I went to shoprite and hefty plates had tear pad coupons for $1 off 2 so that made 2 packages of plates .64 cents each!

  • ruchi


    recyclebank stopped giving out kashi coupons! I HAVE WRITTEN TO THEM ASKING WHY, lets see what they have to say…
    i am in serious withdrawal!!

  • Trina

    Megan, I didnt try it because it said bleach, I dont want to argue with the cashiers anymore!

  • Jonni Lee B

    WOW – sales are great this week – thanks for the match up help

  • Liz Harwood

    I just had to say what a great experience I had at the Lincoln Park Shoprite. They triple coupons up to .50, had everything that was on my list, and CS was more than helpful when my cats didn’t print. If I lived closer, this would be the only store I would shop.

  • Malou

    Hi to everyone,
    I went to shoprite today and did the deal of buy 5 get $3 cat but unfortunetly the catalina did not print, I bought 4 pantene, 1 febreze car air freshener and use the bogo coupon for pantene and $1 coupon for car freshener. Went to customer service and she said the reason the cat did not print because i used coupon and i told her that i always buy their every week do all the deal and use coupon but the cat always print and her other reason is the policy change 2 months ago then i told her that is not possible then she said it was change 1 month ago i just what to know if this thing happen to any of you while doing this transaction.