ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 4/8/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 4/8/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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  • lina

    Thank You!!!! Happy Easter….

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • liz v

    Thank you!

  • liz v

    now go finish that lasagne! LOL

  • jeff

    thank you so much

  • vicki

    I can’t seem to find the GoGo Squeez coupon… did anyone have any luck?

    And thanks for the matchups!

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone find the gogo squeez coupon?

    • melissa

      nope couldn’t find it either :/

  • Diana

    where is the MIO coupon on facebook?

    • Loretta

      i think it’s NLA

  • Jess

    Anyone point me to the GoGo Squeeze coupon on their facebook page? Can’t seem to find it!

  • Rem

    Our SR is closed tomorrow for Easter

    • Lady J

      Thta’s nice for the employees. I stoped at Target after church to pick up some last minute things, and found that they too were closed. I remember when I was a kid stores were often closed on Sundays and always closed on Holidays. Part of me longs for that simpler time, the other part of me loves that you can walk into practically any store in December up until midnight, and sometimes even later. (Yes, I know you can buy online 24/7 – but it’s just not the same).

  • Pat

    I am sending my husband to the Shop Rite.
    For the Ajax deal – is that $10 before or after using coupons.
    Thanks for all your work.

    • Klara


  • GIA

    HI GUYS!!
    WHERE DO I GET THE Making Life Better Unilever Booklet!!!

    • Kabby

      People have been asking for weeks this question…I am not sure anyone knows…never see an answer. I have no clue.

      • Laura D.

        I just googled it, the Making Life Better Booklet can be found in stores. Other sites have posted it is usually near the weekly ads. I have never seen this in my area at any stores.

    • Melissa

      I have emailed Unilever companies seeking coupons and they mailed me a coupon booklet.

      • Joy

        do u happen to have that email add? Thanks

  • Lynn

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  • Bobbi

    Where can I get a ulilever booklet?

  • JerseyCityWoman

    Cindy, Happy Easter, to you and yours! Oh, and that includes Bogo, of course!

    • Cindy

      Thank you so much!

  • ptmilana

    Thank for all your well appreciated work Easter Bunny (Cindy), Happy Easter…

  • Linda

    Thank you Cindy!

  • Jj

    For the general mills cereal, Is the multigrain cheerios included?

    • Michelle T.

      JJ, the ad just states Cheerios Dulce de Leche and Multigrain Peanut Butter Cheerios. I don’t think the regular multigrain are included and don’t think the multigrain coupon applies 🙁 But am hopeful when I get to the store that maybe other varieties are included.

      • Jenny

        I tested the regular multigrain coupon on the peanut butter multigrain and the register took it off with no problem.

  • Robin

    Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for the match ups! My coupon for the Marcal products is $1/2 regarding the toilet tissue and and towels, but $1/1 napkins, making them .74 ea. My coupons are from the South Jersey papers, Courier Post and Phila. Inquirer. HTH.
    Happy Easter everyone!

    • Rem

      Same with me, just used my last one today. We use lots of napkins. I like having at least 10packs in the stockpile.

  • meg

    where can i get a unaleaver booklete? do i have to sign up for something?

  • armando

    Quick question, i noticed that the only 3 cereals that are on special at 1.99 from general mills are dulce de leche, peanut butter, and frosted toast crunch, these are NOT included in the coupons that are posted to be printed out. the coupon says on one box of multigrain cheerios, and these are not multigrain. HELP!!!
    Also is anyone else having trouble finding the 75cent for the dulce de leche in ss 3/25??

    • Cindy

      The Peanut Butter Cereal is actually Multi Grain Peanut Butter so I don’t see why you can not use the Multi Grain coupon on that since the coupon doesn’t have a restriction on the type of Multi Grain Cereal to buy.

      • Liz on LI

        I’ve used the multi grain Qs for the PB Multi Grain Cheerios a few times. They don’t beep, and since they are “multi-grain cheerios”, it’s not misusing a coupon. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Thanks!! I have so many multi grain cheerios coupons and we love the peanut butter ones! Which SR do you shop at?

        • Michelle T.

          Ooh, I hope the PB will work with that coupon! They are so good 🙂 Thanks for the input, I wasn’t sure if we could use that coupon.

      • Jenn

        My Shoprite will tell me that it doesn’t match the picture.

  • LG

    Thank you so much Cindy.
    Last year after Easter lunch I was at my PC when I came across your site and after a hard year it was THE BEST GIFT the Easter bunny gave my family.
    Again, thank you so much, you have changed our life.

  • Lin

    made my early morning trip. I got my 3 jars of skippy for 49c each, 4 free Degree deodorant, 3 – 59c keebler fudge stripes, 4 bags cheese doodles – 89c ea, 4 pampers wipes 89c ea, 1 Allegra (yes they stocked up on some more finally on the last coupon date) 2 Minute maid OJs 49c ea (i was able to use the 75c cpns on the cartons.

    • Kabby

      What size and type were the Pamoer wipes??

      • lianne

        sensitive, 64 count. they actually come in a green tub and are 2.39 (there is a non tub pack that is 1.99=.49 after coupon but I like the tub and apparantly so does Lin!)

    • MD

      Just because the Minute Maid coupon didn’t beep on the cartons doesn’t mean it was correct use. The coupon clearly states it is to be used on the 59 oz bottles.

  • Meli

    thanks happy easter!!

  • Liz on LI

    Is the “limit 3” on the detergent limiting the brand or the scent?

    • Rocky

      Probably the brand. Otherwise, it would have said “per variety”.

      • Mommy Tool Belt

        Shoprite in CT in our flyer, limit is 2 DEALS on the ajax, that means you can get 6 in one trip because the deal is 3/$4.00.

        • Rocky

          Yep, I just checked my flyer, also. Says 3/$4, Must Buy 3, Limit 2 offers, $10 Additional Purchase Required. So, when I get mine, I’ll have to look for my 2 different versions of coupons to use for 6, or, I’ll do a couple of separate transactions to use up my best coupons and save the most money!

          • Diana

            I am planning on using 4 .50/1 coupon and 1 – $1/2 coupon…it comes out to .50 each which I can live with. Or ask if for this one time I can use 6 of the .50/1 coupon since they are forcing me to buy 6 🙂 My shoprite usually says “okay this once” but I only do it once in a blue moon! (I did it with the Purex deal when they only had bottles left)

            • Rocky

              Hahahah! I like that – they are forcing me to buy 6…! I don’t know if I can pull that off, but, it might be worth a try! If it doesn’t work, I’ll have my $1/2 coupon handy for those last 2, thanks!

  • Christine

    Thank you for the match ups but where do you find the Unilever Booklet?
    Have a Happy Easter!

  • Janet

    For those of you like myself who don’t have any of the eggland’s best coupons….the Incredible Edible Egg page on facebook has a coupon for .55 cents off 2 dozen eggs. Enjoy!

  • Holly


  • Christina

    Thank u ! Happy Easter !

  • Amber

    There is a $.55/1 Manuf. coupon for Hillshire deli lunchmeat under the Target coupons. Hillshire deli meat is $2.99 at Shoprite

    • Vicki

      Thanks Amber! Much appreciated!

  • ashley

    so i stopped to buy my newspapers and the first store only had four, i flipped through those and went to another place. there was no coupons in these newspapers either. then it hit me. no coupons this weekend!!! i completely forgot!!

    • Lady J

      I didn’t buy the paper today, but I sure will miss the ads. Yes, I know they are online, but I like holding them and looking through them. Maybe I’ll go to the library tomorrow morning and see if I can get them to give me the ads.

  • Aimee

    Has anyone tried to use the multi grain cheerios coupon for this sale?

  • Lady J

    Anyone know where there is a great sale on Yellow Box Cheerios for that .75/1 coupon? I have 2 toddlers! I need as many yellow boxes of “O’s” as I can get.

    • Lisa

      Did you also see that there is a 50 cent coupon for the yellow/original Cheerios on General Mills spanish website Que Rica Vida. I printed two of them (need to log in).

      • Lady J

        Thanks. I printed those ones as well. Now I am just sitting on these q’s waiting for a sale on Yellow Box Cheerios.

  • Laurie A.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for using the $5 Windex and $5 Viva cats we received a couple of weeks ago? Do they work like the Munch Mania where you don’t necessarily have to spend the entire $5 on Windex and Viva? Help! I think I waited to long.

    • bracha

      last week fantastic was 1.99 so i bought 3 of those (and had 2 50 cents off coupons). i felt forced into buying more scott’s paper towels, though. too narrow a coupon :\

      • Kristi

        I agree about it being too narrow.. I am trying to figure out how to use the $5 cat that is for the Scott or Viva… Any suggestions?

        • Pamela

          Well I used my $5 Windex buy purchasing (3) fantastik @ 1.99 ea ~ I had 3 (.75) coupons and for the Viva it was still 10.99 at ShopRite ~ Used (1) .85 which doubled and $5 so which left $4.29 so between both OOP $0.76 for all.
          Pretty Good I thought

          • Kristi

            Pamela that is pretty good.. I used the Windex $5 buy purchasing one Fantastic @ $1.99 and used the .75 coupon. The overage was applied to the rest of my order, which was awesome. But this coupon says “Save $5 off your next purchase of Scott Towels 10 pk MEGA ROLLS or Viva Towels 6pk, Giant Rolls.. So, I am guessing I will need to use it and pay some OOP to make it work. Kinda disappointing, but I can say since the sale a few weeks ago, I am hooked on VIVA.. They are awesome. So sturdy and I find the smaller size makes option makes me actually use less.. So, that is money well spent. I have a .50 coupon for Viva so I guess Ill try to use that this week and buy the smallest size that qualifies.

      • Karen

        I bought one Viva role and they let the coupon go through. Was not sure if it would work, but I have done it with the munch mania ones and the difference applied to the rest of my order so I gave it a shot and it worked =)

    • Lady J

      Last week I used the $5 Windex q or 2 Windex b/c I love Windex. I think they were $2.99 ea and I used the .75/2 q from and it doubled to $1.50/2. That with the $5 Cat made 2 bottles free and the overage went to the cart.

      I also bought the 10 = 15 pack of . There were 10.99. I had a $1.20 ecoupon on my SR card and the .99 q which doubled to $1.98. So, under $3 for 10 rolls of towels. Guess that’s good.

      Don’t know if the prices for these items will be the same this week.

    • Laurie A.

      Thanks everybody! More a fan of Viva than Scott towels, but I can’t pass up ~$3 for 10 rolls as I think I have the $.99/1 and the $1.20 ecoupon as well!

    • naomi

      I used it even though I didn’t purchase any of the participating items and it worked fine. I heard of others doing the same thing which is why I tried it. No problems.

  • LTP

    If anyone reading this, turned in a coupon folder to the Livingston Shop Rite courtesy desk about 2 weeks ago – thank you! I guess I was in a hurry packing my car, and did not realize I did not have my coupon folder with me. I called the courtesy desk and they were turned in! My Munch Mania coupons were even there. I was not looking forward to having to set up a whole new folder.

    • 0246

      aw, that’s great that you got it back! sometimes people are good and kind. 🙂

      • Rocky

        I agree! It is soooo nice to hear something like this! Makes me just want to give that person a hug…okay, a virtual hug, but, a hug nonetheless!!

  • Gisa


    with regard to the ajax deal… the limit is two offers which is 6 bottles of detergent…also the pribe comes out to .83 cents instead of .33…did anyone get the same amount I did…

    • Rocky

      Hi, Gisa! It depends on which coupons you use, and, how many you buy at one time. If you buy 3 and use three 0.50/coupons, you get three of them for $1. IF your store does not allow more than 4 like coupons, you would either have to use four 0.50/1 and one $1/2 (which makes them .50 each), or, if you only have the $1/2 coupons, and you buy six, it will then come out to 0.83 each.

  • colleen

    Pampers Wipes (must buy 2) – $5.00
    $0.75/1 Pampers Wipes printable
    $0.50/1 Pampers Wipes, exp. 4/30/12 (P&G 04/01/12)
    as low as $3.50 each after coupon

    Wouldn’t this be as low as $2.00 each if you used 2 $0.75/1 Printable?

    • 0246


      $5 + $5 = 10
      – $0.75 doubled to $1.50
      – $0.75 doubled to $1.50
      divided by 2
      $3.50 each final cost

    • Janelle S

      They are $5 each not $5 for the 2 of them….Wish they were 2 for $5 I would buy tons

      • colleen

        ooooh I see! Thx! 🙂

  • lianne

    I’m looking forward to trying that Shop Rite frozen pizza they’re flaunting on the front of the circular this week

  • Isn’t there a printable Sylvania Light Bulb coupon?

    • Cortney

      I printed one – $1/1 CFL, are these included?

  • Vanessa

    There were peelies on the croutons! Yay!
    The multigrain coupons went through fine on mine also.

  • Also there is a $.50 cellfire coupon for Cheerios

  • Stephanie

    Does anyone know where I can find the Keebler coupons? Tried the cookies and my hubby loves them! Can’t find them on though. Help! (Last week was my first week couponing so I’m new to this whole thing!)

    • Kabby

      Under Keebler in the above list is a coupon link highlighted in red…you would click on that link to bring you to the coupon site….unfortunately the code (NLA) is next to it…this means No Longer Available. So if the coupon was not printed earlier than it is gone already. I hope this helps. I do suggest reading the “beginners” tab found at the top of the page….I used it often when I first started couponing….a year ago this month. Always ask questions…I found so many who would help me understand the coupon world. Good luck.

      • Stephanie

        Thank you Kabby…I will take your advice and read the beginners tab. But thanks again for answering me on this one- it was driving me crazy! And now I will what NLA means!!! lol

  • Roslyn

    I’m in Central Jersey. Went into my Shoprite today and the Got2Be hair products were on sale for $2.99, and came with a bonus travel size attached! If you still have those $3/1 coupons from a while back…they are free!!

    • Cynthia

      What Shoprite?

      • ashley

        i just checked mine via shop at home, and we have it to. its the one in glen burnie md

      • Roslyn

        I’m in Trenton

  • Mel

    I got 3 boxes of the Peanut butter mutigrain cherrios for .29 a box! thanks!!

  • ashley

    the shoprite in glen burnie is tripling coupons up to and including .50 this week

  • frink

    The Pampers wipes beeped on a 72 count soft pack I found for 1.99. They pushed them thru, but have anyone else found them working w/o beep?

    • Janelle S

      The Pampers coupon always beeps when I use it….an I have purchased 20pks (in the last 4 weeks) that I am donating to needy mothers in my community, and they have all beeped each and every time, but the managers have pushed them thru no problem every time….I even had a cashier who said that they beep for everyone she has scanned them for and that it didn’t matter what size pack you bought….I have bought the 64ct and 72 ct refill packs that have been on sale for $1.99…..HTH

      • Lisa

        I have had the same experience about four or five times. I don’t know why they beep, but they have pushed them through for me. Thanks ShopRite! : )

        • frink

          Thanks for the verification…hate that extra 5 minutes on line, and holding people up behind me…

  • Meenakshi

    I asked the Customer service in my last visit to Shoprite (after reading here of people using their catalina on any purchases and it still goes through), whether the catalina can be used for any purchases, but she told me” No, It is allowed only on the purchases of products mentioned on the cat”. Hence I am wondering how the policies differ at different shoprite stores. If it is working for so many people out there then why is the shoprite at Rochelle Park creating difficulties for us.?

    • Melissa

      They are not “creating difficulties”, they are following the wording on the cats (as they are supposed to). Those who are able to use them on things other than what is specified on the cat are not using it as it was intended (perhaps they did not know, or perhaps their cashier didn’t care). We all know that some things “work” when they are not supposed to. We can not blame the store for following the rules, especially when we know those rules at the time of purchase, and when they are clearly stated on the cat.

      • Rocky

        Nicely said!

  • Barbara

    Does anyone know where I can go to located next weeks scanned circular for Shoprite? and the matchups? I found it once at the very top of the list but I could never find it again? 🙁
    Thank you

    • Laura D.

      @Barbara, if you type “ad scan 4/15” into the search box located at the top right of this page it will come up for you. In the future you can search “ad scan X/XX” and it should pop right up. HTH!

      • Barbara

        Thank you Laura 🙂

  • April S

    First of all thank goodness for the comments, I almost completely forgot about my Viva and Windex cats. When I saw scrubbing bubbles on the cat, it occurred to me you could use the $5/1 Automatic Toilet cleaner and $5 rebate Cindy posted earlier this week, use the $5 cat and you end up with a $5 money maker after rebate.

  • kate

    I am in the Cherry Hill area and we have a super coupon for Tide 150 oz for $14.98. It says “save $2.01”. Is this a good deal?? TIA!

  • sha

    If you normally buy the jumbo boxes of pampers they usually comes with $2.50 off coupons so u can use that with the $19.99 deal making em $17.50!

  • Megan

    Was the catalina for the Always pads or just the tampons?