ShopRite: New Coffee Mate Catalina Deal = Money Maker!

ShopRite: New Coffee Mate Catalina Deal

Woohoo!  Happy Dance!  There is a new Nestle Coffee Mate Catalina deal that is starting on ShopRite on Monday, 4/16.

Nestle Coffee Mate Liquid Creamer, 16 oz or larger (excludes Natural Bliss)
4/16 – 5/13
Buy 2 Get a $1 Catalina
Buy 3 Get a $2 Catalina
Buy 4 Get a $4 Catalina

Starting on Sunday, 4/15, Coffee Mate will be on sale for $1.66.  Here are the coupons that are available right now:

Here is the deal starting on 4/16:

Buy 4 Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer $1.66 each
-(4)$0.55/1 Coffee Mate Creamer Coupon
Pay: $2.24
Get a $4 Catalina
Free + $1.76 Money Maker after coupons & Catalina

If you have already printed the $0.55/1 Coffee Mate Coupons, you can try this deal (if your store fully doubles):

Buy 4 Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer $1.66 each
-(2)$0.75/2 Coffee Mate Creamer Coupons
Pay: $3.64
Get a $4 Catalina
Free + $0.36 money maker after coupons & catalina

Be sure to check out the ShopRite Preview Ad for the week of 4/15.

Just a note:  Most times catalinas scheduled for Mondays at ShopRite actually start on Sunday so you will probably be able to do this deal on Sunday.

Thanks Jocy!


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  • Shannon

    There was also a B1G1 coupon available for a short time on the Walmart site, if you were able to print it that would make it a slightly better deal.

    • Jordan

      If you use 2 B1G1 coupons does that count as 4 for the catalina or only 2?

      • Loretta

        4 🙂 since you have to buy 4

        • Jordan

          That’s great!! Thank you!

      • Heather

        *SHOULD* count as 4, since the computer will register that 4 creamers were scanned. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong….

  • Rebecca

    I got this catalina ad at Stop and Shop also- Maybe it is a national catalina?? hope so!

  • Loretta

    UMMMMMM I just got my Coffee mate freebie in the mail!! SUPER MONEY MAKER!! woot woot 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Sweet! I hope mine comes! I saved a B1G1 free coupon to use with it.

    • michelleb

      Oh yeah I forgot about that. Hope I get mine.

    • Jaime

      Mine came today too! Perfect timing!

      • Tags

        mine too

  • aimee

    If you still have the coupon for Free Coffemate, this is the best time to use it.

    • Loretta

      I just got mine in the mail today 🙂

      • Heather

        Where did you get the free coupon from? I have 4 B1G1 that I plan on using

        • Loretta

          they were from freebie friday giveaway just recently

        • aimee

          From Shoprite’s cat machine a few weeks ago.

          • aimee

            @Loretta: I missed that giveaway.

      • Jessica

        Me too!!

        • Tags

          Oooooh….lucky you

  • Nicole

    What size CoffeeMate? I actually have 4 of the .75/1 coupons. It needs to be 15oz or larger.

    • Danielle

      I think these are the 16oz (pints)

      • Danielle

        that’s what it says on the printout above…

    • Katlin

      On the picture it says 16oz or larger

    • Nicole

      Never mind! Figured it out. I’m looking at a $3.36 MM next week! Yay!

  • cheryl manna

    Back in Feb., I was able to print (4) 0.75/1, exp. 4/22/12, Coffee Mate coupons from In addition, I was also able to print 4/BOGO coupons at the same time. Check your coupon binders, you might have them too. I don’t remember if they were from Coffee Mate’s website, but they are not available anymore. Looks like free Coffee Mate and money makers for me!! 🙂

  • Heather

    Coffee-Mate really needs to reset their coupons. I printed these coupons over a month ago. Oh well, I still have all the B1G1 coupons!

  • Heather

    Is there a limit of one catalina deal per card?

  • Jordan

    You can’t use a B1G1 and the free coupon together can you? Thanks!

    • Heather

      No, because you’re already using the B1G1 on two products. You could buy 3 and use (1) B1G1 and (1) FREE.

      • Jordan

        That’s what I thought…Thank You!

  • Cynthia

    Just got my FREE coffeemate coupon 1 for me and 1 for my hubby today! Was just about about to go out and get it BUT I’m gonna save it for next week! Woohoo nice money maker!

  • Laurie

    SWEET DEAL….my coupon for Free Coffemate just came in the mail today!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ohhh…i am doing my happy dance! I only have about 8 bottles of creamer left 🙂 I just got the coupons from Coffeemate for free bottles…talk about a money maker, plus the b1g1 coupons! I’m going to be stocked!

  • Denisew

    Do these have a long expiration date? Would love to save them for a summer party

    • Janelle S

      dThey have a very long expiration date….I bought some of these in January and they don’t expire until the end of June and early July

      • Denisew

        Thank you girls!!

    • Rocky

      As Janelle said, yes, they do. Plus, you can pop them in the freezer. When ready, thaw them in the fridge overnight.

  • Terry

    For those of you with no coupons ,be on the lookout for a flyer at the end of the registers. They are in both spanish and english and are for nestle products. There is one for coffeemate creamer. Only .50 off, but there is no limit to using them. So grab four flyers. There was also one for nestle water. It says something like Ahorra on them. Coupons don’t expire until 4/30/12 Good luck finding them!!

  • Kyle

    Just got the coupon for a free coffeemate in the mail today, even better deal if you get it in time, and you will be able to get the 32 oz with that coupon. Even better deal.

  • Could some one give me the web cite to where you get the coupons from…please ! Like the coffeemate…new & have no idea 🙁 I’m good at cvs,rite aid but I don’t know where to get good coupons for shoprite. Is there a web cite that let’s you see weeks ahead ???? I know here you do some time. With 4 kids I need to plan way ahead …thanks!!!

    • Eileen @QponPrincess

      this site! there are always announcements when new coupons come available

      like the fb page and follow the twitter so you dont miss a deal

    • Rocky

      Click on the underlined links that Cindy gives us. They bring us to the website that has the coupons. Sometimes, these links go to a manufacturer’s actual website, like the coffeemate ones, above. Most of the time, in order to print coupons directly from a manufacturer’s website, you will have to register on their site and then sign in before you can print. So, you will have to do a little ‘work’ (!), but, it’s worth it.

      Other times, the links Cindy gives us will go to a coupon site, such as, or, coupon network. On these types of sites, you will, if you haven’t already, have to downoad their printing software. You only have to do that once, then, you can print anytime you are on their site.

      You will also have check this site on a regular basis, and, as soon as possible after you see good coupons links listed, print them. Manufacturers sometimes limit the number of prints they will allow. If you wait days to print it, it will be gone.

      Regarding advance info, Cindy posts the SR ad scan every Tuesday (not just ‘some time’), for the sales beginning the following week (the next Sunday). That’s far enough in advance for you to know whether you should buy something this week, or, wait until a sale the next week. You won’t find any “weeks ahead” info anywhere, however, if you do a search on this site, you will find the seasonal list that is posted. That tells you which types of things will be on sale during which months.

      If you really want good deals, and want to build a stockpile, you really should check this site every day. Not only will you have the chance to print good coupons, Cindy wlll announce good deals coming up in which to use them and get the most value.

      Good luck.

      • Cynthia

        Wow Rocky! GREAT detail!!

  • Shanta

    I printed these coupons the last time we had a Coffeemate catalina deal & now I can’t print these coupons again, ughhhh!!!!!though I did get (1) $75/2 (I only printed this once the last time), thats better than nothing!!!!!!

  • Jenny

    I got my 2 free coupons this week and I have a B1G1 left. I printed out the .55/1 so I’ll get 4 for .66 (my SR doesn’t fully double) and then get my catalina!

  • Clover

    Was the B1G1 from Facebook? Wasn’t the B1G1 on different sizes? Buy a quart, get a pint free???

  • Steve

    I received my Shoprite Ad yesterday and it seems they made a change to the price of the Coffee Mate to 1.99 each. That figures…….either they read your blog or things in this rotten state of Connecticut cost more. Still a good deal, BUT 1.66 is better. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………..