Walmart: Holmes Air Purifier Only $4.94!

Photo Courtesy I Heart the Mart

Walmart: Holmes Air Purifier Only $4.94

There is a Holmes Air Purifier Coupon available.  The coupon is for $10 off any Holmes or Bionair aer1 Ready  Air Purifier with a retail price of $49.99 or less.

Print: Holmes Air Purifier Coupon

Walmart has the Holmes Air Purifier for just $14.94 (price may vary).  So, only $4.94 after coupon.

Here is your deal:

Holmes Air Purifier $14.94
$10.00 off any Holmes Air Purifier Coupon
$4.94 after coupon

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Thanks iheartthemart!

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  • Shannon

    Coupon says that is has to be a Bioair aer1 Ready Purifier valued at $49.99 or more . . . 🙁 Has anyone tried this? Does the deal work?

    • Taryn

      No, $49.99 or LESS 🙂

      • Lisa

        There is also a coupon out for $20 off a purifier worth $49.00 or MORE — there are two different coupons out.

    • Jill

      It should work. It actually says “off any Holmes OR Bioniare aer1 Ready air purifier retail value $49.99 or LESS.

  • Lisa

    It says “any Holmes or Bionaire aer1 Ready air purifier” and that could be interpreted in different ways… “any Holmes” or “any Holmes aer1 Ready”? I went to the store and did not see any aer1 Ready by Holmes so I thought it was for any Holmes. I used the coupon, which went through, and didn’t think any of it. However, the wording might have been meant differently… I don’t know. But I’m a happy owner of a small air purifier that I will put in our future baby’s room. : )

    • Melissa

      my walmart had the aer1. but they are bigger and cost alot more. I also bought one today and it went through with no problem. I do believe they don’t look at how they are wording before they put out the coupons.

  • Kathy

    I saw this deal on a different blog yesterday. The administrator had to actually take it off the site. The air purifier that is pictured is NOT the aer1 variety. The aer1 sells for about $40. If you go to the Holmes website you can see a picture of it there.

    • Cindy

      Kathy, the source I took the deal from confirmed the deal with the company to be sure that this coupon could be used on it. Feel free to click the link above to see the information from that blogger. He did his research on it which is why I felt confident posting it. I would highly recommend contacting the company like he did if you feel uncomfortable doing the deal.

  • Melissa

    I went and bought one today to check to see if this coupon worked for it. This air purifier for the 14.94 is not an AER1. But the coupon does work

  • candy

    bought 3 this morn and coupons went through no beeps or anything

  • Krystle Kiri

    My local walmarts have already pulled them for the season 🙁

  • Laura

    Got 1. Had to get a csm because how high the coupon was. But no problems after that!!

  • Missy

    I used 2 of the coupons at the Reading, MA Walmart for the Holmes purifier priced $14.95 ($4.95 with coupon). The coupons scanned with no problem. Thanks Cindy!!!

  • Jen

    I got one today!

  • Gia

    Hi already went to 2 different Walmart and I can’t find it. Please advise where u guys getting from.
    Thanks happy Easter!!

  • Emmes

    I used (2) at my local Walmart today (Indiana) and I didn’t buy the AER1, but the one in the photo from IHeartTheMart. No problems at all. My cashier even said, “Wow, that’s a GREAT deal! Where did you get that coupon?” And I told him.

    I found them over by the Brita water filters.

  • Lulu

    Attempted to use the $20 off one yesterday at Wal-mart (Virginia.) Cashier scanned it but it wouldn’t go through, so he grabbed a manager and they stated if it won’t scan then they cannot accept it. Thinking maybe it was because it wasn’t an aer1 air purifier? I can’t remember the exact model of it, but it looked just like the one in the picture on the coupon…even the cashier didn’t get it. It was a black tower one that was priced at $62.99.