3 Ways to Save Money Printing Coupons

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Ways to Save Money Printing Coupons –

Printable coupons is a source of extreme savings in the world of couponing.

With so many coupon sites available, such as Coupons.com, Smartsource.com and many more, we have lots of options to print coupons!  Although printing coupons saves us money, let’s face it, printing coupons costs money!  The cost of maintaining a good printer, as well as having ink and paper in stock really adds up.

Here are 3 tips to help you save on your printing costs.

1. Use a Full Sheet Each Time You Print

One way I like to save money on paper is to purposely print three coupons at a time whenever possible.  Nothing bothers me more than printing only one coupon, cutting it out at the top of my sheet of paper, and throwing 3/4 of a sheet of paper in the trash (or recycling bin)!  What a waste!  Every time I’m printing a coupon from a coupon website such as Coupons.com, I take the extra minute to print my coupons in multiples of three, to make complete use of 1 sheet of paper.  If there are 4 new coupons I want to print for example, I’ll find 2 more that I know I might make use of at some point, to bring my total printed to 6 coupons, using exactly 2 sheets of paper and not 1 and 1/4 sheet like I would have if I just printed 4 coupons.  So next time you’re printing coupons, consider taking the extra minute to make full use of each sheet of paper to help save on your printing costs.

2. Set your Computer to print Black and White

Ink can get rather expensive, especially if you print in color. Be sure to set your printer settings to black and white to save money.  Honestly there is no reason that a store would not allow you to use a coupon in black and white.  I only print in black and white and never have an issue.  If your store tells you that you need to print in color, I would definitely consider discussing this with the store manager and, if needed, the corporate office.  They should not be making you use color ink.

3. Consider Investing in a Better Printer

We have been using a black and white Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer for years! Since we have done that, our printing costs have gone down significantly.  These use  Toner Cartridge that are more expensive than regular inkjet cartridges but they last forever with an expected lifetime yield of 2,600 pages.  That’s a lot of coupons! 😉

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