Ways to Save Money Printing Coupons

Ways to Save Money Printing Coupons-1Ways to Save Money Printing Coupons

Printable online coupons have become a source of extreme savings in the world of couponing.  As our society continues to become more and more computer savvy, manufacturers are providing the option to print their product coupons online, in addition to the “old-fashioned” way of sourcing coupons through purchasing newspapers for coupon inserts.  With so many coupon sites available, such as Coupons.com, Smartsource.com and many more, we have lots of options to print coupons!  Although printing coupons saves us money, let’s face it, printing coupons costs money!  The cost of maintaining a good printer, as well as having ink and paper in stock really adds up.

Here are 3 tips to help you save on your printing costs.

1. Use a Full Sheet Each Time You Print

One way I like to save money on paper is to purposely print three coupons at a time whenever possible.  Nothing bothers me more than printing only one coupon, cutting it out at the top of my sheet of paper, and throwing 3/4 of a sheet of paper in the trash (or recycling bin)!  What a waste!  Every time I’m printing a coupon from a coupon website such as Coupons.com, I take the extra minute to print my coupons in multiples of three, to make complete use of 1 sheet of paper.  If there are 4 new coupons I want to print for example, I’ll find 2 more that I know I might make use of at some point, to bring my total printed to 6 coupons, using exactly 2 sheets of paper and not 1 and 1/4 sheet like I would have if I just printed 4 coupons.  So next time you’re printing coupons, consider taking the extra minute to make full use of each sheet of paper to help save on your printing costs.

2. Set your Computer to print Black and White

Ink can get rather expensive, especially if you print in color. Be sure to set your printer settings to black and white to save money.  Honestly there is no reason that a store would not allow you to use a coupon in black and white.  I only print in black and white and never have an issue.  If your store tells you that you need to print in black and white, I would definitely consider discussing this with the store manager and, if needed, the corporate office.  They should not be making you use color ink.  Check out other ways to Cut Down on Printing Costs.

3. Consider Investing in a Better Printer

We have converted to a black and white Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer.  Since we have done that, our printing costs have gone down significantly.  These use  Toner Cartridge that are more expensive than regular inkjet cartridges but they last forever with an expected lifetime yield of 2,600 pages.  That’s a lot of coupons! 😉

If you are new to couponing, you may want to check out the Couponing for Beginners section where you will find a lot of answers to your questions.

Ways to Save Money Printing coupons

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  • Elise Sorge

    Most printers will accept smaller sheets of paper so if you find only 1 coupon you want to print then do so. Clip it and save the 2/3 sheet of paper for the next time you only want to print out 2 coupons!

    • Jill

      Elise, I tried that a few times, and those times I used half a paper was the times when the coupon prints an ad first and then the coupon on the bottom!! So I ended up wasting 1 print plus extra paper!

      • Amanda

        what i do when only printing 1 is most sites let you print the coupon twice so after the 1st print trun the page around and print the 2nd one on the bottom/back of the paper

    • Haseena

      Elise- I do exactly what you said, and I have saved so much paper and in the process of doing so I might have lost 2-3 coupons in the past year because an ad printed first.

  • Becky

    If I’m printing the same coupon twice, I take the sheet of paper out, flip it, and print again. almost always I can still use both. A couple times I’ve not fed it back in right and printed right on top (especially at first, getting the hang of it), but I very rarely print just one q to a page. Also, we bought a printer that uses toner–no color printing for us, but much cheaper black and white prints.

    • Laura sanders

      I do the same thing!

    • jiggi

      I always flip the page to maximize the page savings but sometimes they put ad of the product on the top and coupon at the bottom. If I have already used the other side for another coupon then I have coupons back to back. ARRRRR, coupon companies, please print the coupon first and then the ad.

    • Karen B

      Lol! Becky, I do the same thing and have flipped wrong too! Or I’ll flip, the coupon doesn’t print and I forget that it is still in there upside down when I got to print something the takes the whole page.
      Definitaley saves money flipping it.

  • Liz

    I save the scraps of paper in my binder and use them for making my grocery lists. Scrap paper is always useful in my house!

    • Susie

      I do the same thing! Saves me on buying a notepad when I have extra paper laying around. I also flip it and print again.

      • Keisha


    • the original rosanne

      I have no problem using up the half sheets of paper. My three year old draws a couple scratches with crayons, beams proudly, and then exclaims “Again!”

  • Mark

    I have less trouble at the checkout line when the coupons are in color because they always think it’s a copy of a coupon when it’s black and white (TRUE STORY). I just put my printer settings to “FAST DRAFT”

    • LK

      I actually heard a store supervisor tell a cashier that he can tell whether a coupon is real by the color. He was examining my coupons when he said that, and I was glad I had printed them in color.

      • Karl

        That’s such strange logic because they make color copiers! Just shows, unfortunately, how un-educated cashiers are towards couponing. I really wish stores would take the time to educate their employees- it would save everyone involved a lot of hassle and frustrations

    • Rena Ball

      I’ve never had trouble using black-and-white coupons. They never question it.


    i always use that 3/4 sheet left over. i just put it in my paper tray and it prints none the wiser. and if i feed in there just right i can use a 1/4 sheet too. big money saver!!!!

  • Melissa

    At one time my kids school was sending home SO much paper with announcements and things, but the back sides were blank. I was saving all those pieces of paper and printing on the blank back sides. I never seemed to have trouble with the printing on the back side of a coupon. And I always print in black and white also to save my color ink. If I print off dh’s printer, it ONLY prints in black ink anyway.

    • Naomi

      That’s great idea! Never would have thought of that. Thank you!

      • Amanda

        i seen this posted before on another site and now i save all useable papaers from both of my kids schools i havent had to buy paper since october 🙂

        • Miranda

          I save all my junk mail that is only printed on one side. I have a whole stack in my coupon file box and pull it out when printing. And if I do only end up printing one coupon, I amnnot wasting my paper. But I do trynto use thepartial pieces too.

  • don’t forget to save your junk mail that’s blank on the back side! i also use shipping manifests and receipts from having ordered something from online. just feed it so your address isn’t directly on the other side of the coupon.

  • Sobeida

    IT bothers me to not print three coupons at a time, so much. It also bothers me when companies put their BIG INK consuming very colorful and huge ad at the end of a coupon so what i do when printing a coupon from a company website is to run to my printer and when i am sure the coupon is printed i hit cancel so all my ink will not be wasted. Then i flip the page and print the other coupon (if printing twice is permitted) then I do the cancel operation again.

  • Pat

    I especially hate when a website prints out a recipe or advertisement under the coupon so you waste even more paper! I always use the 3/4 or 1/2 sheets or I turn them over if I can’t use what’s on the other side!

  • Arielle

    Always make sure to set your printer to its fastest printing speed, as Mark said. “Fast draft” means lower quality printing, but it’s using less ink per page. I’ve never had a problem with the bar codes or the wording on my coupons being illegible because of fast draft.

    Also, if your store insists that a coupon is void because it’s in black and white, tell them that you printed it off of a laser printer (which doesn’t have color ink to begin with). I haven’t had a problem with this but I always worry they’ll think it’s a photocopied coupon.

    • Jenn

      I am always told that I am using a photocopied coupon whenever I print in black and white, so I never do. I hate wasting the ink on color, but I end up wasting it anyway b/c stores won’t accept them in b&w. And I wish there was a way to stop those ads from printing after the coupon. That’s really a waste.

      • April S

        I sometimes print a few from work and a few from home. Work is the laser printer, and I always get funny looks if two are color are two are B&W. Luckily, the pins are usually different and they take them.

  • Meghan

    Depending on your printer, you can set it to print 2 pages on one sheet. Then you get six smaller, but still usable coupons on each page. I’ve never had a problem with a store accepting the smaller version and you get 2x the use out of the paper! Gotta give my brilliant husband the credit for that idea!!

  • Tink

    Any college kids, teachers, or school aged children I’M SURE have tons of one sided sheets of paper they can donate to the print pile! I just finished student teaching and took out about a stack of 200+ pages of one sided papers, worksheets, lesson, notes home, etc. which work great for coupons.

    Keep a stack of paper for “coupons” and a stack of plain paper for important things to print.

  • Stephanie

    My printer allows me to reuse the cutoff sheets so I’ve been lucky. I also print on the back of used/scrap paper if there’s not too much writing on one side. Recycle, recycle, recycle.

  • LisaCT

    I have a Canon Pix MG5220, no matter how many times I put in grayscale, all my coupons print in color 🙁

    • Cathy M

      LisaCT – I have a lexmark s505 and spent 1.5 hours on the phone with their customer service because even though I had my settings on black and white my coupons print in color! Your printer might have the same issue as mine, which is if the website controls the printing options then you cannot over ride it. The only time I get b & w coupons is if when I hit print I get the printer options pop up. I hope that makes sense =) I would say I wasted 1.5 hours of my time on the phone, but they called me back a few days later and offered me a free black ink cartridge for not being happy.

      • Brian E.

        Thanks for this tip. I have been wondering if the websites or coupon activators are the reason I cannot get certain coupons to print in B&W. I think there might be an operating system or browser issue as well since I can print a coupon in B&W on my computer (WinXP & Firefox) and then my wife’s laptop (Windows Vista & Internet Explorer) prints the same coupon in color. I spent over 30 minutes on 2 separate occasions trying to force it to print B&W only. Grr!!

        • Chrissy

          I was having the same problems with my HP printer. I tried setting it to print in B&W only, but was still getting coupons in color! I ended up going into the printer and faxes option, selected my printer, and actually changed it in the master settings…Now my printer prints in B&W, coupons.com, smartsource, all of them! I’d try doing that to see if it works…HTH!

    • Lucy

      I had the same issue. You have to change your default setting. It’s a separate tab.

    • Maan

      Change printer settings on devices and printers.

  • Kathy

    My store here in Ct told me if it was not in color that it was photo copied. I showed them that the pin numbers were all different but they said they were looking for the water mark on them. It does not print I think when it is in black in white does it?

    • Maan

      where in ct is this? Ive had that happen once, but the next day the same cashier may have learned that black and white is ok, she allowed me to use the coupons, no problem.

  • michele

    Also if you r in need of a new printer always make sure it feeds from t bottom, paper laying flat, it never jams. Not to mention it will last forever. The older your machine t cheaper t ink gets, LOL.

  • kc

    I set my printer so that I can preview the page before it prints. If I see there is an ad underneath, I know to cancel the document as soon as the coupon prints (and I don’t waste ink by printing the whole ad on the rest of the page.)

  • Shanta

    hi Cindy, great advice on printing. And when we get those coupons from Facebook, etc and it only prints one coupon. I use those 3/4 sheets of paper for my shopping lists!!!!!

  • Vic

    I switched over to a wireless laser printer three months ago after a I saw it on sale on this site. No one has ever given me any problems about having all my coupons in black and white. The coupons actually come out sharper in laser than in inkjet because there is no ink bleed. Laser has also saved me a ton of cash in ink. I print a few dozen coupons a week and use it for household printing chores and I’m still on the starter toner (rated for 700 pages) after three months! The full sized toner is rated for 2600 pages and only costs $45.

    I also keep all the half sheets of paper as scrap paper to take notes or make lists on. I take a whole pile of half sheets, trim them to the same size and clip them together with a binder clip to make myself a little notebook. The mini clipboards from Staples work great too.

    One of the best ways to save money on paper is by buying it for next to nothing. Check out the sales at Staples and Office Depot and you can get printer paper for free or close to free. I usually get it at Staples when there is a
    “free after rebate” or “one cent after rebate” deal for a ream of paper.

  • Kristine

    After my coupon prints out I hit cancel if Im printing only one….this way I don’t get the ad….I hate it when they make you wast the ink!!

  • Diana

    I do another thing to save on printing – After I set my ink to black only, set the quality to fast draft. I uses less ink & prints faster. I retired from teaching & rather than tossing old worksheets, I brought them home and use the backs for printing coupons!

  • debbie b

    i just turn the paper over after printing 1 coup and the next one prints on the opposite side. this is good for the coups that come with the ad under it, then i at least have 2 on a page

  • Shery

    I have an online store so I use a laser printer and I purchase recycled toner cartridges from Amazon for about $12 and they last a very long time!

  • Amelia Irish

    My friend gave me a black and whit laser jet HP with toner in it and I have already printed at least 100 things, I love it so much and started to print my coupons once again. I will save the 3/4 sheet and just print on it again, or cut into scraps for phone notes or reminders

  • lovin

    If I only can print one coupon on a page, I put the extra paper in the basket for the kids to color on.

  • KV

    I have the same printer, and to save even more money I buy the TN450 toner cartridges from Amazon for about $10 a piece. There not name brand however they work just fine. 🙂

  • james

    hi all

    i have the brother HL-2240. i started to print coupons in april 2013. i went through my first toner cartridge in a few weeks. when i was talking with the guy in the computer store he told me why replace the cartridge. just buy more toner and refill it. so he sold me a 3pk of toner bottles (16oz each) for $15. 18 months later i am still printing from the first bottle and i only use about half of the bottle. i do a lot of printing too. i print around 60 coupons a week. i have also printed over 200 in a week before. toner is the way to go.

    in my 19 months of using coupons twice did a cashier question the coupon. i don’t want to sound mean but both times the cashier was over 40 and not the sharpest tool in the shed. i didn’t mind it just gave me a chance to show them how they could tell a good coupon from a bad one. plus most of us do our shopping in the same stores so the employees will get to know you if you are friendly with them. i always say hello to them. make small talk and i almost never have any trouble with my coupons (only scanning with some).

    sometimes i get cashier asking me if they can check me out because they want to see how much i save. LOL.

    • Sandy

      I have 3 Brothers also (hl 2140, 2240 & 5470DW) I buy cartridges on Ebay and Amazon Marketplace for around $7. In case u didn’t know on the toner cartridges there are 2 little see thru windows on each side. Cover them up with black electrical tape or anything of the sort when u get that msg. to replace cartridge and you’ll get another few hundred copies. (Read about this on Amazon years ago and worlds like a dream!)

      • gb

        and how do you know when it is finally really out? something prints faded out or invisible?

        • Sandy

          Machine will blink to replace cartridge (won’t print as you will get error).

  • Maan

    I buy cheap ink for my epson printer(which I picked up from someone’s trash) its like $1 per ink, which lasts me around 4months, I print around 70 coupons per week, maybe more (since we have 5 computers)

    I have it set on black and white, always have a preview on and reduces the coupon size by 10% (It actually scans better than the actual sized coupons, which tends to be blurry sometimes)

    • MisterBill

      Yeah, I had a Canon printer that took really cheap ink, and then I would trade the empties in to Staples for a $2 credit! But Staples now requires you to spend $30 on ink every 6 months to get the recycling credit. And my Canon printer died. My HP doesn’t like remanufactured cartridges (I haven’t tried and could probably find some that work) but the $60 I spent a year on ink lets me get $480 per year in ink rewards from Staples (20 per month for Premier members). I buy bulk empty ink cartridges on ebay for around 15c/cartridge. It works pretty well for me :-). And the cartridges seem to last a fairly long time.

      • Terry A

        Hey MisterBill, just wondering if the cartridges that you buy from Ebay have to be the same kind that you purchase from Staples in order to send for ink rewards?

        • MisterBill

          Nope, any brand. Cashiers don’t even check. I put 20 in a produce bag from a supermarket and tie it shut. At the moment I’m trading in Epson cartridges that I bought 300 of.

  • MisterBill

    If you clicked thru from the link on this website, then if you reload the same URL it should be on top again. otherwise it should be at the end of the list if you’ve already printed it once.

  • MisterBill

    Caution: this posting all applies to Windows (7). I have no idea how to do it on a Mac.

    I always keep my printer paused. Then when I “print” a coupon it doesn’t really print and I can tell from the file size if it’s a normal coupon only file or if it has an ad. (typically 339k or 340k from coupons dotcom). When I have a bunch of coupons that I decide to actually print, I figure out what sort of paper I need and reuse saved remaining parts of sheets I’ve printed other coupons on. I load the appropriate paper size for each coupon that I am going to print.

    I do not have an immediate need for the coupon then I pause printing on the file (right mouse ->pause printing) so it does not print when the printer is un-paused. If you double-click on the print job from the “see what’s printing” window for the printer a box opens with info about the scheduling all of which is useless. However there is a Notify field that you can enter text in. I put information in there to say what the coupon is. Then I can hold onto the coupon without printing it AND I can figure out what it is when I need it later on. If I never end up needing it I just cancel the print job and don’t waste any paper.

    Given how easy it is to make a good quality copy of a coupon that has already printed I don’t understand the reasoning behind not allowing people to print coupons to a PDF printer like PDFCreator. That would make life MUCH easier. I suppose it would make them easier to share and sell as well so maybe that’s the reasoning.

    Off topic: what I do with reusing paper is probably overly extreme given that I easily have over 100 reams of paper in my house that I’ve gotten free at Staples since my synagogue has too much paper and is no longer taking my donations. I need to find a local business who wants to buy from me (in Westchester, if anyone knows of one).

    • Harry

      have you tested pausing across reboots? – if that works perfect because I do shutdown my PC at night.

      • MisterBill

        Yes, it works fine across reboots. The only problem I’ve encountered was the one time I let some HP software upgrade my printer driver. Without asking me, it deleted my existing printer, and my print queue with it. I was NOT happy.

  • MisterBill

    BTW I strongly disagree with suggestion #1 above. Ink costs MUCH more than paper. Print only what you need or realistically think that you can use. And the remainder of the sheet can generally be reused for other coupons if you know they do not need a full sheet.

  • Marla Hughes

    I’m just getting back into couponing but I’ve found that I can “Print to file”, which I set to show up as a shortcut on my Desktop, open the files in a word processing program (Open Office is my preference), rearrange the coupons through copy and paste and then print as many pages as they take up.

  • Rena Ball

    I print on front and back without cutting the coupon off first. Watch out for the occasional coupon that prints at the bottom of the page instead of the top, like Zest soap. 🙁 Also, the $0.01 reams of paper at Staples are great!