Lowes: 50% off Hanging Flower Baskets Clearance Find!

Lowes: 50% off Hanging Flower Baskets

If you are looking for some hanging baskets to finish off your spring flower garden then Lowes might be the best place to check! Clearance deals may vary, but you may find 50% off Hanging Flower Baskets at your local Lowes Stores! Take a trip over because these Beautiful Cocoa Basket Flower Baskets are market down from $30 to $15!

Let us know if you find these on clearance at your Lowes!

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Thanks Dee for the clearance find!

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  • Awesome! Will have to check this out tomorrow!

  • Wendy

    I worked as a live nursery specialist at lowes for many years. Any clearance on plants like that is individual to the store – when plants are “past prime” for display or if they have not gotten watered enough,etc. – it is up to each Garden Centers’ Dept. Mgr to mark them down – depending on how bad they are and if they are perennials or annuals, etc. you can get them up to 90% off at times. But again, this is completely individual to each store – just an FYI.

    • Dee2

      Wendy – That is often true at my local Lowes. Not this time, though. The photo Cindy posted is of one of the baskets I bought yesterday. It certainly is not past its prime and would cost me a lot more than $15 to buy all of those annuals to fill a basket that size. I was very excited and got two.
      I’m willing to spend money on good perennials. But I love a bargain on annuals and thought I would have to wait until after Memorial Day.

      • Jessie

        Hi Dee,

        I think that Wendy just meant not to necessarily expect other stores to have the same deal because the sales are not company-wide, not that your flowers were dying 🙂

  • I didn’t know that Lowe’s had a clearance section until last Saturday when I stopped by to buy some flowers. As I was walking out I spotted the Clearance Section and would you believe there were the same flowers that I was buying at 75% off. They needed a little TLC which I have given them over the last couple of days but now they are gorgeous and getting ready to blossom 🙂

    • Arielle

      I found the same thing at my Lowe’s a few weeks ago! I went in to buy soil and found the clearance rack. Most of the items weren’t in salvageable shape, but they had pansies for $.30 each that still had unopened blossoms on them! I picked one up and within three days it bloomed beautifully.

      Sometimes even if the plant is dead the clearance rack is worth it: I’ve found houseplants marked down to $1.00 and the leftover pot is worth more than that.

  • Ann

    I discovered the clearance section last year and it is hit or miss. I purchased a number of plants that were in decent condition for nearly nothing. They all bounced back with a little TLC. About half of the plants I purchased grow back each year and are doing wonderful in my garden. I remember coming home with 15 plants for under $5 one time! Again, it all depends on the day.

  • Jen

    Hi guys I got hanging baskets at Shoprite for 5.20 yesterday they were 60 percent off. HTH