New $1/1 MorningStar Farms Coupon = $1.75 at ShopRite and A&P!

New MorningStar Farms Coupon

There is an awesome new MorningStar Farms coupon available.  The coupon is for $1 off any MorningStar Farms Veggie Foods.

Print: MorningStar Farms Coupon

Remember there is a catalina deal going on right now:

MorningStar Farms Veggie Foods Products
4/16 – 5/13
Buy 3 Get a $2 Catalina
Buy 4 Get a $3 Catalina
Buy 5 or more Get a $4 Catalina

Available at: A&P, Acme, Genuardis, Kings, Pathmark, Price Chopper, ShopRite, Stop & Shop and other stores

ShopRite (ends 5/5) and A&P (ends 5/3) have the MorningStar Farms Products on sale this week for $3.50.

Here is your deal:

Buy 4 MorningStar Farms $3.50 each
-(4)$1/1 MorningStar Farms Coupons
Pay: $10
Get a $3 Catalina
$1.75 each after coupons & catalina

For Price Chopper shoppers, with your triple coupons and the catalina offer, you can score a sweet deal there as well!

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  • Loretta

    There’s also another $1/1 MorningStar coupon if your a savings club member 🙂

  • Julianna

    This catalina deal is going on at Tops as well and with our dollar doubler coupons this week it’s going to be a great deal!

  • Carla

    Thank you SO much for this deal!! This is one happy veggie girl! Now only if I had more than 2 computers 😉

  • Laura S

    Anyone know how much they are at Price Chopper? I know they were on sale 2/$7 last week. Not sure if they still are.

  • Danni M.

    There was also an Ecoupon ShopRite’s website a few weeks ago for $1.oo off any 2 Morningstar Farms products. I don’t know if it’s still available or not.

    • Michelle B

      I don’t know if you’re still able to clip it but it is still valid…bought morningstar today and the ecoupon came off 🙂

  • Betty

    Cindy your gonna love this!i just came back from SR and I got 4 Morningstar and received 1-3.00 and 1-2.00 Catalina! So 1.25 each after cats!

    • Cindy

      Oh wow. Did you buy anything else besides the MorningStar? I’m not sure what the $2 is from. What did it say on the catalina?

      • Betty

        They both say thank you from Morningstar!

        • aimee

          That’s awesome Betty. I wish I will get those too when I buy them tomorrow.Thanks for letting us know.

          • Purvi Naik

            I also went to shoprite today and only bought one morning star prodcut (chicken stripes) and got $2 catalina back. Machine also printed coupon for $1 off on 2 morning star products. I am going back tomorrow to get some more.

            • BETTY

              wow thats great!Wish i had more qs!

              • Purvi Naik

                So I went to shoprite again to get more morning star veggie products. It turned out to be a good deal. I bought two spicy black bean burgers and one chicken stripes and used $2 catalina received yesterday from buying morning star chicken stripes and used two $1 manufucture coupon. Somehow today my $1 off ecoupon also came off so paid $6.50 and received $2 dollar catalina. I also got printout saying that buy one morning star frams veggie products through 6/30 and get $2 reward back.

                So it is not producing more rewards if you are buying more than one morning star products.

                • Purvi Naik

                  sorry I paid $5.50 not $6.50.

                • Kate

                  I think that’s because you’ve used it once already, not because you bought more than one item.

  • Betty

    My hubby is very happy! He said can you get more coupons!

    • Loretta

      if your a savings member there’s another $1/1 coupon. What does the $2 catalina say on it?

      • BETTY

        It says thankyou from mornngstar!What zipcode?Cant seem to find it!

  • Michelle B

    Ugh! Just got back from my shoprite…tried to do this deal but my catalina didn’t print!! I bought 5 products in one transaction and got nothing. Went to customer service and they said there’s no record of any morningstar farms catalinas! I said, you have the sign up right on the shelf and she said no, I was wrong.
    Eventually I got a manager and he gave me a $4 swiffer catalina (?!!) to make up for it but I was really hoping to stock up with this catalina offer and now I’m afraid to even try it again

    • BETTY

      If it helps i bought 1 soy crumble,1 spicy black bean burger,1- grillers original ,and 1 garden veggie patty!

    • aimee

      I’ve done this deal many times and the catalina always printed except when my husband did it. I called Catalina marketing and they said that the cat machine ran out of paper so they’ll be mailing the $3 cat to me. This deal is not a store catalina that’s why Shoprite didn’t have a record of it.

      • michelle

        i know it’s catalina, and not shoprite but shoprite customer service has a binder with all of catalina’s deals in there and if there’s a problem with one printing they look it up in the book, scan the barcode and out prints your catalina…this one wasn’t in their book
        maybe his catalina machine was just out of paper and he didn’t know? i guess i’ll try again tomorrow. such a great savings for my vegetarian family, i hate to miss out

  • Peg

    Went to shoprite last night. I did not purchase any morningstar products but with my receipt printed this….
    “Buy ONE or more MorningStar Farms veggie foods products in this store using your frequent shopper card now through 6/30/12 And get a $2.00 reward that can be used on your next shopping trip”

    • Kate

      Yep, I got the same thing at Stop & Shop today! I guess we get 2 catalinas if we buy 3 or more. But I assume this $2 for buying one will only work once?