New $1/1 Tyson Fresh Chicken Coupon!

New Tyson Chicken Coupon

Update:  The coupon states, at the bottom of the page, that it is only valid in select Texas markets however the coupon itself does not state that.  Some sites are claiming that the Remit Address (or clearinghouse address) is different then regular Tyson Coupons so retailers out of that market will not get reimbursed.  I pulled out some Tyson Coupons from my local NJ inserts and they state the exact same Remit Address as this coupon. 

At this point, everything on the coupon looks to have no restrictions so I’m honestly not sure why there are restrictions outside of the coupon itself.

Woohoo!  There is a new Tyson Chicken Coupon available.  The coupon is for $1 off any Tyson Fresh Chicken.  Coupon states “available at Walmart” but is a regular manufacturer coupon and can be used anywhere (see update above)

Print: Tyson Chicken Coupon

Coupons may reach their print limit quickly. If this coupon is no longer available, be sure to check the LRWC Coupon Database for other great coupons.

Thanks coupons&freebiesintexas!

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  • Mark

    Thanks. I rarely see a coupon like this.

  • Meggan

    It says only redeemable in several Texas markets….

    • Jennifer

      mine does too!!!

    • Cindy

      There is no restriction on the actual coupon so I’m not quite sure why it states that at the bottom of the page. If they were restricting the coupon for use in certain markets, it should say that right on the coupon itself. I’ve honestly never a seen a coupon print with a restriction outside of the coupon.

  • Mary

    Mine says it also !! Wonder if I can use this in N.Y. or Pa?

  • Laura S

    love love coupons like these. Wish I could print more then 2. Thanks Cindy!!

  • Shanta

    Should I or shouldn’t I….I tend to pass on these coupons because my regular stores will not accept a coupon with another’s stores’ name on it.

    • Shey

      Try going thru self checkout. I do this when a coupon states that it is “available at walmart” etc. and the coupon goes through just fine.

      • Shanta

        Thanks for the tip Shey….lol:)

  • weezamama

    FYI Prints w/an ad @ bottom.

  • kaitlyn

    welll now i am def confused. Mine seems to be fine, I think I am going to try to use it. Hopefully this will be ok because this is a great coupon!

  • Sandy

    Great find. Coupon expires 10/1/12

  • Lisa

    I printd the coupon and the only part that says WALMART is at the bottom, not even part of the coupon. So just cut the coupon out and WALMART won’t be on the page.

  • Karen

    It doesn’t state restrictions on the actual coupon so that shouldn’t matter. Also, It doesn’t state ONLY available at WalMart. I use this type of coupon at the commissary.