New $2 off $5 Red Mango Coupon – Yum!

New Red Mango Coupon

Woohoo!  There is an awesome Red Mango Coupon available.  The coupon is for $2 off a $5 purchase at Red Mango and was found at zip code: 07039

Print: Red Mango Coupon (07039)

If you have never been to Red Mango, just a word of advice…they charge by weight so be careful or you will wind up with a yogurt that cost you $9.  Not that I ever did that before.  I was hungry I guess 😉

Check out the Red Mango Store Locations near you.

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  • LOVE RED MANGO!! 🙂 there is one at the cherry hill mall btw.. also new york

  • Jill

    Woohoo is right! There’s a location right by me on Pier Village, on the ocean.

  • toby

    i think we were at a red mango that didnt charge by weight, the ppl made your portion for you in diff sized cups. this was in the mall though so maybe diff from their stand alone stores. great stuff though! yum!

  • Suzanne

    My yogurt is often 6-8.00, but I also do the parfait cup, and fill at least half with Fresh raspberries and strawberries. I use my Club Mango card and get points and discounts.