Reader Shopping Trips: Free Samples!

Steph sent a picture of a bunch of freebies she got over the past few months just from  filling out the free sample forms that are posted! Check out all the free samples available and you can get a bunch of items for free too!


Be sure to check out the all of the Freebies that are available! 

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  • Jocelyn A

    I love it!!!

  • Steph S.

    Thanks for featuring me! Free samples are awesome and there’s been some great ones 🙂

  • Matthew

    It’s nice to see SOMEONE got the ‘free’ Domino’s pizza!!

  • loves coupons

    Are the stella chalice still available? I would love to get one.

    • Steph S.

      The promotion ended on April 30th. My boyfriend was the one who told me about it, so he and I both tried for one and lucked out. He uses the website for some freebies

  • kathleen

    I have a chalice from the promotion- I just received it the other day in the mail.
    Are you in NY? You can have this one

  • rj

    what is that crown royal thing? and where did u get it?

    • Steph S.

      It was custom labels on the Crown Royal website. I think they were giving away 5 free, no purchase necessary. The promotion may still be going on….

  • Shannon F

    I recently got the cute Target makeup bag with decent freebies inside too and this time the coupon inserts werent expired haha its so cute! I also got a coupon in the mail a few months ago for FREE John Freida hair color!! FREE!!!
    Love freebies on products I use!!