Recipe: Cranberry Sherbet

Cranberry Sherbert Image Courtesy of Taste of Home.

Recipe: Cranberry Sherbet

Did you score some Free Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice at CVS this week?  The BOGO Free Ocean Spray Juice Coupon that was available to print last week makes for lots of good deals at other stores this week as well.  With summer just about here and a nice long holiday weekend coming up, I thought this might be a good recipe to try out for your weekend picnics.


Recipe: Cranberry Sherbet

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  • Eric in NJ

    Oh geez Cindy, I’m about to do something I vowed to never do after my childhood ridiculing…it’s sherbet.

    I was tortured by the ice cream shoppe’s cashiers as a child…”We don’t have SURE BURT, we only have sherbet.” By the time I figured it out, I relegated myself to ‘rainbow ice cream.’

    My love for italian ice never stood a chance, I was too traumatized! ;p

    • Cindy

      LOL funny story. I have only ever called it Sure Burt. Who says Sher Bet? Certainly no one from New Jersey 😉

      • Eric in NJ

        It must be in the Snooty Ice Cream Cashier Union’s handbook. If anywhere has one, it’s NJ! I kid, I try to keep up the anti-NJ hysteria…it keeps it more peaceful here.

  • jen

    Has anyone found the cherry flavor at CVS? I checked several and none had it. However like you said can score some cheap juice elsewhere!

  • Alison

    I can’t find it either ! Please someone tell me where to buy ! I tried Nutley cvs and Clifton and neither had the cherry ugh !!

  • Katrina

    I’m in Illinois but the 2 CVS stores I went to also didn’t have the Cherry flavor. Judging by the comments listed I’m guessing CVS doesn’t carry it.

  • Evonne

    I tried 3 in south jersey and none have cherry either

  • Alison

    I went to a cvs in bogota today by work none there either. I guess we have to give up on cvs I’m in agreement… I don’t think they carry it