Reminder: Use Your ShopRite Family Rewards Points

ShopRite Family Rewards

ShopRite Family Rewards program rewards you for buying products from their participating brands: Kraft, Kellogg’s, Nestle, ConAgra, Campbells and more. Simply sign up and earn points each time you purchase a product from a participating brand.   You don’t even have to track it because your points print out at the bottom of your receipt. Points can be redeemed at the ShopRite Family e-store for dollars off your shopping order, the latest music downloads, gift cards and more! It’s simple and easy.

Hurry over and use your current points which expire 5/26.

Whoohoo.  I just logged into my account and had $365.46 ShopRite Family points to redeem!  I chose to redeem $6.00 off my next shopping trip to ShopRite as my reward, which “cost” me $300 in points.  I was just shy of the $400 needed to redeem $8.00 off my next order.  What a nice surprise to use with the ShopRite Super Coupons I just printed!  What are you redeeming with your points?

Thanks for the reminder, Kathy!

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  • 0246

    If you ‘redeem’ your points for $ off your next shopping trip, do you then need to shop before Saturday or will it hold and you can use it when you shop again?

  • RJ

    I have 600 points. I was wondering if anyone knows for future points using If i could use my points more than once

    I.e- if I have 600 points but use 200 worth of points one transaction then use another 200 points for another transaction then the rest of 200 on another … Anyone know? TIA

    • Rocky

      You can’t use your points more than once. You can, though, redeem them in chunks like you mentioned, 200 at a time, but, in between, you have to shop, or, they have nothing to come off of before you redeem your next 200. And, since these have to be redeemed by the 26th, you would have to do all this (redeem/shop/redeem/shop/redeem) by the 26th. For the last redemption, I think you can shop after the 26th, but, the ones showing as available now, can only be redeemed until the 26th.

      Also, keep in mind that, this month, you are also still earning toward the new quarter which began sometime around Apr. 28th’ish. Those points can’t be redeemed until after the 26th of this month. For now, you can see that amount under the Your Account tab.

  • Kristine

    Cash back always! I tell everyone about the free cash that shoprite gives out….luv this program….thanks Cindy for alllllll you do!!!!

    When you redeem your points your cash comes off the very next time u use your card.

    • Rocky

      Just a reminder for folks, though – they do not give you the cash as change/money, it applies as overage to other items in your order. So, you must purchase something/s of that value for it to apply to, because they won’t give you the actual cash to make up the difference and you could lose some of the value.

  • Alison

    Last time I logged on I could not redeem my 100+ points. I used to be able to use 100 PTA to get $2 off. 🙁 now I don’t web get that option

    • Brianne

      Me too!! I am so mad because I have 123 pts that I need to redeem before May 26th but I can’t cause the minimum is 200 now. It’s not fair :-/

    • Rocky

      It seems they did away with the 100 points option and the new minimum is now 200 points. This happened a few weeks ago when they made changes to the rewards program. I am not a happy camper, either!

      • Jenn

        Same here. I have only 159 points and can’t use them. And they’ve been at that amount for some time. I don’t think any points have been added to my account in a month. I check every week when I log in to do my Shop from Home. I don’t understand that since I spend approx $130 every week.

        • shita

          same with me. i called the shoprite 1800 number. i have 156 point and explain to them i used to able to redeem every 100 point for $2. They will bump it up to 200 point for you. since, they changed the min. without any notification. But only for this time. good luck!

        • Rocky

          The reason they have been at that point for some time is because those points are from the last earnings quarter which ended on April 28. From that time until May 26, you can’t earn/add to that ‘old’ quarter, you just get to redeem your points (if you have enough to redeem, of course).

          The good news is that, from April 29, on, you WERE still earning, you were just earning for the new quarter, not that old one. The confusing part is that you don’t automatically see those new earnings on the main screen when you log into your account. You have to click on the My Account tab once you are logged in. There, you will see both totals. The total left from the last quarter, which you can redeem until May 26, AND, the new earnings you have built up since April 29, but, that you cannot yet redeem.

          Once this redemption period is up (after May 26), you will see the new earnings on the first screen when you log in.

          This ‘new’ quarter’s accumulation/earnings period ends on 7/28/12. You will then have until 8/25/12 to redeem these points. During the time period from 7/28 to 8/25, your purchases will be earning / accumulating, but, you again won’t see them unless you click on the My Account tab after logging in (and, you won’t be able to use those until after 8/25).

          But, if you do go into My Account and don’t see your new earnings, then you should call the 800 numbers. I recall another post from a week or two ago, where a couple of peoples’ points were not accumulating correctly and it did take the 800 folks to help get it corrected.


          • Jenn

            Thanks Rocky and Shita! I appreciate your help. I will give them a call this morning.

            • Jenn

              Just called them. Shita, they told me what you said but they woman I spoke with couldn’t add the points for me now. But she did add them to the next cycle so I won’t lose them. Yay!! Thanks again Rocky and Shita.

    • June

      What a bummer, maybe someone can let Shoprite know that we have some 100+ pointers would like to redeem our points. I should use those points as soon as I had 100. I remember there was still an option for $2 off for 100 points. Now all our points is going to waste tomorrow!

  • Jay

    Thanks, I has 4 $, 🙂


  • cathy

    what do i do to redeem my shop rite points. what website do i go to?

    sorry for a stupid question but i never did this before


    • Kabby

      Click on the “Shoprite Family Rewards” in the body of the post that Cindy posted (It is highlighted in red)…it should take you directly to site where you have to sign in.
      I used $12 towards my daughters Birthday ice cream cake this afternoon.

    • Rocky

      Keep in mind, though, Cathy, that if you did not already sign up for the Family Rewards program, you will not have earned anything. I’m not sure if you have done this, already, so, thought I would mention it, just in case!

      Unfortunately, the program is not automatic just because someone has a PP card. You have to sign up to join the program, online (you will need your PP card number), and, then, sign into your account whenever you want to check your totals. The accumulation total also prints on your receipt each time you shop.

      If you lose the link that Cindy supplied, you can always go to, click on the Online Services tab on the Toolbar, click on ShopRite Family Rewards and it will take you to the page to sign into your account.

  • Melissa

    Since the beginning of the year I have no gotten any new points, I have emailed Shoprite many times about this but I never hear back from them. Any pointers to help me get this one figured out.

    • Laura D.

      Try updating your information and make sure everything is filled out. Otherwise unsubscribe and then subscribe all over again. Last but not least get a new PP card and start the whole process over again. Sorry to hear you’ve been having such a hard time. I had a very difficult time with the ecoupons then I cancelled them and restarted the process with the original PP card and now they always work. HTH!!
      Good Luck!!

      • Melissa

        thanks Laura!

  • Angela

    Thanks so much for the reminder!! Savings $6 tomorrow!! 🙂

  • Mike C

    I had 982 points and redeemed them for $18 off!!!!

    • Bill

      Wow! What have you been buying???

  • Bill

    I just called. I had 68 points in the old program (expiring tomorrow) . She said if I had over 100 in the old program, she would have moved them over or she would have bumped me to 200 if I were close to that. But because I only had 68 and would not have been able to redeem anyway, she could not (would not) do anything.

  • amy

    I had 181.33 in points and I just called and the very nice lady on the phne added 20 points so I can redeem!!!!!! I wouldn’t have even thought to call them….THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Darlene

    Yay….thanks for the reminder….just redeemed for $10. off my order 🙂 This will go along nicely with the $9. in cats I have today!!