ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 5/13/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 5/13/12

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  • Linda Hughes

    First! Thanks 🙂

  • Karen

    Thanks for the matchups.

    I am so excied about the stoneyfield yogurt. I missed getting them the last time at Stop & Shop.

    Can I use both the $2 kingsford coupon and the b1 Kingsford, get 1 hidden valley dressing on the same item at Shop Rite?

    • I was wondering the same thing about the hidden valley free coupon…

  • karen

    tk u 🙂 happy mothers day!!

  • Noelle L.

    Isn’t there a coupon for the Simply potatoes on that makes them free?

    • Andrea

      Coupon was for 16 oz steamables product–not the same as the Simply Potatoes included in 4 Day sale. 🙁

    • Lesley

      If it is the same Simply Potatoes coupon that I printed, than it is for the 16oz. They are also the ones that are steamed in the bag…the ones on sale are for 20 ounces I think and are not the steamable ones.

  • Andrea

    Does anyone know how much the V8 smoothies cost?

  • Joanna

    There is also a coupon for $1/3 Stonyfield Organic Oikos Greek Yogurt in the May Live Right issue

    • 0246

      yup, was just going to say this!

      • Jaye

        Can you use the live right coupons them with the manufacturer’s coupons?

        • Julie

          If the Live Right coupons are coded as a Shoprite coupon, then you should be able to stack them.

  • Michelle

    What is everyone using their Nestle $5.00 off coupons on?

    • Elena P

      Last week i bought a Nescafe coffee!! was $5.99!! i am getting the same this week!! Or you can search Nestle products to see the full list of Nestle products (ex. Bryers ice cream and many more )!!

    • Jen

      If this helps I had two for this week and two for next week. I bought 2 Nerds movie theater boxes and a 34 lb bag of Purina Dog Chow, and it went though just fine no beeps. I really needed dog food we just used the last of it from the big pet food sale a couple months ago. HTH HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYBODY!!!!!!

    • rosanne

      Got Gerber baby food 🙂

      • Eileen @QponPrincess

        all you need is one item even a cheap one to allow the cats to work, last week i needed to buy more digiornos for a party, i had a $1.50/2 i forgot to use the week before, so I used that and the 2 nestle cats on two pizzas

        this week ill prob grab a nestle theater box and apply the rest to everything else

        • Dana C

          My SR, you don’t need anything and it will go through.

        • Jodi

          At my SR in East Windsor, some of the cashiers are checking now. For the one a few months ago with the pet items I actually spent more than $5, but used a coupon so she was going to downgrade the $5 cat to whatever was left – I think $3 and change. I had to have her take my coupon off to get the full $5 off. Not all of the cashiers do this, but she called over the front end person who tends to be pretty good about coupons and she said this was the SR policy.

      • Andrea

        I got 10 of the gerber grads lil’ meals $1.19 ea and I used a $.75/2 I had and $5 nestle cat and a $4 cat printed from buying 10 meals.

  • megan

    is that speed stick coupon valid at shoprite? it says only at your local CVS but it says nothing about CVS on the actual coupon. I printed two and i really need deodrant.

    • Janelle S

      I used 8 of these coupons at ShopRite the last time they were on sale for $1.19 making them free……Just be careful some one last time said their ShopRite wouldn’t let them use it on the Lady Speed Stick….I bought the mens deodorant(I have tons of womens) and they scanned fine

      • megan

        Ok thank you. The lady speed stick is actually what i want to buy so i will just try it and hope it works.

        • Dee2

          It worked for me the last time on Lady Speed Stick

          • Debbie

            It beeped on the lady speed stick for me but the cashier put it through.

  • Mary

    Thank you !!!!

  • ok so zest body wash is on sale this week for 2.49 and there is a coupon in smartsource this week .50 off coupon 1.49 final price

  • Ana

    *******For the Pantene Deal can you do this: BUY 4 pantene @ $5.77= 23.08 use (2) BOGO and (1) $3/2………… TOTAL : OOP– $8.54 and get back $5.00 Catalina.

    • Kabby

      Check out Rite aid pantene deal.

    • Michelle

      You can only use the two BOGO or one BOGO and one $3/2. You can’t use more coupons than the amount of items you have.

      • Michelle O.

        for some reason my pathmark always lets me do the above, for example with both 2 BOGO and $3/2. Im afraid to say something… I like the extra discount.

        • Roslyn

          Some let you, and some don’t. My SR will not let me use a BOGO and a $ off coup…but a few of my Walmarts, and Pathmark will. Win some…lose some!

      • Annie

        You can’t use one BOGO and the $3/2 because both coupons attach to both items. If you had a BOGO and a $1/1 you could use both depending on the coding of the BOGO. You can use two BOGO’s and the $3/2 because the $3/2 attaches to the second item that each BOGO is getting you for free. If the coding were different on the BOGO you wouldn’t be able to use any additional coupons with it. Some stores won’t allow it anyway, depending on their individual policies.
        I plan on trying to use 2 BOGO’s and (1) $3/2 since I have heard that more than one CAT is printing in a single transaction. So I’m hoping for this deal: 4 Pantene @ 4.99, use (2) BOGO & (1) $3/2 = $6.98, get back (2) $5.00 CAT’s. So $3.02 MM after coupons and catalinas.

        • Jill

          Annie did you try the deal..?? Please let us know if it worked..

    • Jenn

      Does the Pantene catalina deal work on the 12.6 oz size? Thanks

      • Kera

        I didnt see the pantene catalina deal in my sales flyer… is it one thats not advertised?? Im in CT and wanted to try this tomorrow! Im almost out of both!

  • Michelle G

    You can’t use a BOGO and $$ off coupon together at Shoprite. It is one or the other. Ana in your case you would have to buy 6 Pantene’s to use all 3 coupons.

    • Dana C

      I’ve used 1 BOGO and 2 – $ off coupons on 2 items at SR before it had no problems.

    • MARY

      you can @ my ShopRite

    • Linda

      It worked for me today!

  • Jess

    There was an ad in my flyer for $3 catalina when you buy two huggies swimmers…so it would look like this
    7.99 + 7.99 – (2) $1/1 = OOP 13.99 – $3 catalina = 5.49 each

    • Beth G.

      Thanks… what were the dates for this cat?

  • Marie

    Can you do the Pantene deal more than once in a day?


    • SuzyQ

      Yes, you can. I just rolled mine this morning.

    • Denise

      i did it 5 times this morning… no problems, same pp card

      • Haseena

        Did you do separate transactions? I would like to know if I can buy 4 and get two $5 cats.

        • Laura D.

          Must be separate transactions.

          • Monika

            So, does it mean that we need to buy 2 at a time with BOGO Coupons?

            • Laura D.

              Yes, exactly! I did 2 consecutive transactions so I didn’t have to play musical registers today. I paid for the first 2 with the BOGO, then paid for the 2nd 2 with the BOGO & cat. I just told the cashier I needed to do 2 separate transactions. No problems at all.

              • Laura D.

                Whoops, first transaction $4.99 + $0.70 tax. Is exactly what I paid. Second transaction, $0.69.

                • Monika

                  Thnx a lot Laura

            • Haseena

              I bought 4 last night with 2 BOGO coupons in one transaction and got 2 $5 cats.

              • Eileen @QponPrincess

                thanks for posting, that was my question 🙂

        • Linda

          I did one trans. This morning and bought 4 Pantene and got 2 &5 cats.

    • Jen G

      YES! I bought 8 in one transaction, used 1 $10 off $50, paid with the $10 cat from last week, paid $13 OOP and got back 4 $5 cats!

      • Stephanie

        I bought 10…5 different transactions…and earned an 8 Catalina towards the health and beauty offer they run….They paid me $4 to take them away!

  • Joe

    There is aV8 Catalina as well

    • Pam

      it starts the 14th….

      • Amy

        There’s a $1/1 V-8 Smoothies on

  • Jennifer

    In CT the Barilla Plus Pasta is 2.49 not 1.99. But a good deal whoever has is at the 1.99.

    • Sam

      In Fairfield County, Barilla Plus Pasta is $1.99.

      • Jenn K

        Lucky You! The East Hartford flyer says:

        Barilla Plus Pasta, 14-oz. box, Any Variety Limit 4 Per Variety
        $2.49 with Price Plus Card

        Oh well, I have a enough pasta!

  • Mark


  • Valerie

    There is a planters peanut butter IP on the walmart website but does not state walmart on the q. The 2nd link is direct to the q but not sure if it will work for you. Otherwise use the first link and allow pop ups to get the q.

    Q is for $1 off any planters peanut butter 🙂 🙂

    • Betsy


  • Shaena

    I wonder if the Pantene deal is rolling…? I have 7 BOGO coupons and would love to stock up! Will try tomorrow and let you all know, unless anyone knows in advance this won’t work?

    • Evonne

      Yes the Pantene deal rolls !

      • AA

        What do you mean by rolling can you explain thanks??

        • Dana C

          Rolling means using the cat you received to pay for the same items, in order to get another cat.

    • Lisa

      It rolled for me too!

      • Malia

        If anyone has ONE extra BOGO Pantene coupon to spare, I would really appreciate it. I never get the P&G inserts for some reason and Pantene is my favorite shampoo. I would love to do the deal once to make sure I don’t have to buy my next shampoo 🙂

        • Malia

          Forgot to click the “notify me” box last time…

  • Anonymous

    Do you think we can use the $2 off 3 stonyfield oikos Greek yogurt also? anyone try this deal?

  • Sue

    Just used my Nestle $5 cat and didn’t have a nestle thing in the cart…forgot to get the waters on my way out…..didn’t beep…went through very easily

  • Jill

    Thanks Cindy!
    There is also a Morning Star shop rite e-coupon. Not sure if it’s NLA…but it makes the deal better. Also, there was the .80/1 the other day…

    • Cindy

      I forgot about the $0.80 coupon. Thanks.

  • TJ’s Mommy

    I’m thinking of doing the Pantene deal several times in order to get the rebate. Just wondering does anyone know if shampoo is taxed?

    • Liz Harwood

      I just got the Aqua Light Pantene $1.00 off coupon message in my email from Shoprite. Does anyone know if it is included in the sale??

      • SuzyQ

        Yes, it is!

    • Natalia

      What rebate? ?

      • Rose

        Natalia thier is a $10 rebate when you spend $50 pantene included Cindy posted the link w/the deal match up

    • In NY it is.

    • mitchell f

      NJ it is

  • kurt

    Hey folks,
    Be sure not to overlook the PRIME beef sirloin steak @ 5.99 lb.

    • Dee2

      Ours is $3.99/lb this week. Yay! We just got a new grill. 😉

  • Ellen

    can i get 4 pantenes in 1 order and use 2 bogo and still get2 5.oo ctas

    • Kathie

      Probably not.

    • Ueen


    • Linda

      Yes. I did it today.

  • McKayla

    Does anyone knows if I buy 4 pantene in one transaction, will I get back (2) $5 Catalina or i’ll only get (1) $5 Catalina?

    • Ueen


    • Eileen @QponPrincess

      someone above said she did get both cats in one transaction

  • Dyan

    Dont know if anyone else mentioned it already, but today while getting last minute stuff before this week’s sale ended…my Shoprite had Mission tortillas on display in front of the registers with $1.00 off coupons already attached to the packages. I use the Shoprite in Linden NJ.

    • My shoprite had the Mission $1.00 off coupon attached to the taco kits which are on sale this week for $1.49, I got 8 boxes for .49 cents each, great deal, love tacos in the summer … I am also in NJ..

  • Chris

    My shoprite would not let me use the $2/3 stonyfield coupon on individual items. They were going by what items were in the picture. 🙁

  • Evonne

    Pantene deal rolls !

    • Monika

      Did u buy 2 or 4 in one transaction????

  • Anonymous

    If I do the Pantene deal, how many do I have to buy to be eligible for the rebate? Does it only count what I pay OOP?

  • Mary

    The garnier may not be on shelf prices, customer service argued this with me and said i was .05 short. The girl was horrid (Nisky NY). I almost returned my whole order. Maybe back to Price Chopper for me?

    • Ueen

      What did you buy?

    • Andrea

      Who was it? I went early before cs was open and my cat didn’t print either. I’ll avoid them when I go back.

      • Mary

        it was Jahaira

        • Andrea

          Thanks I’m going now we’ll see how it goes

    • KitKat

      I tried the Garnier deal last time it was offered at SR. I should have gotten a CAT based on pre-plus price, but nothing printed. Customer service was no help. Was considering doing the Garnier Moisturizer deal this week, but worried this will happen again. What did you get and what was the $ breakdown?

      • Mary

        I got 5 shampoos at 2.99 each

      • Eileen @QponPrincess

        when a Cat doesnt print and you are sure you bought the correct items, contact catalina marketing directly, Cindy has the number here somewhere

  • SuzyQ

    I bought 2 big bottle of Pantene ProV Shampoo@$5.77, got 1x$5 back then I rolled it onto a 2nd transaction, paid $1.12 OOP and received 1x$5 for Pantene and 1x$5 for Shoprite Beauty Reward!!

    • AA

      for the pantene deal $5 cat i thought u have to buy //$ 18.00 worth of products to get the $5.00 cat??

      • SuzyQ

        AA you just have to buy 2xPantene ProV specified in the Ad in order to receive the $5 Catalina printout.

    • Laura D.

      Hi SuzyQ, will you please post what the Shoprite Beauty Rewards cat states. Do you know what triggered this??? I thought this was from purchasing
      Shoprite products from last week?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, TIA!! 🙂

      • Jen

        The beauty rewards is by invitation only. Purchase $30 get back $5 limit of 10. My sister got the rewards but I did not. 🙁

      • SuzyQ

        Laura D. I received a print out invitation for the Shoprite Beauty Rewards a couple weeks ago with a code on it. It looked like a catalina printout. The code is for you to track your Beauty Rewards total amount. I had forgotten all about it until I received the $5 catalina today. Like Jen wrote, it’s by invitation only. Hope that’s helpful.

        • Laura D.

          Thanks SuzyQ & Jen, you both are the BEST!! I did not get the invite ….. but, I never get a “free” whatever in my account either 🙁 worth checking though & thank you both for responding. Way to go SuzyQ ….. GREAT deal!!!!!

    • Linda

      Suzy-Can you tell me about the beauty reward? I haven’t heard of it before. Thanks.

      • SuzyQ

        Linda, here are the details:

        Earn $5 Coupon Reward every time you spend $30 on Health & Beauty items @ ShopRite

        Purchase beauty items between 4/1 – 6/30/12 using your Price Plus card.
        Earn $5 coupon to spend on your next shopping trip every time you spend $30 on Healthy & Beauty care items @ ShopRite.  Purchases can be made over multiple trips.
        Track your spending and save money on your next shopping trip!

  • Toekneeface

    Just wanted to remind folks that Warminster (PA) is having another week of triple coupons. I went several times last week and plan a few trips this week as well, since its the final week of this go round. Thanks for all the links to the great printables. They have really come in so handy. They are tripling up to .99. I have had no issues at all so far.

    • Ana

      @ Toekneeface ….. I got confused for the tripling not knowing that your order can not go below $7.50….. what deals are you doing this week??

      • Anonymous

        this week at the warminster shop rite i am going to do triple coupons to get the heluva cheeses for .50, free safest choice eggs, .40 kraft fresh take, free speed sticks, and free krave cereal. I plan to get 4 pantenes with bogo coupons to bring my total up past the 7.50 requirement.

        • Shita

          they don’t carry any Safest choice eggs or Krave cereal.

          • Toekneeface

            Yes they do. I bought the Krave yesterday. I bought Land O Lakes eggs since they were free this week as well. I got Pop Tarts, World Harbor marinade, dove candy bars, morning star farms & a bunch of stuff we use that was cheap not free like gogurts, grapes, Star Kist tuna, Earthbound Farms dates, Reynolds Wrap no stick. I also boughtDiet Coke & used one free 12 pack coupon. It took off $4.61 for the coupon. Coke is on sale for 4 for $10. I used the$8/$50 Giant coupon too.

            • Anonymous

              how much was the starfish tuna? did you get the pouches?

            • Anonymous

              you can get a small money maker with the jello cat too

            • Nicole

              SR will honor the giant coupon for $8 off of $50???

            • A.R

              Toekneeface, could u Plz explain how the Land o lakes eggs were free? Thanks in advance

              • Toekneeface

                Yes, the cashiers have been telling me that they take the Giant coupons. It worked without a problem.

                We only eat Albacore tuna & the Star Kist was $1.88 & I had a tear pad for .75/2 so they are close to .75 eacjh. Not great but we needed it.

                The Land O lakes large brown eggs are $1.50 & I had .75/1 tearpad (DND starts with a 5 had no problems. Also had a .50/1 SS coupon. Don’t know which week. They all exp. 5/31 so I used a few and shared a few with happy strangers in the store.

      • chris

        Your order has to be at least $7.50 before the coupons. Last week I bought 4 jello temptations $10 before coupons and $ .25 after.

        • Ana

          @ chris

          They told me that the total can not go below $7.50 after coupons….. that if it did all the coupons that tripled would just double…. anyone ELSE have this problem at the WARMINSTER PA SHoprite???

          • Chris

            They told me the same thing. None of the staff knows a lot about coupons. I did my jello deal right at CS and showed them it was not true. I was just there this afternoon and my order again was $7.50 before the coupons and below after.

  • Susan

    Toeknee, what have you been buying with the triple coupons? I had 2 50-cent coupons for Werther’s candy, and the small peg bags are $1.99 — so $1.50 off, final price 50 cents each bag. My Safest Choice eggs also were free after the 75-cent coupon.

  • Susan

    Also, does anyone know if the $4 couon for four 12-packs Coca-cola in the Acme ad for this week can be used at ShopRite? SR has coke products on sale 4 for $10. If the $4 coupon could be used (has manuf’s redemption address), would make the soda $6 for four 12-packs.

    • Betsy

      In the past I have used the Acme coupons for Coke at Shoprite with no problems. I plan on using it this week. Just have to make sure to use it by Thursday.

  • Ueen

    Bought 4 pantene got 2 $5 cat
    Bought 4 sundown got 2 $3 cat
    Bought 6 garnier shampoo/conditioner, sale price 2.99 and no cat pinted. CS printed the $5 cat.

  • Meli

    thanks…happy mothers day all!

  • liz

    The mission taco kits are on sale for $l.49 my store had a display with $l.00 off peelies, making them 49 cents each thought it was a great stock up price i bought 8 of them. Be on the look out.

    • Sonya

      Same at my store, that was an awesome find!



    • Jen G

      I bought 8 in one transaction, used 4 BOGO’s and got 4 $5 cats.

      • Yesenia K

        Jen did you get the deal as cindy posted? or didi you buy other varieties?

        • Jen

          I bought a few different varieties, all the 22oz size. Bottom line, you can buy in multiples of 2 and still get the $5 cat.

          • Melanie

            Worked for me in West Chester PA. Bought 8 got 4 $5 cats.

  • Becky

    Found a .50 off corn flakes when I logged into the Kellogg’s site to print the Rasin Bran printable–trying not to buy “sugary” cereal for my kids!

  • Denise

    Dont see the cottonelle coupons in th SS 5/13 flyer?

    • Stephanie

      No e for me either!

      • Rachel

        I did not get it in NY either..

  • Andrea

    If you’re in NJ, there was $.40/1 in the Star Ledger but not the Home News Tribune–I sent my hubby out for extra papers today and had him compare. HTH

  • jonny

    Wanted to redeem a Tai Pei coupon this week….sight said I already printed the limit….true ….something like last August!! What gives??

    • rosanne

      same with me on the pompiean vinegar. i printed it almost 1 year ago! i guess some companies reset sooner than others.

  • M

    I bought in one transaction 6 Pantene $5.77 use 3 BOGO and got 3 – $5 Cat
    3 Fructis shampoo $2.99 used 2 coupons 1.25/1 and 1 coupon 1/1
    Garnier moistur. $5.99 used coupon 2.00/1 and got 1 – $5 Cat
    2Crest toothpastes $1.99 used 2 coupons 0.20/1 and got 1 – $2 Cat
    PLUS 1 -$8 Cat for spending $5o

    • Marjie

      Where/when did you get the $8 Cat for spending $50?

      • M

        Shoprite when you spend $50 for LOOK RIGHT and FEEL RIGHT -REWARDS yuo’ll get $8 Cat.

        • Cindy

          I believe that might just be for select price plus card holders.

    • Anonymou5

      For the Garnier moisture, could you look at your receipt and tell me if the discount is MC or SC?

  • Marjie

    For the $10 on $50 MIR for P&G. If I buy Pantene, is $ amount total on pre-price plus prices or OOP price-plus discount price?

  • Anonymous

    Mary’s Gone Crackers coupon expired last year, fyi.

  • kim

    I have a question about super coupons.

    I live near 1 shoprite, in MD. My office is in MD, but not far from the DE border, we get the DE ads in our newspapers. DE shoprite has supercoupons for basically a free dinner if you spend $50. They are free 1 lb pasta, free 1 lb italian sausage, free prego sauce, free italian bread. The MD ad does not have those super coupons. If I take them in to my MD store, will they be good there, even though they are from the DE shoprite ad?

    • Jessie

      The ones I get usually say good at any Shoprite – not sure if yours are the same?

  • Ashley

    Looks like a slow week minus some of the catalina deals.

  • Kathy

    I don’t know if this was mentioned anywhere, but Recycle Bank has a $4.00 off $50.00 coupon good for a few south Jersey stores. I believe I read Cherry Hill, Marlton, Moorestown and a few more.

    • Jenn

      I had a $5 off $50 from Recycle Bank. I used it today in Cherry Hill. Cashier scanned all of my coupons, and none beeped. When I got home, the $5 coupon does not appear in my list of deducted coupons. No idea what happened to it.
      Btw, bought 4 Pantene and received two $5 cats.

      • Jenn

        Also, they took a $3/2 coupon for the Pantene also.

      • Jenn

        Also, they took a $3/2 coupon for the Pantene also in addition to the BOGO q’s.

  • AI


  • Sherry

    The Windex coupon above is NLA, but only after your provide ALL your info – shoe size, date you lost virginity, etc. )

    • Rocky


    • Matthew

      Sounds like one of those Facebook ‘like’ me and get a coupon…that’s NLA ex post facto…..

  • Sonya

    Cindy, or anyone, can you please tell me the date when the Sundown catalina ends? Thanks so much!

    • Cindy

      It ends on Saturday.

  • Trina G.

    can I buy 8 pantene in one transaction and get 4 ($5.00 cats) or should I do separate transactions.

    • TJ’s Mommy

      You can buy all 8 in one transaction & you will get 4 cats. I have not done that personally, but others have commented that have worked. Last night I bought 4 in one transaction & got 2 cats.

  • Trina G.

    ok, Im nervous about buying that many, so I will do 4 of them and see what happens.





  • Tina

    the capri-sun are on sale 2/$4 and there is coupon in the 5/6 smart source 75cent off three so buy 6 and use 2 q’s makes them 1.50 each

  • Kelly

    AAAA! Just came back from The Brick, NJ Shop-Rite. Very Frustrated Bought 4 of the Pantene and had 2 BOGO q’s and over $15 in Garnier products at Before PP. I only got 2 $5. cats should have been 3 went to curtesy and she asked to see my receipt and cats I received. She told me that I did not qualify for the Garnier it goes by price paid not shelf price. and that I should have only got 1 cat for the pantene 1 per transaction. I stormed out not realizing she took one of the cats. Is it written anywhere that it is pre price plus and where does it say only cat per transaction ? You mentions I could do 4 on the pantene. Help

    • Dez

      I would go back and complain, and ask for the cat. back and point out that in the flyer(at least mine) does not say one per person, or transaction, and if they don’t give it back or give u a new one then return the two that u paid for and did not get the cat. for.

      • Yvonne

        I always get satisfaction when I call the customer service # on the website. If I’m wrong they explain it to me so I understand or they make right what I have been wronged. What customer service told you makes not sense. I would like to know how this turns out.

  • Tracy

    If I buy the Pantene (2) and get the $5 cat, can I use it to pay for a second transaction of Pantene (2) and expect to get another cat or do I have to use it to buy other products?

    • Laura D.

      You can use it to get 2 more pantene and another cat. That is exactly what everyone means when they are talking about “cat rolls”. 🙂

  • Grant

    Hi there, I’m a newbie at this. Can you use a $4 catalina for toothpaste that has a $2 catalina deal and still get that $2 catalina?


    • mandee

      yes you can you will just rolling the cat for a new one.

      • Grant


  • Trina

    the kraft bbq sauce for .99 had a peelie on it, buy 2 sauces you get $2.00 off of country time lemonde, or koolaid, 80z, mix. I was able to get 3 (8oz) countrytime lemonade and koolaid mix for .67 each. As they were $2.67 each this week at shorpite.

  • JessicaD

    Witht he earthbound farms .75/1 coupons listed the other day you can score the Earthbound salads on sale 2/5.00 for 1.00 each.

  • Trina G.

    Yep Jessica, I did that last nite too

  • Ana



    • Cindy

      The price that it is on sale.

      • IK

        Cindy – speaking of that – I recently purchashed the cover girl blushers, which were on sale for I believe $1.99 . On the receipt however it’s broken down like this: scans as $2.99 , and then the price plus discount comes of as a manu q of $1 – something like ‘-MC 1.00’… which numbers should the calculations be based on – the $2.99 or the 1.99? Thank you!!!

  • Amara

    Cindy, can you use the Shoprite eCoupons more than once? I used the Zantac and Wet Ones eCoupons yesterday. But I am going back this week for some more Pepsi Next and wanted to do the other 2 deals again. I checked Shoprite online and they were still listed in my Shopping List. The Krave eCoupon is gone though. So Im a bit nervous on trying it again. Please advise oh wise coupon lady 🙂

    • Cindy

      That happens to me too. I use the coupons and they still how up however I have never tried to use them again. So, I can’t say yes or no. Maybe someone has had the same experience and tried it.

      • Anonymous

        This happen to my yogurt eCoupons. I used once and it take off. when i check online it still show in my account. so, i buy one more time and it did take off again. No idea why. Some other time some eCoupons never take off.

  • Diana

    For the cottonelle deal, do you have to buy 2 of the same product? Can I just buy one tp and one wipe to get the catalina?

  • pam

    We can only use Shop Rite e coupons once.

  • Suzanne

    Does anyone know if $38.96 would trigger the P&G spend $40 get a $10 pre-paid Visa?? Thanks!

    • Ana

      @ Suzanne it is spend $50.00 get $ 10 MIR

  • June

    Any good suggestions regarind the use of $5 cat from Nestel week?

  • Yvonne

    I purchased (2) 12 Cottonelle at ShopRite and no cat printed. Customer Service said there is no Cottonelle cat. I did have (2) $1.50 coupons for 1 so $3.49 for a 12 pk isn’t so bad.

    • Vanessa

      I too was unable to get the cat with my cottonelle purchase last night 🙁 I am so not looking forward to contacting catalina marketing.

    • Sam

      Got $2 CAT when I bought 2 Cottonelle flushable wipes. And it rolls.

      • Yvonne

        Maybe it was just on the wipes=(

    • Michael

      I purchased (3) 12pks of Cottonelle and got a $3 CAT.

    • Sandy

      Bought 2 TP yesterday and received $2 Catalina

  • Laura D.

    West Milford, NJ Shoprite killed the Pantene deal, buying 4 and using 2BOGO’s with the $3/2 …………… killjoys 🙁

  • Jill

    Can someone please tell the expiration date for the Pantene and garnier Catalina’s .. Thanks

    • Laura D.

      The exp. date for the Pantene I bought today (not in WM) is 6-1-12. The expiration dates are running 14 days from date of purchase. So if you buy tomorrow, exp date will be 6-2-12.

      • Jill

        Thank you Laura 🙂

  • karen

    i got the $10 cats from last wk for buying gift cards. does anyone know if i can use 2 or 3 $10 cats in 1 trans? or should i separate them?

    • ethel

      the $10 cat beeps so they have key it in but I had no problem using 2 in one transaction…

    • Sandy

      I used 5 in 1 transaction with no problems

  • Roz

    Anyone had problems with the kingsford charcoal deal?