ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 5/27/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 5/27/12

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  • Doubled Coupons: All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Make sure to check out the Full List of ShopRite Double Coupon Stores.
  • Coupon Variations:  Keep in mind that coupons may vary from regions or even newspapers.  Other areas may have additional or different value coupons.  All coupons, from all regions are shown in the match ups.
  • Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.
  • ShopRite eCoupons: ShopRite eCoupons usually disappear quickly however once they are clipped, they are in your account until they expire.  eCoupons shown in the match ups may only be available to those that clipped them already.
  • Catalina Deal Ideas:  All catalina deal ideas are calculated on the Pre-Price Plus prices.  Although these deals almost always work this way, at the time of the posting it has not been confirmed.  You can watch the comments to see if others have had success. Also, when doing the deals, please be sure to check your pre-price plus prices as they may differ from those posted here.  If your total is not met or if you have bought an incorrect product or size, your catalina will not print!

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::Unadvertised Deals

Note: Because these are unadvertised deals, prices may vary by store so please check your prices before you head to the register




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  • Carolyn

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and the great match-ups…I’m so grateful!

  • Debbie G

    Thank you!!

  • Karen

    Thank you. Do you know if the v8 cat is at shop rite like it is at stop & shop?

    • Brian

      At least one V8 catalina is in effect from 5/14-6/10. It’s for V8 V-Fusion 36oz or larger (regular, light, tea and smoothie varieties). Catalina value = 1.50/2, 2.25/3 and 3.00/4.

  • chris

    Can’t wait for cheap trash bags!! 🙂

    • Haseena

      Me too!! and some more Free Wet Ones Wipes 🙂

  • Kim

    FYI everyone … I printed the Slyvania Q’s the other day and was just able to print 2 more. 4 altogether!!! I think it reset or something 🙂

    • laurie

      Thank you!! Me too.

  • Kim

    And Facebook has the $.30 cent off lactose free yoplait and it allowed me to print 4!!! I think they are normally 99 cents so 39 cents is a pretty good price 🙂


    hi, omg i was just printing out the lightbulb coupons and i was able to print it out 8 times.. i dont know if i could have printed any more.. i didnt want to waste them, im only going to do 2 trips to shoprite this week so i would only be able to use 8… good luck to everyone 🙂

    • ada

      I can print up to 8 coupons too. I would like to stock up the lighbulbs for free LOL.

    • Janelle S

      These lightbulbs are great….I bought 8 of these last time they were in sale and I haven’t had to change them yet…..They last such a long time

      • Stefani

        These last years, much longer than regular bulbs which are being phased out and at a fraction of the energy cost. You will really see a difference in your electric bill.

        • however to dispose of them is NOT easy and they are dangerous if you break one b/c they are filled with mercury.

          • mf

            most Home depots recylces used lightbulbs…

    • jessica h

      I was just able to print out 8 and I printed out 2 the other day as well! Looks like a few trips to SR this week for me!! Free lightbulbs, wet ones and cheap trash bags, WAHOOOO!!!

  • Janelle S

    Thanks for the match ups Cindy

  • Rose

    thier was a 75/1 bare solo cups coupon posted late april on another site because I have 4 of those, it was on zip 90210, but I dont think its available anymore.

    • Didi

      expired already!

  • Karen

    The coupon for the Marcal Small Steps is for $1/2 napkins, while $1/1 for toilet paper and paper towels. Still only a little over $1 per pack, so I still did the deal.

    • Jen

      mine was for a dollar of one. Im pretty sure its regional

  • thanks!

  • molly

    hey everybody!
    does anyone know if there is a limit per price club card for the lightbulbs? also if there’s a max I can use per trip? it just let me print 24 lol

    • Christine R

      Molly, SR will allow you to use 4 like coupons in one trip. Do it in separate transactions or make more than one trip there thru the week to use your coupons, but for the sake of others, don’t clear the shelf all in one shot! HTH!

    • Cansy

      SR allows 4 like coupons per transaction. Please be considerate and don’t clear shelves ! Hope this helps.

      • Jess

        My shoprite allows 4 like coupons per person per day.

      • PatK

        Hopefully, Shoprite has enough inventory to handle the demand. I was able to print 12 from each computer. Sounds like a trip every day to pick up 4.

    • Anonymous

      Update! I was able to do three transactions and score all 24 of my free lightbulbs tonight! I’ll have lightbulbs for the rest of my life! Thanks Cindy 🙂

  • Jenn

    I don’t see the Perdue coupon at the link provided. Anyone know where it is? Thanks

    • Cindy

      i can’t find the perdue coupon. Last time either. Oh, well.

  • Gia

    Thanks Cindy!!

  • Gia

    i cant find the Mardi Gras Napkins qs!!!
    Help !!!i look all over d rp 03/18 !!

  • Laura D.

    I could have sworn there was a coupon for the Sensibles Lunch plates that are on sale for $1.34 in one of the inserts over the past few weeks and I cannot find it. Anyone have it? If so, which insert and week? TIA!

    • Rocky

      Sorry, Laura, I couldn’t find it. Checked my April and May folders, but, nothing for this. Closest thing I found was Hefty Basics from mid-April. I’d love to hear if anyone else knows anything about this!

      • Laura D.

        Thanks for trying Rocky! This only confirms I really need to set up my own database, lol, which at this point with so many different inserts from different papers is a HUGE production! I have tried copying Cindy’s list and changing it around to match my coupons but that took a lot of time. Plus having to go through the lists and crossing out the ones I had used and ones that had expired ……………….ugh! If I come across it I will update.
        Thanks again 🙂

    • Lisa

      I think I saw that too! Have to check my books. Fingers crossed xx

      • Laura D.

        If you find it please let us know Lisa! I remember thinking “Sensibles ??? That’s an odd name for a plate!” It was a tiny coupon. My fingers are crossed too xx

  • Jaye

    3 Free Ocean Spary when you print Fisher boy Free Juice coupon. Fisher Boy deal of the day is Free fruit Juice. You must print 2 coupons before noon sunday 5/27. Then use for the Ocean Spray deal:
    Ocean Spray Cranberry Drink – $2.00
    Buy 2 and Get 1 Ocean Spray 4pk Sparkling Drinks Free.
    All 5 items for $1.98.
    Not a bad deal 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never used the fisher boy coupons, does shoprite take them? Also we can use it on the ocean spray juice?

    • Ueen

      @Jaye, this is very smart idea. Totally doing this and totally going to fisher boy website to get their daily deals. With the fisher boy on sale at .99, this is a great week to take advantage of these fisher boy’s deal of the day.

  • christie

    i do not understand the coupon match ups, im new to this, but for example how does the YoCrunch yogret get to be 27 cents, no matter how i figure it out the lowest i get is 35 cents. can you use both coupons for only 4 yogrets?
    any help would be great

    • Vanessa

      YoCrunch Yogurt – $0.60
      $1/4 YoCrunch Cookie & Candy or Granola Cups printable
      $0.65/4 YoCrunch Yogurt Coupon
      as low as $0.27 each after coupon

      Shop Rite doubles coupons under $1, so the $0.65/4 would be $1.30/4 savings after it doubles. So 4 yogurts x $0.60= $2.40-$1.30 in coupon savings= $1.10 for 4 yogurts. Then divide $1.10 by 4 and you get $0.27 each when you buy 4 yogurts and use the save $0.65/4 coupon.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

      • christie

        thanks so much, i thought that the 0.65/4 coupon would just go up to a 1. so i take it that it is better to use the 0.65 coupon than the 1 coupon cause you get more money for it since they double it?
        sorry new to using coupons and trying to figure it all out.

        • Laura D.

          Christie, you may want to make sure that your Shoprite “fully doubles” meaning that the .65 will double up to $1.30.
          Some Shoprite’s only allow coupons to be doubled up to $1.00 meaning that the .65 q will only be allowed to double up to $1.00. Also remember that only 4 of the same coupon will double within one transaction, the register automatically stops doubling. So splitting up transactions will get you the maximum savings. Good Luck!

  • Cheryl

    I can’t find the Hefty info in the ad. Is this an unadvertised deal? If not, what page is it on?

    • Linda

      Mine in NY is on the first page- under the flap.


    thank you jaye 🙂

  • Michele

    Sadly the yocicles were not included in the $.88 deal at my shoprite. 🙁

    • Kim

      Yosicles are on sale at Pathmark for $1 if you have one near you

  • Ted

    Only got a $1 off 2 for the hefty here in South Jersey :(.

    • CTJess

      me too in CT 🙁

  • Nancy

    I went to Shop-rite bright and early this morning to take advantage of some great coupons. I bought two Tropicana orange juice (on sale for $2/$5) and used two Fisher-Boy coupons (buy 99 cents fish sticks and get OJ for free.) Bought 4 light bulbs- cashier had trouble having them go through- it said that they were “not for the same item.” He put them through anyway, since it was obviously the correct item. Two Chips Ahoy cookies- on sale for $1.99, and had $1 off coupons, so 99 cents each. Not a bad trip!

  • I got the buy one get one ocean spray deal yesterday (same sale prices and free sparkling) and used the $1.00 off sparkling and it scanned fine making it &1.00 for all three!

  • Tammy

    Thank you again for the matchups. Thank to whomever it was to remind about the Family Points expiring 5/26. I got a 12-pack of Marcal Paper Towels for 1.05!!! My husband and cashier were shocked…

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • billie

    Hello just came from SR and i tried the solo deal… it rolls but if you get the cups, the cat for 4 is only $2 dollars!

  • Mel

    FYI-The Shop Rite in Wayne has their London Broil family pack still on sale for $1.79 lb…..its still limit one per transaction but still a great deal!!

    • elizabeth Harwood

      Does Wayne do triple coupons like Lincoln Park?

      • christine

        I’ve never seen Wayne triple coupons.
        They are owned by a different company than the Lincoln Park store.

        • Mel

          Wayne doesn’t triple 🙁

          I used to go to Lincoln Park but they always hassled me about having coupons and they limit you to 20 coupons per visit…I don’t normally have that many but some weeks if the deals are good I use more then that and I don’t like being treated like I am doing something wrong by trying to save money. I shopped there for 8 years before I started seriously couponing and now I’m at Wayne or Oakland. They are both friendly and don’t give me trouble for using coupons 🙂

          • elizabeth Harwood

            They seem friendly enough in Lincoln Park. CS let me add to my order when I didn’t buy enough items for the Banquet Catalina. Like you, I only go there when the sales are good. This week I’m using my .50 Ajax coupons to score .17 laundry detergent. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Has anyone tried the Band-Aid deal yet? I’m curious if it is instant savings, or catalina.

  • Giselle

    I noticed that our shoprite has the Fresh butterball turkey burgers for sale $1.99 (small pack). There is a coupon for $1 off 1 any one Butterball Everyday originally seasoned turkey burger coupon. Does anyone know if this would work to make them .99 cents?

  • Larry

    love your website. the twinings tea was $2.99 at shoprite, not $1.99

  • ruth anne

    everyone might want to check thru their older catalina coupons. I found that I have a solo (plates) coupon .75/1 that I’ve had for a long time…with an expir. date of 6/8

    • Aileen C

      I think those are for the heavy duty plates. Not sure if they are included or not.

      • Angela

        The heavy duty plates are included. At least for me they were. I just did the deal yesterday with 2 Solo heavy duty coupons I got from the catalina machine a few weeks ago. A $0.75/1 and a $1.00/2. I bought 3 plates and received the $2.00 catalina.

  • Anonymous

    My Shoprite in Ct. is getting very picky. Tried to buy the the light bulbs that were on sale for $1.50 would not take my $2.00 coupon.Also the Kikoman sauce packs, was told had to be the bottles.Does any one know why they adjust some coupons down but others they do not?

    • Lori

      Which store in CT is it? Canton can be difficult sometimes. Manchester and Bristol are better.

  • michele

    Just tried printing the lite bulbs…after 2 said currently out of prints ! 🙁
    Also, tried to use the Oceanspray coupon last week and it was refused because it says redeem at Walmart. Going to try another Shoprite for that one!

    PS- Love your site and appreciate all the money saving matchups!

    • Vivian

      Try it again, I just printed 4

  • Candice

    Hey everyone! Has anyone tried to price the Popsicles? Headed there tomorrow– thank you everyone and Cindy 🙂 !!

  • Jennifer

    i ran into a very nice lady at Food Lion one day who was set up at a table serving free samples of Friendly’s Ice Cream, I asked her for a cup for each of my boys since it was so hot outside and she handed me 2 cups with whipped cream and a cookie and a stack of $1.00/1 Any Friendlys Ice Cream which has no size restriction and expires 12/31/2012! Looks like I will be getting some ice cream for $0.88 each!

  • April

    How is everyone using the pet food catalina from last week?

  • Shari

    Does anyone know, can I use a manufacturer’s coupon with a Shoprite catalina??

    • April

      @Shari…not usually…the catalinas usually say manufacturers coupon at the top…but if it says store coupon then usually you can stack them with a manufacturers coupon.

  • Tara

    the baileys 55 cent coupon is DND… fyi…

  • Meli

    thanks for the match ups.

  • Melissa

    Has anyone found the Good’n Natural Bars in any of the philly stores?

  • Candice

    Just came from Shoprite and pathmark in south philadelphia. Neither stores included the yocicles in their sales this week- bummer! At least we all can have some really cheap ones 🙂

  • adriene

    I have been spoiled with my Tuesday shoprite preview. Is it not available because of the holiday? Thanks so much for all that you do.

  • Sarah

    I’m so dissappointed! I tried using the yosicle coupon for the popsicle’s and they wouldn’t take it! what a waste of my time =[

    • Bree

      That’s because the Yosicle coupon is ONLY for the Yosicle variety!

  • Kristin

    I went to shop rite to get the free lightbulbs. My store wouldn’t take the printed coupon because it wouldnt scan. They were getting an error that there was nothing that matched the coupon. I tried to show her I did, but she said store policy won’t let them override a printed coupon. I tried to talk to a manager, but got the same response. Any one else have issues with shop rite and printed coupons.

    • Jenny

      Unfortunately a lot of stores are getting suspicious and stringent about the printed coupons. Mine won’t accept any coupons that don’t have the website printed on it (So sometime it’s better to not clip them from the sheet of paper).

    • CE

      The lightbulb coupon beeped for me too but the cashier manually typed it in. I think it’s because they are on sale for .99 and the coupon is for $1.

    • Colleen

      I just got back from my Shoprite in Delaware. They wouldn’t accept the Sylvania lightbulb coupon because they said it beeped “invalid bar code”. My husband went to the self checkout and it beeped but the cashier did an override, however at the regular checkout they wouldn’t override it. They said if it beeps invalid they can’t take it. Tried to explain maybe it was because the price was less than the coupon was for but no go. Frustrated 🙁

  • Boysmom

    I used 2 of the $3.00 Bic disposable razors and got 4 packs of the Bic Flex ($1.59 each) for .36 cents!!!

    • Laura D.

      Where did you get the $3 Bic q from, please?!

      • Laura D.

        The SS 5/6 q?

        • Boysmom

          I don’t remember, buy they were from a few weeks ago and expire 06/03/12.
          There also was $3.00 off Bic Soleil razors too, but unfortunately, those are full price this week. hth!

    • Mary

      Where does everyone live that you get these coupons, I am in NJ and so many of this weeks match ups were not in my SS flyer

      • Laura D.

        I’m in Northern NJ, West Milford. I get “The Record” home delivery but I also purchase the Post, Suburban and sometimes Star Ledger depending on the coupons. Since the coupons have changed so much at the newsstand I now look through each coupon insert in each paper before I buy it. The guy doesn’t mind because I keep everything neat and I purchase multiple papers when coupons are good. However I do usually get the lousy $1/2 instead of the $0.75/1 that I would much rather have. When I first started to look through the papers in my area to see which were better it took awhile, now I’m in and out pretty quickly. I also get coupons from my parents who live an hour away so theirs are sometimes different than mine. I have found that Pharmacies usually have a good stockpile of papers and no one is taking out the coupons like at Shoprite. Hope that helps!

      • Cansy


        Where do you live so that people close to you can respond ?

  • Teshawn

    You are famous at my local Shoprite Cindy. One of the employees saw my list and said is that “Living Rich?” I said, “yes it is” they were looking to see if I was getting all of my groceries free. 🙂

  • staceypunk

    I saw shelf stickers for Morning Stars Veggie products for $3.50 each on Sunday at my shoprite. I am hoping that they are right for the current week. If so, then there are .55/1 and $1/1 IP’s , making it a stock up price for me.

  • Jenn

    Edy’s Fruit Bars has a coupon on Facebook for $1/1

  • Michelle

    did anyone locate the Sensible lunch plates coupon yet? i know i saw it…just like a few others have mentioned but i can’t find it either. i can even picture the coupon in my head but i CANNOT find it anywhere. i can’t remember but if it’s something like $.5o…then really cheap plates. they are on sale for $1.34 also.

  • Cansy

    Equal sweetener (pink box 100 ct.) on sale again for $1.49
    SS 5/13 has .75 coupon. Free if your store fully doubles.

  • I like to use coupon.

  • Jenn

    The Herr’s sale doesn’t include Kettle Chips in some stores ( Cherry Hill for one) They’re $3.00 a bag.

  • Chris

    This is for the people that shop at the Warminster, PA SR. Some were wondering why they are having 6 wks of triple couponing. Just looked in the classified section of the Intelligencer and I see that there is a job fair Sun. June 3 for cashiers and dept. clerks for Weis Markets. The job fair will be in Warrington. They are getting into the Philadelphia area and I think that with more competition that is why SR is offering the triples.

  • Keri

    My cashier wouldn’t take the lightbulb coupon because it didn’t have yellow dots on the expiration date. Anyone else encounter this??

  • Sandi

    Keep on the lookout for coupons attached to bottles of Dr. Pepper. They are on sale for $0.99 and you can score two 2 liters for $0.98 with the $1 off 2 coupon inside.

  • deecouponkrayz

    at my shoprite customer service prints the catalina manually if it doesnt print

  • Kristella

    hey all i am going tomorrow after work to stock up on the Sparkle and Angel Soft…is the catalina working on the presale price or the sale price…trying to adjust my money,budget and coupons for this and need to make sure how to work this deal properly

  • Nicole

    Did anyone else not receive the catalina for the Kellogg’s crunchy nut cereal? i went yesterday and did not get mine

  • elisa

    I have just started couponing about 6 to 7 months ago and love it. but i need to know what sites have the best coupons? are there coupons out there for fruits and vegetables? also where would i find coupons for items like vitamin water and powerade?

  • Cat

    The Mrs Cubbinsons crouton coupon did not double. It doesn’t say do not double but it does start with a 9. I didn’t realize it until i got home and looked at my receipt and saw that 4 coupons didn’t double.