ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 5/6/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 5/6/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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::Unadvertised Deals

Note: Because these are unadvertised deals, prices may vary by store so please check your prices before you head to the register




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  • courtney

    Thanks for the matchups. Is it bad that I can’t wait for Saturday’s to see the matchups? Thanks again Cindy!!

  • eden

    I was looking for the Rudi bread last week, but couldn’t find it in either the bread aisle or the gluten free aisle. Anybody know where to look for it? Thanks!

    • Laurie

      I find the Rudi bread in the freezer section by all the gluten free items. Hope that helps

    • Rebecca

      Mine in the frozen isle…

    • Dee2

      The Rudi bread in my store is in a stand-alone cardboard display at the end of the organic/gluten free aisle, not on the shelf with the gluten-free bread.

    • Olga

      Rudi’s is refrigerated, so it is in the freezer section with all the other gluten free refrigerated stuff. It is excellent, as far as gluten free breads go.

    • Jasper

      In my store, the regular Rudi’s bread is with the rest of the packaged breads, on the end where the more high-end and healthy packaged breads are (Vermont Bread, Pepperidge Farm, European-style rye breads…), and the gluten free ones are frozen with the frozen health foods (Amy’s, veggie burgers, etc.)

  • Andrea

    Thanks Cindy!

    Just wondering what everyone is gonna use their nestle cats on?

    • Taryn

      According to Poland Spring’s website, Poland Spring is a Nestle Product. I’m going to be swimming…in water! Pun intended!

      • PatK

        Me too! I think I have about 8 cases of water and getting 3 more. The girls have senior week at the beach. This will come in handy.

    • Samantha

      It is in the freezer section, near the seafood. They also have the gluten free waffles, pizza, etc., there.

  • Jen

    So excited to see the Mueller’s pasta on sale again! I only had time to run in for a few boxes last week!

  • Taima

    Did you mean 5/6/12 to 5/12/12 ??? lol

  • Jane

    The Scotties tissue coupon promotion has ended 🙁

  • Sonja

    Thank you 🙂

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Larry

    scotties says the coupons are over and out!!!

    • Lady J

      they always say that.

  • Jordan

    Just to let everyone know the Lipton Pure Leaf tea states 18.5 oz on the coupon but it only comes in 16 oz so you may have a problem at the register, I did at first but they took it.

    • Anonymous

      Thank You. Did the coupon beep?

    • cheryl manna

      Do they even come in this size? Maybe it is a size that is sold in convenience stores. I was looking forward to getting the teas, now I’m hesitant to try. 🙁

      • They pushed it through at my shoprite but i believe the sized indicated is for the one in the plastic bottle, although I don’t remember seeing them as pure leaf so I don’t know.

        • Mel

          They wouldn’t take my coupons today

      • Shey

        I found an article that says they are releasing new eco friendly bottles that are 18.5 oz. Not sure when they will be in stores but I have seen the big bottles already in the refrigerated section. The good thing about these coupons is that they don’t expire until October, so I will wait until I find the new bottles to avoid the hassle of my coupons beeping and being told I can’t use them.

    • Klara

      mine did beep but they put it in manually,

    • rosanne

      mine beeped and they wouldnt take it since the bottles are 16oz and coupon says 18.5 oz.

  • Betsy

    There’s a $1.50 Shoprite ecoupon for OxiClean.

  • Lady J

    If you have Acme, buy your Power Ade there. They have 10 for $7 – must buy 10. Then you can use 4 $1/2 Powerade IP’s to get 10 Power Ades for $3 + tax. If not, .88 ea at Shop Rite is still pretty good.

    • Roslyn

      Thanks. I may try Acme. My ShopRite refused my PowerAde coup’s! No discussion, no explanation…nothing…just we don’t take Rite Aid coupons and walked away. I just summed it up to someone having a bad day. Not about to argue over saving .50 on a Powerade…smh.

      • Lady J

        I had no problem doing this at Acme. I wasn’t sure how the Rite Aid logo would go over, but I was at self checkout and the cashier had to do the coupons, and she didn’t even mention it. The machine didn’t beep or anything.

  • Terri

    The price per item works out to 1.90 each for the Angel Soft, Sparkle, Dixie Napkin deal not 1.25.

  • melissa

    fyi. the world harbors marinate and sauce says, “do not double” on the coupon. cant wait to shop tomorrow

    • Mary

      They doubled for me this morning.

    • Klara

      For me too this afternoon.

    • Eileen @QponPrincess

      if the coupon has the old style barcode with the numbers at the bottom, begining with a 5 WILL double automatically, whether it SAYS do not double or not, at stores that double UNLESS the cashier manually stops it or if the value of the coupon exceeds the stores doubling limit, if it starts with a 9 it will NOT double…period-all info is available in the learning beginners section of this website

      the new style barcodes I have no idea…hey CINDY any info on the new barcodes and how to tell if they double?

  • Betty

    what are sr bay toiletries in the sr brand catalina items?

    • Cheri

      I think it should say baby

  • Mary

    The world harbors marinade coupon is still printing for me, i’ve printed 6 so far…. what’s the line between couponing and hoarding? LOL . Thought others might want to know. Thanks for all the great Shoprite previews and matchups each week, you’ve saved my budget!

  • Lady J

    Seems slow, which is okay, because I really don’t have time to shop now anyway.

    • Shana

      I agree. Besides the in-store coupons for the chicken leg quarters, pork shoudler and Trop. OJ. I won’t be doing much this week. Thanks for Match-up..Look forward to it every week.

  • Meli


  • Lisa

    I’m so disappointed that the butter deal changed to the Shoprite brand from the Land O lakes that was advertised in Tuesday’s preview. I went ahead and bought 20 coupons and now I can’t use them. Ughhh….

    • Lisa

      nevermind. I read the flyer incorrectly….

  • Laura S

    eh not much this week! Think I need to skip a week anyways. My hubby says my stockpile is to big lol. Thanks for the matchups. So glad shoprite is now in my area 🙂

  • Joe

    Ellio’s is only $0.99 if you still have the facebook coupon for $1.00 off. Yosicles and popsicles are only $0.89 after the $0.55 off coupon. There are also Super Coupons this week including 4 for $9.98 Pepsi 12 packs, Strawberries 2 for $2.98, and Bluberries for $2.98

  • Christina


  • Klara

    Does anybody know if the Poland Spring catalina comes only if you buy the big bottles or can you buy the smaller ones – for kids? Thanks!

    • SEEMS to just be the big ones – but I talked to customer service before using my coupons, and they said I could go ahead and use it on the 500mL. It was weird that the coupon didn’t say ‘or larger’ on it, they usually aren’t so size-specific!

  • VA

    Sorry dont know where else to put this.

    Did anyone else notice that the Sunday Daily Record today was $2.00 ????? last week it was $1.25 – what gives????

    • The papers in central NJ also went up in price! I may have to start buying inserts online!

      • Denise best place for inserts.. and they have better value than our NJ ones… !!!

        • Rocky

          Question, please, because this is something that has held me back from ordering full inserts – when you say they have better value than our NJ ones, for example: if we get $1/2 (which frustrates me to no end!), does insertinsanity have $0.75/1, instead? Any other specifics? MANY thanks, in advance!

          • katrina

            yes, i buy from II too. HIGHLY recommend. While the values sometimes coincide with ours here in CT, there are more times than not that the value is .75/1 or .50/1 instead of our 1/2 with the tampa ones. you don’t get your inserts until wed (at least i don’t) but they send them priority mail and i can count on one hand the number of deals i have missed. and they always come around again 🙂

            • katrina

              i meant to say, that the value of the tampa inserts is .75/1 or .50/1 instead of our 1/2 with my CT ones

              • Rocky

                Katrina, thanks, so much, for the details – this helps me, immensely! Think I will give them a try!

          • Denise


          • Jenn K

            I go to for my coupons. I too live in CT and I get more of the $1.00 off 2 products, which is a bummer because other states get better value coupons like, .50, .55, .75 cents off 1 for the exact product! And since my Shoprite doubles, those are ideal. I sometimes check for those better coupons.

    • cheryl manna

      Yup, paid $2.00 also. I guess they realized they could make a killing on people buying Sunday papers for the coupon inserts.

      • Laura S

        The Saturday paper here in upstate NY (ALBANY area) went up from 1.50 to 2.00. They put the coupon inserts and flyers in there.

        • Northeasterner

          In DE, our paper went up to $3.00!!! IT IS CRAZY! So I changed to a subscription-which is still less each week! 🙁 UGH!

          • Lady J

            $3? What are they on? How do they expect to sell papers when they charge $3? No wonder print is in trouble! My paper is 1/2 that, and I know it could be gotten for less.

          • Kim D.

            In NY, ours went up to $3 too!! I subscribe to the Sunday only Poughkeepsie Journal and they give us a discount (I pay $8/month), but the funny thing is that as soon as the prices went up, I started having issues getting it delivered! Bunch of jerks….

            • Nancy Cintron

              I also notice the Poughkeepsie Journal went up to $3.00. So now I get Times Herald its only $2.00, but who knows if it will go up also.

              • Rachel

                I stopped buying the PJ because it’s $3 now. I get the Journal News now for $1.50. 1/2 price..same or better coupons.

              • LAuReN D

                I do the exact same thing Nancy. I don’t buy the PoJo anymore since it went up to $3.00… I just buy the Times Herald Record on Sunday for $2.00 while it lasts…

    • Rocky

      YES! Talk about sticker shock! I asked a relative to pick up my papers from the Dollar Store this morning and he sent me a message to let me know they said they didn’t get their shipment of the Sunday Daily Record today and should he pick them up from the convenience store? I said yes, they are only a quarter more…Ha! He came back and told me they were $2, as of today, and then I saw your comment!!! Not a good way to get more customers, or, heck, keep the ones they had!

      • Kim D.

        Ugh, because our paper went up so much, the dollar stores stopped carrying them 🙁

  • Today a man in front of me in line had two coupons, one for $20/$100 purchase and one for $10/$50 purchase…he said he got them in today’s paper but seemed a little annoyed that I asked so I didn’t press for more information. Anyone have any idea where they came from?

    • I saw someone else say the Intelligencer, or something like that? I’m not from PA, so I didn’t recognize the name. Hope that helps!

      • Maybe the Inquirer? That’s a Philly paper…I may have to go out and check! Thanks!

        • Colleen

          I get the Philly Inquirer and the Delaware News Journal and didn’t see that coupon in either.

    • anon

      I received them as a direct mailer in my area (upstate ny) but we opened a new store about 1/2 hr away. Assumed it was to get folks on the outskirts to make the drive. I make it anyway, so, BONUS!

      • Andrea

        Weird I’m in clifton park and I didn’t get one 🙁 maybe my hubby threw it away and didn’t tell me.

        • Kari

          I am in CP and drive to Niskayuna stoer and never got those coupons. My friend who lives in Halfmoon though did. Strange.

          • cathleen g

            i’m right in nisky and didn’t get them either. hmmm…

    • paula

      Yep I got them from the intell in PA they were hidden in the regular pages though almost missed them

      • stefanie

        do you remember which section? I searched through my inquirer but didn’t see anything

  • susan c

    i can never find any of the SR ecoupons … i guess i’m just missing out on them? :O(

    • Rocky

      You have to try and clip them really early on Sunday mornings (I’d say, maybe before 8a’ish, if not earlier). But, I’m pretty sure you should be able to get at least some of them cause it’s usually the most popular ones that are gone almost immediately. Are you saying you can’t find any of them? Maybe you are just not clicking on the right place on the website? Are you clicking on the Online Coupons link? Also, have you registered your PP card on the SR site? Because, even if you click on Online Coupons, you will need to then sign in to clip/load them to your card.

  • Alison

    I got catalinas that were Money off an order like that last week from the nutley shoprite. My world marinades this morning did not double at the Bloomfield shop rite so they each came out to be 1.66 on sale- .50 so 1.16

  • Alison

    I also bought the two Mio flavor water enhancement and got the free case of shop rite spring water woo hoo

  • Jill

    Is the gift card catalina a MIR? Or can I use the $10 on my next transaction?

    • Jen W

      You can use it on next transaction. It is a cat.

    • Christine R

      From what I understand the catalina is dated for next week though, so you couldn’t turn around and use it same day as the gift card purchase.

      • Mary

        You can turn around and use it, you just need a $5 purchase to go with it. I did it last night.

        • Jenn K

          Well you got lucky, because it says valid 5/13-5/19

  • Does anyone know if you can get any of the gift cards or only the ones in the picture for the catalina?

    • Just those specific ones.

      • Jen W

        I bought an ITunes gift card and a Shell gift card and the cat printed out. It does not specify in the ad that it must be those cards. I am interested to know if people are able to do this deal more than once on the same PP card.

        • Jenny

          I bought a $25.00 JCP & a $25.00 Bed Bath & Beyond GC. I received a $10 cat. My husband bought a $50.00 Lowe’s GC in a separate transaction and also received a 10.00 cat. Same PP card. It is $10 off next transaction however they can’t be redeemed until 5/13 and expire 5/19. I also went to customer service first to ask if non pictured GC’s were included because GC’s are not returnable. They didn’t know if buying non pictured GC’s would produce the $10 cat but told me if it didn’t they would print me one. I suggest checking with your store’s CS first just in case . HTH.

          • Lauren

            Has anyone tried to do this more than once? I purchased 2 $25 Hess cards and got it but I would love to get a second CAT…I love these deals!! Especially when I will be getting gas anyway.

    • Klara

      Any gift card but Shoprite gift card. Asked today.

      • Amy T.

        I bought a $50 HomeDepot gift card today but did not receive the cat.

    • Christine R

      The circular says spend $50 on gift cards and it only excludes SR gift cards. I would think that if they were for specific cards only they would say that in writing rather than the one exclusion. Hope that makes sense…long day!

    • Jenn K

      I believe the Shoprite gift card is not part of it.

    • LizP

      Just bought a Toys R Us and a Chilis gift card at the Branchburg, NJ store and the Catalina printed for me no problem. I asked at the desk if it was just what was pictured, and they correctly told me nope — it’s any of them, except for Shop Rite gift cards.

  • Fran

    Hey Everyone

    Go to – where it says search, type in grocery and for the zip use 08873

    Various expiration dates, but most are good for weeks

    Ball Park Fransk- $1.88
    80% lean ground beef – $1.89 / lb.
    Iceburg lettuce – $.88
    Golden Pineapple – $1.88
    ShopRite Butter – $1.49
    Center Cut Pork Chops – $1/59/lb
    Stoer Made Pound Cake – $.99
    Bubba Burgers – $5.99
    Frozen Tiliapia – 2 lb – $3.99
    Russet Potatoes – $1.49
    Boneless Chicken Breast – $1.59/lb

    • Michelle T.

      I used some of those coupons a few weeks ago. They say good at any ShopRite, however, watch how much comes off. They had to adjust some of them. And they were a little not happy about taking them since they are from a Wakefern ShopRite and they said something about my store not really being a Wakefern store. They took them, but it was a bit of a hassle. But some of these little hassles are worth a lot of money 🙂

      • Fran

        You are right – I used them today at Branchburg and the head cashier did not want to accept them after the store manager said it was ok – she said they were photochopied but they were not. Plus you do have to watch the prices, the meats must be weighed and the price entered to get the true coupon valve. The courtesy counter girl told me that since alot of people are printing coupons from the internet, ShopRite is lightening their rules regarding the coupons. We will see

    • TJ’s Mommy

      Wow!! Thanks for the tip Fran!

    • rosanne

      wow – thanks Fran! 🙂

      • Melanie

        FYI, They worked perfectly at West Chester PA. No questions asked, I did hold the meat till last which was helpful because they did need to weigh the ground beef. Thanks Fran!

  • Tammy

    You are absolutely a life and time saver! Many thanks…I’m spreading the word!

  • Toekneeface

    Just wanted to mention that the Warminster PA store started 2 weeks of triple coupons up to .99. Finally getting to restore a bit of the stockpile.

    • Ariana

      When does the triple event ends?

      • Toekneeface

        Saturday, May 19.

        • Anonymous

          Does Warminster accept internet coupons? Also how many coupons are allowed per transaction, is there a limit? Or just 4 like rule? Thanks

          • Kerry

            Warminster accepts internet coupons but they check every single one – very diligently. Also – only 4 like coupons per item.

  • Debbie

    I would love to know if anyone knows of any coupons for the Hebrew National hotdogs!!! Also does anyone know if ShopRite in Brooklyn doubles coupons? I don’t get there too often but I have a huge list for this week’s sales. Thanks in advance!

    • kate

      they do not double coupons unfortunately.

  • Kelly

    Where do you get big items, namely dog food (Purina), Huggies diapers and wipes? I don’t see good prices marked for ShopRite so I’m wondering what a good deal is and where to get these. Thanks.

    • Lady J

      recently has had .75/1 pampers wipes. SR sells these for 1.99 for the 72 ct pk. So, if your SR fully doubles that’s .49 a pk. Dog food, I don’t know about. As per diapers, you might want to check out the SR store brand. I used to be pretty loyal to Pampers, but I tried to SR brand when it was on a really good sale, and I think I actually like it better now.

      The great thing about couponing is that you get to try new things for free/cheap. When you coupon, often times brand names are cheaper than store brands, but not always. Last week I picked up 2 more packs of SR diapers, because even though they don’t have coupons – they we’re still cheaper on sale than a comparable sz pk of Pampers diapers on sale, with q’s, and a cat offer. I know dogs can be picky and will only eat what they eat, but try to keep an open mind and try new products when you can.

      • debra

        Something about Shoprite brand dipers…they are the same as Walmart brand and Walgreens brand diapers. Walmart is always cheaper at least in Freehold NJ

        • Lady J

          good to know. thanks. I would not have thought of trying WM b/c i tried their wipes and hated them.

    • Roslyn

      As Lady J stated, if you prefer certain brands, you are going to pay a little or alot more at times. I do prefer certain brands, so at times I do pay more….but that’s me.. that’s why we all coupon!! I stock up on the smaller packs of Huggies wipes whenever they’re $1.99 or less. In my area I’m fortunate enough to always have a .50/1 coupon for huggies wipes that doubles at my shoprite so it’s just a matter of waiting for the sale. I go to Walmart for my diapers in bulk, and use coupons and overage to bring down the prices on well as my cat food. We all have our systems. If you don’t want to switch brands and the store in your area is just too high…check some of the other stores in your area.

    • Sandy

      Take a look in BJ’S for the dog food. You can stack store/mfg coupon and they always have the 50 lb bag of Purina avail with coupons. I just got it $23,99 – $4 BJ’s coupon – $3 mfg = $16.99.

      BJ’s always has free trial memberships avail just Google online

  • Vaishali

    I went to shop rite Sunday and they didn’t have the playtex cup deal 2/$5 I couldn’t find a sign and I tried scanning all the playtex meal items and no luck. I really could have used the deal. I have 2 $1 playtex mealtime coupons left.

  • Karen

    $1 Nutella coupon on!

    • cheryl

      gone 🙁

  • Shelly

    Can I use the CATs to buy a gift card?

    • Jodi

      No, you have to pay cash or debit for gift cards.

    • Klara

      I used my credit card today and had no problem.

      • Shari

        best Deal at Shop Rite – i bought $200 in gas cards – cause I use $100 a week anyway – No Brainer !!!

  • rosanne

    my local SR flyer had a “super coupon” in it for Good Humor Ice Cream bars for 99 cents a box! (limit one tho)

  • Couldn’t you do 5 of the Jell-O to get the highest catalina (for cheaper price?) or do they only accept 4 of the same coupons? Just curious!

    • Aileen C

      You can get 5 Jell-Os, but you’ll only be able to use 4 coupons.

      • Eileen @QponPrincess

        unless you have two different types of coupons, ie, 4 clipped from the insert and one internet printable, or vice versa

        • Aileen C

          If they have the same bar code though, they would be the same coupon regardless of whether it’s an IP or insert coupon.

          • Karen

            You can only use 4 of the same coupon. If you plan on buying 5 Jell-O’s to get the $4 cat, use 4 $.90 cpns and 1 $.75 cpn! 🙂 And don’t get all the same flavor either. Limit 4 per variety.

    • Laura D.

      I did 5 tonight and got the $4 cat. It worked perfectly! I used 4- .90/1 and 1-.75/1 and made sure I had not more than 4 of one flavor.

  • If you do the pepsi deal with the free doritos, will you still be able to use a coupon on the doritos (even though they are free?) or no because they don’t do overage…

    • Eileen @QponPrincess

      yes you can, while they dont do overage on an item meaning if your coupon exceeds the ammount of the item you, they mark it down so you only get it for free, if the item is a bogo (meaning buy this get that) which is a store promotion not a coupon, you can still use a $ off coupon on the free item, however, you must absorb the overage in other items, they will not give you money back..which the pepsi should cover that 🙂

  • Laura

    where is the golden peak coupon?

  • Anonymous

    I can’t seem it join coup0nclipper . I enter all info but “join now” just won’t process. anyone else having a problem. I tried several browsers.

    thks J

    • The coupons are gone from there I think now… I was lucky I printed them last night. I used them today in Pearl River NY Shoprite checked at CS desk no problem. The cashier was messing up and they all did not ring up correctly so the head cashier came and corrected all my Q’s I had the meat lady consolidate 2 pks of ground beef and 2 pork center cut chops to get me over 3 lbs. She wanted to know where I got the great coupons. Each coupon printed a member id number on it so only a 1 time coupon..
      Thanks Fran!!!

  • Kathy

    Does anyone know if the Jell-O cat is for the non-refrigerated Jell-O too?

  • Lady J

    Does anyone know the dates for the cat you guy when you do the gift card deal? Can you turn around and use the cat right away? Or, are they not valid yet? Same thing with the reach deal? Is it valid right away, or do you have to wait. I’m trying to fit in one last SR trip before I go away to get some things for free/cheap, but there’s no sense getting into cat deals which I won’t be here to use.

    • IK

      says ‘redeem 5/13-5/19’…

  • chris

    Money maker on Jello Tempatations! There’s a new coupon for $0.90/1 Jello Temptations on Pair it with the catalina deal! 🙂

    • brittany

      what is the catalina deal? I am very interested!

      • Rocky

        Chris, thanks, very much, for the heads-up about the coupon. There was also another one for $1/1 Jello refrigerated item! Much appreciated!

        Brittany, you can check catalinas by hovering over the Coupon tab on the toolbar, above, then clicking on Catalinas, then, the store you want to know about. To make this one easier for you, here are the details:

        Jell-O Snacks (Pudding, Gelatin, Mousse and Temptations)
        4/16 – 5/13
        Buy 3 Get a $2 Catalina
        Buy 4 Get a $3 Catalina
        Buy 5 Get a $4Catalina


        • Lady J

          again, has anyone gotten this cat? can you use it right away?

          • Rocky

            I got it when it first started and PM had them on sale. It’s a regular cat and can use it right away. But, if I recall, I did not actually try to roll it, though I can’t see why it wouldn’t. I’ll be trying it again with these new coupons since my previous $0.60 ones expired.

            • Rocky

              Sorry, I should clarify, though I don’t think it makes a difference, I didn’t buy Temptations in that purchase. Only the gelatins and puddings.

          • Michelle T.

            Lady J, I did the Jello deal on Sunday 5/6, and my Cat is a regular cat with and expiration date of 5/20, so you can use it right away 🙂

  • Cheri

    Has anyone done the JELLO deal? I just bought 4 temptations and no cat.

  • Rocky

    FYI, at NW NJ SR today, the Nesquick Chocolate Syrup (and Strawberry, I think) are still on sale for 2/$4, like last week. Just in case you didn’t use your $1.25/2 IP in the Nestle deal, recently. Also, the Barilla microwavable meals are 2/$5. Makes for a good deal with the $1 or $0.75 coupons. Not many varieties, but, one of them was with whole wheat pasta.

  • Stephanie

    Has anyone done the SR toiletries Cat yet? Wondering if it is working on the pre-price plus price?

    • Denise

      i did it, worked on pre price plus.. i did the deal Cindy listed, 4 baby toiletries (shampoos) 4 S.R. dental floss, and 1 S.R mouthwash worked on PRE price plus

      • Stephanie

        Thank you, I’m heading there now. I usually buy SR toiletries, and am hoping to stock up. Really hoping to get 2 cats from 2 diff trans.

        • Denise

          i did this same transaction a few times in a row.. it rolled nicely.

  • Karen

    Also $1/5 Scotties cpn in the 4/29/12 RP.

  • Criss

    did anybody get the stonyfield yougurt deal with the website coupon of $2.00 off??

    • Katya

      Yes, I used it in East Windsor, NJ. Got free yogurt!

  • Karen

    There is a super coupon for the Goya Canned Beans including low sodium in the flyer (CT) – 5 for $3 when you spend $15. Add the $1/4 equals 40 cents each!

  • BoysMom

    BenGay Cold therapy is on sale for $7.74. Use the Buy one BenGay Cold Therapy get a Tylenol Precise Free. I used a $2 mq off BenGay Cold therapy and a $3 mq off Tylenol Precise. Get both for $2.74.

  • Emily

    For the General Mills cereal/milk deal, do you receive a coupon for a free milk to use in the future or do you purchase the milk in the same trip?

    • Laura D.

      It is a catalina (coupon) that you can use in the future. I do not know if it can be used right away in a 2nd transaction. It should have the details and dates on the catalina.

  • LizP

    Just got back from the Branchburg, NJ store — got a FANTASTIC deal on Finish Powerball Tabs, 80 ct. They are at the back of the store by the Entenmanns. Original price $15.99, $9 off, then I used 75¢ coupon which doubled, so got 4 of them for $5.49 each.

    Couldn’t find the Grande chips, though. 🙁

  • amy

    i bought a $25 shell gas card and a $25 home depot card that i used to buy 2 huge knock out roses with my B1G1 free gardener’s club coupon that i got in my email the other day!!!! $25 each so only $12.50 after coupon plus the CAT for SR!!!!

    • Anna

      You just gave me an idea. I am going to do the same transcation; gas and home depot.

  • Steve

    Anyone know if the Nestle Catalinas from last week work like the March Madness Kraft catalinas? For the Kraft catalina you only had to add 1 Kraft item to your purchase and the overage from the coupon would work on other brands. I’m wondering if this is the same.

    • Dana C

      I used mine and I don’t think I had one Nestle item and it went through.