ShopRite Triple Coupon – Warminster Store

ShopRite Triple Coupon – Warminster, PA

ShopRite of Warminster, PA has extended their triple coupon sale for the next 5 weeks through Saturday, 6/23!  They will triple coupons up to and including $0.99 and with an additional purchase of $7.50 or more.

Might be a road trip for some of you that don’t live too far 😉

Thanks Toni!

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  • Joe

    Awesome! I had a list planned specifically for this 45 minute trip which just became 100x better

  • Eimi M.

    Woohoo!!!! Finally! I do not have to drive all the way to NJ.

    • Cheryl

      They triple coupons in NJ??

      • Eimi M.

        No Cheryl. I live in PA but when I shop at ShopRite I go to the one in Phillipsburg. None of the stores in PA fully double.

  • Cortney

    Is there other information on the details? How many coupons triple, what do they mean that coupons still double? Can you not use any coupons on the $7.50 items or can you double coupons or use $1 + coupons on those items?

    I’m nowhere near that area, but planning to be close in a couple weeks, so…. maybe it’s worth a road trip 😉

    • Cindy

      I’m not sure of all the details but maybe those that have been shopping the triple sales there can fill us in.

  • Tina C.

    Doggonit! I don’t think I can justify driving an hour and a half away unless I had money to do some serious shopping :/

  • Ashley

    I’m hoping that maybe other Shop-Rites will follow suit. I used to work at the Shop-Rite in Nutley and I know when competitors where running triple coupons, they would too, just out of spite.

  • lkcheat

    anyone know their coupon policy?

  • Ruth

    Is that Shop Rite in financial trouble? Usually, this is a marketing ploy to attract customers. I haven’t shopped at Shop Rite in months, I couldn’t take their coupon policy and their rude employees, saving a few dollars wasn’t worth the aggravation.

    • cat

      did you ever stop to think about all the competition in the area? its called survival of the fittest…..I love this store……and the people are wonderful!

  • Tink

    Can someone please post what the coupon policy is…. 4 like coupons? Is there a limit for how many different coupons can triple? If there is a limit, will the coupons double after the limit was met on tripling ? TIA!!

  • felicia

    I live in NJ but I go to school in Warminster one day a week. Looks like I’m going to be cutting out of night school early to get some couponing in!

    • Chris

      Good luck finding anything. I live around the block from this SR and one day last week I went around 1 pm with coupons for approx. 15 diff. items. The shelves were cleared and all that I could have got for the triplers was 1 bag of Crave cat treats.

      • cat

        maybe thats’s because all the peoople who aren’t loyal shoppers clear the shelves……and leave nothing for the people who want to shop here!

  • Michelle O.

    Extended to Saturday June 23, 2012, not 5/21 🙂

  • sharon

    shop there all the time. They take 4 like coupons for triples..have to spend at least $7.50. My trip last week…$116..paid $0 with last weeks triples and catalinas!

  • c

    i am very close to this store and i am 99% sure that this store doesn’t fully double coupons.
    i stopped shopping there because of this.
    if you have a .75 Q, they will only give you a dollar off. so the most you can get w/ a coupon that is less than $1 is $1 off, if that makes any sense. obviously, if you have a $2 off something coupon, you’ll get the $2 off, though.
    not sure if they are changing any of this w/ the triple coupon, but wanted to let you know before you head over there.
    i’d also think they’d put a limit on how many coupons they triple, just because they are very, very, very tight w/ their coupon policy.
    love shoprite prices but not to crazy about the coupon policy!

    • c

      wow! i just called to check it out and they DID CHANGE THEIR COUPON POLICY FOR THIS EVENT!
      *(4) like coupons will triple, unless they are $1 or more, which they are just taken at face value
      *store coupons do not double

      now i’m excited! lol

      • Shanta

        Wow thanks for the info because I am in PA & I thought that the Warminster Shoprite was the ONLY Shoprite in PA that fully doubles….

        • c

          no problem.
          i would love to shop at shoprite, but all of them w/in a 20 mile radius only give you up to a dollar off and won’t fully double.
          when i have a bunch of .75 coupons, i just think of all the money i could be saving somewhere else if i wait for a sale!

          • Shanta

            I truly do understand, though I really love my Shoprite-I tend to save my $.75 or higher coupons for Acme or Pathmark because they fully double!!!! A little while back there was a $.99/1 coupon(for coke zero, i think) and at Shoprite that coupon would only double to $1, but I enjoyed watching it double to $1.98 at Pathmark…

    • Marcia

      That’s common, though, that you get double value up to the price of the item. Otherwise, they are paying you to take it away. That’s nice, and occasionally happens, but it’s not policy anywhere I know of.

      • c

        i understand that, marcia. but i am saying that if you buy anything w/ a .75 off coupon that they will only give you $1 off. even if the item is a $5 item, i still want my full $1.50 off! all other stores in my area do that besides shoprite!

  • Janice

    I saw this and immediately called my mom who lives there (I live in SC where we have Harris Teeter triple coupons and Super Doubles) so we went through the ad and I am shippin her up a bunch of coupons. I recommended she call and verify coupon policy for # of likes and # of overall (we have a limit at Harris Teeter of 20 coupons per day and only 3 like coupons that will triple). Glad other stores are finally do for folks. Just jealous that it is 5 weeks long as ours is only 1 week every 6-8 weeks.

  • Jordan

    With triples a .75 coupon would be 2.25 off if the store fully doubles to .99..
    .50 would be 1.50… new to triples just making sure …Thanks

    • Toekneeface

      Exactly right!!!!!

  • neysa

    I wished I were closer to that town. I’m in Northern NJ. Have fun saving money ppl!!

  • Karyn

    I can only hope the Fairless Hills SHoprite will offer that but very doubtful…..they are getting ridiculous with their coupons!!!

    • Jodi

      We shop at the Fairless Hills one also! We call it the warehouse! It’s terrible. They never have anything there usually, I couldn’t imagine with tripling coupons! It would be a madhouse.

    • R

      I know what you mean. I shop Bensalem and they are very good, but I have relatives who shop Fairless Hills and they say they don’t let them use a lot of coupons.

  • Nl

    Man, I dream of the day my shoprite does triple coupons again. Sigh…

    • Rocky

      Oh, me too….NORTHWEST NJ SR’s, listen up! We need our triple coupons, too! Sorry, Nl, not sure where you are located, but, wanted to put the word out to mine [grin]!!!

      • JerseyCityWoman

        Ditto! It’s been so long for me that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to shop triples at Shoprite. In fact, now that I think about it, the last triple event I’ve been to was the Pathmark triples last year! That was fun!

  • Tanisha

    O M G i am SUPER excitedddddd….I am originally from NJ and my store in Hillside used to fully double and after moving to PA and finding out that my local Bensalem store didnt fully double hurt my couponing little heart…lol. I called this store to see if they fully doubled and again nope…but to find out that they have are having a tripling event im EXCITEDDDDDD!!!!!

  • Toekneeface

    As far as I know, most PA Shoprites do not fully double. Normally Warminster does not either, but when they have triples they triple up to 99c. They used to have them occassionally, but until 2 weeks ago they had not had them since last Aug. The triple event does not appear in the store circular, it was in Sunday’s ad in the Intelligencer.

  • charlie

    Wondering if Cindy will do a special match up just for this?

  • Alison

    Wish my shop rite did this !! Good luck everyone !!

  • Wanda

    Thank you ladies will be there in the morning.

  • Shrome

    BEWARE!!! – you can DO ONLY one transaction – mutiple trans are NOT allowed in this Shoprite….

    • Anonymous

      can someone please confirm if this is definitely a fully triple,ie. a .75 Q will triple up to $2.25; that 4 like coupons will triple and no limit on number of coupons per trans. Pretty please!

      • Toekneeface

        I have not been this week yet, but that is how it has been the past 2 weeks.

      • c


  • tabitha

    Will they give you overage if your tripled coupon exceeds the price of the item? Say the item is 1.40 and you have a .50 cents coupon tripled to 1.50. Will they give you that credit of 10 cents?

    • Toekneeface

      They usually do not give overages at all.

  • Bridget

    Nice, looks like a road trip for me next week. I don’t think my Shoprite has EVER done triple.

  • Ariana

    I shopped there last week and I had no problems. They REALLY tripled anything under 99 c, even if it was a “don’t double” coupon! I’m excited that they extended it!

  • nick

    Can anyone confirm only one transaction allowed? Was looking to make a road trip…gas is expensive but i got some free gas cards from the gift card sale, i wonder if this store gets mobbed

  • Lisa

    I can confirm from last nights trip that you cannot do two orders back to back with the same PP card. I went with my daughter last night, and the cashier actually asked to see that both PP cards were different. She was afraid she would get in trouble.

  • Anonymous

    they have this sign posted at the CS desk at Shoprite of Warminster for triple manufactures coupons event.

    1. Minimum purchase required is $7.50 with your price plus card.
    2. Manufacturers paper coupons only.
    3. Coupons up to and including .99 cents will be TRIPLED up to $2.97 value.
    4. If coupon value is greater than retail price of a product, you will get the item FREE.
    5. No coupons tripled in excess of product retail value.
    6. Tobacco, tobacco product, milk, pharmacy, and other coupons excluded by law will not be doubled or tripled.
    7. Coupons identified as “ShopRite super coupon” or “ShopRite valuable coupon” in any ShopRite advertisement will not be doubled or tripled.
    8. CHECK OUT COUPON “R”, SMART SOURCE “TM” coupons (on shelf coupon dispenser).
    On-package coupons, in- package coupons, WEBBUCKS COUPONS and any manufacturer coupon that states it cannot be doubled or tripled will not be doubled or tripled.
    9. The value of manufacturers’ coupons will be doubled or tripled for “identical” coupons, up to a limit of four (4) item per day

  • Shoprite of Warminster triple manufactures coupons.

    1. Minimum purchase required is $7.50 with your price plus card.
    2. Manufacturers paper coupons only.
    3. Coupons up to and including .99 cents will be TRIPLED up to $2.97 value.
    4. If coupon value is greater than retail price of a product, you will get the item FREE.
    5. No coupons tripled in excess of product retail value.
    6. Tobacco, tobacco product, milk, pharmacy, and other coupons excluded by law will not be doubled or tripled.
    7. Coupons identified as “ShopRite super coupon” or “ShopRite valuable coupon” in any ShopRite advertisement will not be doubled or tripled.
    8. CHECK OUT COUPON “R”, SMART SOURCE “TM” coupons (on shelf coupon dispenser).
    On-package coupons, in- package coupons, WEBBUCKS COUPONS and any manufacturer coupon that states it cannot be doubled or tripled will not be doubled or tripled.
    9. The value of manufacturers’ coupons will be doubled or tripled for “identical” coupons, up to a limit of four (4) item per day

    • Anonymous

      oh, thanks so much! So I guess no IPs then?

  • Anonymous

    No IPs?? Really? Last year they took IPs. Can anyone confirm this before I make the trip?

    • Toekneeface

      I used millions last week with only one issue. They all tripled, no problem. When I went to use 4 Earthbound Farm (who can resist organic salad for .25), the cashier called the front end guy over since they all had the same number on the side & he was nervous they wouldn’t get reimbursed. I whipped put more coupons with different numbers & voila…..problem solved. So far, everyoe has been very nice. DH has been sick so I have not been this week.

  • kathy

    My Mom lives in Warminster, and I think this Shoprite is fairly new. There is a lot of competition with Wegmans. I wish all Shoprites had the same coupon policy. None of the ones in South Jersey fully double. It stinks.

    • Toekneeface

      Kathy, the Shop Rite has been there for many years. It was a Brown’s ShopRite & Then they sold it to another family several years ago. The new owners did a much needed remodel, closing for a few months.

  • How far is this from milton pa.

  • I shoppped today.

    They will check internet printable to ensure they are valid. They checked each coupon on a computer…

    If it says DND, they won’t double/triple it at all.

    It was not bad though

    • Toekneeface

      The DND coupons that start with a 5 is a YMMV deal depending on cashier. They seem to have a few new cashiers lately. Last week all of mine tripled.

  • Joe

    Took a ride yesterday, much like the Pathmark fiasco a few months back of triple coupons, the shelves were pretty cleared. I was told there were a few people who had over 100 coupons used at checkout. I’d recommend heading there at store opening. Good Luck

  • Rebecca

    I want to go so bad …. Please let me know best day and time to go i’m from NY. And how much was saved. i’m wording is it worth it. Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure it would be worth it coming all the way from NY especially since I hear they only limit to 1 trans./per day. Just my 2 cents

  • Rebecca

    One transactions is fine as long as I can use as many coupons as I want, unlike pathmark I was only able to use 10 at a time. I want to know someones recent experience and best time to go. Morning or night? When do they restock

  • Pam

    I went the other day with my daughter and met up with a girlfriend…. we had a blast!!!! The store was nice… they had almost everything we went for in stock… the cashier was super nice and friendly…. we ended up getting $629.xx for only $83.xx after all 3 transactions (1 each)….. It was worth the hour and 25 minute drive from Toms River… although if I go again I will time it out better because of the traffic during rush hour on the way home…

    • rebecca

      wow im so happy to hear your experience was great. I’m looking forward to my trip now. Thank you for sharing!

  • shita

    The best time for shopping is first thing in the morning when they open, well stocked. Within last three trips over the 3 three weeks. only 1 item was out stock for me. the cashier are very nice and good with coupons, but the manager will make sure one transaction per day. until today i was very pleased with my shopping trip in the store. Please be aware a male cashier named ” James” short mid-age with short hair. He will make hell out of your transaction. the manager all ready checked all my coupons and OK before he scan any items on the bell. I have to repeatedly pull items out of the shopping bags to “Proof” the items was purchase and match the coupon. he keep sighing rudely plus sound effect ” too many coupons” every time i show him the item. Never have i met any cashier like him. Not planning to go back to this store ever, not worth the hassle to save few buck. Able to enjoy my shopping is as important as saving money. good luck!

    • rebecca

      Oh wow gee thank you for letting me know. I will def look out for him. thank you for sharing your experience!

      • Bonnie

        I have been there 3 times this week, all very good experience’s. Each time there was no more then 2 item’s on my list that were sold out, very well stocked. The 2nd triple I had a younger male cashier (possibly early 20’s), my receipt say’s his name is Zach. When I handed him my coupon’s he said “Please tell me your an extreme couponer?” He was very friendly and told me he is a couponer too. He said he loves that they are doing the triple coupon’s because he loves to see how well people do 🙂 Good luck if you haven’t been there yet! Also, if there are no Wegman’s near you there is one just a few blocks up so you might want to check out their Match ups too before you go. I was thinking about that myself since there is not one close to my house and I have never been there before.

        • zach

          Hey I wanna say thank you very much for the compliments means a ton from zach

          • Bonnie

            Your Welcome Zach! You are the most polite and friendly cashier I have ever had. Looking at the date and time you left your comment, I was actually in the store again that night and you rung us up 🙂 Heading back again tomorrow to take my mother-in-law shopping!
            Have a great weekend!!!!

            • zach

              next time your in tell me ur there

  • Eimi M.

    I went Friday and did two transactions. I did the first transaction and went out for lunch then came back and did the second transaction. No problems at all. The cashiers were super nice. Two of them cheered me on and some ladies even stayed a lil longer to see how much I saved. First transaction went from $255 to $80, second transaction which had all the meats and deli cheese went from $120 to $46. I was super happy! It was such a nice feeling to have two cashiers and 3 customers cheering me on 🙂 I can’t wait to do another trip.

    • rebecca

      Super excited over here!!! I will be doing a trip soon. i know it will be worth it!. I hope you save even more next time! 😉

    • Pam

      We are going again this week…. we plan to go early and do 1 transaction and then go get lunch and go back to do another…. hope it works… and we will look for Zach….=o)

  • shey

    Going to Warminster was well worth the experience! Katrina was the BEST cashier and was so excited to be helping me. We even had the cashier next to us cheering us on! I spent OOP $35.19 and saved over $164! FYI, my cashier stated you are allowed to do a second or third transaction but you will have to do it in different registers.

  • Lauren

    My husbands going on a business trip and staying at a hotel about 10 min from here, so I will be coming along with my coupons in tow! Any good coupons that I should have with me or unadvertised deals that would be free with coupons? Will be there next week. Thanks!

  • Donna

    Hi Everyone, Can’t get over the wonderful job Cindy does. I am loving LRWC. Thanks Cindy………. I live in Lacey Township and would love to make a day trip one day next week depending on my work schedule(should know tonight but thinking Wed). I did mapquest and it’s only 70 miles. I have a SUV and a cargo carrier. I thought 3 people, $15(less depending on tolls), a bunch of .50 & .75 coupons and WAWA coffee, were good to go! Anyone interesed call 973 998-1781.

  • Donna

    Sorry!! Just did the math, it should cost about $10 pp.

  • Kristin

    Made the trip last night. Was so worth it. Total was @ $287. After coupons $130. Followed the advice of a previous poster and went to Zach. He was great. He got a kick out of being mentioned on here.

  • Lady J

    Is this a standard thing that this SR does all the time? I am so interested in going, but it’s 50 miles. It’s not the mileage, but getting someone to watch my kids for that amount of time. Maybe I could convince my husband if I throw in a trip to the Golden Coral.

  • Jeffrey

    The Shoprite’s in Fairless Hills and Bensalem, PA are also offering the same triple coupon program