Walgreens: Starbucks Refreshers Money Maker

Walgreens: Starbucks Refreshers Money Maker

You might want to hang onto those Free Starbucks Refreshers coupon that just came in the 4/29 Pepsi Moments Inserts.  It seems that Walgreens Starbucks Refreshers deal is better then I originally posted.

The  Starbucks Refreshers will be on sale for only $0.99 with a $0.99 Register Reward. Use the Free Starbucks Refreshers coupon and you will score a $0.99 money maker.

Note that the Starbucks coupons expire on 5/16 so you will need to be sure to use them the first part of the week.  No worries, I’ll remind you when the time comes. 😉

Plus, if you still have the $1/1 Starbucks Refresher coupon (no longer available), this would also be a good time to use them.

Here is the deal starting on 5/13:

Buy Starbucks Refreshers, 12 oz $0.99
use Free Starbucks Refreshers from the 4/29 Pepsi insert or the $1/1 Starbucks Refreshers Coupon (NLA)
Pay: $0
Get a $0.99 Register Reward
Free + $0.99 Money Maker after coupon & RR

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  • Vanessa

    Grrrrr…….. I used all of my coupons already!! Ugh, when will I learn to hang on to a few for deals just like this!! 🙂

  • Cheri

    Can we use as many coupons as we want if we do separate trans. or is there a limit?

    • Desiree D

      They have to all be separate transactions so you have to go several times. They usually let you do two separate transactions at a time. Since you don’t need a card for the Walgreens register rewards, there’s no way to limit the amount of separate transactions you do.

  • Mark

    Was going to use all of them at Stop and Shop for gas points, but will keep a few.

  • Niki Zimmerman

    My Walgreens always gives me a hard time about using a coupon that is even a penny more than the item.

    • MM

      Mine too

    • Mary

      I actually had the same problem so I emailed Walgreens corporate office (on their website). They told me the policy is the cashier needs to price adjust down. I printed that out and bring it with me every time.

  • Anonymous

    The free starbucks coupon actually expires 5/19, so it will be good for that whole week.

  • Ally

    Will they let you use more than 1 at a time to get the RRs on all of them or is there a limit per transaction?

  • Diana

    Once word of this gets out my Walgreens will all be sold out by Sunday morning 🙁

    • Lady J

      My Wags will have removed them from the shelf by Sunday morning and then won’t have any all week, but will somehow be fully stocked by the following Sunday morning. Wonder what corporate thinks of store managers working against them.

  • paul daloia

    is there a limit to how many rr you can get?

  • Jocelyn Alvarez

    I should be getting 3 from a trade.. hopefully i will be able to use this and get them.. but my Walgreens might also be sold out if not.. it’s cool.. .free is free. so i’ll get them anywhere

  • Cathi Ramon

    Ihope that they don,t give me a hard time this time!!!!

  • Irene d.

    Thanks Cindy. Just got back from your couponing workshop tonite. I logged on and here’s the deal we spoke of. It was nice meeting you. Congratulations on having a standing room only crowd.

    Irene D.

  • Darlene

    Anyone know where to get these coupons

    • Laura D.

      They were in the Pepsi Moments insert 4/29/12 Some papers had them, some didn’t.

  • brittany

    these are disgusting

  • Mickey

    I was told that alot of the stores pull the products and replace them with something else just to avoid dealing with the hassle of the coupons. A worker from Target told me that’s what they did. I contacted Target but they never got back to me. Walgreens told me on Sunday when the free refreshers coupon came out, they never got their shipment.

  • jenny

    where do i get a pepsi insert from, the sunday newspaper? I have the 1/1 starbcks but i don’t have the free coupon?? please tell me me where i can find it….

  • Suzi

    I don’t understand why they have to pull them out the mfg will pay them. I DON’T GET IT!!!

    • Phoenix

      Suzy I think it’s just plan laziness I think it’s stupid because they get the value of the Q plus & $.8 right ?

  • britt

    My RR is not printing

    • Cindy

      This deal does not start until 5/13

  • gloria

    I have looked everywhere and I can’t find that product or the free good and natural bar