CVS Deals for the Week of 6/10/12

CVS Deals for the Week of 6/10/12

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  • hanna

    Thanks for the list!
    Last week (till today) was better deal for me, but still I love CVS!

  • Becky

    If I have a raincheck for the schick razors from a few months ago for buy 1 get $4 ECB’s (or something like that) I will get the ECB’s from this promo AND the one that starts tomorrow, right?

    • WENDY

      I highly doubt that, Becky. A raincheck enables you to take advantage of a previous promotion only…not a previous AND a current promotion.

    • Jacqueline

      YMMV- It all depends on the cashier. I have used a RC several times when there was a current offer and gotten both ebs

    • Allie

      I’ve done the same thing with a rain check from cvs and received BOTH promotional EBs! Good luck.

  • Lauren

    My CVS will not take printed Pepsi coupons they only accept actual Pepsi coupons but they do take printed coupons on other items in the store not just Pepsi.

  • Erin

    While at Wally World the other day I stumbled across a coupon for $1/2 Hallmark greeting cards. (There was an entire pad of them on one of the Father’s Day card racks.) The coupon only specifies that the total has to be more than $1, so you could still use it on the 0.99 cards. This might make the ECB deal for this week even sweeter.

    • Anonymous

      the coupon says only good at walmart.

  • Amanda

    I can’t get the softsoap coupon is it nla? It brings me to the page and I even tried to facebook share it but never goes to a coupon. Has anyone been able to get it?

    • Yolanda

      There is an arrow beside the image. You will need to click on the arrow. Then it will forward you to a page where you will have to fill out your information. After you submit your info, the coupon page will appear.

      • Amanda

        Thank you!!! The arrow was so light and un-noticeable. I was able to get them once I knew what to look for. Thanks for replying.

    • denisew

      I can’t get to the soft soap coupon either. I got to the colgate site, but did not see the soap coupon. Keeps bringing me to that “share” page.

  • Jodi

    YES, it brings you to a colgate page to sign up and then you can print the softsoap, but after I did all that it told me I printed my allotted amount, I printed 2 last week, will have to go on another computer to get 2 more!

  • Jocelyn A

    Everytime I scan my card (MOSTLY every day) I’ve been getting $4 off any $12 cosmetic cvs coupon… despite me using 3 already! …. my CVS has most of the make up marked down to 50% off… i got 2 L’oreal Eye liners, 2 L’oreal dual eye shadow, 2 cover girl lash blast for a little under $4 with the magic machine coupons and manufacturer coupons. hoping alot of the make up will still be marked down to 50% off .. just letting you guys know to check your cvs

  • Danielle

    I cannot find the Brut deo coupons in the 6/10 SS — Is this a regional coupon?

  • stephanie

    I went to cvs only for the irish spring bc its my husbands fav. I went to the MCM and itt printed a 10$ off 30$ gillette purchase and a random customer gave me a 20% off coupon which made for an awesome deal. 1 fusion proglide power razor and refil 2 custom 3 disp razor and a gilletteshaving cream

  • stephanie

    Opps. Used bogo q for proglide and custom3 razor 2/1 q bobofree q and shaving cream q.along w 7$ ecb that I had paid .45!! Oop and got a $4 ecb for proglide. Happy fathers day 🙂

  • mel

    Wow great deals

  • Melissa

    Thanks for the match ups.

  • Christine

    Just went to CVS at lunch time and got a $3 off of 4 Fathers Day cards from the magic coupon machine, it did not specify a brand. So figuring this would be better than the Hallmark ECB (buy 3 for $1.49) deal since I prefer to buy the $0.99 cards, I bought 4, used the coupon for $3 from the magic coupon machine, and I did get the $3 ECB since they were Hallmark cards. This was a $2 MM.

  • Ciara

    Hey a 20 year old college student and just started renting my own house..I am so new to this but I am excited to start. I looked through my coupons for cvs and found this (let me know if i am doing this right)

    schick razor 8.88
    4.00 off coupon + 3.00 ecb
    nivea men face scrub 6.88
    2.00 off coupon
    nivea body wash 4.88
    1.00 off coupon

    pay 13.73+tax get 8.00 ecb

    wisk detergent 4.99
    2.00 off coupon
    jergens natural glow 8.99
    2.00 off coupon
    jergens lotion 6.99
    1.00 off coupon

    pay 10. 97 + earn 5.00 ecb

    3. clorox bleach 2/$4

    so i figured i would spend about 25-26 bucks for my stuff..
    How did i do pre saving .. I’m open to ideas and suggestions

    • kathy

      On the second transaction, my math came out differently –

      $5 +$9 +$7. = $21 (i rounded up)
      minus $5. for the coupons = $16.
      minus $8. for the extrabucks from trans. #1 = $8. plus tax.

      If the clorox bleach is 2/$4, and you are using a $5.00 EB, then make sure you have something $1.00 to make up the difference (you don’t want to lost a dollar, G-d forbid!)

      Good job – keep it up and you will have all of your friends following suit! What are you studying?

      • ciara

        Culinary arts.. so this saves me a lot on food as work on creating new food ideas….

        Question… When you earn rewards it doesn’t come off that purchase right??…. When Yu guys subtract it from the purchase it was earned on it kinda confuses me…thanks

        • marie

          You are right. It confuses me too. But I am used to it now. I just use my own tabulations in my head when I figure transactions. My main goal is to spend as little out of pocket as possible on each purchase.

        • kathy

          When you say “rewards” do you mean extra bucks? Or the beauty club rewards? Extra bucks print at the bottom of the receipt and you can save them to “roll” into another good deal, or use them on your next purchase. The rewards you earn on the beauty club cumulate on your card, and when you reach $50.00 spent on beauty products, you will get a bonus $5.00 extra bucks. HTH!

          Culinary arts! Sounds so fun and exciting. Do you focus on food prep and presentation only, or do you also study HRIM? (hotel, restaurant, institutional management)

  • DynaB

    thanks for the matchups—with a family of 6 to provide for I am truly grateful

  • kathy

    Check your email. I just got 3 CVS printable coupons:
    $3.00 off Revlon
    $3.00 off John Frieda hair color
    $2.00 off Clear Scalp

    I’m using the $3.00 off Revlon along with extra bucks to get some cheap lipstick.

  • Angela

    I have a quick question. Can I use a ” $5 off your next purchase of $10 or more” coupon i received earlier for the get “$10 extra care bucks when you spend $30 ” ?

    Will it still trigger the $10 ecb?

    also, can i use extrabucks for this promo ? I have another $3 reward from earlier. Just want to make sure i still get the $10


    • Sebsa

      Yes, yes, and yes! That’s why we all love CVS. : )

      • Ann

        I got the $4 ecb for ($10 or more) revlon purchase last week. Can I do it again this week??
        and can I use the buy any $12 cosmetics and get $4 off coupon along with the CVS emailed coupon of: save $3 off any revlon purchase together ?

        • Sebsa

          Yes you can do the Revlon deal again. You should be able to stack the $3 CVS revlon coupon with the $4 off $12 CVS coupon but you could wait to see what other people report to make sure that is the case.

          • Ann

            Thanks Sebsa!!

  • kmegg

    i want to use the cvs revlon q i got sent today. want to try the new lip stain-its 9.49. at $10.00 you get 4.00 ecb. how close do you need to be to get the ecbs?

    • Sebsa

      I think you have to hit 98% of the award amount. So if it’s spend $10 get a $4 ecb, you would need to spend $9.80. I suggest you find the cheapest Revlon tool product to add to the lipstain. I think I saw some toenail clippers and nail files at my CVS for $2.

      Or, if this deal is rolling (meaning, that it is not limit 1 per household per week), then get the lipstain, then get some other products with the goal to eventually hit $20 (or $19.60) and then you would eventually get $8 (2*$4 ecbs) back. I haven’t done the revlon deal myself so I don’t know if it is rolling, but maybe someone else on here does? Like the schick/playtex deal just kept accumulating even if purchases were made in different weeks. HTH!

  • Ann

    Can I use for the clear shampoo: $2 off Manufacturer’s Clear Q,
    $2 off Clear Shampoo CVS Q. (emaile to me)
    and $2 off Any Shampoo CVS Q (from machine)??
    or only the first 2 coupons?
    Thank You!!!

    • Sebsa

      You can stack one MQ with one store Q. So I think you would have to buy 2 shampoos to use all the coupons you have listed. One shampoo would have 1 MQ and 1 CVS Q and the other shampoo would have 1 CVS Q.

      Cindy has a great video on how to shop at CVS (the link is available at the top of this post) which is super helpful for learning the ins and outs of CVS, coupons, and ecbs. HTH!

      • Ann

        Thanks Sebsa!

  • Anonymous

    Are there any revlon manufacturers coupons out?

    • kmegg

      my cvs had $1.00 coupons on a tearpad at the lipstain display

  • Trina G.

    the softsoap at my cvs is 4.19 not 3.29, the brut deoderant is also $3.99 and not $2.99?

  • barb

    my cvs would not take the hallmark coupon. Cashier said it was only good at gold crown hallmark stores.
    Oh well off to the hallmark store in the mall I wish I knew that b4 I spent 20 minutes looking for cards under $2 that was a chore in itself.

  • Rachel

    There is a coupon on the Hallmark Tell Them facebook page for $2/3. It has two bar codes on it, one for Hallmark stores and another for other retailer.

    • Anonymous

      thank you that was a great heads up now I can go get the cards I alreasdy picked out and not waste any more time!!

    • Jennifer

      Thank you so much! It does say retailers or crown stores. There’s a min of $2.00 purchase, so you can buy the .99 cent ones. And I believe you can print more then 2. And it says it expires 7/13. Awesome!

      • Rachel

        You can use it for the .99 card, but then you’ll pay .97. If you buy 3 cards for $1.49 each and use the coupon, it will be money maker after the ECB. I seem to remember that $1.49 cards are hard to find and some store don’t have any at that price.

  • Dani

    Does anyone know if CVS (in CT) has updated their systems to read the new barcodes?? I’ve switched my printer settings but I still can’t get the 2nd bar to print 🙁 I haven’t tried it @CVS yet but when I went to WAGS, the cashier told me he couldn’t take them because their system wouldn’t… I missed out on the Thermacare patches (and a few other items) last week because of this. I would like to save myself the aggrivation and wasted time if possible. Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Nicole

    The coupon machine printed $15 off Physicians Formula Skin Care, usually the cheapest skin care product is $20.99, but I noticed the moisture balance (blue package) is 75% percent off, making them $5.25 each, so I purchased 3 to equal $15.75 and used the $15 off coupon. 25 cents each! That is a deal!

  • Jennifer

    Found a few .99 ones, couldn’t find any 1.49, a lot of 1.99. I WANTED TO CONFIRM THAT THE DEAL IS WORKING ON THE .99 ONES! Sorry I got excited saying that. Find “Hallmark Tell Them” on facebook like Rachel said above. I was able to print 4 on one computer, they expire in July. I paid .97 today for 3, and got back $3.00! Awesome deal!

    • Jennifer

      I forgot to mention, you can print as many as you want, I only printed 4 out to test to see if it would give me four.

  • Jennifer

    Also, Stop and Shop starting Friday June 15th-June 21st they have the Expressions from Hallmark Greeting cards deal Buy 2 get one Free. Now there is no exclusions on what priced cards. I don’t know if the Expressions have cheap ones, but if you found 3 for .99 each and use the coupon stated above would be free with 2 cents overage. Or if you found 3 for 1.99 each you would pay .66 each for them.

    • Michelle T.

      Thanks for that tip, Jennifer! Think I’ll be doing this 🙂

  • Myrah

    Just in case anyone is interested, the Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler (reg price $19.99) is included in the sale (at least it is so far). It rang up @ $9.99 AND it printed out a $4 ECB. I also rec’d the coupon for the free Gillette Fusion shave gel from Vocalpoint. I also had in my email from CVS 30% off coupon and rec’d $10/$30 Gillette products from the red coupon machine. So my purchase today was Gillette Styler $9.99, Gillette shave gel $5.29, 2 x gillette disposable razors $12.29 x 2 (totals $24.58 for 2 razors) = $39.86. I used the 30% off coupon first so that equaled $8.96 and then the $10 off $30 for Gillette items. I then used a BOGO free coupon for the razors and they took off $11.99 (the max amount allowed, the cashier didn’t take into account the 30% off) and the coupon for the shave gel $5.29. I paid $3.62 + tax and got a $4ECB. This is going into my husband’s father’s day gift from the kids!

    • Qpon Jenn

      Wow, that’s awesome! I have the same coupons, i might have to try this out! Thanks for posting!