Giveaway: A Year’s Supply of Sensibles Disposable Plates!

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Year’s Supply of Sensibles Disposable Plates!

Whoohoo!  We have a terrific giveaway starting today!  Sensibles is offering to one of our lucky readers a Year’s Supply of Sensibles Disposable Plates!

Why are these plates special?  Made from 100% recycled materials, Sensibles are eco-friendly disposable plates at a price that is friendly to our pocketbooks.  Sensibles are perfect because they perform the way you need them to, and they’re priced for everyday use.  They are strong, soak-resistant, microwaveable and to top if off, they are compostable!

Enter our giveaway below and be sure to check out Sensibles’ Facebook page to read more about their plates, recycling, composting and more!

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  1. Leave a comment below letting us know what you do to recycle and help the environment. 
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  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • Winners will be chosen at random and will be notified on Monday, June 11th.  Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • Be sure to add ([email protected]) to your contacts or check your spam folders at the end of the giveaway.

A big thank you to Sensibles for providing this giveaway. 

389 thoughts on “Giveaway: A Year’s Supply of Sensibles Disposable Plates!”

  1. Michelle says:

    My kids and I do arts and crafts with old bottles/garbage to help reduce/reuse/recycle! 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    I like sensibles on facebook!

  3. Love recyled items, to leave this earth a more beautiful place for my children and grandchildren.

  4. maggie says:

    I like sensibles on Facebook!
    We compost and we have a veggie fruit garden too. And we walk to train/post office/supermarklet/ anywhere that is walkable we walk!

  5. Wendy says:

    We make our own cleaning solutions instead of buying plastic bottles, we reuse the same one over and over.

  6. Jill says:

    We recycle everything at our home. Shampoo bottles, vitamin bottles, aluminum foil, yogurt containers, plastic cups, etc. I donate my magazines (because I get a million subscriptions, thanks to this website!), to my hair salon and my husband brings his to his job.

  7. Rj says:

    I recycle everything possible! My hubby is also starting to actually listen to me! Haha

  8. Jessica H says:

    WOW! What an awesome giveaway! One way that I recycle is that I find creative things (mostly off of Pinterest) to make out of used items.

    I recently took empty Lysol Wipes canisters, washed them out and put used plastic grocery bags in them. And I keep one in each of our cars. You never know when you might need an extra bag for a dirty diaper or trash, LOL!!!

  9. Nicole says:

    We alway recycle all our bottles and cans! Even re used k-cups for plant starters!!

  10. Jessica H says:

    liked Sensibles on FB 🙂

  11. michelle F says:

    We walk a 1/4 mile to bus stop 2x a day. We reuse water bottles,

  12. stephanie says:

    I recycle the traditional paper, cans and bottles. And use reusable cups for coffee and water throughout the day to save on garbge and waist.

  13. Rosemarie Sager Heins says:

    We recycle everything humanly possible…

  14. An says:

    We love our compost bin – it has cut down the amount of trash at least in half. As a bonus – the soil that comes out is so rich, it helps my plants grow better. I would be curious to see how the Sensibles biodegrade in there!

  15. Lauren says:

    Not only do I recyle everything possible at home… but I also make my coworkers recyle at my job (where we don’t have a recycling program), then once a week I drive all of the recycling home and put it out for my weekly collection!

  16. heather holliday says:

    we have a compost pile and we recycle anything we can. we even joined freecycle on yahoo….its a great way to recycle things:)

  17. michelle F says:

    I am a fan of Sensibles on FACEBOOK

  18. Stacey says:

    with a new 8 week old baby & 2 more kids under 5, we make recycling a part of our everyday lives.

  19. MARY says:

    We diligently recycle at home and reuse what we can. Also do not use plastic shopping bags.

  20. CJ says:

    I make sure to collect empty water bottles and recycle them

  21. Aida says:

    I now recycle all bottles, boxes, newspapers and every thing else I can. 🙂

  22. Lauren says:

    I recycle everything possible, re use take out containers for packing lunches, and I work at a school that doesn’t recycle so I made a collection box and drive the recyclables home every week to put out with my collection.

  23. Cheryl Messick says:

    I reuse plastic bags

  24. glyniss says:

    My 8 year old Son and I recycle everything possible in the house. We have out own veggie garden and use household trash in there (ie coffe grinds) Dedicated recyclers.

  25. Cheri says:

    We use reusable shopping bags and recycle every water bottle and newspaper we buy! LOVE Sensibles plates!

  26. chris says:

    Being a boy scout leader I have to recycle everything possible or my little scout will call me out on it. Fortunately our town recycles most everything. From dirty pizza boxes to used foil. Everything else useable that we don’t need goes to Salvation Army.

  27. Freda says:

    I buy in bulk so the packaging is often less bulky than a bunch of smaller packs, then put portions in reusable containers. I also like to reuse the large containers for securing bagged items so the critters won’t be snacking on them!

  28. Eimi M. says:

    To recycle I have a compost, recycle all plastics/cans/metals. I have learned from my in-laws how to recycle things I never though I could ever recycle. In my house, we keep the lights off during the day time and AC off during the night time. Every little helps!

  29. Betty D says:

    I try to find a purpose to resuse almost everything i buy. I also post things on Freecycle to keep them out of the landfill.

  30. Crissy says:

    My friends & family make fun of me because I clean each and every recycleable. I also organize them too. I love where I live & want my children childrens to have a beautiful place too

  31. Betty D says:

    I liked sensibles on facebook.

  32. Tracy says:

    I try to use reusable tote bags when I shop for groceries, and tell cashiers not to give me a bag when I make small purchases (gum, chapstick, etc.). I also reuse glass spaghetti jars by spray painting them and turning them into rustic vases for fresh flowers!

  33. Lauren says:

    liked on FB

  34. Alejandra Pizarro says:

    We recycle shopping bags, egg cartons, milk cartons all for projects! With a 3 year old..its a must..these simple things + paint make them happy! lol Love sensibles!

  35. Tom says:

    I use CFL bulbs, always bring a reusable bag or refuse a bag for one or two items, and recycle everything I possibly can. I work for a contractor who renovates bathrooms. The old sinks and toilets are now freecycled so that they avoid the dump thanks to my suggestion. Saves on disposal fees too.

  36. dpatton says:

    I use recyclable grocery bags weekly not the plastic ones

  37. Lizzie says:

    We reuse our bags at the supermarket and put out our recycling every Wednesday. We also help the environment by driving a hybrid!

  38. Alejandra Pizarro says:

    Also, like on FB!

  39. Kim Mignella says:

    we give our aluminum cans to our neighbor who then brings the to make a few bucks at the recycling center

  40. Susan says:

    We recycle everything we can at our house and have only a small amount of trash. If I try to throw something recyclable in the trash my 6 yr old who watches too much PBS yells at me that “we only have 1 earth and we have to take care of it!”

  41. PhiL says:

    I give bottle caps to my kids to recycle at school. We reuse water bottles, and recycle papers!

  42. Matthew says:

    my family of 3 recycle everything in sight! weekly trips to our recycling center!

  43. dpatton says:

    I like sensibles on facebook

  44. annette says:

    I actually use trash as base for my art work. I reuse old windows and I make pot racks for a little store where I live…oh and crushed cans make great drainage for the bottom of plants in plant holders

  45. Krystle Kiri says:

    To be honest, I was horrible at recycling until my daughter turned 2, and she started seeing what I was throwing away. She collects all our water bottles, and we go return them at our local grocery store. She buys a little treat with what we get back from them, it’s turned into a fun activity for a boring day!

  46. akku says:

    I try to re-use anyuthing i can, and think of a new ways of reusing stuff.

  47. Beth C says:

    We recycle everything possible!

  48. Kristy DeGregory says:

    One way we reuse good items is buying a lot of our toys, clothes and home items at the thrift store.

  49. Jody says:

    We use CFL lightbulbs and reusable shopping bags. If we get plastic shopping bags, we reuse them as small trash bin liners.
    I also “liked” Sensibles on FB.

  50. Ginny says:

    I teach my kids to reduce waste and reuse what can be used again!

  51. Jennifer says:

    We recycle and have a compost pile.. We recycle the horse manure from our farm with the compost.. For our gardens.!

  52. Ronna Ross says:

    Me and my 3 roommates all collect our recycled items including paper, cans, and bottles and make sure to reuse whenever possible!

  53. Nikki says:

    We recycle everything we can. We also try to buy items that are packaged using recycled materials (Kashi cereal boxes, etc). I also reuse containers and packages for crafts and storage.

  54. Shannon says:

    We save toilet paper/paper towel tubes and give them to the school art teacher for crafts and sometimes keep them for ourselves for crafts. We also recycle water bottles and constantly using go-green bags when shopping.

  55. bc says:

    i recycle shopping bags

  56. karen says:

    I do alot of recycling in my home, everything, even batteries. I even bring my own canvas bags to the grocery store now. I work for a church, and put up a recycling container for everyone to use so it cuts down on their trash. Now when I go out for a walk I bring an old canvas bag with me and pick up empty bottles along the way.

  57. Melissa says:

    My toddlers and I just took our recycling to the curb! We use Eco friendly cleaners and washable swifter pads!

  58. Patricia Crowley says:

    We make our own cleaning solutions so we can reuse the same bottles over and over again and also our garbage company helps with providing bins for recyclable items, so we can just toss cardboard, plastic, and cans into the bins!

  59. Jill E says:

    We Love to recycle! and i use my shopping bags over and over.

  60. Georgia says:

    I reuse cardboard boxes and newspapers by making paper-mache’ bins. They make great “junk drawers” and stock-pile bins.

  61. marie says:

    I re-use all plastic bags, freezer and storage. I also re-use the bags that come in cereal boxes. I rinse them out and then re-use them when I pound chicken. They are thick wax paper and work great.

  62. Mamie says:

    We’re big composters here in the Hudson Valley. This week we’ve been “recycling” our neighbors newly cut down tree (too close to power lines… it had to go as per orders of NYSE&G). The husband is out splitting logs as I type. He hopes to be finished before the real hot weather starts. Thanks for the give away!

    1. Kim D. says:

      I’m in the Hudson Valley too! Gotta recycle around here to keep it as beautiful as it is 🙂

  63. wendy says:

    My town makes recycling really difficult. They will not accept paper, so to recycle newspaper we use it to start fires in the wood stove that heats the house. To recycle magazines I bring them to my coworkers and family, and that way they get enjoyed again before being recycled!

  64. Linda W. says:

    I take my old clothes and furniture to Good-Will so they can be reused.

  65. Farid says:

    We recycle most of our garbage, we have practically stopped using bottled water. its the small changes in our daily lives that show us we can make a huge impact.

  66. Kristin says:

    My family recyles everything paper, plastic, unused coupons. We donate cloths that we either never wear or kids cloths. in the summer weather we use a cloths line instead of the dryer to dry cloths.

  67. Becky B says:

    i recycle and stopped buying bottled water to cut down on the amount of plastic i was wasting!

  68. Kristy H. says:

    We recycle cans, bottles, newspapers, and shopping bags. I love to find ideas on pintrest to recycle things with. This year we turned an old wooden pallet into a vegie garden!

  69. Pat says:

    We religiously recycle every scrap of paper we can including coupons! lol

    1. Gail says:

      Thank you for being so GENEROUS!!!! I recycle EVERYTHING and do not use plastic bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Being only one person, I don’t have much, but when I do I make sure to try to save this good earth.

  71. Dana says:

    We recycle what we can everyday and not just throw it in the waste basket. I would also like to build a rain barrel to water our vegetable garden this summer.

    1. Dana says:

      I liked the page also!!!!!!

  72. JT says:

    I’ve stopped using plastic water bottles and now only use refillable, reusable bottles for water.

  73. biana says:

    I recycle our paper and bottles. I use plastic bags for our garbage. I also reuse shopping bags when I go shopping.

  74. Sherri says:

    One of my favorite things to do to help recycle is to compost all of our egg shells, banana peels, etc….and feed it to our garden! All of that “would be trash” ends up helping my garden grow! And my children have even gotten into the act – they know when I peel an apple for them that the peels go in the compost container, NOT the trash!! :o)

  75. Cortney says:

    I recycle cans & bottles & other recyclables. Also reduce waste by either using plastic reusable containers for lunch OR re-using sandwich baggies. 🙂
    I never buy bottled water, instead I use my reusable water bottle.

  76. Jen says:

    We recycle our cans, newspapers, other paper – pretty much anything we can.

  77. Kt says:

    We recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum at home then bring it to the recycling center. We also reuse shopping bags as doggy bags too.

  78. Georgia says:

    How will I know I’m entered? I added my comment. I ‘liked’ on facebook….. nothing came up reguarding the giveaway……..

  79. Mary says:

    I recycle any packaging or product that I can, and bring all of my used plastic bags to the bins outside of Shoprite that accept them! I also donate all of my used clothing and shoes to the Salvation Army.

  80. Tania says:

    What don’t we recycle should be the question. We have a very busy house with 3 girls. My husband and I have be teaching our girls to recycle from the time the started walking. They love sorting and placing everthing in the proper bins, even my 18 month old gets in on the action. I love getting points on RecycleBank website. 🙂 My daughters are helping out and feel like they are a part of a very important earth project. They are the reason we recycle.

  81. Gail says:

    Liked on FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Beckie says:

    Liked on FB!

  83. Felice says:

    I owe alot of the recycling in our house to our 8 year old daughter who had a project due for school about recycling and how it could help our enviroment. We now recycle everything we could.

  84. Kelli says:

    We always recycle our aluminum cans and paper! I keep a supply of plastic bags near my cat box to be used to throw away their “gifts”! 😀

  85. Qpon Jenn says:

    I try to recycle as much as I can, grow my own little garden and use reusable shopping bags whenever I can.

  86. Teresa F says:

    My four boys and myself recycle whatever we can and if we are out in town then we hang onto our recycleables until we find a recycle bin. Thank you.

  87. sjrdy says:

    We recycle every thing possible and also get my 4 year old to learn it.

  88. Nini says:

    I recycle everything possible! Liked on FB.

  89. Sarah says:

    We recycle just about anything you can think of. My brother likes to make projects out of cardboard flaps and paper towel tubes.

    1. Sarah says:

      Also liked on fb.

  90. Kelli says:

    I just liked on facebook as well!

  91. Tee says:

    I recycle all plastic bottles and can jars

  92. Adrienne says:

    We recycle everything that is allowed to go in the container. Also small containers like butter or hills s hire farms containers I wash out and use for small toy storage such as crayons. I also use the cardboard boxes that diapers come in as book storage in my sons closet.

  93. Teresa F says:

    l follow on Facebook. Thank you.

  94. Leah says:

    Our weekly garbage container is as big as our recycling container-now our recycling gets filled faster than our trash bin! 🙂 We also use totes when grocery shopping as well!

  95. Nancy says:

    I recycle all cans, bottles, plastics – my mother thinks I’m crazy to wash out the cat food cans to recycle, but why not?! We use insulated stainless steel bottles in lieu of plastic water bottles. I always use my cloth bags for shopping – can’t remember the last time I got a plastic bag at the store. Makes me feel good to reuse and recycle….it’s the least I can do to help the planet!

  96. marisa says:

    Our Family recycles everything!! we usually have more recycling than garbage every week! I love that the plates are compostable!!

  97. Elise Sorge says:

    Recycle glass, aluminum and plastic at home along with cardboard and paper. Started paper recycling here at my office too!

  98. stefanie says:

    I bring my bags from home when I’m doing any shopping, not just for grocery stores to reduce the amount of plastic bags I use.

  99. Heather says:

    I liked Sensibles on Facebook. To reuse/recycle, my family has began using all of our magazines for crafts like bookmarks, collages, puppets etc. We use our own household cleaners like bathroom cleaner, febreeze type spray etc, thereby continually using the same bottle and producing less waste. We use empty vitamin containers for thumbtacks, paper clips or anything else small that might need a home.

  100. Heather Brower says:

    -recycle what we can’t reuse
    -cloth diaper

  101. Laura Gaita says:

    All those newspapers I buy – for the coupons – are always recycled!

  102. I have a husband, 4 grown children, and 3 grandchildren. With this large a family we have to do your part. First we upcycle what ever we can. Then we recycle or compost.

  103. yazmin says:

    I used home made laundry detergent its great, and just recycle in general!! 🙂

  104. Reesey B says:

    I liked Sensibles on Facebook. We recycle almunium cans as well as glass and plastic bottles. MY kids and I also love arts and crafts so I recycle just about anything cardboard, plastic, metal, and especially paper bags (they make great wrapping paper)to save for future projects.

  105. Stacy says:

    I liked Sensibles on facebook

  106. In my house we recycle just about everything. At the end of the week, after recycling and putting vegetable scraps, egg shells, etc. in the mulch er we only have one small bag of actual garbage to throw away, so having dishes that are sturdy and recyclable is an added plus.

  107. Stacy says:

    My family recycles newspapers, plastic bottles, etc. Anything we can do to help the environment!!

  108. Haseena says:

    I try to recycle everything possible…bottles, newspaper, magazines, weekly store adds, scarp paper from printing coupons and whatever else that can be recycled, and my 2 year old loves helping.

  109. Amanda Howard says:

    I compost to help eliminate waste, and try to recycle all glass bottles

  110. Haseena says:

    I liked Sensibles on FB!

  111. Beckie says:

    We of course, use our re-usable shopping bags at the store. (Love my LRWC canvas bag- holds the most free groceries!) My kids also stock their play fridge with any plastic containers that I can wash- ie. spices, ovaltine, yogurts, parmesan cheese, all those yummy free Kraft Philly Indulgence containers we scored etc… They love to use the ‘real’ stuff that mama uses in her kitchen!

  112. Kim F says:

    I recycle all cans, glass and plastic. I also try to reuse everything or pass it on to someone else that can use it

  113. Kristina says:

    I only shop with reusable bags, recycle anything I can and compost.

  114. Megan says:

    I always recycle at home and have even put in place a recycling program for my company (wine * liquor distributor) so we can recycle the used bottles we go through

  115. Pam says:

    We recycle all glass, tin, cardboard, newspapers and plastics that are allowed by our community.

  116. Becky Browning says:

    My family recycles as much as we can from newspapers, food boxes and cans to bottles and toilet paper rolls. The kids use the egg crates to plant flower seedlings. My husband uses 2 liter bottles to make bug traps. We all try to do our parts!

  117. Pam says:

    I liked Sensibles on FB.

  118. Shamara R says:

    I recycle everything …bottles, newspaper, store adds, all paper products, any and everything that i can recycle…… i always use re-usable shopping bags every time i go shopping… Im really big on those re-usable bags, i even have my whole family using them!!!!!!!!

  119. chris says:

    I save water by drinking wine. Then I recycle the bottles!

  120. dana says:

    With a family of five we have to recycle….we start with our cans, bottles, and plastic…and of course all those papers we buy!!!

  121. Melissa B. says:

    Like most people I recycle at home, but I am very thankful to work for a company that has a true recycling program in the workplace. We all receive a recycle bins in every office and common areas. Once a month we go out in to the community where our business is located and clean up trash, mostly along a river. We are in a city, so we have also gotten on board with another community program to plant trees. It feels good to do our part for the planet but to be supported by an employer to do this is even greater!

  122. Laura Sanders says:

    I recycle everything I possibly can — and am teaching my kids (ages 1, 4 and 5) to do the same! They always ask whether something goes in the trash or recycling before ridding of it. We have two big recycling bins and it’s so simple with our town’s streamline recycling program (all items in the same bin)!

  123. Sharon White says:

    I learned recycling from my dad, who passed away 33 years ago, growing up he gathered all medals, and melted them down. We wold go where all the wild berries, chestnuts and veggies grew wild and pick them, we also would go to the potatoes fields and pick up all those the machine missed. These days I recycle, and use a hot and cold cup all day so we don’t have all those dirty cups and only run the dish washer once a week. Every little bit helps.

  124. Marie says:

    I not only recycle at home (love recycle bank) but also take the work stuff home.

  125. aimee says:

    We recycle newspapers, glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans, cereal boxes, cardboard boxes and other things that we can recycle.

  126. Jennifer Pupek says:

    We recycle practically everything! Our weekly “garbage” only needs to be taken out about every other week, but our recycling overflows! We try to use as much as possible for crafts, for example, the weekly newspaper leftovers have been being saved for an upcoming birthday, for use as a homemade pinata. We take all of the kids one-sided finished school notes, homework, notifications, etc, and print coupons and such on the blank side (the grocery stores haven’t complained so far!). Our small city of Newington is very family oriented, and environmentally conscious- our schools use email for most teacher-to-parent and vise/versa communications, and they organize a school wide “phone book” for birthday parties, etc that is also done by electronic download. We are constantly looking for new ways to reuse, reduce, and recycle!

  127. Nadia says:

    I recycle everything I can and encourage those around me to do the same!

  128. Lori says:

    We recycle everything from newspaper to plastic at home! Awesome giveaway, thanks!

  129. laurie says:

    I recycle all plastic, donate clothing and toys

  130. Katie Lynn says:

    i have 2 small children and we do our part everyday, whether it is picking up cans and trash on our street to using no chemical cleaners. Also we recycle all the paper in our house to the school boxes which is suppost to give the school a cut, who really knows if they do….we have to keep the world clean if we want our great great grandchildren to be able to live comfotably.

  131. Sunil says:

    We recycle everything in our family…. glass, cardboard, plastic and paper.

  132. Ruchi says:

    composting!! we do this all year! because we are primarily vegetarian, we can. and the best perk – we NEVER waste a grain of food! not to mention that we grow our own totally organic food in the process with home made compost for about half the year!

  133. gina says:

    I joined a local freecycle yahoo group! Instead of throwing still useful stuff out, you offer them for free and they get a new home instead of the landfill!

  134. Michelle says:

    We recycle all that we can! We donate toys, clothes and furniture that we don’t use any more to be reused by someone else. We use reusable bags when we shop. We also planted a garden so we can just walk out back and pick our own fresh veggies!

  135. Becky says:

    We recycle a whole ton of stuff since our community started single stream recycling–I love it! We use re-usable bags too.

  136. Annie says:

    We recycle everything we can, use the clothesline and use cloth diapers!

  137. Eric in NJ says:

    Our family is making strides toward less of a carbon footprint. Our latest step has been solar heating water for washing dishes and adding to laundry. We use the big old black water bag that sits in our attic for a few hours…piping hot!

  138. Regina says:

    We recycle bottles and newspaper

  139. DKNY says:

    compost, recycle, hang laundry, grow our own food, and donate

  140. Laura A says:

    I recycle pastic bottles/containers, glass bottles, and reuse plastic bags from grocery store (when I forget reusable ones!), reuse washed ziploc bags, recycle newspapers, reuse funny pages for wrapping paper & don’t have enough money to fix air conditioner & so can’t use it! Pray for cool summer! (last year wasn’t fun!). Compost grass clippings and walk 1/3 mile to bus stop whenever possible! (5 times / day)

  141. Jamie says:

    I make costumes out of old card board boxes. My daughter was a “Motts For Tots” juice box made from a cardboard box and the tube from wrapping paper was the straw.

  142. Andrea says:

    I’m so big on recycling. Of course I use reusable shopping bags. I just cut up old shirts and sewed the bottom to make bags or it a shirt has a nice pattern I’ll use to to make flower hair bows for all the little girls in my life. We recycle our newspapers, cans, bottles, etc… My family has recently started a compost for our garden. You can recycle almost anything. I turned old coffee cans into ribbon dispensers. It makes bow making so much easier. We try to walk places as much as possible but in upstate NY it isn’t always possible so we will take public transportation in the winter. Not only do we save a ton of money on gas we are helping the environment.

  143. Cheri C. says:

    I do my part in recycling by re-using the plastic sleeve the newspaper comes in, to use as doggie doo-doo bags. I wash out tin cans and place in the recycling bin, which is collected by the city every two weeks. I put the contents of my shredder into a paper bag and put in recycle bin. I recycle all my newspapers, magazines, and junk mail (after removing personal data). Thanks!

  144. Allison says:

    I recycle everything I can and reuse as much as possible, also!

  145. Natasha says:

    Our family recycle everything we can. I would love to not have to wash plates for a year.

  146. Kim D. says:

    I use empty containers in any way I can think of- I use the ones with lids to store small art and craft supplies, I make art from otherwise “useless” materials and create lesson plans for art projects that involve re-purposing materials aka “upcycling” for my future students (Anyone hiring an art teacher in New York?? haha). Currently, I’m saving all of our empty cereal boxes to make organizers for my papers (which I believe I actually saw on LRWC!).

    My fiance and I both re-use plastic bottles for the gym. He uses plastic juice bottles (loves the ocean spray ones!) and I use the smaller soda bottles. we reuse the cardboard tubes from toilet paper, paper towels, wrapping paper and aluminum foil as chew toys for our guinea pigs- as long as they don’t have any glue residue on them. We recently bought some tube free TP and while it’s great for the environment, I think the piggies are a little angry about it! We also line their cage with newspaper so we don’t have to use as much bedding.

    We use Freecycle to list any usable items that we don’t want or need and also try to search that before we buy new- we have received a 4 drawer filing cabinet, a brand new box spring, 2 cat towers, a kitchen table, most of the hangers in my closet, board games and more- all for free and kept out of landfills! (And we’ve gotten rid of probably twice as much.) If the items are in really great condition and in-season, I’ll try to consign them instead but if they don’t sell I tell the store owner to donate them.

    We’ve also switched over to canvas grocery bags (and use the plastic ones we get when we buy meat as trash can liners), use CFL light bulbs and energy star appliances, switched to a non-electric dehumidifier, stopped buying bottled water and carpool to work. 🙂 Instead of throwing away coupons that I don’t use, I leave them on the shelves at the grocery store for others to use.

    And of course, we return whatever cans and bottles we can for their deposits. Anything recyclable that what we can’t re-use, donate, give away or consign gets sent to the recycling facility!

    1. Kim D. says:

      Yikes! I didn’t realize how long this was! Hope some of the ideas can help other people out!

  147. Noelle says:

    We recycle everything we use from plastic, to aluminum to cardboard. But mostly to we have been trying not to use as many disposable items! We purchased a new dishwasher that uses less water to more efficiently wash the dishes 🙂

  148. Stefanie says:

    We recycle whatever we can and always take my reusable bags with me to do any shopping!

  149. Rebecca says:

    I recycle all my cans and bottles

  150. Debbie says:

    I use curbside recycling and recycle all of my paper, plastic, newspapers etc.

  151. Peg says:

    We have to pay for the recycling in our city, so you can rest assured that we get our monies worth and recycle everything we can.

  152. Lisha says:

    besides making sure to separate all my recyclables at home… I’ve started carrying reusable bags to the grocery store so I will not need/use the plastic ones..

  153. CE says:

    I recycle everything. We bring soda/beer cans and bottles to supermarkets for refunds. We recycle paper, plastic, glass, etc weekly. I also re-use plastic bags and when I go shopping for groceries, I use canvas bags.

  154. marilyn says:

    I have faithfully recycled since the 1970’s, long before it was required. Presently I have a rainbarrel for water and I compost too.

  155. Kathy C says:

    We recycle everything! I also avoid plastic shopping bags whenever I can!

  156. Lauren G says:

    We have a compost bin where we put our kitchen scraps. It makes for wonderful compostt which can be used to fertilize flowers. The kids enjoy composting too!

  157. dawn says:

    i have 6 children, we recycle alot not only for the environment but to save money!! from leftovers to hand me down clothes…nothing goes to waste in our house!! im not even sure id like paper plates but i just like to try and win!! haha

  158. Steph S. says:

    I recycle newspapers/paper items, all things plastic, etc. I also love re-purposing plastic containers to store other things.

  159. Jill says:

    We recycle all our paper products at my house – including all those newspapers with holes in them from where I have clipped the coupons!

  160. Giovanna says:

    At home we make sure that we recycle everything that we can. I also use canvas bags at the grocery store.

  161. Julie says:

    We use recyclable canvas grocery bags and recycle at home whatever our recycling company accepts, boxes, plastic, foil, cans, etc!

  162. cheryl says:

    My family uses reusable bags, compost, grow veggies, and recycle everyday items. I also use household items for the kids to use on crafts.

  163. Julie B says:

    I use recycable shopping bags. We recycle anything we can with our recyclebank can in our town!

  164. Denise says:

    I recycle about 90% of my trash..

  165. maryellen says:

    We recycleall the , aluminum,plastic. Even my childen know how we separate our garbage..Thanks

  166. Linda says:

    I recycle glass, paper and plastic, compost my veggie scraps and try to repurpose or donate old clothing.

  167. Amy says:

    I recycle everything accepted by my town, and now #5 plastic at whole foods. But my daughter takes things she can use for art projects and has friends over to create together

  168. Rachel F says:

    I always use my plastic bags many times over.

  169. Heather W says:

    We recycle glass, cans, bottles, paper and use cloth bags at the supermarket.

  170. James says:

    We have our bottles and cans, newspapers and magazines on a regular basis. We have two Britas (both were free) and try to avoid bottled water. We were thinking on investing in a Soda Stream or taking advantage of the current groupon for home water service!

  171. Tara says:

    I like them on Facebook!

  172. Phoenix says:

    I of course use reusable bags when I shop, we recycle our Sunday papers, and soda bottles, milk cartons, and cardboard

  173. Kelly K says:

    I recycle newpapers, use reusable shopping bags and even use cloth napkins.

  174. Michelle says:

    i reuse any plastic or paper bags we get and try to use reusable bags as often as we can. i also use reusable containers and plastic water bottles instead of buying bottled water!

  175. Lisa says:

    I recycle everything that is listed on my city’s garbage calendar that needs to be recycled. I also reuse the plastic grocery bags or return them to the store for them to recycle.

  176. Danielle Cioffi says:

    I recycle all my newspapers, magazines, cans, and bottles on a weekly basis. I also bring my own bags when I go food shopping!

  177. Jennifer B. says:

    We recycle all of our garbage, use reusable grocery bags, and use aluminum reusable water bottles.

  178. chung says:

    I recycle paper, bottle, cans. I turn off all the light when we are not using. We install low flow heads for the shower.

  179. Danyelle says:

    I recycle (plastic bags, newspaper, glass, plastic, aluminum, tin, cardboard) use reusable bags at the store, and use reusable water bottles

  180. Joanne Feliciano says:

    I have switched from plastic water bottles to a reusable, recycled tumbler. I re-use shopping bags for small trash cans at home and are switching from plastic bags to reusable, recycled shopping bags =)

  181. Laura says:

    I recycle paper, plastic, glass, cans, anything I can! I also use reusable water bottles and a PUR water pitcher, CLF light bulbs, and reusable grocery bags.

  182. Kristin says:

    I recycle newspapers and cans/bottles

  183. Kristin says:

    I liked Sensibles on Facebook

  184. Sandy says:

    I recycle all paper products, cans, glass, newspapers, cardboard daily!

  185. Sandy says:

    I liked them on FB also.

  186. Barb S says:

    We recycle newspapers and all scrap paper.

  187. Liz Harwood says:

    Even though we live in a small city house with a tiny backyard (15×15,) we have a large compost container for our food waste. We don’t want to throw out anything that can be used for other purposes.

  188. heather ballengee chandler says:

    We recycle everything our local collection site accepts. We also compost everything we possibly can.
    Thank you.

  189. kellie says:

    I recycle everything possible!

  190. heather ballengee chandler says:

    I liked Sensibles on facebook. Thank you

  191. lgal says:

    reusable shopping bags are a must!!!

  192. erin says:

    we recycle all of our bottles and cans (mostly scored from all the great coupons we hear about from LWRC) and make sure we use are re-usable bags (which we also scored compliments of sales we learned about via LWRC) Recently I made a whole buch of party favors out of recycled baby food jars that were a huge hit.

  193. jeness says:

    We live in a condo so we save produce scraps in the fridge and add to my mom’s compost pile @ her home. We also recycle everything we can here @ home using the recycling dumpsters.

  194. Marilyn Boccippio says:

    I recycle all my paper, cans and bottles.

  195. Kathie says:

    I recycle everything. And when I print one coupon, I will flip the paper over and print another on the back.

  196. Misally says:

    In my home we reuse boxes (of any size) for important papers that can’t be shredded, we use empty milk containers for water in the fridge and we reuse plastic bags (when we forget to take out reusable bags) for garbage. everything else gets sorted and put out to be recycled

  197. Robin says:

    I recycle everything! In my home we follow the three R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

  198. Yessenia Ortega says:

    I have two trash cans and I use one for plastic and the other one for regular trash.

  199. Amara says:

    We recycle everything in our house down to tying up our newspapers. We of course use our LRWC bags when shopping. My husband even picks up trash during his bike rides 🙂

  200. Jen says:

    My family and I recycle newspapers, plastic bottles, etc.

  201. Jen says:

    I try and recycle as much as I can!

  202. Jenn says:

    I recycle everything I can. I use only one trash bag a week now. Before recycling I used 5-6. My recycle bin is huge and is always overflowing at the end of the week. I’m happy to hear that so many people are recycling now.

  203. adriene says:

    we recycle anything that has the symbol

  204. Melanie says:

    We re-use plastic bags, ziploc bags(within reason), any plastic, glass, or metal container gets tutrned into a storage containers ( coffe cans, crystal light, chip cans) or glass jars are used for canning.

  205. Melanie says:

    I liked sensibles on Facebook

  206. pam says:

    I reuse plastic bags, sort paper, plastic, cans, bring my own grocery bags when I shop, put out older vegs and fruits, nuts for the wildlife at my house, re-use plastic juice jugs. Thanks

  207. Teresa M. says:

    I do my best to recycle everything I can at home, including bottles, newpapers, etc. We grow a lot of vegetables so we use the compost to keep our soil rich. I have 3 college boys home for the summer so recyclable, strong paper products would be a life saver for us!

  208. Cindy G says:

    hi – i am so into recycling, especially with my two toddlers. they love craft, so i try hard to re-purpose things we’re recycling, like making paper beads out of a magazine to make necklaces as christmas gifts, using toilet paper rolls as ‘pots’ to plant into the garden, taking large, stained t-shirts and turning them into pajamas. we love to be as imaginative as we can when it comes to recycling!

  209. Meg Bauer says:

    I edge all of my gardens with newspaper sections before applying mulch in the spring. I just made a new hosta garden and covered the entire ground around the hostas with newspaper, brown paper bags and cardboard boxes. Then I put old leaves from last year over the top as a mulch. I have a fern garden where I rake all fallen leaves in the fall and that is where I get my leaf mulch. I also dig banana peels into the ground around my roses, and use coffee grounds around my blueberries and hydrangeas. They love the acid. I put crushed eggshells into African violet soil and use hard-boiled egg water on the violets as well. It seems to help them bloom. My house plants also really love water from the Beta fish bowl.

  210. Anita says:

    We recycle almunium cans, newspapers, catalogs as well as glass and plastic bottles. I liked Sensibles on Facebook. Thanks for this fabulous giveaway.

  211. Michelle says:

    We recycle all household items that can be recycled and bring our own grocery bags.

  212. Jessie C. says:

    We use our own shopping totes, water bottles and do recycle at home.

  213. Jessica says:

    We are avid recyclers we have four seperate bins for glass plastic metal and paper / cardboard. we also recycle electronics, fabrics, batteries, etc.
    I have a childcare center and we use many recylcble materials inn art projects. we just recently made eggcrate caterpillars and reused baby food jars for a votive holder craft.

  214. MamaBates says:

    We have always recycled bulky items like laundry soap bottles and cereal boxes. But recently we have been paying attention to everything we throw away all the way down to the smallest yogurt cup. Even the little things make a big difference!

  215. Christopher John says:

    I line my kids hamster cages with the paper I shred. Then I put in paper recycle bin. Double recycle!

  216. Laura says:

    Recycle anything and everything can be recycled.

    Kiddos love helping out and have said many times people are littering and people have felt obligated to pick up the trash. Also you should recycle that and then they have helped others learn to recycle.

    My newest recycle is learning about a company called Lily Bloom their purses are made from recycled plastic bottles. I love them they are stylish and they are helping the enviornment at the same time. YEAH !

  217. Kelly says:

    I recycle all my paper, glass and plastic products.

  218. kat says:

    We recycle and re-purpose anything we can. We shop at thrift stores and donate alot to goodwill.

  219. kat says:

    I “liked” Sensibles on Facebook

  220. Lisa says:

    We recycle and have a compost pile in the backyard

  221. Nancy says:

    I recycle cans,bottles and newspaper. I use totes to carry grocery. I liked Sensibles on Facebook.

  222. Louise says:

    I recycle everything in my house possible. We also compost and use rain barrels for watering our vegetable and flower gardens. I only have a small bag of garbage at the end of each week.

  223. Ann says:

    We have a town recylce program, use reusable shopping totos, reuse ziploc bags, use tuberware storage containers instead of wrapping things in plastic or aluminium foil.

  224. Jesssica says:

    I always use reusable shopping bags.

  225. jennifer says:

    We recycle as much as we can. I liked sensibles on facebook.

  226. Jesssica says:

    I “like” Sensibles on FB.

  227. Sara says:

    We recycle everything we possibly can. We have cut down our trash to one small bag a week and now put out two large recycling bins plus some paperbags filled with recycling when bins are filled! 🙂

  228. Samantha says:

    We recycle anything and everything that we are allowed to recycle. I also likes Sensibles on Facebook.

  229. Peggy F says:

    Our town now has single stream recycling so almost all of our food containers/packaging and all paper can be recycled. I also compost our food scraps/peels to use in our garden. Now that the little one is out of diapers, I hardly have any true “trash”.

  230. Jen says:

    I recycle as much as I can, plastics, glass, paper, etc. I even go through my husband’s trash can to pull out anything that can be recycled! We also try to reuse or repurpose things before trashing them!

  231. Laura says:

    I know paper plates are convenient and make less dishes but we try to use the real thing whenever possible. We reuse everything we can…paper plates, plastic baggies, cups within reason.

  232. Karina says:

    I recycle and compost, but I don’t like doing dishes and neither does my boyfriend, so we buy paper plates (when we can). We’re hardly home so we try to use and re-use the paper plates for variety of stuff.

  233. Erin says:

    I’m lucky to live in a town with full recycling. I recycle EVERYTHING possible. My husband is not as diligent as I am so I’ve gone in the garbage & taken things out. I’ve also taught my son to look at the bottom of items to see if there’s a “triangle”. He has been so good, where he has yelled at my husband to put things in the recycle. We have become much better as a family!

  234. sa says:

    we recycle all the products our town will take, reuse containers for new purposes, use cloth bags often carrying them with us daily, reuse printer paper, use energy efficient appliances and lightbulbs,
    and belong to recycling programs such as recyclebank

  235. liz says:

    I have separate bins for recycling paper, plastic and paper in the house. We often use reusable grocery bags when shopping.

  236. Liz says:

    We recycle everything with 6 kids ages 6,5,4,3,2,1. The best is that they are girl boy girl boy girl boy so there is always something for everyone!

  237. Shell says:

    This is a great giveaway since the plates are from recycled materials and are fully compostable.- very interesting! We compost everyday in the backyard but are now gradually transferring the current compost (an open area with chicken wire around my large yard that came with the house) to my new bin. I picked this up at Big Lots for approx. $36 & it’s much more attractive w/ a lid that closes – lol.

    Also, I always recycle plastic wrappers that come with the newspaper. One would be surprised to see how many quickly accumulate every week. I just went to Walgreens and did this before writing this.

  238. H & B says:

    We recycle & free cycle. I also buy most of my children’s clothes second hand. I can find most anything yard saleing & save a bunch!

  239. Jenny says:

    We recycle everything our town collects.
    We also like to reuse and find new uses for the items we have. Plastic bags for lining the trash bins, carrying dirty sneakers, and using the cardboard boxes from the water bottles cases makes carry cupcakes into school a lot easier. No need to buy those expensive tins.

  240. Leslie says:

    I am always telling my family, besides recycling the obvious, the packaging our food comes in should be recycled too and not trashed. We have a new recycling collector hired by our township and they collect so many more plastics than our last contractor did. I am reminding my family constantly to check the recycling # on the packaging and check with our township list as to what can be recycled. You would be surprised.

  241. Pati says:

    We recycle plastic, glass, aluminum, tin, newspapers and magazines. In addition we compost which cuts down a great deal on the garbage. We re-use, repurpose all we can.

  242. meghan says:

    My family trys to recycle as much as possible. My kids love to help. We brought down our garbage bags down to 1 and a half for a family of 6:)

  243. Zin says:

    Reduce, reuse and recycle is our motto!

  244. Kristy says:

    I recycle anything I can! I’m always looking the the triangle to make sure it is recyclable! Here’s to saving the environment!

  245. valerie post says:

    I have found that reusing is just as fabulous as recycling. I really try to do it whenever possible. I take old diaper boxes and use them to store the kids “little toys” instead of buying those plastic totes. Saves money & protecting the earth one box at a time!!

  246. Elena P says:

    Using my Living Rich with coupons canvas bags every time i shop and recycling everything we can!!

  247. Alice says:

    My family recycle all of our newspapers, cans and bottles. We recycle so much, our cans overflow!

  248. Florence says:

    Most of the time I use reuseable cloh bags at stores. I also wash and reuse most of my ziploc bags. We try to use it up and wear it out before we throw anything away. My famiy has be composting our scrapes and this has cut down the amount of garabe we have. We also try to recycle as much as possible.

  249. Dee S says:

    We recycle everything!

  250. Michelle I says:

    We try to store leftovers in glass bowls with lids instead of plastic bags and use containers for snacks on the go.

  251. Dee S says:

    I like Sensibles on fb!

  252. Melissa F says:

    Everything that possibly can goes in the recycling bins at both home and work.

  253. Annabelle says:

    When I have my lunch at work, instead of putting items in the trash I bring them home so I can recycle them. Im not sure if they do at work so I like to make sure.

  254. Grandma Bird says:

    The only thing I need is a compost barrel, other than that we recycle almost everything. Our trash has gone down to less than one 13 gallon can per week for a family of 4. So not too bad. My husband would love these plates as I make him use regular dinnerware and he hates to load the dishwasher! makes me laugh!

  255. Wendy says:

    ok so I have noticed that now that I coupon I have more stuff which I love but also dislike because that means slightly more clutter. In order to compensate for this I recycle things that I didn’t before and try to find more ways to reuse bottles, bags and other items.

  256. Evan says:

    I have curbside recycling in my city every other week. In between, I also take loads of extra plastic grocery bags to the receptacles at the grocery store to recycle them as well.

  257. KJP says:

    I recycle everything I can and I compost too.

  258. Jenny says:

    We always carry our own shopping bags. My 13-year old has done some research about plastic and marine life–we never want turtles to eat those bags so we try not to take them out of the store!

  259. Melanie says:

    I recycle glass, plastic, cardboard, plastic bags. I love to recycle as much as I can. I even use reusable grocery bags!! I love this product, it definitley is nice to know you are helping the environment while having the convienience

  260. Ani says:

    We reuse and recycle everything in our house. My kids even recycle and they are only 2 and 3. I also try to recycle at the hospital I work at. We recycle all the cans and bottles after patient meals.

  261. Jill says:

    I “liked” sensibles on FB!!

  262. Christine says:

    We carry our own shopping bags and make our own compost!

  263. Jill says:

    we recycle every can, bottle, bag! you name it, we recycle it!!

  264. Antoinette says:

    I recycle pretty much anything and everything that I can! In my house our recycling is always triple the amount of garbage!!!We recycle Paper, cans, toilet rolls, magazines and disposable plates!!!

  265. Puja says:

    I recycle everything I can and try to re-use things that can be re-used.

  266. Ruth says:

    We recycle everything that can be recycled… paper, magazines, cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum. Re-use and repurpose as much as we can. We also use reusable shopping bags all the time.

  267. Donna M says:

    We recycle all cans, bottles, newspapers and cardboard boxes. I also use recycable bags to do all my shopping !!

  268. Ann says:

    My 6 year old son has gotten us into recycling a lot more then we ever did before. We now recycle everything that comes into the house and even have found ways to have less actual trash, when we buy food we check the packaging and buy things that are recyclable and made from recycled products, we have also installed water reducers on all our faucets and toilets !!

  269. Donna M says:

    I liked sensibles on facebook !!

  270. Melina says:

    We recycle everything we can! I always carry my own reusable bags.

  271. Cathy says:

    I recycle cans,plastic and glass bottles, newspapers and cardboard. I use reusable bags to carry grocery

  272. Bettina S says:

    We collect our paper towel and toilet paper rolls and give them to our church so they can use them for crafting.

  273. nadyme says:

    Hi, i contribute to the environment by recycling our cans, plastic and papers. and i also use my LRWC canva bags when i shop.

  274. trudy says:

    I recycle all food containers of glass or plastic. I use a BBQ grill. I wash only in cold water.

  275. Antoinette says:

    In my house we recycle anything and everything we can!!! Our recycling is always 3x the amount of our garbage! We recycle paper, cans, bottles, magazines, toilet roll holder, and our disposable plates!!!

  276. robi says:

    we recycle all cans, bottles, newspapers and bring our electronics and paints to environmental centers to recycle

  277. Amy says:

    We recycle all plastic and aluminum products and, of course, newspapers and magazines.

  278. Nick says:

    I recycle everything and I use the same techniques as the people above. The importance is to impart this lesson to our children and future generations as the earth is a very fragile place. Deforestation, land, air sea pollution are just a few issues that affect us all. I want to be a role model to my four year old son therefore I recycle.

  279. Santina says:

    We recycle paper, plastic, metal, glass, etc. Even if it’s a small scrap of paper, it’s easy enough to throw it into the recycling. We also compost…which really helps cut down on our garbage. Also helps with the smell of the garbage during the summer months! Gross, but true!

  280. Laurie M. says:

    I finally started to use my free bags from ShopRite instead of plastic ones to help the environment.

  281. Laurie M. says:

    I likes Sensibles on Facebook 🙂

  282. Jennifer says:

    Recycle everything we can, paper, plastic, glass, aluminum etc. Return out soda cans. And bring out own bags to the store.

  283. melanie says:

    In addition to the normal recycling we always reuse anything possible and whatever we can not reuse ourselves we freecycle so someone else can. My husband and I ride our bikes or walk to work instead of driving when the weather is nice. We take our whole family for walks around the neighborhood with bags picking up litter. We try the best we can to reduce the amount of energy we use and always buy used furniture and clothes.

  284. Cheryl says:

    I recycle my cans and plastic bottles weekly. I bring reusable bags to the grocery store. I also purchase recycled TP and aluminum foil. Every little bit helps!

  285. KamanL says:

    I don’t use plastic bags (we only use reusable bags).

  286. Cathy says:

    I recycle, glass, metal, cardboard, newsprint, junk mail. Our community even has recycle days and takes computers, tv’s and other electronics, propane tanks, chemicals, . (which I took advantage of this year). I visited my daughter an dgot her recycling and took her overflowing garbage can down to I bag and many many recyclables.

  287. laura says:

    I recycle as much as I can. I just recently started saving the juice boxes from Capri Sun to send in so my kids’ elementary school gets money.

  288. Son says:

    I recycle, but my focus is also on reuse. I look for ways to repurpose the sauce jars, coffee tins.

  289. Chrissy says:

    Our apartment complex offers convenient recycle bins for us to use….Makes it easy and environment-friendly!

  290. Brian says:

    All of my plastic bags get saved and recycled at Shoprite.

  291. Sarah says:

    I recycle yogurt containers and styrofoam items at work (in addition to the standard recyclables).

  292. Melissa says:

    We use our own water bottles, we got this cool water bottle station with reuseable bottles that we refill everyday and put in the fridge so we can use them on the go

  293. Dee2 says:

    I compost. Plus, our town has single stream recycling. We recycle all paper, plastics #1 – #7, glass, cardboard and metal.

  294. Allie says:

    We recycle all of our cans, paper products, and card board. We save our old plastic groceries bags, but I know use reusable bags instead!

  295. sylvia says:

    We recycle plastic, glass, and newspapers . It’s always fun to see the little kids helping too 🙂

  296. danielle says:

    we have 1 large recycling bin for cardboards and 2 plastic containers for plastics and glass containers. Every two weeks our bins are at the curb for collection. I also use recycled bags at ShopRite (when I can remember) and use the recycled lunch bags for the kids lunches. Oh but best of all, I recycle my 4th graders school papers to print my coupons 🙂

  297. Renee says:

    My family and I recycle almost everything. We grow a garden so all our composting is done at home. Papers/bottles/cans anything we can recycle we do.

  298. Rachel says:

    We recycle everything we can, but before we recycle we reuse! It’s fun for the kids to come up with clever ways of reusing containers and other items. Rinsed used paper plates make great templates for all sorts of crafts!

  299. Amy L says:

    We recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, glass. We pack our lunches in re-usable containers and bags. We are striving to do more all the time.

  300. Violet says:

    In our home, we recycle bags from our newspaper for catlitter poops, use filter water instead of bottles, make our own compose with food scrapes, eggshells for our seedlings, use recycle bags at all our stores/markets, make bird food holders from cat food cans, use a washdin in our sink for soaking utensils and small dishes instead of running h2o. We added rain barrels to catch our gutter water from rain/snow just to name a few. We try to help any way we can. We love this Earth!

  301. Carol says:

    I work at a thrift store, so we recycle clothing, housewares, furniture, use donated plastic and paper bags. At home we recycle batteries, electrical items, paper, plastic and glass.

  302. Clover says:

    my favorite shopping is at thrift shops and I generally never have paper, plastic or styrofoam plates and bowls, but being eco-friendlier, I’m so eager to try them

  303. Su says:

    We recycle and I use reusable bags when I shop. Plus, most of our clothing is bought @ consignment shops and thrift stores. thx

  304. Michele says:

    We reuse/recycle just about anything for arts and crafts time in our house.

  305. Brianna says:

    We try to re-use any containers we can at home!

  306. Linda says:

    Besides recycling the usual newspapers, glass, cans, and plastic, I reuse almost everything for my crafting.

  307. mary says:

    I try to recycle and reuse EVERYTHING I can. I am a teacher so we always make cool projects with recyclable products. Right now we are making a murual made up of thousands of bottle caps!!!!

  308. Liz Kelly says:

    We make sure that all of the magazines that come to our house with the free subscription deals are used as much as possible for craft projects at home and at school. The girls are 3 and 6 and help to break down any paper or cardboard boxes and their job is to collect them and place them in the new large recycling bin.

  309. lisa lipka says:

    I <3 to recycle. magazines (that i get cheap thanks to living rich with coupons) and now newspapers too that i get for the coupons!!!

  310. Sonya says:

    I am really adamant about using re-usable grocery bags every time I shop. I keep them in my car and always remember to bring them into the store with me, I love them and save plastic bags at the same time!

  311. natalia says:

    Well I wish I could recycle but I live in a building that does not recycle

  312. Alicia Berry says:

    I’m all about recycling! I’m a teacher so any left over worksheets that don’t get used go right into my bag and brought home to use for printing out coupons on the back! Hey- I get full use out of everything!

  313. Jen says:

    We recycle and I use reusable bags when I shop.

  314. Julie C. says:

    I participate in my apartment building’s recycling program.

  315. Annie says:

    At home we recycle everything we can, like empty food cans/containers, old newspapers, expired coupons, and empty food boxes. We also bring recyclables to stores that have recycling bins for their customers, like old light bulbs to Lowes and plastic bags to Shoprite. Also my 11 yr old returns empty soda cans and water bottles that he has collected from our house and from his grandparents house.

  316. Liz says:

    I save all Birthday cards or holiday cards for school projects , they are fun & colorful & glue very well .

  317. Jocelyn Alvarez says:

    We donate all of the clothes that we don’t want and are in great condition. I buy biodegradable diapers but am about to give cloth diapers a shot. We recycle cans, paper and plastic and reuse anything that allows us too.

  318. Deborah Bullick says:

    I try to find a use for EVERYTHING. It makes my family think I’m a little nuts, but who cares, LOL, LOL. After finding out it takes 700 years for a soda bottle to biodegrade, I’ve even stopped my car and picked them up off the side of the road and put them in the nearest recycle bin I come across. I didnt always recycle, and now I wish I’d started a long time ago.

  319. Laura D. says:

    I am so lucky to have the BEST recycling center in my town! Not only do we recycle the normal bottles, cans, newspapers, junk mail at curbside. We also recycle batteries, light bulbs, plastic bags, oil, tires and TV’s. Plus any metal, plastic or electronic item you can drop off, they will deconstruct it and recycle the parts accordingly. Not to mention the best FREE compost, topsoil and wood chips from everyone’s yard debris! The greatest benefit is everything we recycle helps to pay for our property taxes!

  320. Karen C says:

    We recycle glass, plastic containers, boxes, and of course newspapers!

  321. Kate says:

    I recycle everything that recycling service takes. All the plastic bags I recycle at the grocery store, so as bottles/cans. But most important – I’m trying to reduce the waste! If you can get the job done with less of a product, why use more? For example, ask yourself if you really need 3 sheets of paper towels to wipe something off? Can you use 2 or 1? Do you really need to pack one time in a bag at the grocery store or double bag a loaf of bread? (I can never understand that).
    I’m also trying to buy green cleaners that’s better for environment.

  322. Britt k says:

    I recycle every single can I have or see at work. I use dish towels in my kitchen instead of paper towels and I reuse paper for all the coupons I print.

  323. Barbara A says:

    We recycle and reuse everything that we can. We even compost our vegetable scraps for our garden.

  324. Barbara A says:

    I liked Sensibles on Facebook.

  325. Jenny says:

    We put our paper and glass/plastic products at home out for recycle.

  326. Lisa says:

    I recycle at home and at work. I carry reuseable bags. Donate used clothes and purchase at thrift stores. I try to use the most “sensible” idea for all of my recycle or reuse needs.

  327. BeckyC says:

    I donate clothes to charity and reuse plastic grocery bags.We also recycle newspapers.

  328. susan k says:

    we do the usual recycling, some composting, donate clothes and reuse all kinds of stuff for school projects. my husband used to think i’m nuts because i have jars by the sink to collect water while i’m waiting for it to get hot, then water my plants with it.

  329. BeckyC says:

    I like Sensibles on facebook.

  330. Stacey says:

    We ‘reuse’ lots of our ‘trash’ by using it in art projects for the kids. Soda bottles, toilet paper tubes and even some of the carboard from the ceral boxes can all be made into great new craft projects.

  331. Sara S says:

    At my house, any thing that can be recycled, we do it, we are very environmentally safe. 🙂

  332. Rachael says:

    I teach my kids to turn off the water while brushing teeth and washing dishes.
    We only use reusable bags when grocery shopping.
    We try to purchase “green” products as much as possible.
    We use the energy efficient setting on our washing machine, dishwasher and dryer.

  333. Beth says:

    I’d like to be “sensible”!!

  334. Mary Killion says:

    We have two full cans of plastic and glass that go out the the curb every wednesday to be recycled. I also keep a large bin at my desk at work and everybody throws their empty water bottles or other plastic containers in it. I am happy to take it home every week and recycle them!

  335. joann says:

    We recycle everything in our home there is always something that can be put to good use.Love taking my aluminum cans to the recycle station where they pay me so much per pound,so i collect cans from many people ,plus clean up our neighborhood.Thanx.

  336. Jennifer Alsdorf says:

    I have two recycle bins and teach our kids why it is so important to recycle. They put things in the recycle bin now without my having to ask!

  337. Eleanor says:

    I keep a large jar in the kitchen where I put all of our coffee grounds, tea bags, potato and carrot peelings, even bits of paper. When it is full, one of the kids brings it out to our compost pile in the yard. I love that Sensibles are eco-friendly, since they could even go in the compost pile!

  338. Marianne says:

    I recycle paper, glass and plastic. I only use green bags when going to the stores. I turn off the water when brushing teeth and take only 5 minute showers. With the exception of the refrigerator, electrical items are plugged in only when being used.

  339. Shirley says:

    My family of two boy and a husband we throw away to many juice bags/ soda bottles than we need to. So what I’m doing to be green is we all have our on water/soda reusable bottle. That we pour all of our drinks in before we go to sports games, just doing errands with mom and etc. We have saved not only money buy not buying individual bottles of juice/soda,but we are reducing our carbon footprint.

  340. Shirley says:

    I like sensibles on facebook.

  341. Anonymous says:

    With four school age children we always have plenty to recycle – local schools and libraries are always in need and very grateful. I have to be honest one of the things we do to recycle in not purchase paper/disposable products. Winning would be a big treat!!

  342. Lisa says:

    With four school age children we have plenty to recycle and do so in very creative ways. One thing to remember is that your local schools and libraries are always in need and very grateful for whatever you can pass along to them. We live by the three R’s in our house and I have to be honest that we hardly purchase paper/disposable products.

  343. Stephanie says:

    We recycle everything! One of my favorite ways is using items in arts and crafts for the kids!

  344. Melissa Starr says:

    we recycle paper and aluminum and continue to try to reuse as many products as we can to not only help the environment but to also save money!

  345. Andrea Cushing says:

    We do the glass, paper and plastic all the time. We also buy & sell at consignment shops or donate our clothing.

  346. debbie b says:

    i always use the plastic grocery bags for bathroom garbage or bedroom garbages, diryt diapers, or use them again the stores

  347. George says:

    We do the glass, paper and plastic all the time. Also we use the energy efficient setting on our washing machine, dishwasher and dryer.

  348. Sommer says:

    We use a lot of “recyclables” for art projects at home. We recycle in as many “free” places as we can….wish it didn’t cost so much to recycle 🙁

  349. Beth says:

    We use cloth grocery bags, we cloth diapered, and we use cloth napkins. I guess we like cloth!

  350. Ernest says:

    We started to compost and my wife only uses recycleable bags for shopping!

  351. Renee says:

    I recycle everything I can where ever I am 🙂

  352. erica chao says:

    Recycling is optional in my building in Florida….I moved from NYC where it was mandatory and something I grew up with. I still recycle! Probably the only one out of 196 units!

  353. erica chao says:

    I liked Sensibles on Facebook 🙂

  354. Andrea says:

    January 1st we tore out kitchen apart for a complete make over. Did not have a sink , dish washer or oven for 3 months. Thank God it was a warm winter, because we used the grill , microwave and crock pot to cook our meals.
    To make a long story short, I was buying alot of paper plates, cups and utensils. I came across sensibles and they were the best of them all. In our town we just got new recycleable bins and all of paper, cans and bottles goes into to one bin. Which makes it easy to recycle. I will be buyng sensible for my mom . She lives down the shore and when we have our fourth of July party I will be buying Sensibles. There will be a recycle bin for our guest to place out side for all of our bottles and paper plates . Its great to have paper plates to hold our food and there great for the environment. I’ts a win, win situation for us and the environment.

  355. Rebecca says:

    I reuse egg cartons for starting seeds for the garden and craft time with the kids. They have so many uses!

  356. Teresa Errichiello says:

    I recycle paper, plastics newspapers/paper and glass even though we are not required to do so.

  357. Teresa Errichiello says:

    I use a water filter and fill up reusable containers for water.

  358. Traci says:

    I recycle all paper, plastic and cardboard, and shop yard sales and thrift stores

  359. Katlin Wolfert says:

    Liked on Facebook!

  360. Erin says:

    We use a Brita filter….

  361. Katlin Wolfert says:

    I recycle my newspapers I get from getting my inserts! And I reuse plastic cups also! I try to find a way to recycle or reuse just about anything. Even furniture!

  362. Trish Skinner says:

    We crush all cans and we actually give them to a few less fortunate people that can make the money off of the cans since we don’t need the money but are still trying to help the environment. I use the plastic bags when I clean the cat’s litter box but I try to always take my own shopping bag into the store but I never have enough of those fabric bags.

  363. Kelly says:

    I recycle all my plastic, newspapers & everything in between.

  364. Jenn says:

    I reuse everything possible. I reuse plastic bags that bread comes in to bring snadwhiches to work and I use anything possible to make crafts with my class. I could make so many crafts with a years worth of free plates!

  365. Lynn says:

    We recycle each week using our city’s “recycle bucket.” We also reuse our plastic bags from the grocery store.

  366. Jamie Jewell says:

    I recycle as much as I can. I also try not to use plastic baggies whenever I can, i use ziploc containers when packing their lunches!

  367. yolene says:

    I recycle and i reuse everything you can think of for something else also try to use reusable bags as much as possible

  368. theresa stinson says:

    always use my own shopping tote when I shop.recycle everything, even clothes I donate.

  369. KATE says:

    I work for an Aveda salon and we recycle each any everyday in multiple ways! Aveda’s candle holders are made from recycled beer bottles how cool is that?

  370. rachael says:

    Well I recycle cardboard paper cans and glass. I reuse our plastics bags for our trash bags. I try to not drive if its not far that’s y I walk my son to and from scool

  371. Carolyn C says:

    We like to have the kids make crafts out of many recyclable items. I even taught them on vacation recycling doesn’t stop! Recycling doesn’t take a vacation ! We made sure to separate and take to the municipal building on our own. Makes you feel better that you left a lesser footprint even while enjoying family vacations!

  372. rachael says:

    I like sensible on fb

  373. Lisa says:

    we recycle,upcycle, garden, make our own cleaners and laundry detergent.
    We also reuse all of our food glass containers in our effort to get rid of all of our plastic storage containers.

  374. MichelleK says:

    We recycle all of our metal, glass and plastic containers. We also recycle our newspapers . We also bring all of our returnables (soda cans) to the recycle center. We get 5 cents each, but we also know that those crushed cans go to the recycling plant rather than a landfill

  375. Christi says:

    In our house we recycle everything! including the wraping of everything… ex. the plastic wrapping around our disposable plates,DISPOSABLE plastic plates, the wrapping around the package of diapers everything we can! thats why we have 3 full size trash cans.. one for trash one for paper and one for plastic 🙂

  376. melissa says:

    My 7 year old daughter is a girl scout and we recycle all the time we made a project out of recycled bottles that we used as planters and planted flowers for our community. If I won I would use some of the plates for the scouts and the school as much as I can.

  377. Deborah says:

    We compost and recycle as much as we can.

  378. Becky says:

    Would love to win!

  379. Ara says:

    I sort out my trash and take out the recycling myself twice a week as well as using my own bags when shopping and always donating my old clothing rather than throwing it out.

  380. Anonymous says:

    We always recycle our newspapers, cans and all those magazines. We also bring our own bags to the grocery store. We always try to stay aware of what we use and try to re-use anything whenever possible.

  381. Tara says:

    I bring my bags, recycle aNd upcycle, feed wild turkeys instead of using tick pesticide, use CFLs, turn off lights, free cycle, use fresh Air instead of AC as much as one can in NJ, don’t idle my car At all

  382. we recycle our cardboard, glass and plastic :o)

  383. Becky says:

    Forgot to say that we recycle everything we can! Our 4 year old DD is the recycle police around here.

  384. Lori H says:

    We always recycle our newspapers, can and magazines. We take our own bags to the grocery store with us. We always try to re-purpose anything we can!

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