Hot New $2/1 Magnum Ice Cream Coupon = $0.12 at Stop & Shop!

New $2/1 Magnum Ice Cream Coupon

Yippey!  Hot New Magnum Ice Cream Coupon is available.  The coupon is for $2 off Magnum Multipacks and you can only use 2 coupons per transaction.  You will have to “like” Magnum on Facebook in order to print the coupon.

Print: Magnum Ice Cream Coupon

Stop & Shop has Magnum or Magnum Mini’s Ice Cream Bars on sale this week for $3.00.  Plus they are part of the Buy 4 Get $4 off instantly deal.  Plus there is a new Catalina Deal deal.

Magnum Ice Cream Multipacks
6/11 – 7/8
Buy 2 Get a $2 Catalina

Here is the deal you can do.  Remember you can only use 2 like coupons per transaction:


Thanks Joe & Mike!

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  • Caroline

    Cindy i did the deal now and they said if i used coupon i dont get the 4 off stop and shop in belleville nj

    • Loretta

      that’s only when it’s for specific $ amount as in buy $12 save $3 instantly your total has to be $12 after coupons (for most of the S&S’s)

    • CST

      I’ve had this happen to me at the Union S&S too.

      I almost want to start shopping at the Elizabeth S&S just to avoid that nonsense.

    • Sebsa

      There isn’t a mimimum spend requirement for this deal so it shouldn’t matter whether or not you used coupons. It just says Buy 4 products, get $4 off. It doesn’t say that you have to hit $12 in order to get the instant savings, which is what Stop and Shop often does (and then you do have to hit the amount after coupons, though it seems to be a YMMV). If talking to customer service doesn’t work, I would recommend you call Stop and Shop corporate and ask for clarification.

      • IK

        it’s not just for ‘spend certain amount’ – many times the instant savings don’t work for ‘buy x items’ if you use coupons. For example, if you spend less than $4 AFTER coupons on the items included in the deal- then you won’t get the $4 instant savings… this is how it was explained to me…

        • Michelle T.

          The instant savings needs to attach to an item that doesn’t already have a coupon attached to it. It’s kind of like Walgreens, you need a filler for the savings to attach to. When I do this, it seems to come off ok. Just don’t take off for reusable shopping bags, because this seems to attach like a coupon too. HTH 🙂

          • Eva

            I agree with Michelle…Attaching reusable bags can take your instant savings away happened to me a few weeks ago….

  • Anonymous

    why only 2 like coupons per trans? i thought it is typically 4?

    • Kate

      The Q states “Maximum of 2 identical coupons” per transaction.

  • Erica

    If they are $3.00 each and you get a $2 catalina for buying 2, wouldn’t they be free when you use 2 of the $2.00 coupons?

    2 x $3.00 = $6.00
    -(2)$2/1 = -$4.00
    Pay $2.00
    Get $2.00 catalina
    = FREE

    Or am I missing something?

    • Bandie

      You have to buy 4 to get the 4 dollars off.. So it would bee
      Magnum $3.00 each

      Buy 4 = $12.00
      -$4 off inatsntly

      Total now $8.00

      $8.00 – (2) $2.00 and (1) $1.50 coupon = $2.50

      • Bandie

        Then you get $2.00 cat which pretty much makes them about 12 cents each.. which is a great sell. I never had these before..mmmm

      • Beth

        I think what she’s trying to say is that since they’re on sale for $3.00 each, and you only need to buy two to trigger the $2 catalina, then buying two @ $3.00 = $6.00 – $4.00 (2x$2/1) = $2.00 – $2 cat = $0

      • Molly

        But what Erica is saying is that you wouldn’t have to go buy the 4 to save the $4 instantly because if you simply bought 2@$3/each.. and used (2)$2Q, you would only spend $2, and receive the $2 cat for buying 2, thus making them free. Either way is a great deal, but I’d rather do it Erica’s way, because then you wouldn’t have the worries of whether or not you receive the ‘instant $4 savings’.

        • Bandie

          Oh okay I see now.. Thanks for clearing that up Beth and Molly.. Yeah, that is a good way too. I went yesterday and did the Breyers deal and the $4.00 came off.. So getting 4 would be a greater deal oppose to two for me.. That sucks if the instant deal is not working for some…

    • Lori

      I think you may be right, Erica!:) So, the question becomes….would you rather have 2 and pay nothing or have 4 and pay 50 cents? Hmmmmm……that’s a dilemma!:)

      • Sebsa

        I love these kind of dilemnas! : )

      • Amanda

        I would rather get 2 because I already don’t have any more room in my freezer! I really don’t have room for 4 boxes!

    • Cindy

      ah, yes! You are not missing something. I’m missing something. My brain has fallen off into a moving box 🙂

      Even better and less hassle. I will update the post. Thanks a bunch! 😉

  • Lori

    Caroline, If you did the deal & didn’t get the instant savings, then maybe you also brought in reusable bags for the bag credit? If you get a bag credit, often times the instant deal doesn’t trigger. I’vealso heard of the instant savings not coming off if people have used a catalina from a previous transaction for a credit, so the system has some little glitches. However, if you bought 4 of the required items, it should not matter what coupons you used. The ad says buy 4/get $4, so that’s what it should be.

  • Caroline

    She said is on the circular im going to read it now and i dont receive any catalina

  • Amanda

    Sweet!!! Thank you for this heads up! Today I bought 4 and used (2) $1.50 off 2 and got the $4 instant savings plus the $3 off plus the $2 CAT and all went through with no problem. I thought that was a good deal!!! Now I’m going to go back and get 4 more. Kiddos love them.

  • Suzi

    No catalina print…. Went to safeway…

  • nicole

    Why only two per transaction? Does it say itnon thencoupon?

    • Stacey k

      Yes. The $2 q states only 2 per transaction

    • Shanta

      Nicole it’s an Unilever coupon. Unilever coupons usually states max 2 ‘identical’ coupons per transaction….

  • Shell Holland

    you can also use this at safeway/genuardis for the buy 3 save 3, if you use 3 2/1 coupons it will be .49 each

  • Lisa

    Can you buy 2 and then go back and get another 2? I printed 4 – $2 coupons from two different computers. Will I get the $2 CAT both times? Thanks

    • Lisa

      The CAT didn’t print for me when I purchased 2.

    • renee

      Yes, I did the same thing using 2 computer. Today I rang up 4, got my instant savings and $2 cat and then rang up my other 4. The key is that you must do it in 2 transactions. Erica did point out a better deal in buying only 2 at a time: Ring up as $6, use 2 of the $2 off coupons and then get a $2 cat so both items are essentially free after the Cat.

      • lisa

        Thank you!

      • Haseena

        Did you use your Cat from the first transaction to pay for the second? I am wondering if we can roll this.

  • Colleen

    Giant allows up to 12 coupons and they are running the same deal this week 🙂 WOO HOO! FREE is for me! LOL

  • JT

    I don’t know if I can do this deal. My freezer is already full of popsicles and Cadbury ice cream!

  • hanna

    I got 2 , used 2 of $2.00/1 coupons. CAT printed out.
    Free! Thanks.
    Freezer still have some space, wait for other deal to come again!

  • Ann

    Can someone please HELP me…my CAT didn’t print when I bought 2. I went to customer service and they checked their CAT list except they could not find Unilever or Magnum on it. She said many times when coupons are used the CAT’s don’t print but because she didn’t have it on her list she couldn’t refund me. I checked everywhere to find the CATALINA link with the promotion information — my store said to bring that back to them and they will refund me. I can’t find a link for the deal…coupon network normal has all the CAT’s but I am not seeing this one. THANKS!

  • Molly

    Bought 2 , used 2 $2Q’s.. paid $2 and received the $2 Cat. on Long Island

    • Lizzie

      Which store, if you don’t mind sharing.

  • Jill

    I bought the 2 breyers Blasts and used (2) $0.75/1 Breyer’s Blast and bought 2 Magnum used (2) $2/1 Magnum Total was $1.00!! And received $2 catalina Free plus $1 money maker!

  • sarah

    I bought 2 magnums, 1 breyers, and 1 yosicle (they are included too). I used 2 $2 off magnums, 1- .50 off breyers + .50 off scan it coupon, 1 -$1 off yosicle. My total was $1.50, got $2 cat back 🙂

  • tina

    thanks jill thats what i was wondering

  • Jennifer

    I noticed that some people had issues with using 4 $2.00 off coupons. I never noticed that it said 2 identical coupons on the $2.00 Magnum coupons. I was able to use 4 (printed off 2 different computers) and the cashier took it. I got 4 boxes of the Magnum ice cream mini’s , but I didn’t get the $2.00 cat, I am wondering because I go them for free?

    I bought other items, and my OOP was .79 cents, saved $26 today! Can’t beat that!

  • Wanda Patton

    I used my coupons at Kroger this week. They were on sale for $2.99. I got 2 used 2 $2 coupons, got $2 catalina.