Reader Question: Best Stock Up Price per Diaper

This reader question comes from Rachel. She was wondering if anyone had any tips or recommendations on the best stock up price per diaper.


I was wondering if you or other readers know what a good price is per diaper?  (disposables, not cloth).   For me it feels like the easiest way to figure out if I’m saving money or not… I realize they vary a lot, especially if you’re getting store brand vs. name, eco-friendly or not, etc, but I’m just wondering what a good price is to stock up on.

Do you have any advice for Rachel?

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  • elsee

    when i see a sale i figure out how much size 4 comes out per diaper (i aim for $.15 or less in name brands) if i am actually using sizes bigger or smaller it comes out slightly more or less but this way its much better to figure out if the sale is a good one because i couldn’t possibly remember a good stock up price for every single size!!

  • nuri

    i more or less agree with elsee
    however, id like prices to be below 15 to really stock up (closer to like 12.5)

    obviously if you need diapers, you buy them 🙂

    • nuri

      i know the question was specifically about diapers, but usually wipes are in the same sentence

      you should not spend more then $1 on a pack of (about) 60 wipes.
      i cant usually do better then $1 because my shoprite is only regular double

      but if you have a full double shoprite, those 75c off pampers wipes coupons can usually get you better then $1 (my shoprite has packs at 1.99 when i last looked) and the wegmans sale just ended, but they were 1.79

  • Karen

    I agree – I try not to buy if they are more than 15 cents and definitely stock up if they are less than 12. Keep in mind overnights and swimmers are always more.

  • Joe

    That’s hard because it depends on the baby and brand. With my son we tried Huggies because they were the cheapest but he would pee through them. We tried Target but they were cut smaller so they never fit right. Babies R Us brand worked well but we have stayed with Pampers because they’ve worked the best. We tend to get them at BJ’s because you can stack coupons and they usually have high end store coupons. This month you can stack their $6 with a $3 manu.

  • Michelle

    I have heard 10¢-11¢ is a stock up price but like elsee said, the bigger sizes have less per pack so it will be a bit more.

    Diapers are one thing I use as a example when ppl ask me if couponing is worth the time and effort. Doing it this way, using stock up prices, saves a minimum of $1700 dollars in 2 years!

  • Claire

    12 cents or less for name brand, but honestly I have good luck with the babies r us brand too. Rarely do I see it lower than single cents (9 cents or less), but around Christmas time I stocked up on the Babies r us brand when they had the value pack on clearance and I also had a $5 off coupon. I think I paid less than $5 a box which has 82 size 4- so 6 cents a diaper.

    You can always get wipes for $1 at the dollar store so never pay more than that.

  • Lisa

    I was able to stock up on diapers of all sizes ( mostly 1-3) while pregnant without spending more than 10 cents a diaper. Usually it was more like 8-9 cents. I spent those nine months keeping a close eye on deals. I did well at CVS since they have coupons like 3$ off 15$ baby care, and 4$ of 20$ total purchase, that can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons and sales. I bought some LUVS at BJS when I could stack coupons. Stop and Shop also had a double dip Catalina deal a while back that I took advantage of. Also I caught some clearance deals on store brands.

  • Cynthia F

    I agree with Claire and Michelle. I try to really stock up when its under .10 per diaper (which is hard to find in the bigger sizes like 4 and up, BUT POSSIBLE) I recently found Pathmark brand diapers on clearance (Box of 88 or so sizes 3, 5 and 6) for $7 and $4 a BOX!!! I bought the 8 they had left! (We r having another baby in July)
    Joe is right too though. Some baby’s have allergic reactions to some brands. It does depend on your situation.
    When there are NO sales and I NEED a box, I have found that the Target brand is both a reasonable price and works just great!

  • Ana


  • Jessica

    I have a 1 year old and a 2 year old so I am all over this! I agree with the others, based on size 4, I buy when they are $0.15/ diaper and stock up when they are closer to $0.12/ diaper. When they were newborns I was picky about the brand but now that they are older I will do this for any brand diaper that I find in this price range. The only ones I won’t buy are cvs brand.

  • Rachel

    $0.15 is what I aim for, too. I’ll mention, though, I switched to cloth for my second child and found it’s a lot cheaper in the long run. Plus, no chemicals against baby’s bum. 🙂

  • Michele

    Just like to add to all the great info from everyone hear diapers are just going in the trash anyway and you go through so much more in their earlier months than you do when they are actively mobile, say around 1 year, so always aim for the .10 a diaper mark and remember if there are 23 in a pack you don’t really want to pay more than $2.30. There always seems to be a deal around the corner just as your running low. Also, use name brand you like for bed time and the cheaper store brands which you can get less than .10 for daytime. Pathmark has Americas choice on clearance at quite a few of their stores right now and it’s printing $2 off your next order so I picked up 2 packs of 25 each for $2.50 after $4.00 back. HTH.

  • I always use price/diaper. Different styles (huggies slip ons) = different price. For me: Wipes < $0.02/wipe. Diapers close to $0.12/diaper is good. I love the Walgreens brand. Comparable to pampers. Shoprite and Walgreens brand are the same diaper. Walgreens brand often have BOGO at 50%. Stacked with their $2 off per pack coupon that was in their infant care book last year it was the best price I could find. I can not find the infant care book this year, not all stores offer them. For extra protection during overnights, I line my cheap diapers with the free pads or panty liners! My daughter use to always leak out of diapers overnight until I did that. Shoprite diapers were $3.50/jumbo pack in Feb and there is a $2/1 coupon in the Kids Stuff coupon book that some schools use for fundraiser.

  • Lori S. is a great source for diaper stock-up prices. If I remember correctly she has an article on there, updated annually I believe, that details her recommended stock-up prices by size. She also gives advance warning when diaper prices are going up so you can stock up, and tracks which months are the best to get diaper deals. Great resource for saving on all things baby!

  • Ky

    I am very brand loyal to LUVS diapers and wipes, they are cheap, dont leak, and 2 out of 4 of my kids have sensitve skin and they never broke out in them. I shop at BJS when they put out the $5off coupon for LUVS diaper, and $4off coupon for LUVS wipes I stock up, it makes size 3 diapers .12 cent a diaper, and the luvs wipes are 1.12 a pack of 70. If no coupon at bjs I would pay .14 cent a diaper for size 3, and 1.62 per pack of 70 wipes.

  • Melissa

    We are planning to start trying for a baby soon, but I am trying to stock up on the essentials, what sizes should I get more of as far as diapers go? My mom says not to buy many newborn sizes because babies grow so fast

    • Ky

      I kept track of #4 diaper use for the first year here is what it is:

      NEWBORN he was in for 1 month went threw 278 diapers
      SIZE 1 he was in for 2 months went threw 486 diapers
      SIZE 2 he was in for 2 months went threw 458 diapers
      SIZE 3 he was in for 2 months went threw 444 diapers
      SIZE 4 he was in for 6 months went threw 888 diapers

      He is now 12 months and in a size 5 diaper and probably will be til he is potty trained U will probably go threw 12 boxes of 156 diapers in the next year of size 5s. Hope I helped.