Reader Question: Best Way to Buy Litter

This reader question comes from Melissa. She was wondering if anyone had any tips or recommendations on the best way to buy Kitty Litter!


Do you guys think buying litter in bulk (at Sam’s Or BJ’s) is better or buying on sale with a coupon? I have four cats and we are always going through litter. I used the clumping litter because I find that we go through non-clumping faster. Any advice? 

Do you have any advice for Rachel? Do you think buying in Bulk is better then waiting for the coupon when it comes to something you go through very fast like litter!

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  • Eva

    I use Breeze litter system. I change the pad every week and the pellets about once a month. The best part is it doesn’t stink! 🙂 I also use Amazon Subscribe and save to order them.

  • Chelsea

    Rachel, I only have one cat, but the 35 lb Tidy Cats Instant Action clumps great, deodorizes, and with coupons I can get it for $7. Like right now at Target, it’s on sale for $11. Pair that with a $5/2 Target and (2) $1/1 manu and it’s $7 each!

  • Tony

    Here is how I try to score good deal on kitty litter. I personally stock up when there’s a good deal paired with a coupon. There are often $1/1 Tidy Cat litter coupons that become available in flyers and these can be paired for some cheap litter at places like Walmart, Kmart, etc.

    What I think is a good deal is using the $1/1 Cats Pride Litter printable coupons (usually available on and pairing it with the 30lb bag of Cat’s Pride Litter for $4.68 YMMV at Walmart. That’s a pretty good deal.

    I also keep my eye out for MIRs on kitty litter. There are several MIRs right now and I use them to stock up. Arm & Hammer often has them on their litter – there’s actually a peelie found on some right now that expires 6/30. Also, Worlds Best Cat Litter has a MIR which is one per household per year, and there’s a $3/1 online coupon out there on (I believe?). Also, Feline Pine currently has a MIR available online for litter that expires 6/30.

    Also, I should add I only have one cat, Lily, who’s 13 years old now and is not picky when it comes to the litter I use. You’re cat might have preferences 😉 I don’t have it so easy when it comes with treats though LOL She’s picky in that department.

  • rachel

    Do you have Harris Teeter? They sometimes send a special Sat. evic that could wind up with Tidy Cat free with a the coupon. If they are out at the time, make sure to get a rain check. I don’t have a cat anymore, and use kitty litter for oil spills and works in winter on ice to keep from slipping, instead of salt.

  • wendy

    I’ve noticed that the fresh step clumping litter is about 25 cents a lb at costco. It comes in a bag but I have a ton of left over plastic pales from tidy cats anyways, so I can always put it in the pales once it is open. Costco is a pretty good price and beats even most coupon/sale deals. The tidy cats litter was really cheap at petsmart when they were running the purina holiday promotion and since that ran for about 2 months you can stock up quite a bit then. So keep an eye out for it in December again.

    • Kevin

      I also stocked up at Petsmart during the December sale. I believe it was buy any purina product over a certain dollar amount (maybe $10) and then get a $5 off coupon good on any purina product, which was good till the end of March. I bought a bunch of the 35lb containers, stacked with a manufacturer coupon and only paid about $6 or $7 for 35lbs. Great deal.

  • Jody

    I usually get my litter at Target when it is on sale or part of a gift card deal. I just did the deal mentioned above by Chelsea. Both varieties of TidyCat that are available in the 35 lb jugs work really well and we have 3 cats.

  • Elizabeth

    I get my cat litter at Costco. $10 for a 40lb bag of the Fresh Step Clay litter. Lasts forever. And I’ve never found a better price.

    I guess it really depends if you want scoopable or not. I actually can’t stand the scoopable, because the pieces are smaller, and they get everywhere. The clay is larger, and they seem to stay in the room that the litter is in. Less cleaning for me!

  • Karen

    Cat litter is one of the few things I am absolutely brand loyal in purchasing. I have a large male cat that was not fixed until he was over 3 years old (we rescued him from the street), who weighs 15 lbs (he’s not overweight either, he’s just huge lol) and his “by-products” (both types) make the whole house smell bad no matter how many times per day I scoop his box. If I use anything other than non-clumping Fresh Step with carbon, my house smells like an outhouse in summer every time he uses the litterbox until I empty it and wash it with Lysol. :/

    We love the big orange guy though, so it’s worth it XD

  • ag

    Target has the best price on Tidy cats kitty litter so I usually stock up on them everytime they have a good sale like what Chelsea mentioned. We have 3 cats and we go through a lot of litter a month so it really saves me a lot of money when I can get them at $7.50. I was just at Petsmart yesterday and their sale price was $12.99.

  • Michelle T.

    We like Feline Pine, and PetSmart has a store brand that is exactly the same for a much better price. I always watch for sales, ShopRite sometimes has it better than 1/2 price and there have been coupons on Feline Pine’s website. It also lasts much longer than regular litter.

  • Stefanie

    I’m actually looking for a good deal on litter too now! I’ve finally run through the 8 or so boxes I had stockpiled. I got all of that on sale at Rite Aid when they had an Arm & hammer deal buy 1 get 1 free that was also coupled with RA coupon, manuf coupon and +up reward! It was about a year ago so I’m hoping that deal comes around again soon!

  • Kabby

    I happen to be a cat litter snob….since couponing for the last year , I came across many cat litter deals…I tried them…hated them all…the dust and odor and litter scattered rooms away was just not worth it for me.
    I am a SCOOP AWAY cat litter house only. The best deals I get for this cat litter is Target…I purchase the 28 lbs box, inside are two 14 lb cartons, making it easier to handle. I rarely have a coupon, some times a peelie can be found on the box itself. I have also come across Scoop away with the lovely red sticker (target clearance). Good luck to you and your search.

  • Beth G.

    I get the arm and hammer at bjs. I wait until there is a BJ’s coupon and use that with a regular mani. coupon. Then I stock up.

  • Aida

    I have three cats and the best litter there is the Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance. Its Red. Dont buy litter in the bags they dont clump. You want litter that clumps so your house wont smell and you wont have to throw the litter away everytime you scoop up daily. Buy the one in a plastic container. Its more expensive but they always have $1/1 coupons. And you usually find them on sale at walmart for about 7.99 or 6.99.

  • Michelle

    I actually switched from traditional clumping litter to pine shavings (the kind for hamsters, etc.) about 4 months ago after my sister told me about it. I buy Pets Pick brand from Walmart for $6.50 for 4 cubic feet worth. We put a light layer of baking soda on the bottom to help absorb then pour in the shavings. I have two cats who are really smelly when they go and my house never smells like a litterbox. We never scoop it, just dump the whole thing every 3-5 days and the package lasts several months. Cheaper, easier, and much healthier than the toxins in clay litter.

    • Tony

      @Michelle – I’m very intrigued by your litter replacement with the shavings with baking soda. I might have to give this a try. Thank you very much for sharing.

      • Michelle

        @ Tony – I was hesitant to try it at first, but my cats actually seem happier with it. They don’t stay in there scratching and digging incessantly or need to clean themselves head to toe afterwards like they did with the clay litter. Just make sure you get 100% pine shavings. I read somewhere that cedar is toxic to cats.

  • Jen L.

    We use a version of feline pine, best stuff ever! No clumping and very little tracking, my house never smells and we only have to change it once a week. Our trick is to buy the pine pellet horse bedding at the local tractor supply store. Here in Western, MA I get a 20 pound bag for about $5 and it’s at least month’s supply. We have one 22 pound, Ragdoll cat with a covered cat box so if you have more cats you may need to change it more often.

  • Colleen

    Keep an eye out for Petsmart coupons. They are actually manufacturer’s coupons but they have the Petsmart logo on them, so you could try using them elsewhere but I haven’t tried. There was one for $3.50 off 1, I printed and got litter yesterday there. It was $6.49 for 28 lbs.

  • Laura D.

    Does anyone have the current stock up price per pound of cat litter? I used to use the clump and seal for one of our cats and horse bedding pellets for our other cat who has allergies. Well, now that I have an additional 5 cats (stray mom and 4 – 4 month old kittens) the litter usage has skyrocketed. I just recently stocked up on litter from Target for $0.13/lb. TIA!