Reader Question: Freezing Products

This reader question comes from Christina. She was wondering if anyone had any tips or recommendations on freezing items you stock up on!


 Is it possible to freeze milk? Or fruit juices like the minute maid punches that come in the cartons? And if so, how long once frozen are they good and also how long once defrosted are they good?

Do you have any advice for Christina? Do you freeze any items? How does it work for you? Any tips?

Check out this post on How to Freeze Food Safely!

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  • Erica

    Milk is definitely able to be frozen, in fact for long camping trips I freeze it to keep it fresh in the cooler plus you need less ice. I dont know a hard and fast rule on how long it will keep… I try to cycle mine out of the freezer within two months ish. I recommend giving it enough time to thaw entirely in the fridge and giving it a good shake before using; since milk is composed of different parts, they freeze and thaw at different rates.
    I apply the same “system” (freeze, thaw, shake) to juices.

  • c

    i’ve been wanting to know this, too, but about coconut milk. has anyone frozen that?
    and how about yogurt?
    i’m delivering my second child in just about three months and am trying to get everything set up so that my hubby doesn’t lose his mind caring for our 20-month-old and a week or so worth of meals for her and himself while i tend to newborn, laundry, etc.

    • Lisa D

      I tried freezing coconut milk in the container and it didn’t go well. I thawed it in my fridge but after two days there was barely any liquid so I gave up and threw it out. What I did with other coconut milk is to freeze it in ice cube trays and then I put the cubes in baggies. It makes for some great smoothies. If you do want to freeze coconut milk in the container make sure to take some out first to leave room for expansion.

      You can freeze yogurt but it will have a different consistency after it is thawed. What I like to do is partially defrost it and eat it like frozen yogurt. If you don’t mind the thinner consistency after it is completely thawed you can definitely eat it that way also.

      • c

        thank you, lisa.
        i was also thinking the coconut milk would turn out funny.
        i’m thinking i might try to just make a bunch of smoothies and then make popsicles w/ them.
        same benefit of coconut milk to my toddler who’s allergic to everything dairy! :O)

  • MaryL

    i freeze a lot: cheeses , butter and pizza dough – breads , casseroles, chili, stew, sauce & MB , berries for snacks.

  • robi

    i freeze the minute maid lemonade all the time. I buy 6-7 cartons when they are on sale for $0.99 and then i thaw and refrigerate when I need them. They usually last until they go back on sale again, and my kids say they taste the same as if I just bought it that day

  • Katlin Wolfert

    I freeze milk and any carton/jug juices. I also try to use the milk within 2 months but thats just me.

  • Arielle

    My dad loves orange juice but will only buy Tropicana brand, so when it’s on sale, he buys a ton of the cartons and freezes them. They come out fine when you thaw them, just take a little bit of the juice out from the top to leave extra room for expansion.

  • Christine R

    I freeze Smart Balance milk, tubs of butter, egg whites, egg beaters (and probably more, but my storage freezer is in the basement and I’m listening to my 5 year old in the tub right now so can’t get away). No problems with any of them once thawed out. I only let the milk stay frozen for a max of 3 months.

    • Christine R

      Oh, and I have found that when thawing the milk and substitute eggs and whites it takes about 3-4 days so plan accordingly!

      • hanna

        Do you open the carton and remove some milk to make space for
        expantion? Or freeze it as is sealed?

  • Katrina

    I’ve frozen milk before but be careful, liquid expands as it freezes so make sure the container has room.

  • Lady J

    Whole Milk does not freeze well. Or, more accurately, whole milk doesn’t desfrost well.

  • Lori

    Philly brand suggested I not freeze cream cheese (when I asked them on FB), but then I bought bagelfuls (Kraft=same brand), that are basically long bagels with cream cheese in the middle & it says right on the box you can freeze those & they (and the cream cheese inside) come out just fine. So, go figure?