ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 6/17 – 6/23

ShopRite Deals for the week of 6/17/12

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Tips on using the match ups:

  • Doubled Coupons: All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Make sure to check out the Full List of ShopRite Double Coupon Stores.
  • Coupon Variations:  Keep in mind that coupons may vary from regions or even newspapers.  Other areas may have additional or different value coupons.  All coupons, from all regions are shown in the match ups.
  • Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.
  • ShopRite eCoupons: ShopRite eCoupons usually disappear quickly however once they are clipped, they are in your account until they expire.  eCoupons shown in the match ups may only be available to those that clipped them already.
  • Catalina Deal Ideas:  All catalina deal ideas are calculated on the Pre-Price Plus prices.  Although these deals almost always work this way, at the time of the posting it has not been confirmed.  You can watch the comments to see if others have had success. Also, when doing the deals, please be sure to check your pre-price plus prices as they may differ from those posted here.  If your total is not met or if you have bought an incorrect product or size, your catalina will not print!

How to Create Your Custom Shopping List:

  • Click on the box next to the item you would like to buy at the store
  • The item will be placed in your shopping list.
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  • Once you are done, click print.
  • Look for the to find the best stockpile prices


::Buy $75 Get $25 ShopRite Gift Card Deal

Buy $75 in any combination of products from KRAFT, P&G, GENERAL MILLS, UNILEVER OR TYSON and get a $25 ShopRite Gift Card (no gas cards this year).

How it Works:

This deal tracks on your Price Plus card for the entire week through 6/23.  So, you can purchase products from these manufacturers in multiple transactions throughout the week.  Once you hit the $75 mark, you will get a certificate printed at the bottom of your register receipt.

Once you earn your certificate, you pick up a gift card at the gift card display in the store and bring it the register to have it activated.

Fine Print:

Qualifying purchases are calculated BEFORE taxes, bottle deposits or fees, and the face value of manufacturer coupons and AFTER ShopRite store coupons, ShopRite Price Plus club card deductions and any doubled or tripled value of manufacturer coupons.

Now, I can tell you that, in the past, offers that have stated the same thing, have worked on pre-price plus prices just like every other offer.  And, the ones last year worked off of Pre-Price Plus prices as well.  But, having said that, I can not guarantee that it will happen with this.  Like any kind of deal, we have to see how it goes.  The good thing is that since this is tracking throughout the week, we can tell right away how it is working out (as long as it keeps a running total on your receipt).

Items Participating:

ShopRite Gas Catalina Product List

Double Dips:

Here are possible double dips on catalina deals currently running:

Tide Detergent
Buy 2 Get $4 Catalina

Clairol Natural Instinct Hair Color
Buy 2 Get $6 Catalina

Kraft Refrigerated Jell-O
6/11/12 – 7/8/12
Buy 3 get a $2.00 Catalina
Buy 4 get a $3.00 Catalina
Buy 5 or more get a $4.00 Catalina

Sale Items in Circular included in the Deal:


::Unadvertised Deals

Note: Because these are unadvertised deals, prices may vary by store so please check your prices before you head to the register.




 Need information about their coupon policy? Make sure to check out the Coupon Policy Page

NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Laura D.

    Thanks for the Matchups Cindy 🙂

  • Erin

    I’ve been waiting all day!!!!

    • Erin

      Thank you / can’t believe I was so rude & didn’t say thank you

  • regina

    there is a catalina for the OFF! repellent products. From 6/11/12 thru 7/8/12, buy 2 or more and get $1.00 catalina off your next order. Plus, i get my coupons in my paper on Saturday, and there were OFF! coupons in them today 🙂 (i got the catalina info this past week at SR with my receipt)

  • ag

    I have the Shoprite circular for tomorrow’s sale and the Clairol Natural Instincts has the sign that says ” Free $25 gc” so I’m guessiing that there’s a big possibility that it’s going to count toward the $75 mark. I’m excited about the $25 gc. I’ll be getting Tide, Kraft bbq sauce, Clairol hair dye, Country time ( still have the $2 q) and Kraft mac and cheese.Thanks so much for the match ups Cindy!

  • MaryL

    Thank you Cindy. Does anyone know if the iams cat is still going?

  • sakin amber

    Thanks for the matchups Cindy. Clariol Natural Instint should be counted. There is a $25 gift card logo on the circular for this deal.

  • Mario

    I have a question. When you spend $20 on select items you get $5 cat. But you mention the Brawny Paper Towels 8-Pack ($8.29) – $5.99. So if I buy 3 do I multiply the $8.29 by 3 which totals more then the $20 for the CAT or do I need to buy 4 at the $5.99 price? Ive always wondered why you put the price before price plus card and after? Thanks

    • chris

      We usually have to wait until someone shops & reports how the total is being calculated. Someone will most likely post early Sunday morning

    • Lady J

      In this case $8.29 is the regular price and $5.99 is the sale price. Often times with shop rite, the shelf/regular price counts towards the deal. In this case $8.99 would count towards the total (if it works the way things usually do at Shop Rite), but you would only have $5.99 out of pocket.

      A quick way to tell if the shelf rate would apply (if it runs the way it usually does) is if in the price-plus logo is next to the item in the ad. If it is, then the shelf price would count toward the total. If the ad says “save .40” but does not have a price-plus logo, then the extra .40 wouldn’t apply b/c you don’t need a price plus card to get that rate. Hope this has been helpful.

    • Rocky

      Also, although I haven’t done the Brawny deal lately, I did the last two Angel Soft / Sparkle towels deals, which also included the Mardi Gras, Dixie, etc., choices and they have run off the shelf price (and, yes, they were, as mentioned, PP prices, so, important to keep in mind as you figure out your deal). At least, I can vouch for it in NW NJ.

      To get the lower OOP, I would do 2 of the paper towels (or, TP) and one (or two, depending on their shelf prices and which other items were offered in the deal) of the lower-priced items for which I had a coupon, and, which made the most cost-effective sense for me. For example, two Mardi Gras 250 ct with two 0.55 coupons (oop 0.89 each) makes more sense to me than, say, the vanity fair napkins which cost more and have less napkins in them. Then, I would do the deal 2-3 times (and, yes, the cats rolled). First deal I would spend less than $12 (using my coupons for all the items) and get back $5. Second time I would spend less than $12, use the $5 cat (= $7 oop), and, get $5 back. And so on. So, figure out the deal that makes the most sense to you, for your stock-up needs.

    • Sandra

      My stores always do after sale price.

      • Pat B

        I just ran this deal, 2 brawny paper towels and 2 mardi gras napkins and the $5.00 dollars off your shopping order prints : )

        • Rocky

          Great, thanks for the update! That’s what I plan on doing, also!

  • Mario

    Can I use CAT towards the $25 GC deal or it wont work?

    • Lady J

      I think a CAT may count as a store coupon, in which case, it would not count towards the $75. Unless someone confirms that it does work, I would hold onto the cat for a different transactions that doesn’t contain any of those items.

      • Anonymous

        You can usually use cats for these deals. I’ve never had a problem.

    • Sue

      I bought a bunch of canning supplies and did a test run of 3 bottles of Herbal Essence conditioner (there was a sale of $1 off 3, making them $1.66 each). I used two catalinas: a $5 one and a $10 one from last week. The canning supplies were more than $15, and my receipt listed the pre-sale price of the Herbal Essence — so no problem with the catalinas. I’m not sure what would happen if I didn’t have other items in the cart.

  • chris

    There are sierra mist 12 pk coupons for .75 cents out there.
    Making them 1.00 per 12 pack.

  • Arizia

    thanks Cindy!

  • Tracy

    THanks…the link under the country time lemonade drink take you to another product. HELP please!

  • Marley

    Did anyone attempt to use two of the “Mother’s Day ” cats in one transaction last month? Wondering if it works? I just hate being restricted to using one $10 Father’s Day cat per day, I’ve got quite a few…

    • Laura D.

      I wasn’t allowed to use more than 1 in a transaction. I did do separate transactions using more than 1 $10 cat per day. I just tried to stay “under the radar”. I plan to do the same this week.

      • Love2Save!

        I used three in one transaction.They had to manually put it in, but they didn’t say a word..

    • robi

      my shoprite said they accept 4 per order

    • Danielle

      I had no probs using several.

  • Janelle S

    I am stocking up on Heinz Ketchup for $0.69 ea.!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE MATCH-UPS 🙂

    • Lady J

      does anyone know of a better deal than this? I don’t want to let these q’s go to waste, but I also don’t want to pay .69 for the ketchup when I don’t really need it. I mean, I probably will buy it anyway, but if someone knows a better deal . . . I’d rather do that. In the end, I’m sure I can get to ketchup to someone that will use it.

      • Denise

        Lady J
        If you have extra Heiz Q’s, I would shure greatly appreciate them. I didn’t get any in our paper. I would gladly send you some others in return. Thanks

      • Qpon Jenn

        Lady J, I could use some Heinz ketchup coupons, i didn’t get them in my insert. If you would like to trade for some other coupons, please let me know.

  • robi

    for the loreal kids shampoo do i have to break up each order of 2? or can i buy 4 in 1 order and get $1 catalina twice?

    • Rebecca

      You have to break up each order in order to get more than one catalina to print!

    • Lady J

      I am curious about this too.

    • Rachel

      I bought 4 shampoos in one transaction and got 2 $1cats.

    • Lisa

      Yes, I bought 4 bottles in the same transaction and two $1 cats printed; I was pleasantly surprised because I didn’t think it would. 🙂

    • Justin

      No you can get 2 $1 catalinas in the same order. I received 2 coupons per transaction when I bought 4.

  • lisa

    I had no problem using all 3 of my $10 cats (from fathers day gift card deal) in one transaction to purchase groceries.

  • Darlene

    Where are the sierra mist coupons?

    • Love2Save!

      lots and lots on ebay.

  • msrossdaboss

    Is anybody willing to trade sierra mist coupons and/or Heinz ketchup for any coupon (just ask)!

  • Heather

    Is the spend $75 get $25gc a limit one per card, or can we repeat it all week for multiple gift cards?

    • Debbie


      It appears that there is a limit of one per customer (at least that is what I see in the ad).

  • Meli

    thanks this is going to be a fun week!

  • Kyle

    There is a $1/1 Baileys coupon making them $.49 each.

  • Maria

    UPDATE: For the Loreal Kids shampoo, you CAN run it in multiples and multiple catalinas WILL print. For the Natural Instincts, you have to run it in 2’s. Multiple catalinas WILL NOT print out. Also, there was no running total at the bottom of my receipt for the GC deal. I ran the 6 transactions and nothing said I qualified either. I’ll call CS at 9 am when they open up to see what they can see on their end.

    • Shannon

      Thanks for the info! Please share when you hear from CS!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Maria! Please keep us posted. 🙂

    • Nanci

      I had the same issue this a.m. I bought the hair color and a few crystal light to see how things were working and nothing showed up on my receipt. CS was looking into it, but I got no answers before I left the store. Thanks for the scoop on the loreal kids…trying to do multiple 2 item transactions was going to be a pain…lol

      • Laura D.

        If you do more, just remember the limit is 4 per variety!

    • Carol B

      Same here for the GC deal. Bought hair dye, crystal light and tyson chicken breast and no information about getting the 25 GC or the running total.
      Please let us know. ty

      • Carol B

        Just called Newark, De CS and they said that the deal isnt working anywhere and that they are aware of it. To just bring in the reciepts and we will give you the 25 in petty cash.

    • Laura D.

      Same here except customer service said they have no control over it and would not honor the $25 gift card. So I came home and called 1-800-SHOPRITE to inform them it isn’t working and “Ian” stated he could look up all of my transactions and call me back after 1:00 tomorrow. Apparently, he said they were completely unaware the deal wasn’t tracking and the GC promotion wasn’t printing. Oh well, time will tell with this one.

      • Debbie


        I had a similar experience and also spoke with an “Ian”.

        • Laura D.

          Lol, poor Ian, wouldn’t want his job today!

          • kelly

            hi all,

            it was printing at the bottom of mine. i knew this because i just went in and bought the hair color and there it was.. i live in southern jersey. hope it’s working for everyone else!

            • Sherry Z

              CS said that mine didn’t track because I made three of the purchases at the same register which, when we examined the times which were all just one minute apart, failed to give the computer time to recognize and track. They were familiar with the deal and said they’d had difficulty early Sunday morning but it had been corrected.

              They provided a $25 gift card.

              GREAT deal! Each purchase of two totaled $1.70 (including tax.)

              I intend to try this deal another time but doubt the store will have any product remaining. Since the deal entails the purchase of 12 boxes of hair color, the shelves were already bare.

              • maria

                I purchased several items from Kraft yesterday and only ONE tracked on bottom of receipt ….the rest didnt show up 🙁

                • Christine R

                  Maria, were the Kraft items on the list that Cindy provided? Not everything is going towards the GC deal.

  • Tracy

    Anyone know where the $1 Baileys Creamer coupon is located? Also, today’s ad has a Super coupon for Wisk stating ‘one per family’. Anyone know if multiple coupons/transactions can be done or does the ‘per family’ track on the Price Plus system records? Thanks for the help.

    • Ana

      Hi Tracy, My Bailey’s $1.00/1 coupons were in the 5/6 SS hth!

      • Janice

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    • Kait

      I have ignored the amount per family numerous times! Does not keep track on Price Plus (as far as i know). If it does all they will make you do is put it back 🙂

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Amira

    12 natural instincts in 6 separate transactions no total on receipt. 45 minutes at cs desk and got my $25 gift card. they said registers need to be rebooted from the previous night and stay away from self checkout

    • chris

      Thanks. Glad you got your gc. My SR would never give it to me, they always say it’s off of sale price not shelf price.

  • jessica


  • Jessica G

    So it says ANY P&G – so I am assuming if I buy a Jumbo pack of pampers diapers it should count towards the $25 GC of course they want us to buy the economy pack!

  • Anonymous

    Can you use same Price Plus card more then 4 times a day? Few monthes ago after 4 transactions various times a day the Price Plus card would not work 5th time. The cashier told me that there is limit on card for 4. This was in North Brunswick. Thanks.

    • Michelle T.

      Good to know, that’s where I shop!

    • Sharon

      It is like that in Phillipsburg Nj also the 5th time they wouldn’t let me use it

      • Eileen @QponPrincess

        that must be a store specific thing, I have often used the same price plus card for SEVERAL transactions without difficulty

  • Trina

    Thanks for updates I was about to head to shoprite. I will just do the shampoo for now, and some other items, and wait on qualifying gift card items

  • Laura D.

    For those of you that have the 2 Kellogg’s ecoupons on your account be sure to purchase only 1 box first to take off the $0.70/1 ecoupon. I made the mistake by getting 2 boxes and only the $0.70 ecoupon came off, ugh. Possibly if you purchase 3 boxes then both ecoupons may come off. Just a thought.

    • Jennifer

      I bought 3 boxes this morning and only the $0.70 ecoupon came off, not the $2/2. So, buy 1 in one transaction, and then buy 2 in the next transaction, and that should take off both ecoupons separately.

      • bracha

        somethings up with the $2/2… I think it’s for select kelloggs cereals…I also bought 3 boxes today (all the crunchy nut) and only .70 came off…

        • I bought three boxes and both the $2/2 and the .70 coupon came off. This was early yesterday morning. (So–my purchases did not come up towards the $75.)

          • Christine R

            Kellogg’s cereal is not part of the GC deal, General Mills cereals are.

        • kim mignella

          i cant read the whole thing but for the $2 off 2 kellogs…..think it excludes crunchy nut…..cant see the word “nut” but im assuming thats why people are having trouble

          • rj

            ugh! i called 1800 shoprite and helen said if u have a paper coupon ur coupon won’t come off. i never heard that before. annoying

    • Ashley

      Just an FYI…I bought 2 boxes and used the $0.50/1 coupons that I had, the ecoupon for $0.70 came off and in the end I got a $2 cat saying thanks from Kellogg’s. Wondering if anyone else got that.

      • Donna M

        I got one!!

        • A.R

          How many boxes did you buy? Also, have you purchased this cereal before when there was the $2 Catalina notification or was this the first time you bought this cereal?? Thanks in Advance

  • Pat

    On my shows my $10 cat from last week as a manufacturer’s coupon

  • Louise

    I purchased 3 Kellogs cereal and only my .70 cent coupon came off.

  • Laura D.

    Did anyone get new ecoupons today??

    • kmegg

      at 9:30 i saw one smart ones available.

    • Christine R

      The ecoupons have not been too good lately. I think there were only 3(?) on Sunday at 8am. I was very disappointed that I got up before my kids for a change and only got 3! I was expecting a lot more with the current GC deal going on this week.

  • Laura D.

    Happy Father’s Day to Mr. LRWC and all the dad’s who coupon on the site 🙂

  • Susan

    FYI: There’s a $0.75/1 Borden Cheese coupon in the July All You..

  • Pam

    Hi Everyone and Happy Father’s Day, Dads!! I did two transactions of the Natural Instincts deal today at our Vails Gate, NY store. I received the $6 each time. However, no running tally on the $75/$25card on my receipt. Don’t throw away your receipts, and do keep track or run your own tally.

    Thanks for letting us know the Natural Instincts deal works, Amira…even without the tally on the register receipt.

    I’m really happy that this deal is working as I have saved 4 ($5/2 catalina coupons) and I can now use them! Also, received 2($5/2 coupons) in the two newspapers I bought today=$84 and I will meet my $75/$25gc. On top of that when I finish these deals tomorrow I will not only have the $25 gift card, but I will have spent a total of $18 for 12 boxes of hair color @ $.66 cents a box. I’m going to be able to “wash that grey right out of my hair” for quite a while!! 🙂

    • Christine R

      Where’s the “like” button?! LOL

  • Mario

    I just got back from shop rite, Just to let everyone know that if you buy the venus razor and cartrages and use the Buy refils get razor FREE coupon from P&G it gives you the full value before coupons, I did it 3 seperate times and paid OOP $45 and it counted for $71.56 towards the $75 so I just bought tyson chicken and got my Gift Card 🙂

    • Ann

      Did u self check out or did you go thru a cashier???

    • Tags

      Where did you get the Venus coupon. I don’t see that item or coupon on the list here. Thanks.

      • Danielle

        Tags, the Venus coupon is in the P&G from 06/03

  • Pam

    P. S. Thank you so much Cindy, for this wonderful site and all your help with deals and matchups. Last year I saved $11,000 in my first year of couponing. I have helped a lot of families with my stockpiles ( I have grown and emptied my pantry several times).

    Right now I have a full pantry and a decent stockpile in my basement which is going to come in handy as my husband just was let go from his job of 21 years. At first, I didn’t know whether I should stop couponing and save the money or coupon like crazy to stock up to feed my family for at least a year “just in case”. I opted for stocking up. I would never have been able to do with without the help of you and your site Cindy. My family loves the help I am able to give them, and they like to tease me about “owning” Shoprite and Walgreens. Thanks Cindy!!!

    • Danielle

      Way to go, that is so encouraging!

  • Neely

    There’s a new Smart Ones e-coupon, $2/10. If combined with the $4/10 printable, total would be $11.70 for 10. Decent deal towards the GC!

  • Kim

    The tally seems to be working now. I did the Natural Instincts deal 2x and my tally is $27.96. I also got the $6.00 CATs but I am not sure if I should hold them or use towards another Natural Instincts deal. Any one use the CATs without it effecting the total.

    • Jen

      I rolled it, didn’t affect my total…

      • Anonymous

        when would the $6 cats expires? anyone used the $10 catalina from last weeks gift card deal to pay for the $75 deal this week?

        • Laura D.

          The $6 cat expires on 7/2/12 (at least the one that printed today) and YES I used the $10 gas points along with the hair color cat to purchase the hair color, tyson chicken and other items. My OOP at checkout was $0.10 and it did not affect the running total for the gc deal. HTH!

  • Kait

    With the Schick razor deal this week of 6.59 I was planning on using (1) buy 1 get one coupon with (2) of the Schick Extreme 3 (2/1)

    If I am buying 2 of the Schick Extreme Razors can i use 2 (2/1) and (1) Buy 1 get one coupon?


  • dynab1

    thank you Cindy for the matchups! our family couldn’t do it without your help!

  • I was told by my store in CT. that it takes 24 hours for the Natural instincts to begin tracking on receipt.

  • Debbie

    Update: The Natural Instincts Deal Idea is working! I live in Union County NJ. Also, shop rite is basing it off of the shelf price of $6.99. Just a heads up on the $6 CAT that prints out: there is fine print that says it cannot be redeemed on other P&G merchandise. The cashiers i went to did not notice this, but try to stay away from cashiers that may overly scrutinize your coupons!

    Thanks Cindy!
    PS Don’t forget to check your sunday paper shoprite inserts for a free bottle of SR aspirin 100 ct. 🙂

  • Larry

    hihi–you have the best coupon website in the entire universe!!!

    • Brooke

      I 100% agree!

    • Christine R

      I totally agree also! And the most helpful readers also!

  • lindsay in pa

    The Huggies SavingStar deal ended on 6/13 (of course, since there were coupons in this Sunday’s paper! ugh!).

    Thanks! 🙂

  • April

    I’ve heard that the Harford County, MD SRs track off the sale prices, not the shelf prices… can anyone confirm this? TIA!

    • Joan

      Harford County, MD tracks off of the sale price, not shelf price.

    • Janice

      Timonium tracks off shelf price 🙂

  • Sibel

    Kelloggs Crunchy Nut cereal is $1.99 this week and you get a $2.00 catalina all week long making it freeee! If you use your coupons you can turn this into a moneymaker! I did!

  • Michelle T.

    I don’t know if it’s printing for everyone, but I bought 2 boxes of Crunchy Nut cereal at 1.99 each, using 2-.70 coupons, one .70 ecoupon came off, and I got a $2 Cat from Kelloggs! $1.52 MM!

    • Candys

      Awesome!!! It didn’t print out for me today

    • A.R

      Is the $2 catalina printing for all price plus cards or only for some? Also, did you have the $2/2 SR eCoupon loaded to your card? Did it work fine?.. Thanks in Advance…..

      • Jaye

        Didn’t get the $2 catalina 🙁

        • Michelle T.

          I think the Crunchy Nut Catalina is only printing for some Price Plus cards. I got a Cat when I bought 2 boxes on Sunday, but did not get one when I bought 2 boxes today. On Sunday the .70 ecoupon came off, and today no ecoupon came off (was hoping for the $2 ecoupon). I had both loaded onto my card. Did great anyway 🙂

  • Candys

    What do you do if the eCoupon isn’t applying to the total that you have to pay at the register? I bought the two boxes of Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut and had the ecoupon for $2.00 off 2 boxes of Kellogg’s cereal loaded onto my Shop Rite card. I used 2 of the $.70 printed manufacturers coupons, which both doubled, but then the $2.00 eCoupon didn’t come off.

    • Candys

      The New London, CT staff are extreamly rude when I try to ask any question regarding my total. Last time I complained to a manager when the cashier told me “That’s not our problem!” when all I asked is if she knew why a coupon hadn’t doubled!!!

      • Kristella

        I had a very rude manager at Morrell Plaza Shoprite! She was quick and snippy with me even though you can use an Ecoupon and a manufactures together because i just did it in the exact same order. I tried it on the kikkoman deal and was only able to use the $1.25/3 Ecoupon and she wouldnt take it off so i could use the 3 regular coupons which would have made all three free! I left there soo pissed off that my deals didnt work out in the end =(

    • Christine R

      The $2 ecoupon didn’t come off of my Crunchy Nut O’s today either so I made the front end manager void them off and I put through 2 Raisin Bran and used a $1/2 coupon and the $2 ecoupon came off. I read somewhere on a SR posting today that this wasn’t working for several others as well. I confirmed that the size of the box was compatable with the ecoupon requirement so I’m not sure why it didn’t take. Someone else posted that it DID come off for the Crunchy Nut FLAKES though. I’m going to have my mom try it on her card tomorrow with my other $1/2 coupon.

  • joanna

    I can’t find the .75 cents off one loreal kids shampoo did they exlude giving them to people that live in hudson valley?

    • Noelle L.

      I live in Nyack, NY and my papers don’t always have the coupons they are supposed to. I don’t have the Heinz coupon the loreal coupon or the colgate coupon.. Also some that are supposed to be .75 off 1, come in my paper as 1.00 off 2. It is depressing.

      • Kabby

        Try purchasing the Sunday NY Post…I find it to be better value coupons.

    • Jennifer K

      I didn’t get them here in CT, just got the $1 off 2. But I did order some on

      • Shari

        Coupon Dede is a god send. Looked at the matchups Made my List – bought a ton of coupons …came in Thursday – went shopping !!! Everything was instock !!!!!!

  • Trina

    So, I got all the loreal kids shampoo. My crunchy nut did not take off for the 2 and 3rd boxes smh. For the $25 gift card deal Im confused on what works!

  • Leigh

    I did a quick run yesterday, with the plan of going back later this week for stockpile items to get to $75 – the OM Lunchables and a Crest toothpaste didn’t track – do I go back to Customer Service, or call 1-800-shoprite? Thanks!

  • A.R

    Is the $2/2 SR eCoupon working for Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal??.. TIA!

    • Lisa

      I tried what some here had suggested; first buy one box of Crunchy Nut cereal, using a 70 cent coupon and the 70 cent SR e-coupon also came off. In addition, I got a $2 Catalina from Kellogg’s. Then I bought 2 boxes and had two 70 cents coupons, hoping that the $2 SR e-coupon would come off, but it didn’t. I can only assume that the $2 e-coupon just doesn’t work. Has it worked for ANYONE? I can’t complain, though, because the first box was a money maker.

      • A.R

        I’m glad you got $2 CAT.. which kind did you buy? thank you..

  • Ann

    I bought 2 Kellogg’s crunchy nut cereal and my $2.00 e coupon did not come off.
    I only had the $2 e coupon on my card. Which is better? to contact them by phone or by e-mail?
    Thank you!!

    • Jaye

      I would call. I’ve emailed in the past. Waited 1 week for a reply. HTH

    • fran

      When I added the $2.00/2 Kellogg’s e-coupon today, it states “EXCLUDES Crunchy Nut Cereal”!

  • Anonymous

    anyone used the $10 catalina from last week to pay toward the $75 deal this week?

    • Anonymous

      I used the $10 cat from last week with no problem. Still got my money towards the $75

  • Kabby

    I ran to Shoprite to see how the tracking was working…only purchased the Heinz ketchup…DID NOT TRACK at all….this was at Emerson Shoprite…anyone elses Shoprite still not tracking???? Thanks!

    • Jennifer K

      Heinz is not part of the $25.00 giftcard deal

      • Kabby

        Thank you Jennifer k….I was certain is was….just double checked and you are RIGHT…couponers rock. I will try again with a INCLUDED item. Thanks again.

        • Jennifer K

          .69 cents is good deal for a 40oz bottle of ketchup. I got ripped off at Stop and Shop last week, I had a store coupon and the .50 cent off and non of the ketchup was on sale last week so I bought the smallest size I believe it was the 8oz. I paid .50 cents for, which might sound good but I was only 8oz, here I am paying 19 cents more for A LOT more. Well I am glad that I have a few more to use for this sale. We eat ketchup a lot. Just a reminder to everyone that today is the last day for that .50 cent off q. Stock up now!

  • Lauren

    Does anyone know if the totals for the $25 gift card deal are printing at the bottom of the receipt? I go to the SR in New Rochelle, NY.

  • dave

    anyone have an issue w/ the lays kettle chips coupon? coupon says 10 ounce, yet bags are 8

    • I had the same issue. Can’t find 10oz bags…

  • Neely

    Just did this deal today. I bought (3) Kikkoman Marinade packets. There was no sale tag but regular price was $1.29. However, they rang up $.99. I used (2) $1/1 Kikkoman Marinade printables (my store only allows 2 of the same printable coupons per day) and the $1.25/3 e-coupon worked. So the deal worked out like this: $.99 x 3 = $2.97 – $2 coupons = .97 – $1.25/3 e-coupon = $.28 money maker!

  • Jennifer K

    If anyone wants a list of all the items that are part of the buy $75 get $25.00, customer service desk has a detailed pamphlet, way better than the SR flyer.

    • Laura D.

      It is also listed on the SR website and you can print it!

  • Chavonne H

    For the Shoprite e coupons, if I load lets say a $1.25 Poise coupon to my shoprite card from, can I also use a manufacturer coupon from Poise for $2 off? thanks.

    • Laura D.

      It depends on the store. At some stores it will work, at my store it works. Other readers have reported it not working at their stores. You can always try it, if it doesn’t work, you can return the Poise for a refund.

  • Trina

    everything worked, I was able to get the hair color, did it 5 times (10 boxes), 8 boxes of mac and cheese and 2 ketchup. Have left a $6.00 cat and $25 gift card!

    • Jennifer

      Lucky, my store was completely out of the hair dye and wont get anymore til Wednesday! I guess I have to wait!

  • Janice

    Hi guys. Did anyone notice that the Baby Bucks and Shop Rite Family points are not being tracked? Is this usually the case? I’m bummed because I wanted to get some diapers but also earn some Baby Bucks points also… : (

    • KristyC

      Yes, I noticed that and went to customer service and they enter the baby buck for me. I purchased well over $80 but it only tracked $60. So customer service checked the receipt and gave me the $25 GC.

  • MK

    I saw in my SR store in Wallingford, CT that new Clear shampoo/conditioner from Unilever in a 3 ounce size for $1.99. Is it considered a trial size? There is a $2 coupon that doesn’t expire until 7/8 but is not valid on trial or travel sizes. I didn’t see any other size of the product line in the store….

    Let me know!! I don’t want to use a coupon incorrectly! Thanks!

    • Lady J

      you can look the product up online and go to their site and see if they have that info, or contact info.

  • Lady J

    Is anyone else confused about this gc deal?

    • Laura D.

      It was a little confusing in the beginning but I got it now! What’s confusing you?? Any particular item? How to follow the tracking?? What do you want to buy?

      • Lady J

        anyone do this deal with anything other than hair dye? guess i need some ideas. It’s hard to think with 2 toddlers running around pretending to be in a band at their sold out concert.

        • Amy

          i couldn’t agree more….. about the kids and the hair color!!! lol..i don’t usually use any hair color but i was thinking maybe i’d do 2 of them since i have 2 $10 cats from last week . i was able to print 4 BIGI kraft mac ans cheese coupons so i should be able to get 8 to count towards the $75 and i still have 2 $2 country time Qs so thats another $5….so, I’m at about $25 or so…!!! long way to go!!!! i do have a few tyson chicken Qs which i hate to use since its actually on sale next week….but! i don’t really need $75 worth of stuff and i dont want buy it just to get the gift card……so, yes, any other ideas would be great!!!

          • Anonymous

            kool aid jammers are part if the deal.. they are 2.29 and there was a coupon for .75 off 3 in the inserts about a month ago. I also got the tyson chicken breast, belvita biscuits, tyson anytizers, suave body wash, pampers wipes.

          • Lady J

            went tonight and couldn’t even find the hair dye. As it turns out, my SR doesn’t carry very much of this brand, and what little shelf space they had was empty.

        • Kabby

          Dove deodorant has a version for $1.99…use .75Q from RP 6/3. The 1.99 gets counted towards the tracking yet only pay .49 cents. Hope that helps.

  • Cindy, I tried to report this deal on your ‘report a deal’ link, but it just kept taking me to an unintelligible page…but here it its…Iams dog food is on sale for $18.99. If you buy 2, you get an $8 cat, plus if you still have those $3 off Iams dry dog food qs that we got in the sample bags, you can use those. PLUS, Iams dry dog food is part of the $25 gift card deal! This makes them $11.99 and you’ve easily added almost $40 to your $75 requirement.

    • Ary

      Thank you !!! Thats awesome that they give u a $8 cat I only have 1$3 couopon but still an awesome deal !!!

    • Shari

      i saw it ddvertised next week- buying it anyway – I canalway take it bck itgeet the cat

  • Amy

    It looks like we can use the gift card cats from last week and it won’t affect our totals ffor the $75….???? is that true. I’ve just recently started shopping at Shop Rite and want to make sure before I use them especially since I don’t really need $75 worth of stuff!!! TIA!!

    • Laura D.

      TRUE!!!! Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!! 🙂

  • Kristella

    Attention to all Smart Ones Buyers this week!

    It is not included in the Gift Card deal even though it says it in the flyer! I am soo confused! I went and bought 10, used both the ECoupon and my $4/10 one and as i am looking for the how much do i have until $75 thing it is not on there at all, nor is it in the list of products on the page. I am calling ShopRite customer service to find out why it has the $25 gift card symbol next to the item! That sucked. I was planning on stocking up on these items for summer lunches but guess not now bc of the deal! That sucked but i will follow up on what i find out with customer service end of this deal.

    • Kristella

      Ok so small update
      They have added those UPC codes to the deal(even though it is not part of the deal,but because of false advertising) but apperently it is not showing up at all. The lady over the phone was extremely nice and helpful and she will be calling me back tomorrow with the final word but i should get that money added to my Gift Card deal total! Hopefully it all works out! Will post a reply about the final outcome!

      • Christine R

        This is good information. I was planning on stocking up as well! I look forward to your reply on the outcome tomorrow. Good luck!

      • Lady J

        guess everyone just needs to save all their receipt til they walk out of the store with gc in hand.

    • Kristella

      ok so update! I got a phone call back from the very nice lady that helped me yesterday! She said the money was added to my Big Brands Deal! it worked on the sale price so she gave me $17.77 for the gift card deal.So def call up if something didnt sccan correctly and was not added. They were able to add to mine and they can to your too!

      • Kim D.

        Thank you for the update! I am planning on picking these up tonight and would have been really annoyed if they wouldn’t count them!!

    • Shari

      Wow !!! Need to check my receipts. I got 12 w a $5.00 coupon and $2 ecoupon ( havent seen if that worked ). I will have to make a call

  • Debbie Fabiano

    Thank you, Cindy! I have been saving so much money since a friend told me about your website!

  • Success at Niskayuna SR…12 Clairol Natural Instinct haircolor, 6 seperate transactions in a row. Used a $5/2 coupon for each transaction. The totals printed at the bottom of each receipt as ” Your Big Brands Points”. First transaction was $7.94 oop, each additional transaction was $1.94 after coupon & rolling over $6 catalina that printed for each transaction. Total oop $17.64, but ended up with $25 SR gc and a $6 catalina. That’s a $13.36 money maker.

  • kelley

    Anyone else having a problem with coupons printed from smartsource? One of the front end supervisors told me they can’t accept the Sylvania light bulb coupons bc there is no water mark on them. They are clearly printed coupons directly from the website!

    • Lady J

      i couldn’t even get those q’s to print on either of my computers.

    • Tisha

      I had this same problem. I only print smartsoure coupons in color. when I print them in b&w, they watermarks do not print.

      hope this helps

  • peteze

    Thanks Cindy-you the best!

  • Mary R.

    To Candys ( June 17th) New London CT customer service. That store and the Norwich one are owned by the Capano Family and are extremely concerned about service and product quality. I bought peaches little off season and they were pithy. I mentioned it to mng of produce and he handed me a bag full of plums he said were in season. He asked if I would like anything else and shyly I noted I liked pineapple but it was too pricey. He handed me a full sized pre-sliced fresh pineapple. ANY time you ever have issues go to management.

  • Christi

    Has anyone tried to hit the $75 on Tide alone? Are the catalinas rolling? Would they all come out in a single transaction? Any experiences with the Tide greatly appreciated!!! (helping a sister-in-law who just moved into her own place fill the closets 🙂

    • Kristella

      I was thinking about trying that one too…I love stock piling laundry detergant! I think it is my fav thing to stock pile on, other than paper towels and toilet paper!

      • MillburnLaura

        Yes, I am going to try the Tide this morning…Im thinking this transaction might work..

        6 tide (10.99 shelf price) 9.99 = $66
        2 clairol nice and easy (6.99 shelf price)=$14
        total priceclub price- $80
        total oop=$72-$5 coupon=$67
        get back $25 catalina
        3 $4 tide catalina
        1 $6 clairol catalina
        Total = $67 paid, $43 back in catalinas, so $24 total or $4 each for Tide and some free hair color….

        • Bettsy

          Hi MilburnLaura, we’re you successful?

        • brittany

          Did anyone do the tide? I was hoping to buy 7 or 8 only if all the catalinas came out at one time

          • brittany

            its one cat per transaction just FYI so you cant purchase all of them at one time

  • Kristella


    The ECOUPON does work for the marinade packets but those were ringing up $.99, so i tried to use the $1.25/3 and all 3 $1/1 Kikkoman marinades.. No Joy at all! The manager was extemely rude and snippy about me using the ecoupon with my manufactures ones. She said it just couldnt be done and before i could say anything else she just walked away.What i laugh at is that i was able to use the $2 ecoupon for smart ones on top of the $4/10 manufactures!

    Also the Catalina was only $1 for 2..i bought 3 thinking i would get the $2 cat back and it did not work. I will try calling the cat company but that deal didnt work =( maybe it was my shoprite but i would love to try it at another to see if it works.

    • Sandy

      Bought 3 packets for .99 each. Used (3) $1.00 coupons and $1.25 ecoupon came off as well PLUS got the $1.00 Catalina. So $2.25 moneymaker

  • Christi

    There is a $1/3 Voskos coupon in the 3/19 SS . I have 3 different versions of the SS that came out that week, and it is only in one version— for me that version had an Instant Savings offer for Proactive on the cover!! They expire on the 30th of June.

  • Lin

    Does anyone know the price on the Magnum ice cream bars? The reason i ask is sometimes things that are supposed to be on sale dont show the sale price on the tabs under the product, it wasnt listed on sale in the circular either. When i looked this morning while i was shopping i think it said $4.50 per box. I have $2.00/1 coupon plus i got a printable note at the end of my order saying buy any two Magnum ice cream bar packs between 6/11-7/8 and get $2.00 off next shopping order. I do recall Stop & Shop had this deal last week making them free or close to free, but i go to ShopRite. I just want to be sure I am not missing anything and maybe someone knows something different about this.

    • Jenni

      I don’t know how much the Magnum ice cream bars are this week, but next week they will be $3.50 each (2 for $7) for a 3 count package. The flyer also states ‘Buy any 2 Magnum ice cream products and get $2 off your next shopping trip.’ If I did my math right, using 2 $2.00/1 coupons combined with the catalina makes them $0.50 each. 🙂

      • Sandy

        Saw that too! I used my $2 at S & S but will use the $1.50 ones I have at SR next week.

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone missing the checkboxes? I tried both IE and Firefox?

  • Joanna

    Does anyone know how to keep track of how much you spent over the week at shoprite to receive the gift card does it print
    on the receipt? Is that what the baby bucks are?

    • Michelle T.

      Joanna, Baby bucks are different, you get $10 off your next $50 order when you reach $100 in Baby bucks. This gift card deal tallys on your receipt as “Big brands points”. HTH 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I bought 2 Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereals today and I received a $2.00 Catalina! Has anyone else gotten this?

    • April S

      I bought one today and recieved a $2 Cat, I’m going to go back tomorrow and buy another one. With the $.70/1 and the eCoupon it was a nice little money maker.

  • GEO

    Thanks for the match up. I did the Clairol deal a couple of times. I got the $25 gift card one time only. Awesome deal!! I will be donating the Clairol to a local shelter for women. Again, thanks!

  • Cortney

    Good evening,

    Can someone please tell me who I should contact regarding questions on the gift card deal this week? I don’t think everything i bought registered correctly and i am not sure how to confirm.

    Thank you!

    • Laura D.

      Hi Cortney, you can call 1-800-SHOPRITE. They can pull up your account and see what went wrong. It is best to have your receipts available when you call. I did the deal on Sunday (horror) and they did get back to me and I did get a card. They even gave me a case # and said to call them if I had a hard time at CS. Good Luck 🙂

      • Cortney

        THANK YOU

  • Laura D.

    Here is something interesting I have noticed on my receipt.
    I already got the $25 gc on my account for the Big Brands Points, I did the hair color. Yet …. it is still tracking the totals!
    Today I used my $10 gas cats (I have 8 I need to spend by Saturday) in separate transactions to stock up on Celeste, Ellios & chicken breast. The new purchases have started re-tracking on my receipt! I now have $22.86 towards the Big Brands Points!!!
    Anyone else????!!!! I did do my first deal on Sunday with the crazy fiasco. Hmmmm…………

    • Shari

      I also had 10 gft card cats…bought 500 gas cards- my husband owns a company with 2 service vans. I ended up using my husbands card along with my card for 2 …..25 gift cards then I began using my moms card by telling them her phone number.
      Did not realize they reset !!

  • Mel

    Does anyone know where I can get the booklet entitled “Discover the Value of a Great Buy” ?

  • Nicole

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, but if you have the P&G “Have you tried this yet?” booklet, there’s a really good deal. Vicks ZzzQuil is on sale for $4.49, and you get a $2 cat when you buy 1. There’s a $2 off any Vicks product in the booklet, so, it makes it .49 after everything, and it counts towards the gift card deal!

  • April

    Has the $2/2 Kellogg’s ecoupon expired? I could have sworn that I had saved it to my card and now I can’t find it 🙁

    • Donna

      Mine says it expires 7/14/12

      • A.R

        Hi Donna, is the eCoupon still listed in your account? TIA!

        • Donna

          it is still in my Messages and Savings

      • kath

        I cant find mine either. It was there on Monday.

        • Danielle

          I know I had it in mine, too. I found an older printed list (I always print after savign the ecoupons) It expires 7/14 but for some reason isn’t printing on my list anymore. Glad I saved the older one.

    • Qpon Jenn

      hmmm…just checked my account too b/c i saved it also, i know it didn’t come off on my receipt when i purchased the two crunchy nuts before and now its not listed anywhere for my SR ecoupons. Where did it go!?

      • April

        Thanks for checking- I’m sorry it happened to you, but glad to know that I’m not going crazy. I was hoping it was a temporary glitch in the system but now I won’t risk trying to use it tonight 🙁

    • A.R

      my eCoupon has disappeared too.. before even I could use it once!!!! 🙁 how could they do that?? I had planned to go to SR today to shop, and just now noticed that the eCoupon has disappeared all of a sudden!! 🙁

  • kath

    I’m glad that i checked. I was going to stop on my way home. That is just weird.

  • A.R

    Yes, that is weird.. I had planned to go to SR tonight(My first trip for this week) but this has ruined my plans 🙁

    • April

      I sent an email to corporate to see if they know what’s going on. I’ll post if I hear back from them. I might call later when I’m not at work just to see if there’s anything they can do.

      • A.R

        thank you April.. I hope they bring the eCoupon back at least for the sake of those who haven’t used it even once..

      • April,
        My coupon also has disappeared..have you heard anything back from them…will try to call them tomorrow..was going to do transaction tonight,read your post and noticed mine has disappeared as well??

    • kate

      my $2/2 kellogs ecoupon has disappeared as well…

      • Lauren

        Me too 🙁 That happened to me with the French’s mustards about a week and a half ago too. They were there one day and then were MIA.

        • hanna

          My e-coupons came back as this morning with $2/2 Kellogg’s.
          However, this $2/2 now have ” Excludes Crunchy Nut Cereal”
          Exp is 7/14.
          Before it was not showing any Exclude and Exp was 6/20.
          I did shopping on Thursday and when I got 2 Crunchy Nut, just $0.70 came out. I guess they found this loop hole.

        • Bonnie

          My $2/2 ecoupon is still there for me. I bought the Crunchy Nut cereal’s, 2 different kinds in 2 different shopping trip’s because I thought maybe because the $0.70 off of one came off in the first trip that was why the $2/2 didn’t come off. I was wrong it still didn’t come off. When I just looked at the ecoupon more closely it say’s “Save $2.00 on Kellogg’s® Cereals (8.7oz or Larger) On ANY (2) TWO, Mix or Match (EXCLUDES Crunchy Nut Cereal)” despite the fax that one of the boxes in the picture is Crunchy Nut Cereal it is not included 🙁

  • Sandy

    For anyone who wanted to buy IAMS dog food for $10 a bag

    Do in 2 separate transactions:

    1. (2) bags IAMS @ 19.99 each – Get back $8 catalina

    2. (2) bags IAMS @ 19.99 each – Get back another $8 catalina and you just qualified for $25 SR gift card.

    $80.00 – $16.00 Catalina – $25 SR GC = $39.00 Total or $10 per bag.

  • KP

    OK…i know that part of this is my fault and I also knew that a good thing would come to an end…but that’s no reason for someone to be rude!!
    My shoprite used to allow more than 4 like coupons/day if we separated the transactions during our shopping trip. Well, I tried to do that this morning and the cashier started giving me a hard time…First: He brought over a coupon policy that states: ‘no more than 1 coupon per item per transaction per family.” SO i asked him if I could continue doing multiple transactions…he said that I had to walk in and out of the door to make my purchases if I wanted to use more than 4 like coupons/day. So, at 7am with no one at shoprite…I walked out the doors and in and continued…, then halfway through, he told me I couldn’t buy more than 4 like items…so we pulled out the ad and it stated…no more than 4 items per variety…not a problem because I had not bought more than 3 items per variety. Next, he goes, you can’t use your catalinas…and I asked him why…he had no answer. I told him that i was using them on my ‘next purchase’ not the same purchase. He just rolled his eyes and walked away. Then he came back and I was so frustrated, that I told him, it was ok and I could come back another time and complete my purchases and he goes..(very rudely)…’just finish it up’…went ahead and rang up my 3 transactions (separately) and walked away. I was soooo upset, I called corporate and told them that I was willing to follow whatever ‘coupon policy’ he wanted me to BUT he did NOT have to be so rude and offensive.

    • Sandy

      Londge a formal complaint with store mgr. No reason you should have to put up with a cashier with an attitude !

      What SR was this ?

      • Anonymous

        does anyone know if gift cards earned from the Big Brands promotion can be used to qualify for another Big Brands gift card on a different SR card???

        • Candy

          No. The only way to earn the promotion GC is to purchase said products listed in flyer, web site etc.

      • KP

        I skipped the store manager and called corporate office and filed a complaint about rude behaviour. She told me that each store was independently owned….but she would sent a copy of the complaint to both the head office and the local office so they are ‘aware.’

        It was the shoprite in Silver Spring, MD. I always thought, I lucked out with great friendly service with the store…I guess yesterday wasn’t my lucky day.

        PS. Thanks Cindy for all your matchups…you have helped save my family tons of money and made life so much more easier….like everyone else, I wait all week for your matchups and check the website out for any new deals before i head out.

        • Erica

          Hi KP,

          I e-mailed corporate a couple weeks ago about their “1 coupon per item per transaction per family” policy, and the person who called me back said that it’s still “4 like coupons/transaction.” I think the 1 coupon policy only applies to the SR store coupons because they definitely didn’t have a problem with me using 4 like manufacturer’s coupons ever since they started that policy.

          The cashiers at the Silver Spring ShopRite are usually great. I’m guessing he must have been new? Do you remember what his name was? I usually go through the self-checkout, but in case I do have to go to a regular checkout lane, I want to avoid him if possible.

  • Anna

    I bought $75 worth of products but nothing recorded on the receipt and didn’t say that I qualified for $25 card. I don’t understand that. My sister used my card a day earlier to do her deal, so could this be a problem?.

    • christine

      yes it’s one $25 card per store card. so it sounds like your sister got the deal.
      tell her to get her own card

    • Laura D.

      Hi Anna, you may want to check the receipt your sister got yesterday. The certificate for the gc can be easily missed. If it is there, great! If it is not, then I would suggest calling 1-800-SHOPRITE. They are able to look up all the receipts for your account and see where things went wrong. If you have past receipts that you have been accumulating towards the rewards, have them with you when you call. I just heard yesterday that there were problems with tracking again at a SR in NY.
      I had the same problem earlier in the week and CS was GREAT!! I got my card without any problems, they even gave me a case # to give to the CS desk at any SR to get the card. IMO – your sister should have her own card, unless both of you are doing the deals together, splitting costs and rewards. Good Luck! 🙂

  • Roz

    Mine said Your Big Brand points is 75.00 and nothing printed on the bottom of the receipt. I don’t understand.

    • Laura D.

      Roz, call 1-800-SHOPRITE they can pull up your account and go over your receipts and straighten it out. I had to do that earlier in the week and they were great!!!

    • Candy

      If you feel that you did indeed qualify for the $25 GC then being your receipt to cs desk. If this was your second trip to SR this week is it possible that it printed on bottom of previous receipt? If not then definately bring to cs desk by Saturday.

    • Anonymous

      Take your receipt to CS with your Price plus card and they should give you the $25 card (based on Your Big Brand point of 75).

  • Jennifer K

    Just make sure you are buying qualifying items.

  • Danielle

    did anyone try getting the Smart Ones for the $75 deal? Does they apply? I’m not seeing them on the list…

  • Anonymous

    @KP I would email corporate asap. I had the same customer service issue about coupons and they sent me a 25$ GC. Make sure you state the cashiers name in the email and the store#

  • Mommy of 5

    I did the clairol deal 2 times. My mother rarely shops at shoprite so she gave me her card a while ago. I did 12 transactions, 6 for each card throughout the day. Morning, afternoon and night and then this morning. ( I live about 6 minutes from my shoprite and work next to another shoprite.) After tax, CT will kill ya there, I spent $27.00 oop, then I got my (2) $25.00 gift cards and a $6 catalina left over. So I made $29.00 profit by doing this deal. I am going to use the money to help fund my 4th of july picnic! Got the soda deal too! 12 packs of soda for the picnic and used the big Y dollar doublers to save an extra $3.00 with each 4 pack! As for the hair dye, I go to a hairdresser for my hair color, but my mother doesn’t so I picked up 24 hair dyes for her and they aren’t her color but she is going to take the receipt in and exchange for her color….win, win situation, I made money and my mother reaps the rewards! Thanks for the match up!