ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 6/24 – 6/30

ShopRite Deals for the week of 6/24/12

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  • Doubled Coupons: All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Make sure to check out the Full List of ShopRite Double Coupon Stores.
  • Coupon Variations:  Keep in mind that coupons may vary from regions or even newspapers.  Other areas may have additional or different value coupons.  All coupons, from all regions are shown in the match ups.
  • Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.
  • ShopRite eCoupons: ShopRite eCoupons usually disappear quickly however once they are clipped, they are in your account until they expire.  eCoupons shown in the match ups may only be available to those that clipped them already.
  • Catalina Deal Ideas:  All catalina deal ideas are calculated on the Pre-Price Plus prices.  Although these deals almost always work this way, at the time of the posting it has not been confirmed.  You can watch the comments to see if others have had success. Also, when doing the deals, please be sure to check your pre-price plus prices as they may differ from those posted here.  If your total is not met or if you have bought an incorrect product or size, your catalina will not print!

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  • gia

    Thx for all your hard work

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Katie Coupon

    According to my SR ad, the Edy’s are on sale for $2.74 each….Still an excellent price though!

    • LRWC

      Yep, they’re $2.74, whoops! Will update the post. Thanks Katie!

  • Shirley

    Thank you now I can plan my trip.

  • Aileen C

    Planters coupon is NLA.

    • LRWC

      Ok thanks, I’ll update the post. I printed two when I was doing the matchups…stinks that it’s gone now!

      • Aileen C

        There was a $1/1 Planters coupon in today’s SS though. Says it’s for any Planter’s product 4 oz – 21.5 oz (excluding pistachios). Should work on the peanut butter.

  • April S

    There’s a $.55/1 Sargento Ultra Thin Slices in the July All You too. Great week to stock up on cheese.

    And the Heluva Good Q seems to let me print 2-3 a day.

    • CC

      There’s an ecoupon for Sargento thin slices on ShopRite’s website now too!

  • Michelle T.

    If anyone has the $3 coupons from the Iams sample size bags of cat food, the OOP is $6 less, only 5.99! That’s a stockpile price for me 🙂

    • Shari

      I have the extra Dog $3.00- got my Iams last week

  • Michelle T.

    Oops, it’s 6.99. Still good 🙂

  • meghan

    Thank you for the match-ups!!! you have saved my family so much money!!!

  • Dena

    Thanks Cindy!!!

  • Melissa

    The Magnum Catalina is advertised in the ad, so it should be working. 🙂

  • April S

    Anyone else able to find the Cracker Barrel FB Q? I can’t find it at all.

    • Aileen C

      It’s NLA, unfortunately.

    • LRWC

      Looks like it’s NLA. Sorry about that!

  • Donna

    I bought 2 of the Magnum today and got the catalina for $2. They were $4.49 each and I had 2-$2/1 coupons so got them for $1.49 after coupon and catalina. At my shoprite in Rockaway, the minis were $5.99, not $4.49 like the rest of the items though.

    • Rose

      waaahoooo I was just looking to see if anyone got that!!! I have 4 of the $2/1 love love this ice cream

  • Alison

    I didn’t see the Angel Soft toilet paper ecoupon. Did I miss out on it?

    • LRWC

      Most of the eCoupons in the matchups are previous eCoupons that were available that haven’t expired yet. If you don’t have it in your accounts already it’s probably NLA.

  • Darlene

    Thank you

  • Janelle S

    Thanks for the matchups

  • Thanks for the matchups. I also found out in Shoprite today that you can use Big Y’s Dollar Doubler coupons at ShopRite which makes alot of these matchups even better!

    • Gia

      hi Megan!
      Which shoprite ? TIA

      • I was in Shelton, CT and the woman in front of me was using them. The cashier confirmed they accept them. The woman said Stop & Shop will not however.

        • audra

          has anyone used them in the Milford CT store?

          • sarah

            no, milford will not accept them. I’ve tried 🙁

        • Diana

          They will also accept price chopper tripplers in Shelton and Derby.

          • maggie

            I had no idea that they did that….I am from CT too, shop at Milford or West Haven. I can’t wait to try them!!!

            • sarah

              I don’t think they will accept them in west haven either because Big Y is not really in those communities–I guess it doesn’t hurt to try though.

              • maggie

                If they don’t work there, Shelton isn’t too far – I would go if I could put together a trip that made it worth it.

    • Shari

      wow – Thankyou !!!

    • Prudence

      Its true I use them all the time!

      • Love coupons!

        I’m going to have to check with my Shoprite. that would be great!

  • Debbie G

    Thank you so much !!! Great deals this week !

  • Ruth

    There is a $3/1 eCoupon for Pronutrients Probiotic. Is this the same as the one for the Centrum deal? Might be a $1 MM. I don’t have the advil eQ so just free for me… still good.

    • Christine R

      Yes Ruth, that makes it a $1.02 MM!

      • Laura D.

        I’m confused 🙁 would you please write out the deal you are talking about? I haven’t had the time this week to really catch all the deals that are going on. TIA!! 🙂

        • Ruth

          Cindy’s deal above, just add the Centrum eQ:
          1 Centrum (10.99) 9.99
          1 Advil Congestion Relief (5.99) 4.99
          Total: (16.98) 14.98
          – (1) 5/1 Centrum MQ
          – (1) 3/1 Centrum eQ
          – (1) 2/1 Advil MQ
          – (1) 1/1 Advil eQ
          Pay $3.98
          Get $5.00
          Free + $1.02 MM

  • Annie

    The Sensibles paper plates are advertised for 1.99 and I found a .55/1 in this weeks SS.

    Thank you for all you do, Cindy! Wouldn’t be where I am without your help!!!

    • LRWC

      Awesome, just added that to the match ups. Thanks, Annie!

  • Matthew

    Chobani is not valid IN NJ!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

    • Vivian

      Dag! I just printed 8. Any one try this yet?

      • Valora

        If you can’t use them I would love to trade you for them.

  • Qpon Jenn

    Went to SR in Warminster today to take advantage of the triple couponing and the lady working Customer Service told me they are extending triple couponing there for ONE MORE WEEK! Yay!

    • Toekneeface

      The page of the ads wth the super coupons said there were still triples coupons. I asked at CR ansd the guy was clueless so I asked the front end manager (the guy with white hair & glasses) & he said he knows they are extended but not sure for how long. He thinks they will end soon. Its been a great run for sure.

  • Joan

    Does anyone know if any of the Common Kindess coupons double? I used the Lay’s 0.55 one last week and it did not, but it doesn’t say “do not double” how can you tell if they will double with the new barcode?

    • melissah

      I had to have the common kindness q’s manually doubled by the cashier. In the past, I had an issue with a cashier who couldnt understand the difference between the word duplicate and double..the manager put them through no prob!

    • K.W.

      How do you print them?! I have yet to figure out where the print button is on them.

      • Kera

        there should be a yellow bar on the bottom of the screen that says click here to print or something like that.. my 7 year old son found it after he walked in on me after I was staring at the screen for like 10 mins lol

    • Lisa

      When I used mine in Connecticut it double just fine when the cashier scanned it.

  • Christine R

    To any shoppers at the BROOKLAWN SHOPRITE: I just found out last night that they recently started accepting competitors coupons! Wahoo! Must have been extremely recent because I’m there several times a week!

    • Anonymous

      Me too! I was very excited to see that last night! Its probably because Bott Dollar is opening in just a few days. I guess I have to decide where to use the $10 off $20 bottom dollar q’s I just got.

      • Christine R

        Darn it, I threw mine out last Thursday and my little guy put the trash out for me on Saturday morning! Dare I trash pick tonight!

        • Laura S.

          I would trash pick for those coupons! 🙂

  • nik

    FYI the Dole fruit crisps when you buy 4 you get a $0.75 catalina.

    • Rocky

      Oh, nice, thanks for the heads-up! My daughter and I love these!

  • Janice

    This morning there were eCoupons for Smart Balance spreadable butter and Zantac 🙂 Clip ’em fast!!!!

    • Meli

      yey thanks!!

    • And SR ecoupons for Sargento cheese and Joy ice cream cones too!!

      • Michelle T.

        And Luigi’s italian ice! Can’t keep this in my house long enough to get one for myself 🙂

  • Kait

    With the Palmolive coupon on, it says $1 off any Palmolive Dish AND Fresh Sponge. Would this mean I would have to buy 2 dish liquids to use the coupon?

    • Cindy

      It’s a new product called Palmolive Dish and Fresh Sponge Soap. 1 product!

      • Kait

        Wow! Great deal! Will definitley have to buy a lot! 🙂 Thanks again!

        • Kait

          One more question… Does it work if it says Avaliable at Walmart?

          • Janelle S

            Kait, It depends on your store I recommend going to someone who is young, to put these coupons in…I know that some of the cashiers at my ShopRite won’t take it while others will, It is really up to the cashier and store manager

          • Allison

            my shoprite`s night manager said “as long as it states manufacturer on it we don`t care if the picture has publix or another store under it” so she said they`ll take pretty much every manufacturer coupon and im in DE

            • Kait

              Thanks! I will give it a go! Luckily, the employees at my Shoprite will almost always accept expired coupons so I see no issue with this coupon passing by! 🙂

  • Kim

    Thanks for all of your dedication and hard work! You have helped our family immensely! God Bless You!

  • Roberta

    Inside the Luigi’s Italian Ice boxes there’s a coupon for .50/1 and it doubles, so you can buy 2 with the $1/2 coupon then go back with the two .50/1 coupons for two more boxes. You’ll end up with 4 boxes for $3.58 total, making them .90 a box!

    • Ann

      Roberta, which boxes( flavors) have the coupons??

      • April S

        I found mine on the Mango flavored ones, my chocolate swirled ones did not have them.

        • Ann

          Thanks April! I found them on cherry & lemon ones! Will look out for Mango flavor tomorrow.

          • sarah

            I had 2 boxes from the sale a couple weeks ago, one cherry and one lemon. One box had the coupon inside, one didn’t, forget which flavor had the coupon, but it seems random.

            • Keena

              Sarah the lemon flavor have the coupons as well as the blue raspberry swirl

      • Roberta

        Ann, I got the swirled flavors and so far every box has one, I don’t know if the regular lemon has it.

        • I got mine on the swirl boxes as well 🙂

          • Michelle T.

            Got the Luigis coupon in the lemon boxes, good thing we like lemon 🙂

            • Lori

              I got coupons in the raspberry swirl (blue) and banana swirl combo box BUT I didn’t get any in the cherry/lemon box.

  • Luigi’s Italian Ice, Garnier, and Tums eCoupons too!

  • staceypunk

    Thank you for info on the morning stars deal!

  • CC

    Got good deals on bread products this morning… Pepperidge Farm rolls were on sale for $1.74- $0.80 ($0.40 off doubled) = $0.94 and Stroehmann Whole Grain Bread was $1.84- $1.00= $0.84!!

    Oh, and the bottom of my receipt printed ” Try new SR Cherry Tomato sauce any variety offer valid 6/24-7/0712″ Does that mean free sauce??

    • shey

      Yes, I got an email about it. I picked one up this morning and the full $3.99 came off.

    • Anonymous

      Where did u get the $1 coupon of Stroehmann bread?

      • CC

        It was from a standard newspaper insert at some point in the last month or 2…sorry thats probably not helpful, I just found it filed in my bread section of coupons…

  • lisa lau

    hi, i have a question for those of you who recieved the $25 shoprite card (when you spend $75) did your reciept indicate the gift card certificate #? I see that my big brand points total is 75.00 but Im not sure exactly what i bought to reach this total. Thanks in advance!!

    • Valora

      mine gave me a coupon to redeem for my gift card.

    • Kera

      at the bottom of the receipt it should say congratulations youve earned enogh for a 25 dollar giftcard….. go to customer service and tell them youve earned enough points but didnt get the card.. I had to get my card(s) ( did the deal twice after my neighbor let me borrow her shoprite card) at the customer service desk

  • April S

    So I just got back from my trip to East Windsor ShopRite and had good results.

    (2) Advil Decongestant 10pk $4.99
    (3) Chapstick $0.99
    (4) Sargento Slices $2.99
    (4) Sargento Ultra Thin Slices $2.99
    (4) Heluva Good Blocks $1.99
    (1) Al Fresco Breakfast Sausage $2.99
    (1) Al Fresco Dinner Sausage $3.99
    (1) Hillshire Farms Polski Kielbasa $2.99
    (4) Llyods BBQ $3.99
    (6) Nissan Big Cups $0.33

    (2) $2/2 Advil Decongestant
    (4) $.55/1 Sargento Slices (
    (1) $.55/1 Sargento eCoupon (both came off)
    (4) $.55/1 Sargento Ultra Thin (July All You)
    (2) $1/1 Al Fresco Sausage
    (1) $.55/1 Hillshire Farm
    (4) $1/1 Llyods (
    (1) $1/1 Llyods Ecoupon
    (4) $.50/1 Heluva Good
    (2) $1/3 Nissan Big Cups
    (1) $25 Gift Card from Big Brands last week
    (2) Canvas Bags ($.10)

    Paid $22.21
    Recieved $5 Catalina
    OOP $17.21
    Total OOP was

    The good news is all of the eCoupons worked fine with the printed coupons, also the Advil/Chapstick deal worked and I got my $5 Catalina.

    The bad news is I didn’t realize that the coupons I printed for the Llyods and Sargento had two sets of the same pin numbers, I print 2 per computer and 2 per iDevice, so I’m not sure which or why they are printing identical pin numbers.. If you get a picky cashier, it may be in your best interest to check all your pins to make sure they are different before hand.. Luckily the manager pushed them through, but only after giving me a lechture that 1 per purchase means one per shopping trip, but we all know thats not the case. Other bad news, in the small print of the Heluva Good coupon it says “NO DOUBLING”, so even though she put them through and they doubled the first time, she voided them and put them back in with the DND button. I have a bunch more of these and I plan on making another trip or two this week to stock up on cheese, so I’ll have to profile my cashiers a little more closely in hopes of getting them through next time. Yesterdays trip I forgot my coupons and had to go back to CS later in the day, and they credited me the full $1 for each Goya coupon (doubled to a full $1) so I consider us even now. 🙂

    On another subject, I’m surprised none of that tracked for Family Points.. I’m going to have to check my last few reciepts, I recall someone saying that stuff wasn’t tracking so it may be worth some math and a call to the 1800 number.

    Good luck with your shopping this week, great week to stock up on CHEESE. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Family Points system was not working right on Monday. I called them and they added the points I was suppose to earn manually. You might want to check your balance after your shopping trip since I have the felling it wasnt the first time this happed.

    • sarah

      thanks! i was curious about the advil deal

  • Orapin

    Hi Lisa, you have to bring the receipt to Customer service to redeem Gift Card befor July 7,

  • Ron

    Thanks so much. i routinely save around 60.00 on a 100.00 bill with your website. thanks again…….

  • valerie post

    There is a new ecpn out for $5off Zantac. Plus the $5 mfg cpn would make it free plus a $3MM

    • Kabby

      Thanks Valerie worked for me.

  • A.R

    Has anyone been able to find “Palmolive Fresh Dish and Sponge” in ShopRite??.. My SR did not have it. TIA!

    • Kait

      Yes I found it! Sorry 🙁

  • Mark

    I have a question for our resident coupon expert Cindy. In my SS today I have a coupon that says $1 off any 1 Planters product 4oz-21.5 oz sizes only(excluding Pistachios). The picture is different jars, cans and containers with peanuts. Can this coupon be used for the Planters Peanut Butter since the coupon states ANY within that size restriction?

    • i would say yes, but im no expert. 🙂

    • Sonya

      I am not Cindy lol but I don’t see why not, as long as you are getting the correct size. Good luck!

    • Aileen C

      Yes, you should be able to. The wording is what matters – not the picture.

      • Mark

        Will give it a try. Thanks.

    • Cindy

      I don’t see why not either. The only restriction is for Pistachios. Works for me! 🙂

    • Christine R

      Mark, as long as it says “any” Planters product you can use it on the PB, which will get you PB for $1.49 this week I think. I’m going to be working up a list for later this week and I plan on getting the PB with this coupon also. As long as it says “any” it should be fine unless you get a cashier who wants to go by the picutre, then you call a manager over and reiterate the wording on the coupon. HTH!

  • Theresa

    Cindy, Thanks soooo much for these Match-Ups! Thanks to you, last week the big manuf $25 SR GC promo resulted in my getting $100 of products down to $70 w/Qs, & then a $25 SR GC on top of that (net = $45) . . . and then I bought another $160 (non-big-manuf) for $100 … total $260 for $145!! My husband is in shock & I’m lovin’ it! 🙂

    – Thanks so much!

    • Cindy

      Theresa, that is awesome!!

  • Amanda R

    The Earthbound Farms 3-pack of Romaine is 2/$5, with the $0.75 coupons they come to $1.

  • Carolan

    To Mark, I purchased 2 Planters peanut butters tonight with that coupon. Worked like a charm! Good luck!

    • Mark


  • Janelle S

    Beech-Nut Fruities are one sale for $1 ea. and there is a coupon for $1/1 making them FREE, the coupon is for ANY Beech-nut Stage 4 or 5 product(Stage 4 is +12 mos and Stage 5 is +24 mos) so you could use it for the jars of food too, which would also be free…Here is the link…

    • Dana

      Thanks for the link!!

      • Janelle S

        No problem Dana, I’m happy to help

  • Ida

    In my circular in Lakewood, NJ there was a super coupon Snapple 12 pack for 5.99 and there is a $1/1 coupon in the SS 6/10.

    • E Hill

      I have that same super coupon, but mine from the insert is for 6pk’s only 🙁

  • Kera

    I cant find the coupon for the Garnier Shampoo or Conditioner on ANY of the links.. is it just me?? Help!!

  • Karen

    I have a $2 wyb meat kikoman coupon. I can use this with the $1/1 as well?

    • CK

      Karen, unforunately, no. Both of those qs will attach themselves to the Kikkoman UPC and you can only use one manu q per product UPC.

      • Karen

        Can I do this?
        buy 4
        2 $1/1
        1 $1/2
        1 $2 off meat when you buy 3

  • Traveler

    Joy mfr coupon is NLA 🙁

  • Mary

    There’s a .55/2 Mueller’s pasta coupon in 5/20ss

    • Marjie


  • Sherry Z


    “My List” reads right after the 4-Day sale:

    “ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 4/15/12”

    Thank you.


  • How do you get the Alexia coupon? I have gotten it before but can’t remember. I signed up for the emails with a new email address but haven’t received anything.

  • Doodah

    I bought 4 cans of dole pineapples for .99 each, used .45/2 which doubled. i got back a $.50 catalina.

    Bought 2 boxes special K bars, 3.49 each (not a great deal, but we like them), used 2 – .70 coupons, which doubled, got a $2.00 catalina

    • LRWC

      Doodah, do you have any information on the Special K Catalina? Dates, etc.?

  • Doodah

    the Cat expires on 7/10 but I realize it is part of the Kellogs cat deal – I also bought crunchy nut cereal. I’m sorry if that was misleading, i am new at this!

  • cyndi

    if you got the iams trial size dog food at target a while back that was free with cpn…you should have $3 cpn that expires on 6/30. I’ve stocked up for my 2, $6 off and $8 catalina back..sweet deal!!

    • Anonymous

      what zip code can the rayovac batteries be found at?thx

  • Stephanie

    Has anyone done the Hartz Flea and Tick Cat? The cat is for $20 worth of items, and the drops are $9.99, so two would only be $19.98?

  • Nancy L.

    any trick to finding the Philadelphia cream cheese coupon?? I can’t seem to find it when I follow the link??

  • curecrazy

    The Joy cones coupon is available on if you have a memberbership. .55 off one package. Just printed 2 this morning. HTH

    • Laura D.

      Thank you!!!

  • Jen

    I am not sure if my store had an error, or if there is an error above, but I went for the Stonyfield Oikos today and they came up $1.99 each, not $1.00.

    • Matthew

      ME TOO!!!! I reviewed my receipt when I got in my truck….went back in with my 2 year old and they pulled up the price. It WAS 1.99 each! Morris county NJ.

  • Janelle S

    Does anyone know if the Pillsbury lemonade cake mix is on sale??? with that facebook coupon from a while ago we get it for $0.30 ea.

    • Anonymous

      does anyone know if the Lays coupons or Hillshire farm double?

      • Kabby

        My Lays coupon did not double.

  • Doodah

    Borden sliced cheese is on sale $2.69, and there is a .55 or a .75 coupon from last week’s RED PLUM.

    Yakisoba noodles, on sale 10/$10, with the .50 coupon from All You, it is free. I love this website, I have saved so much money and got my grocery bill down to $50 a week, (from about $100 a week, and I mostly replenish the fresh foods and vegetables) and I am starting to acquire a pretty impressive stockpile.

    • Janelle S

      Thanks Doodah, I ordered some of these Yakisoba coupons a while ago and I am happy to see that I will get it for FREE….YAY

  • I know this is a late find but Adam’s Reserve Cheddar is on sale for $4.99 (big block) and facebook page has a $2.00 off coupon (that never expires!)….