Stop & Shop: Buy $50 in Gas Earn $10 in Groceries – Starts Today!

Stop & Shop Gift Card Catalina

If you missed this post yesterday, the awesome gift card deal at Stop & Shop starts today!  The deal is Buy $50 worth of Gift Cards in a single transaction get a $10 Catalina.  I already have confirmation that the Shell Gas Card is working!

Here is your deal:

Buy 1 Gas or Store Gift Card (excluding Stop & Shop) $50
Get a $10 Catalina
$10 Money Maker after catalina

There is usually a big selection of cards to choose from including Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, eBay, Home Depot, Applebees, Southwest Airlines, Gas Cards and more.
Just note that the Visa Gift Cards usually have an activation fee, and will reduce your overall out of pocket expense.

This is an awesome way to take your gas budget money and buy some gift cards and get free food.  Especially since it’s something you had to buy anyway. And, don’t forget, ShopRite is running a similar Gift Card deal starting on Sunday, 6/10.

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  • Cortney

    Can anyone confirm if Gulf GCs are working?

    • Cortney

      Also, what are the $10 ONYO catalina dates?

      • Allie

        confirmed Gulf gas cards working. Expires one week from purchase date.

  • Rebecca S.

    Curious if you can buy more than one per transaction and generate multiple catalinas? If so, can we use the multiple catalina’s in one future transaction, or would they need to be split like the mother’s day deal at SR?

    • You cannot earn earn multiple cats in one transaction. You need to do separate transactions.

  • Anonymous

    I did 2 shell gas card today.Got the Catalina for both.

  • beachbm

    can you roll the catalina and do separate transactions in one day?

    • No, you can’t roll it because the cat cannot be used to purchase cetain items including (more) gift cards.

    • Mary

      You can roll the catalinas in Ct. Just bought 6 gift cards and rolled each one into the next.

      • Micky

        Groton, CT has a sign at the gift cards that there was an error in the ad and you can only get one per household. They wouldn’t let me get more than 1 🙁 Going to have to hit a different S&S

        • Candys

          Its one catalina per transaction, I did 3 seperate transactions yesterday and recieved 3 seperate catalinas all in one trip.

          • Candys

            And that was in Groton, CT- so you should be able to go there- I saw the sign you are talking about and it still worked for me 🙂

  • Karen

    Yes the gas cards are working. I got a $25 Shell & $25 Gulf and received my $10 cat.

    I just learned today, you will not get your cat if you use the self checkout so make sure you go to a cashier.

    • Vic

      I think that most places won’t let you buy gift cards at the self checkout because the clerk has to activate the card before it can be used.

  • Casey B

    I just bought 2 $25 Disney gift cards and got the cat. The cat expiration date is 6/15.

    • Elaine


    • Meg

      Great news!


    I am not sure if it everywhere but I checked today and the shell has station in my area is $0.30 higher than all the other gas stations in my area, including stop & shop

    • Shell is also way higher in my area than other gas stations, but with the gas points from Giant I still pay a much lower price per gallon.

    • Arielle

      I find that Shell is consistently more expensive than other gas stations in my neighborhood. One is right across the street from a Hess station and their gas is 10 cents/gallon cheaper! I never fill up at Shell unless I have to.

  • Kathy

    The Morris Plains store is NOT letting you roll the catalinas even though the coupon does not state “not redeemable on gift cards”. They said it is covered under the “items prohibited by law”. Huge discussion with 2 managers, a cashier and the front end supervisor so don’t even bother trying to do it.

    • Elaine

      I would have never thought you could even use the $10 on another gift card.

      • Kathy

        When they did the promotion last year, they were accepting the catalina which made for a great deal. Last year it was a $15 catalina, so I only paid $35 for the consecutive cards (in separate transactions) and you only had 1 or 2 catalina’s left to use on groceries. I am not complaining, still free groceries. Can’t go wrong with that any way you look at it. 🙂

    • Dacrew55

      Catalina are consider Manufacture’s Coupon. Under most policies MQ cannot be use towards Gift Card purchase.

    • Lady J

      yeah, you can’t use cats to buy lotto tickets, gc’s, cigarettes or alcohol.

  • Jill

    I got $25 Shell and $25 Forever 21, then another transaction with $25 Shell and $25 Amazon. I used the same card and it worked!

    • What do you mean you “used the same card”?

      • Ani

        I think they mean same stop and shop card

        • Jill

          I used the same Stop and Shop card, as Ani said.

  • I did NOT get the catalina today when I purchased a $50 gc for The Home Depot.

    • Ueen

      @theresa. That’s odd because I got a $50 home depot gc and got my cat. Maybe the cat machine is off or out of paper?

    • Michelle T.

      Theresa, I would go back to Customer Service and tell them it did not print. They will probably just give you cash back. Home Depot gift cards are included, I bought one yesterday and got the Cat. Good luck 🙂

      • Thanks, I will try today.

  • Stephanie

    I bought 2 $50 shell cards in 2 transactions (that is less than my total gas budget per week). Turned around and used the catalinas on my grocery purchase. I agree that shell is more expensive, however with the gas points I earned on todays trip I will save $1 a gallon on gas. With the truck I own, that comes out to about $35. That money saved on gas will go back into my grocery budget, combined with my free catalinas thats a savings of $55, before sales and coupons. Also did the wags deal today for a total of $257.63 retail, for about $20 oop!!!!! I so LOVE coupons. Thanks LRWC for all u do!

    • Dacrew55

      Using Shell Gift Cards automatic reduce $0.10/gallon. They cannot be combine to use with Stop and Shop card @ Shell Station. I have tried it and the cashier said there is no way to combine the savings.

      • I use Shell gift cards together with my Giant gas points at the Shell gas pump all the time!

    • Erika

      Great job!

      I have the beginner couponer’s question. How did you get gas points and what is wags deal and how does it work? Thanks so much.

      • Michelle T.

        Erika, some areas have gas points, which act as a discount on your next fill-up, and some areas have instant savings deals. Wags is short for Walgreens and she just took advantage of some of the sales and Register Reward deals for great savings!

        • Erika

          Thanks so much Michelle T. for answering my questions:) Now I get it.

          This is an AWESOME site. Thanks so much Cindy for LRWC and also thanks to everyone for your posts and helpful feedback.

    • kate

      I hope I dont live in your area…. sounds like you cleared shelves there…

  • Bernell

    Sears is doing there $20 gift card when u purchase $50 in men’s apparel before Fathers Day.
    So buy the Sears giftcard from Stopnshop and get the $10 cat….
    Go to Sears and buy $50 in men’s apparel…use the giftcard and get a $20 gift card to Sears.
    $30 moneymaker!!!

    • Michelle T.

      Thanks, Bernell, I did that last year and loved it! Will be doing this one 🙂

      • Jen

        Thank you Bernell!!! I will be doing the same thing today

    • Does anyone have more info on this promotion? The Sears website has an ad for it, but when you click on “more details” a pop up box about electronics comes up.

  • sarah

    I did a 5 pack of $10 starbucks gift cards for teacher gifts. It worked. The catalina does say you can only redeem one per transaction so keep that in mind when deciding how many times to do this deal. I am definately going back for more because I have some wedding presents to buy for a Bride that is registered at a few of the stores that gift cards are offered for 🙂

  • Amanda

    I am going to pass on this deal. I don’t have a grocery budget and I don’t have a gas budget as I just haplessly buy groceries and gas so I can’t figure out how to switch between the two budgets and all that stuff. And Shell is so expensive around here and Gulf so far away, it’s totally not worth it for me.

    • Jill


    • Jill V

      Amanda, think of it as laying out the money for gas…

  • Anonymous

    Bought $25 Shell card a $25 AMC movie card today. My catalina expire on 6/15/12.

  • lisa

    Lowes worked. Home Depot did not today. Different stores though….

    • Julia

      Home Depot has two types of gift cards. The gift cards that has larger numbers on the back does work. The gift cards with smaller numbers did not give me the catalina.

  • judi

    I will be buying some Lowes GC for our upcoming projects. Also some gift cards for xmas and I will buy Shell cards so when I use allmy gas points I can save more money! For me Shell is the same price as the other gas stations in my area.

  • Bree

    My first transaction was a $25 Nike GC and a $25 Justice GC; the Cat did NOT print but CS did give me one. My second transaction was a $30 AMC Theater pack of [3] $10 GCs and another $25 Justice; the Cat DID print this time, making me think the Nike is being weird!

    If you have to buy GCs for grads and teachers, this is an awesome way to go about it! 🙂 The only reason I prefer this S&S deal over the SR one starting Sun. (both are buy $50 get $10) is because my S&S has a much bigger GC selection than my SRs do.

    As far as gas GCs my store does not carry Exxon and that is the only station by me. If anyone happens upon Exxon at either store please do share! 🙂

  • anoynomous

    anyone now off hand if olive garden/red lobster/longhorn is included?

    • Anonymous

      I know I saw Red Lobster at my Giant in Virginia 🙂

    • Bree

      They are!

  • Diane Brewin

    Shell is more expensive because it is better gas!! I am definately doing this deal at both stores!!

    • Rocky

      In what way do you feel it is better gas?

      • Bree

        The only difference really, is between premium, regular, and diesel 🙂

      • Sebsa

        Shell uses additives in their gas so that it builds less deposits in your fuel system than “cheaper” or no-name gas brands. You can achieve a similar result by using fuel system cleaners in your car before every oil change. It adds up to a better MPG…which in turn helps you save money. So Shell might be a higher up front cost, but it might actually save you money in the long run via gas savings and maintenance. Plus, even at .10 cents a gallon more, you’re looking at an extra $1.40 for a 14 gallon tank which is still $8.60 savings with the catalina. And if you have gas savings it’s an even better deal… Just my .02! : )

        • Rocky

          Yep, that’s what I was trying to find out! Thanks, Sebsa!

  • i live in The outskirts of buffalo,new york and i am interested in the extreme couponing methods of buying all those groceries for little money but i cannot find the groicery store to go to for my purchases i need the NAME AND ADDRESS AND CUTY STATE CAN YOU HELP THANK YOU AND I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY INFORMATION AND HELP THAMK..I AM POOR SENIOR CITIZEN AND A WIDOW THANK YOU

    • Michelle T.

      Miss Elizabeth, the TV show is not realistic. The stores make exceptions for the filming of the show. Most stores have limits as to how many of each item you can buy and how many coupons you can use in one transaction. If you do want to try couponing ethically, read up on it in the Beginner section on this site. It is very informative and you will have a better idea what it’s all about. This is a great site to help you get started. Good luck!

  • Sallie

    My Catalina rolled into my 2nd Gift Card transaction at the Setauket, LI, Stop and Shop!

  • Karen

    I have to make a large purchase at Lowes this week, was planning on it before deal came about, I understand I can only do two gift cards at a time, but is there a limit on how many times I can do this offer?

    • Jill V

      Karen, it seems that as long as you do $50 worth per transaction you will get the $10 catalina! It worked for me and many other readers! Good luck!

  • Alison

    Just came back from Stop and Shop. I got 2 $25 AMC gift cards. There was a sign where they had all of the gift cards that said that there was a misprint in the circular. It stated that there was only one transaction per household allowed. I was hoping to go back again later this week for more gift cards for teacher gifts.

    • Michelle T.

      Alison, that’s disappointing, but most likely a YMMV situation. I got the gift card deal once at one store and then twice more in another store with no issues whatsoever (last night). The two I bought in two transactions, one after the other, and no one said a thing. I’d try another store if you want more, I know we have at least 4 Stop & Shops that I could go to locally LOL 🙂

    • Anonymous

      you dont even have to scan your s&s card….cause you dont get gas points for it

  • anju

    Question, I am looking for the Ebay gift card. Has anyone seen these in their local Stop & Shop store? If so, please reply back to this and leave the location of the Stop & Shop.

    I purchased Ebay gift cards last year from Stop & Shop and can’t seem to find one anywhere. I checked 4 different Stop & Shop stores…..


  • Diane Brewin

    Thank you Sebsa! I haven’t been able to get on here til now…well said…that’s why it’s better!!

  • Sebsa

    FYI, I bought a Verizon Wireless $50 refill gift card for my prepaid cell service and although the catalina did print, I was charged tax on my purchase (the gift card was the only thing I purchased). When I bought a Shell gift card, I was not charged any tax (again, it was the only thing I purchased). So just a heads up that at least for the Verizon Wireless cards, there’s tax although now that I think about it, maybe this is something that varies by state. You know, what can be taxed and what can’t be. It is still a savings with the cat, but I was a little bummed that I had to pay tax! : )

  • hanna

    I purchased BabiesRus $25.00 X 2 and it worked.
    CS said there is no limit, as long as I separate the transaction.
    Also it seemed all GC were included except S & S ones.
    They even had Groupon GC !
    From cashier to CS, everyone seemed to aware of this deal and they were
    very helpful. This was at S & S on Jericho Tpk, one called Dix Hills one.

  • karen

    anyone know if the chili’s restaurant g/card works for the $10 cat? i was thinking of getting it and pairing it w/kids eat free cpn when it come up;)

  • shally

    anyone tried to roll it in south brunswick stores ???

    • Michelle T.

      Shally, I have not tried to roll the Cat, but have bought gift cards 4 times in separate transactions, and get the Cat every time 🙂 Went to Franklin Park Rt 27 and South Brunswick Rt1 stores.

  • Melissa

    I jsut want to clarify.. i can use the $10 cat right away? at shoprtite i have to wait to next wee.

    If this is the case i will do more of mine at stop and shop then use them right away on my groceries.

    • Anonymous

      Shoprite, you can use them right away! Its not like Mothers Day where they started the next week.

      • Melissa

        I went this morning and did 2 transactions both my cats say redeem 6/17-6/23 . Chester NY