Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 06/08 – 06/14

Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 06/08 – 06/14

Make sure you check out the Stop & Shop Coupon Policy. Note that these prices are based on circulars from Northern NJ. Some area may have slightly different prices so please check your circular.  Also, some areas have gas rewards instead of instant savings deals.

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • adriene

    Thanks Cindy!! there is a typo on Keebler Caddy Pack – $4,099.00

    • Cindy

      Inflation 😀

      • Jill

        LOL!! That’s the coolest answer!

  • Marleen

    Thanks for doing the match ups even though you’re busy with the move!

  • Jan

    Thank you 🙂

  • Espe

    Cindy are you moving???

  • Jennifer

    Anyone have any luck with the truvia coupon. I tried both links and could not find it.

  • Cheryl

    Shouldn’t using the$1 q make this marinade free?

    Weber Just add Juices Marinades – $1.00
    $1 off Weber Seasoning, BBQ Sauce or Marinade Packets, exp. 6/30/12 (Stop & Shop Spring Savings Flyer)
    as low as $0.50 each after coupon

    • Jackie G.

      You need to purchase two in order to use the coupon. It is $1.00 on any 1 weber seasoning…OR 2 marinade packets. =]

      • cheryl

        AHHH yes…thanks for the heads up! It would have helped if I read the coupon right! 🙂

  • Joan

    Does anyone know why all the Yoplait coupons have started excluding NJ? It is really annoying.

    • Loretta

      The rules proposed for readoption define the marketing areas in New Jersey as included in Federal Milk Order No 1 (Northeast Marketing Area), prohibit false, misleading or unfair advertising of milk and milk products; prevent dealers and store licensees from publishing false and misleading advertisements of milk and prevent the licensee from misleading the consumer concerning the quality of milk and milk products being offered for sale; and prevent the use of coupons in any advertising media which results in the sale of any milk or fluid milk product below cost, as defined in the rules of the Division at N.J.A.C. 2:52-7 and 2:53-6. N.J.A.C. 2:48-4.2 and 4.3 provide for the unlimited use of coupons under certain conditions.

      • Lady J

        does this mean we’ve seen the end of those free milk catalina deals?

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Ah – this is so annoying – my husband works for Giant Foods in Pa (which is a sister store to Stop & Shop. They get all the same sales (just different dates) and they both fully double (my Shoprite only doubles to a $1) – However, my store will only double one of each coupon (not the standard 4) making most deals not worth it. 🙁

  • Jennifer S

    If you shop at a Scan-It Stop & Shop, check your Scan-It Offers. Mine has $.75/1 General Mills Cereal, any size or variety, limit one. Combined with the coupons and SavingStar, that would make the Cheerios free (with possible $.25 overage) or the Kix free.

    I know Scan-It offers are personalized by what you buy, but probably most of us here have bought GM cereal with Cindy’s awesome match-ups! 😉

  • Jill

    I was just thinking…hopefully this could work…

    Buy 6 Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereals $15
    -$3 instant savings
    – (6) .70/1 crunchy nut coupon
    OOP: $3.60
    **As Cindy mentioned: If the catalinas print this could be a $2.40 MM!!
    That’s if $2 prints for every 2 purchased…

    If just one $2 prints, it’s $0.26 each

    • Jill

      I think that was the catalina…correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

      • Jill

        Actually, I just noticed the coupon states LIMIT 4 PER PURCHASE…

  • tara

    is 2.99/lb a good price for cherries, or is it usually less later on in the summer?

    • CE

      i’ve seen them for 1.99/lb in shop rite in the past

    • Amanda

      Well, it was like $5.99/lb a few weeks ago! I think I will be getting some at the $2.99 price.

  • Shari

    last week – noticed at 6pm…. Buy 7 smart balance milks get back $5 instantly.
    1.50 Q on each= 10.50- 5 =5.50….. Yea
    picked up some Honey bunches Oates and Yogurts – Used 2 – $7 cats from the Pepsi Promo last week … All together $1.58 for 45.00 savings
    Much Love Cindy !!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      do you know if we can freeze milk…??? i dont go through much but this is a great price. thank you

      • Jill

        You can freeze milk. It lasts for a while in the freezer, I do it all the time!

  • Sheri

    The $0.50/1 Breyers Ice Cream Coupon states “Maximum of two (2) identical coupons allowed in same shopping trip.”

  • Jill e

    Anyone try the $50 gas card yet?

    • Teresa

      Jill, I did the gift card deal this morning and bought 2 $25 Gulf gas cards. My store only had Gulf, I would have preferred more of a variety but it worked fine and I got my $10 CAT

  • Laura

    Bagelfuls were also 2/4$ and theres a .75/ 1 printable on
    also the Kleenex hand towels had .50/ 1 peelies today.

  • Just got back and bought 2 Magnum boxes and 2 Bryers Blasts and got back $2 catalina for purchasing the Magnum Ice Cream! Awesome deal with the coupons and catalina. Also, at my store outside of Boston, MA no Raisin Bran is on sale 🙁

  • Amanda

    Thanks for the match ups!

  • Candys

    I can’t find the coupon for cracker barrel cheese once I get to their facebook page through the link on here….. can anyone help with that? Thanks

  • Lady J

    i can’t find the .50/1 or .75/1 cheerios (yellow box) q’s anywhere. Anyone know of any?

  • Sarah

    I went to my CT Stop and Shop and did the buy 7 get 200 gas points deal (listed here as $3 instant savings). I did the deal as:

    4 boxes Green Giant frozen vegetables ($6.67)
    1 box Trix ($2.50)
    2 Trix yogurt 4pks ($4.00)

    I used:
    (2) .60/2 Green Giant coupons
    (1) .60/1 Trix cereal
    (1) .85/2 Trix yogurt coupon
    (1) $1/3? Green Giant frozen vegetables Stop &Shop store coupon (sent in the mail)
    (1) .75/1 any GM cereal Stop & Shop store coupon (came in same as the above)

    Paid: $6.12…earned a $1.50 cat for the Trix yogurt, will get .50 for the Trix cereal from SavingStar, and earned 200 gas points which is 20 cents off per gallon, which if I fill up is at least $3. SOOO…about $1.12 for all of it. Plus I can redeem my gas rewards at any Shell station so I bought 2 $50 Shell gcs and earned two $10 cats…so prepaid cheap gas 🙂

  • nicole

    i received a $1.50 cat today from general mils, i think the only thing i bought was trix cereal

  • Sebsa

    Funny coupon story…my OOP today at Stop and Shop was .26 cents (and on top of that I received a $4 cat because I purchased 5 Morningstar Farms products)…the cashier (a young one) said “Wait, is that for real?”, referring to my OOP. I laughed and said, “Well, the register seems to think so!”. Then as I was walking away the woman who was behind me said to the cashier, “How did she do that? Did she use coupons or something?” I tried not to have a huge grin on my face as I was leaving the store, but I LOVE COUPONS!!!! And I love LRWC!!! : )

    • Jill

      What did you get/use for coupons, if you don’t mind sharing?

      • Sebsa

        Hmmmm, I wrote a response but it doesn’t seem to have posted. Basically I bought 5 MorningStar Farms products, used $4 in MorningStar Farms coupons (available on coupons(dot)com and couponnetwork(dot)com), and used a $10 catalina from the gift card deal. I had been holding onto my MorningStar Farms coupons for a great deal and I am so glad I did! : )

  • Jessica

    My (common kindness coupons) have not been doubling? Anyone else having this problem?

    • Cansy

      Yes. They do not double.

      • Bonnie

        Some cashier’s glance and look at the “Do not duplicate” on the coupon and don’t let them double. When I asked the cashier why she didn’t double it she said because the coupon said so. When I pointed out that it said “duplicate” not “double” she doubled it for me.

  • Matthew

    Are the Barilla coupons NLA??

  • sara

    cindy- i did the yoplait deal buy 20 for ten dollars three separate times. It spits out a 2 catalina and 1.25 cat. so 20 for ten, 2 – .60 coupons that will double, a .40 saving star deposit. 10- 2.80- 2- 1.25. 3.90 for twenty yoplaits.

  • lisa

    Yoplait greek yogurts had the June Dairy sign (buy 7 get $5 off instantly). There is also the 60 cent off 2 coupon. Got 7 yogurts for $.93. Didn’t come off by itself, so I had to go to customer service, but I also went through self checkout which seems to mess the deal up.

  • mel

    Looks like a few good deals.

  • Melissa

    anyone know if i do the gift card deal… can i use the cat right away? or do i have to wait till next week?

    • Michelle T.

      Melissa, you can use it right away. There is no start date, only an expiration date 🙂

  • michelle k

    todays stop n shop trip…..24 baby food…4 magnum ice cream bars..4 pamper wipes…16 bottles of ice tea….4 care free..2 eight o clock coffee..5 boxes pasta..2 jar pasta…94.98…down to 12.71…earned 8.65 back in coupons for next trip….. ps..they over charged for the teas…they owe me 4.55 back…i am very happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…also have hit shaws a few times…6 pack of razor for freeeeeee and earned 5.00 for next trip….scoreeeeeeeeee

    • Michelle T.

      Great job, Michelle! It is so exciting to see how low that bill can go, woohoo!

  • Sandy

    lifesavers (pegged candy 7 oz) $1.50 ea.
    my store in NJ had a tear pad and a blinkie with $1.00 coupons making them only .50 each.