Giveaway: Johnson & Johnson’s Back-to-School Survival Kit!

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Mom’s Back-to-School Survival Kit from Johnson & Johnson

Its July and summer is in full swing, but the new school year will be here before we know it!  To get a jump start on restocking everything your family relies on during the hectic fall months, Johnson & Johnson is offering a few terrific options to help us.

On July 29th, a special Healthy Essentials coupon insert will be in our local newspapers and online at  It will provide $175 in savings on all your Johnson & Johnson favorite products.  Be sure to check it out!

And for us here at Living Rich With Coupons, Johnson & Johnson is offering a Mom’s Back to School Survival kit to one of our lucky readers!  The Survival Kit is valued at approximately $65 and includes:

  • AVEENO® Continuous Protection for Body SPF 55
  • AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15
  • REACH® TOTAL CARE Multi-Action Toothbrush
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder ($3.99)
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Creamy Oil ($3.99)
  • NEOSPORIN® and BAND-AID® Flexible Fabric
  • BENGAY® Zero Degrees

Be sure to look for your Healthy Essentials coupon insert this Sunday and enter our LRWC giveaway below.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!  🙂

Here are the Official Giveaway Rules:

How to Enter:

  1. Leave a comment below letting us know if you have started your back to school shopping. 

You must supply a valid email address. Email addresses should be put in the private field and not in the public comment box.

  • All entries must be left in the comments of this site only. Facebook comments or emails will not count as a giveaway entry.
  • The giveaway ends on Saturday, July 28th at 10pm EST.  No entries will be counted after that time frame.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • Winners will be chosen at random and will be notified on Monday, July 30th.  Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • Be sure to add ([email protected]) to your contacts or check your spam folders at the end of the giveaway.

A big thank you to Johnson & Johnson for providing this giveaway. 

518 thoughts on “Giveaway: Johnson & Johnson’s Back-to-School Survival Kit!”

  1. Hollie G says:

    Will be starting it this weekend!!!!

  2. DEV says:

    the fun begins.. school shopping! whoooot!

  3. Lili says:

    Yes I did,at Stapples and WalMart thanx to you! 🙂


    I started buying a few things for my grandson who is starting kindergarten this year! I guess I forgot how many things the kids need!

  5. Jen Mikula says:

    I just started my school shopping this week. thanks living rich!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Started 2 days ago 🙂

  7. Tammy Harvey says:

    I have started my back to school shopping…don’t like to wait until the last minute 🙂



  9. Noelle says:

    Nope! Haven’t started yet but I have been keeping my eye out for good deals. Some of the ‘deals’ have been sneaky this year when you can get much better prices online, or other places, etc. Beware shopping out there!!

  10. Lisa says:

    Thanks to wonderful couponing tips on this site, my school shopping is completed already — including household/personal supplies for my daughter who is leaving for college!

  11. Amy says:

    Already started: staples, walmart, and target…can’t believe it’s almost time to go back!!!

  12. Crystal Allen says:

    I started school shopping about 2 weeks ago.

  13. Kristin Dubois says:

    yes, I have already started shopping..I’ve only bought pens, pencils and a few notebooks so far..leaving the expensive stuff for later 🙂

  14. Wendy says:

    Waiting for tax free weekend in NC.

  15. Laurie M. says:

    I only picked up some $.19 highlighter so far. I’m spoiled by the free deals and waiting for some HOT school supply deals! 😉

  16. Lucia Lugo says:

    I haven’t started yet. I will be starting this weekend!

  17. Melissa says:

    Starting this weekend-Hope I find some good sales!

  18. Karen Sisco says:

    Yes we did! Staples was the first stop and looking forward to other great deals starting!!

  19. Rosa A says:

    I sure did! taking full advantage of all the early sales.

  20. B. Gennaro says:

    We have started our triple back to school shopping list shopping at Walmart. .50 marble wide ruled composition books, can’t beat it when you need 18 of them!

  21. Allison says:

    Absolutely! I’ve started going to Staples each week they have freebies so that we can compile slowly and cheaply!

  22. Miriam says:

    I have started my back to school shopping at Staples. I love their deals

  23. Kelly says:

    Yes, back to school already started! Got the uniform and now keeping an eye out for the rest of the stuff… Thanks to LRWC!!

  24. Lisa y says:

    Have not started yet but really need to!

  25. Erica says:

    I have only purchased a few things so far (tissues, scissors, and glue). I have so much more to do, but I am waiting for the “really good deals” which hopefully come soon!

  26. Denise says:

    Backpack & Lunch bag is ordered and took advantage of the free shipping!

  27. Laura Sanders says:

    With my two oldest boys going to be in school this fall, I have already started to stock up on school supplies. I am especially stocking up on snack and lunch items so I’m well-stocked to pack their lunches! 🙂

  28. Tiffany S says:

    I started school shopping a couple weeks ago!!

  29. nicole deitrick says:

    We started back to school shopping as far as clothes go. My oldest is in pre-school so we don’t need to buy back to school supplies just yet =)

  30. Leila says:

    Was planning on starting TODAY! 🙂 Hoping Target isn’t completely wiped out yet!!!

  31. sarah says:

    Started two weeks ago but only getting a couple at a time because money is very tight.

  32. Michele S says:

    Havent started back to school shopping yet, hopefully soon. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Donna Fischer says:

    Lots of school shopping for lots of kiddies! Any place I can get a bargin is the place to shop!

  34. Jennifer says:

    I haven’t started yet!! As my son is ready to enter first grade, I’m not 100% of all supplies needed but will be checking the school website over the weekend and head out on Sunday to find the deals!!

  35. Jocelyn Alvarez says:

    I started getting a few things here and there.

  36. Jessica says:

    I started every time I see a sale!!!

  37. HWMom says:

    Shopping as I see things on sale or free….a couple of good “WILD” deals this week!

  38. Eleanor says:

    I am so done with back to school shopping – even have the backpacks and the lunchboxes!

  39. wendy says:

    Started already. But can use more.

  40. Jennifer says:

    I haven’t started yet, but I’ve been collecting coupons and watching for the deals!!!

  41. Jessica Katz says:

    Starting slowly! I got some great deals at Staples!!

  42. Joan K. says:

    Already started. Got the great deals at Staples and Target.

  43. Clarissa Bigelow says:

    I am at the outlets starting back to school shopping with shoes today and these kids are driving me batty!! Lol

  44. Rebecca Hanesworth says:

    I started a few weeks ago at Staples and Target

  45. Jess says:

    Need to get started for both of my boys soon!!!!!

  46. Jesica Jones says:

    I just discovered you website last week, and I am loving it! I have followed up on so many of your posted deals, it’s amazing. Thank you for providing this service. It has made me a smarter shopper. I have a two year old daughter who will be going back to daycare next month and an 8 year old daughter who will be entering he third grade in the fall. I’ve started back-to-school shopping for clothes and shoes, but have a little ways to go. Every summer I am unemployed, so I have to watch the budget very carefully. At our house we love Johnson and Johnson products, and between both kids, my husband and myself use them daily. This is a fabulous giveaway, and I am hoping to be choosen as a winner. Thank you for this great opportunity to enter this giveaway.
    Jessica Jones

  47. Shannon Byrd says:

    I have not started back to school shopping yet. I honestly don’t even want to think about it and the money I have to spend that I really don’t have to spend… 🙁

  48. Suzie Covel says:

    Just started last night!

  49. Deb says:

    don’t know why I have not started yet…it’s the happiest time of the year!!

  50. Akku says:

    only stocked up with the handsanitizers so far. my little ne is going to first grade this year.

  51. ashley says:

    I’ve started and already saved a tom thanks to this site! I’ve even started for my niece & nephews! Pass the savings along as I go lol!

  52. Yes Walmart and KRogers Im just getting started

  53. Janette says:

    Just started last night with the Target BOGO 50% off sale on kids’ clothing!

  54. dixie says:

    Almost done just have a few items left.

  55. maggie says:

    I started already, got a nice lunch tote on sale at Target and some penny crayons at Staples. Love your macth ups. You are a life saver!

  56. Jenny says:

    We started today! Free pens at target!

  57. Christine says:

    I have started getting some supplies. I have a kindergartener and two high schoolers so trying to start early this year.

  58. Laurie says:

    Yes! Started weeks ago….it’s a summer long process to get all of those bargains!

  59. Megan Cushman says:

    I just started picking up a few things to donate. The list of things for those in need just seems to keep growing.

  60. greg says:

    yes! always looking for a deal……

  61. Brooke Miller says:

    Havent started yet but this looks like a great weekend to get it done 🙂

  62. Prudence says:

    I have finished shopping for supplies and the backpack. Now onto school clothes!

  63. Christine says:

    I started this week with the great Staples deals! My husband and daughter tagged along and were amazed at the savings. Thanks!

  64. Sabine says:

    I started with the nice buy 2 get 1 free ink deal and penny deals at staples!!

  65. CE says:

    I staerted 2 weeks ago at Staples using their awesome rebate program!

  66. Julie C says:

    I have started & I am actually DONE!!! Well, I have all the school supplies…I haven’t started shopping for school clothes yet.

  67. Jamie says:

    Son going back for last semester of college! Yippee! Bin is on dining room table and filling up with essentials as they go on sale!

  68. Jackie says:

    Waiting till tax free weekend in two weeks.

  69. Yovanka Cabrera says:

    I started my back to school shopping a couple weeks ago.. I like to have everything done before august.. Hate to go crazy at the last minute 🙂

  70. Kitsyann Moreno says:

    Yes, I have started.

  71. Stacey D says:

    I have started back to school shopping. Since my son is only 3 I set aside some supplies for us here at home. The rest of the supplies I have picked up are being donated to our local food bank so they can distribute back to school packages.

  72. Marie C says:

    Started buying back to school supplies like at Target….really need to find some good deals on clothes!!!!!!!

  73. Brittani says:

    I havent started yet 🙁

  74. meg says:

    I have started the back to school shopping…. I started following you / website in November 2011 … and since then i’ve been saving a lot. Because of your weekly posts for the school supplies list, i’ve realized that waiting the last minute to buy supplies is no good… I never thought that the elmers glue stick could go as low as 0.10 each!!! It’s amazing how i was able to save so much with the school supplies!!! and i’ve stocked up too with the crayons and notebooks since I know it will go back to it’s full price in the after the school starts!!! thanks again and again!!!

  75. Amy Dripps says:

    the kids and i did all of our shopping in the beginning of June….avoided the rush and lack of selection, plus we had a coupon for 15% off everything at Office Depot (much cheaper than the supply kits the school sells)

  76. Victoria Caccavone says:

    Started shopping now that I have the school lists! Having two boys in two different schools this year is hectic! Going to Staples after work for the penny deals, the school supply list gets longer every year. 🙂

  77. Susan says:

    I have started stagging the great deals at Staples. I homeschool my kids year-round (with breaks throughout the year). So we just buy supplies as needed. However, I am looking forward on stocking up on more great deals in the weeks ahead!

  78. Beth C says:

    With five kids (4 school-aged), we need ALOT of supplies. Thanks to LRWC, it doesn’t cost a fortune…in fact, I still have some stockpiled from the great deals last summer!!

  79. Melodee says:

    I haven’t started yet, but plan to next week! There are some great deals to be had out there 🙂

  80. Emily says:

    Hope to start this weekend!

  81. Julissa B. says:

    I’ve started back to school shopping about a week ago. I went to Walgreens and Target! My daughter will be going to third grade this year! I am so happy that I’ve been able to get all of her supplies and still have money in my pocket!

  82. christina camp says:

    Started stocking up at Staples!

  83. Lia says:

    I started my back to school shopping in April. I always buy the kids clothes off season…I found great deals on fall and winter clothing in April. I love buying coats, hats, etc for 70% or more off. I just recently started the school supply shopping(once we received the supply list from the school).. There are many great deals and more to come Im sure in August…

  84. Emily says:

    Have not started!!!

  85. Dawn says:

    Got some deals at walgreens on pencils and folders can’t wait to do clothing next!

  86. Valerie Z says:

    My kids are still to young for school, but I did some stocking up on crayons, notebooks, pens, and other things anyway =)

  87. Mary says:

    Have not started BTS shopping yet!

  88. Jamie Jewell says:

    I have gotten a few things so far, got a few good deals from staples and walmart!

  89. TaJuana says:

    Yes I started on July 7. I Staples during their BIG 1cent sale. I snaged 4 packs of Expo Dry erase markers for a dollar rach, crayons for a penny, pens for a penny plus other great deals. I also bought a 15% of school savings card. I was sooooo excited. I was able to get most of my supplies already.

  90. Heather Diaz says:

    Hi. I started school shopping for my daughter two weeks ago. Stsples had some good deals and t shopped online this morning. Children’s place has 30% off a $60 purchase and free shipping on $75 purchase. I picked out some great things on sale for even more savings.

    Thank you Cindy and J&J

  91. amber says:

    I started my shopping at the end of last school year when everything was on clearence. i get it all little by little so I pay the lowest oop possible! but I’m not looking forward to the kids going back. I’m going to miss having so much fun with them!!!

  92. brenda scruggs says:

    Started shopping already!

  93. Holly says:

    I have been hitting up Staples! Love the deals!

  94. wendy o says:

    start soon for my cousins children and my collage bound child

  95. Ann says:

    Not yet – still want to enjoy summer!!!

  96. Melissa says:

    We started a couple of weeks ago. The girls have their backpacks, lunchboxes, thermoses and some notebooks, folders, & pencils.

  97. E. M says:

    I have started shopping for my nephew’s back to school supplies. That’s the easiest part, the hardest is shipping it to him.

  98. eva says:

    Yes we started clothing shopping early because we have 5 littles going into grades 3,2,K and Pre-school.


  99. Jim C says:

    We started back-to-school shopping few weeks ago, but there is still quite a bit more to get. We try and get what our children will need through the entire year, rather then the first few months, so we’re not paying full price or spending a lot of money during the rest of the year. We have a few things from last year (mainly folders), but we ran out of pencils half way through this past year, can’t let that happen again. 🙂 Watching sales and your posts very closely and striking while the iron’s hot.

  100. Sprinkles1006 says:

    I just printed out “the list” and I have my Staples coupon, so I am ready to start!

  101. Shannon says:

    can’t bring myself to start yet!

  102. Ara says:

    Haven’t started but I know my younger cousins could really use these products!

  103. Melissa says:

    Got a few things so far.

  104. Leslie says:

    Have to wait until the tax free days in CT.

  105. Derby says:

    I started today! woop woop!

  106. CAITLIN says:

    Cannot believe that it’s time for back to school shopping already! Does anyone feel like summer just started? Guess it’s time to hit the stores!

    1. Diane says:

      I started today!

  107. janice says:

    I buy whenever I see a good sale or are alerted to one by lrwc…I.also buy clearance at end of school year. Ty for all ur help.

  108. Loni kesler says:

    We are going this week end. And hoping grandma and papa will watch the kid’s the the shopping will be quicker.. 😉

  109. fer says:

    not yet, but I intend to start it in August…

  110. Haseena says:

    I’ve been shopping here and there for the past two weeks. Trying to help out my mom get the best deals out there for my little brother.

  111. Chrissy says:

    We are getting ready for school. We already have some supplies and I made the appointment for her hair cut. My daughter is starting 1st grade and we are looking forward to a new year starting with new beginnings!!

  112. Melanie G. says:

    Not only did I start my back to school shopping, I am almost done!

  113. Kim N. says:

    Started on the 4th of July . . . my kids thought I was crazy and wanted nothing to do with it LOL!

  114. dana says:

    not yet…but my kids are sure excited to get started…they love new stuff… even if it has to do with school!!

  115. Donna M says:

    I have started with all the deals at staples and walmart,and have drawers filled with deals from the past. Thanx Cindy !!!!

  116. Kelly says:

    Yes, I’ve picked up a few things but still have more shopping to do.

  117. Pam says:

    Started stocking up 2 weeks ago!

  118. Vivian says:

    I have not started with back to school shopping.

  119. sylvia nieves says:

    Yes, I started yesterday.

  120. Caryn P says:

    I have 3 little ones to buy for and these lists get longer & longer every year. I have been following the sales & coupons since June buying as things are a good deal. Gotta save where I can 😉

  121. Jennifer says:

    Love back to school shopping. So excited for deals oSupplies Supplies.

  122. Anonymous says:

    Yes! Love this time of year to stock up on school supplies. The bargains are too hard to resist! I usually fill a a plastic bin full of wonderful supplie, that I get a rock bottom prices.

  123. Michelle says:

    No, I haven’t started back to school shopping yet. My oldest starts kindergarten this year and my heart is breaking! I think I’ve been hoping that if I pretend it’s not happening, it won’t! I know, silly, but I’m having a hard time letting go:(

  124. Janice says:

    Yes we started back to school shopping about 2-3 weeks ago as we start school in 3 weeks down here in SC

  125. melinda says:

    lol does one pencil case count? i bought it at walmart for like 0.30 while on vacation to put in my son’s breakable souveniers. and it worked for that…but he needed one for school too….so hey 0.30 well spent.

  126. Mary says:

    I started with backpacks and lunch boxes from ( BRAVE! ) and plan on filling them up with lots of great deals from LRWC!

  127. MARY says:

    I started Back to School shopping with some super Staples deals. Love this site and all the work that Cindy does to help save my family money!

  128. Dawn says:

    I have not started yet, living paycheck to paycheck, kinda makes you wait to the last minute, hopefully some good deals still

  129. Tina says:

    Haven’t started yet my eleven your old starts middle school this year 🙁 growing so fast. My three year old will still be home with me during the day. I love the summer because i get to spend more time with the kids because i work evenings and they are asleep when i get home:( think i got off topic sorry…

  130. Nancy says:

    I’ve started my back to school shopping for three kids in college. I had previously given up on deals at Staples because the Staples I went to in NH never had any of the sale items in stock by the end of the first day of the sale. Here in NJ, things are very different!

  131. tina says:

    I have started my BTS shopping thanks to livingrich!

  132. shannon says:

    Yes I have been shopping a little bit each week – getting there !

  133. Erin says:

    I have not started my back to school shopping. I am having a baby in 13 days & with two others it’s been exhausting! I should start because with 3 kids after a c-section it’s going to be even more exhausting!

  134. Cheryl says:

    With 4 kids in school the list is very long. I started shopping as soon as the sales began and look forward to getting more deals in the upcoming weeks 🙂

  135. s qadir says:

    i have five kids, and we need alot of schools supplies. with Cindy’s help i can get everything they want without spending a ton. thank you.

  136. kate says:

    Have not really started yet. Hoping prices will get even cheaper!!

  137. candice says:

    All finished!!

  138. Terrie says:

    Getting ready to start…college shopping and grade school shopping. Two totally different ends of the spectrum!

  139. Shell Holland says:

    nope haven’t started yet… I don’t want to think about school yet!

  140. s qadir says:

    getting started

  141. jessica says:

    I’m done with my back to school shopping!!

  142. Amit says:

    O yes!

  143. felicia says:

    Yes I’ve started back to school shopping. this is my first year couponing and been finding some good deals.

  144. angela foye says:

    Taking advantage of the Staples deals and the back to school pass. Thanks for all the tips.

  145. jessica says:

    I am done with back to school shopping!

  146. Sherry says:

    I stock up YEAR-ROUND…if there’s a good sale on basic stuff – I grab it! With 2 kids in school – they always need something.

  147. Hope says:

    I dread back to school shopping and usually wait for the last minute. 3 kids and back to school shopping can be extremely overwhelming

  148. Tonya Morris says:

    I haven’t started to shop yet! :/

  149. karen durham says:

    I love back to school shopping and always start early!

  150. Elissa says:

    Yes I have started Back to school shopping.Staples had some great deals this week!

  151. Tina P. says:

    Yes @ Staples, and I have a good stockpile as well 🙂

  152. Melissa R says:

    Yes…. I started to pick a few things here and there.

  153. Tamar says:

    I started my “back-to-school” shopping a few days ago, when I went to pick up the free pens at Target. Much to my delight, they had 3″ zippered binders — and there was a $1.50 Target coupon! My coupon binder is falling apart, so I was happy to buy it, even though it wasn’t on sale.

  154. Claudette says:

    I have started back to school shopping—for my two kids.Each week I look for cheap supplies that they will use in the coming school year.Thanks to LRWC for the tips!!!

  155. desiree says:

    Just got the girls (3 and 5) their outfits for the first day of school. Not much else to get at these ages:)

  156. Misally says:

    LOVE, LOVE Back to School shopping! Started last week with a few essentials, still have to go over the list the school sent home. Can’t wait!

  157. Jennifer says:

    My little ones arent school age yet… But i try to get the deals for my niece and nephew, even though I haven’t started yet… Plan on this week!

  158. Rita says:

    I have started gathering supplies for the new school year. I still have a few more things to get though.

  159. Zara says:

    Yep I’ve started!!

  160. Tashia Mayfield says:

    I have no started the back to school shopping yet. I need to!

  161. cheryl manna says:

    I don’t think we ever stopped.

  162. Katarina Kopasek says:

    No way have I started shopping for back to school supplies.

  163. Pam says:

    My kids love back to school shopping! We’ve hit Staples the last 3 Sundays. They’ve had great sales!

  164. Lisa Thompson says:

    I have not started shopping yet! Summer is for relaxing!! Mid Aug is when I start and Target, Staples, Walmart all have great deals then. To much pressure to move along the best time of year, SUMMER!!

  165. Krista says:

    Just started yesterday with teh 20 cent Shop Rite 1 subject notebooks! Still have a lot more to do!

  166. Patricia White says:

    We have 3 in school plus I’m going to school too. So with 4 in school out of the 5 that live here, I try to start as soon as I see coupons and good deals. I try to get more than we need so I don’t have to pay full price later in the year. Thanks!

  167. Jody says:

    Thanks to Cindy’s back to school deal posts, I have started back to school shopping. Just getting the basics so far since our school district doesn’t feel the need to send out supply lists until late August. My son is starting middle school in September, I have no idea what specific items he will need.

  168. Donna says:

    I have started stocking up with supplies.

  169. meg says:

    I started back to school shopping in May. My kids go back to school on Aug. 8th, so our summer is just about over.

  170. Shar says:

    I JUST started, and will continue little by little! 🙂

  171. Nicole H says:

    Wow with three boys back to school costs a fortune!! I have picked up a few things that were good deals, cloths I wait until last minute because they always seem to grow the WEEK before school starts!!!!

  172. Sheena says:

    Yes, I have started shopping. September 5th cant come fast enough!

  173. Chaya says:

    I started shopping last week. Thanks to staples my daughter has pencils, index cards and erasers all for 3 cents.

  174. Thabal says:

    I will be starting in August. Thanks for the giveaway.

  175. Laura says:

    Already have the boys shoes and backpack thanks to Kohls cash. 🙂 picked up some shirts and pants yoo

  176. Angela says:

    We have started our shopping, but have a long way to go. 🙂

  177. Jesssica says:

    Not yet, it’s not even August!

  178. renee says:

    Not a chance!!! But i can’t put it off forever!!

  179. Mindful says:

    I have not started yet. Late this year!

  180. Sue says:

    Not yet, but going to start Saturday with all the great sales and coupons.

  181. Lauren says:

    I just finished my shopping – time to enjoy the rest of the summer!!!

  182. kaman says:


  183. Jennifer says:

    I’ve bought crayons, glue and a few pairs of clearance jeans from Target for when it starts cooling down.

  184. Weezamama says:

    Started a few weeks ago with some great deals from staples, and plan on picking up the rest bit by bit as the deals roll in on LRWC. Thanks Cindy!

  185. chrissybozz says:

    have started picking things up here and there….i’m a teacher, so i am always on the lookout for things for my room!!!

  186. Bonnie says:

    I haven’t even gotten the kids supply list’s from their school’s yet lol I’ve been saying I was going to start getting the basic’s but I just haven’t done it yet…..last year I was already 1/4 to 1/2 way complete buy this time haha!

  187. karin says:

    with all the back to school sales and freebies lately, I have been finding the items on my list slowly. I have twins starting 3rd grade, and it can add up fast so staples and walmart have been helping greatly.

  188. Nela P says:

    I got a few things…. I’m spacing it out. A little here, a little there. By the time Labor Day comes, I’ll be all done. Then I’ll look back and think, ” Huh! That was pretty easy!”

  189. Cheryl says:


  190. linda says:

    I can’t start yet, that would mean summer is over. I’m not ready for that.

  191. Jessica says:

    Haven’t started school shopping yet, but it is on my agenda this weekend. School will start before I know it!!

  192. Stephanie says:

    As much as I hate to start so soon, Staples had some great deals I couldn’t pass up!

  193. Cindy F. says:

    I definately did start. The deals at staples were too good to pass up!

  194. Clover says:

    Nope– haven’t received the class lists yet and have drummed up the energy. Waiting for others to post the awesome deals… (Thanks in advance) 🙂

  195. Melissa Van Horn says:

    I’m almost done. With 2 kids and a busy life I have to get started early or I’ll go crazy stressing out!

  196. Erin says:

    I literally just walked in the door from getting school supplies – waiting a bit for school clothes!

  197. J. says:

    All done !!!

  198. Kim says:

    Cant believe summer is almost over! Haven’t started yet so definitely could use this!

  199. Lillie says:

    Almost done. Love Staples and Walmart deals. Still had some supplies left over from last years great Staples deals. Made shopping much easier for me this year.

  200. Linda says:

    I was brave and decided to try the Staples and Office Max promotions for my back to school supplies. Staples has won hands down with their customer service and easy rebates. Office Max customer service is going to have to win my respect back with some really good deals to risk going their again. Yeah Staples!

  201. frankie says:

    Yes, I have started, months ago, trying to take advantage of any promotion/coupons and stocking up. Of course, somethings have to be purchased now like new shoes, clothes, etc. Don’t they grow fast? So I still have some shopping to do.

  202. Casey says:

    As a teacher I am always back to school shopping from the moment summer starts.

  203. Carol says:

    I have started back to school shopping…one out of two bookbags bought, some school supplies, and uniform shoes!!!

  204. Jessica says:

    Yes I started my back to school shopping two weeks ago when staples started their sale!!! I was surprised bc it was only beginning of July and the kids got out two weeks prior but how can you pass great deals! I also picked up 12 extra crayons to donate among other items that I will surely picking up in several weeks to come.

  205. Darlene says:

    YES! We started shopping; got some great deals @ Wal-Mart thanks to the LRWC comparison link 🙂 Still have some curriculum to buy. Waiting for the extra paycheck in August!!

  206. Bea Adler says:

    I started…and will finish soon!

  207. Evalina says:

    I have started…slowly but surely!! 🙂

  208. Debbie says:

    The second the Back to School sales began, I was on it. Last year, I waited to long and supplies were low or out.

  209. jamie says:

    Yes I started but I am not close to being finished yet!!

  210. Dassa says:

    I started our back to school shopping… It gives me time to find the best deals, spend the least amount of money and not go crazy the week before school starts 🙂

  211. Diane says:

    Yes I have started shopping, already been to staples a few times for some great deals!

  212. Jennifer says:

    Yes, we just went school shopping the other day. The selection and prices are better now, plus we don’t have to fight the last-minute shoppers! The kids may not be mentally ready to go back yet, but their backpacks are loaded and ready.

  213. Joanna says:

    I have started my back to school shopping early this year thanks to LRWC! Little by little my pile is growing and I know I will have some extra to donate to other kids at my school. Thanks for all you do!

  214. Elizabeth Kelly says:

    We have only picked up a few things so far for my first grader. Luckily we found out my daughter in prek will only need a back pack, Lunch box, and nap mat and we already have those.

  215. Lori says:

    I’m not sure if my comment was submitted since my computer has been acting up today! Anyway, I haven’t started yet but my son is going to Pre-K, so hopefully he doesn’t need too much yet!

  216. Juliana Georgia says:

    Nope …but everything is sorted and ready for our start tomorrow.

  217. Chung says:

    My kid is not old enough to need supplies for school. However, I use this time to stock up on free/good deals.

  218. Jennifer says:

    I’ve just started buying some school supplies from Staples weekly specials. Haven’t even thought about clothes, backpacks, or classroom items (ie tissues) yet! Guess I better start soon!

  219. Jennifer says:

    I’ve just started buying some school supplies from Staples weekly specials. Haven’t even thought about clothes, backpacks, or classroom items (ie tissues) yet! Guess I better start soon!

  220. Daphanie says:

    We started shopping for supplies we Staples started there sales a couple of weeks ago. The kids are getting the “good stuff” and I live the deals that have been out there. Waiting for the stores to get there fall clothes in and put them on sale.

  221. Jen says:

    Back to school shopping is up and running. Hoping to score some free pens at Target and some of the 1 penny items at staples.

  222. Rachel says:

    I haven’t started shopping yet. I haven’t had the time to get a list together but I hope I haven’t missed all the great deals!

  223. Julie says:

    My boy is getting ready to go to first grade so I have already started stocking up on school supplies, fall essentials and snacks.
    Of course looking for the great deals as usual before I shop.

  224. Suzanne says:

    As an educator, I’ve been back to school shopping since before School even let out.

  225. Tiffany Trabbold says:

    I haven’t started my back to school shopping yet… i am relying on my “school supplies” stockpile to help me achieve most of it without spending money. Whatever i need extra i will be out to get within the next 2 weeks and whatever is left over 70% of it will be donated to a local homeless shelter when me and my son go volunteer with my co-workers to fill back packs for families in need… did it last year and my son loved it… he actually asked me about it this year. 🙂

  226. Beth R says:

    I have started at Walmart. Looking forward to Staples great deals!

  227. liz says:

    I’m almost done with back to school shopping. Just a few more things to get. It’s easy shopping for a preschooler.

  228. Deanna says:

    We started this past week at Target. Lots of good deals and lots of items in stock, but we still need more! 🙂 My baby is starting kindergarten!!! 🙁

  229. rachael says:

    I still have a little bit of a stockpile left after last year of ziploc and disinfecting wipes 🙂 I do a lot of canning and freezing, so I always stock up on those 🙂 That is about all I have done so far! Summer kind of blew past me and I can’t believe I only have 1 month left before school stuff!

  230. Lauren G. says:

    Almost done…just went through the stockpile!

  231. Brynn says:

    I have finished my back to school shopping, but I am always on the look out for free school items:)

  232. Jodi says:

    Just got a few things, still going through my stockpile for any extra goodies!

  233. KEUNTA says:

    Yes bought a couple things here and there,but will get the rest next month going to mostly Target,Walmart and checkong out and seeing what Staples has.

  234. michelle says:

    Yes, I’ve started. Since the staples and toys r us amazing deals, I had to take advantage while the deals were hot!

  235. Nancy says:

    Not a thing! Is is that time already???

  236. Jessica says:

    Tomorrow I am going to staples – but I have been on a mini vaca so I plan to get more into it over the next few weeks!

  237. lynda says:

    I started a month ago, love the staples and cvs deals.

  238. Tina C. says:

    Money has been tight so I haven’t started yet. But I realized today that I only have a little over 3 weeks to get on it. Fortunately of my 5 kids I only have to shop for 2 of them.

  239. Jessica says:

    Tomorrow I am going to staples – but I have been on a mini vaca so I plan to get more into it over the next few weeks.

  240. Rachel says:

    Not only have I started, I’m done ( easy when your kids are only in 1st grade and kindergarten!)

  241. Amanda says:

    I havent started but I am gathering my coupons and plan to start as soon as that supply list comes in the mail.

  242. Lisa says:

    Not yet…seem to be procrastinating!

  243. Heather says:

    My daughter is going into 7th and the list is long! I found some great coupons for Officemax so I have started but there is more to still get!!

  244. Julie says:

    Have taken advantage of some of the sales on school supplies at Staples, Wal-Mart and Target, but am waiting for some great sales on clothing and shoes.

  245. Stephanie says:

    I believe we are finished, but I’m still waiting on our school to send us the “Back to School List”!

  246. Sheri says:

    I’m already finished! I love new school supplies. I am such a nerd 🙂

  247. KJP says:

    I just started by going to Staples yesterday!

  248. jennifer steffman says:

    Started and finished the same day!!!!!! 🙂 love to get things done before they have to be done!!!!!

  249. Pai Ching Morales says:

    Yes, I have definitely started shopping for school supplies. Target and Walmart ate great. Staples and office Max is next.

  250. Andrea says:

    I started back to school shopping about a month ago. While my daughter isn’t old enough for school I am going back to school in the fall and my husband just finished his this year. So money is tight. I never thought I’d be 25 buying school supplies for myself.

  251. nancy mann says:

    With five school aged children…i have been back to school shopping since the last day of school…nowhere near done:( Waiting for really good deal and coupons!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

  252. meghan says:

    No not yet. I feel like summer has flown with my kids keep keeping me busy:)

  253. Susan says:

    I started a few weeks ago. We have a huge kindergarten list to get! : )

  254. Amanda says:

    I started 3 weeks ago at staples, my daughter is only 2 and a half so we don’t actually need the school supplies but we go and get whatever is a good deal and use what we can at home for different activities. And the rest we will be donating to those in need!

  255. DANA B. says:

    i have bought a few things at staples!!!

  256. Erin says:

    I’ve started back to school shopping for my son and he’s only 2 and not even in school. I have a stockpile accumulating and am ready to go when he is!

  257. karen says:

    Oh yes, I’ve been getting alot of the great staples and walgreens deals, since I have one in college, one in high school, and one in middle school I pretty much need everything. I’m hoping for some good clothing deals to come soon.

  258. Katrina says:

    I don’t have any children but I do like to take advantage of all the back to school sales in order to stock up on office supplies. I’ve been keeping an eye out but haven’t actually started yet.

  259. Megan M says:

    i love staples for back to school shopping, def saves money starting early, and def saves the headache of trying to get supplies the first day of school

  260. sarah Diviak says:

    Getting started today finally!

  261. victoria says:

    I have started at Staples & Target for back to school.

  262. Stephanie says:

    This year will be my little one’s first school term. She is so excited for school that we have been picking things up for months!

  263. Gina says:

    Yes I have started for my one son and for coworkers kids and for the church’s school supplies to the community. Finding the great deals helps me give more.

  264. angela says:

    I haven’t started yet. I need to get supplies, clothes and shoes!!

  265. luisa says:

    Love this time of year with all the great deals on back to school. I get stuff for my nieces and nephews. 🙂

  266. Natt says:

    I haven’t start yet, my daughter goes to vpk I’m a little nervous about the whole school stuff 🙂

  267. Laura Matthews says:

    I’ve gotten a few things from Wal-Mart. And I love the Staples deals. I still have a couple of pens left from last year’s freebies! 🙂
    Couponing has made back to school a much more tolerable experience, that’s for sure!

  268. alex h says:

    yes, staples was the place where i did most of it & some price-match stuff at walmart..

  269. Sarah Clark says:

    I have a pre-schooler that is about to start daycare/preschool. I started my shopping but have no idea what to buy yet.

  270. Barb says:

    I start my shopping the minute I see those special Back to Schools ads at Staples and Office Max. It seems like they show up earlier each summer. I also make sure I am well stocked so I don’t have to buy supplies at FULL PRICE midyear. Thank you for making shopping easier and less expensive!

  271. Sandi says:

    I haven’t started yet, but we recycle as many things from the previous year that we can (half used notebooks and still good binders). I have a stock pile of many school items, we just need the clothes, shoes, and backpack.

  272. Miha Moeller says:

    Still working on it!

  273. Carlene A. says:

    I’m almost done woohoo can’t wait for the 1st day. I think I may be more exicted than my kid. This is his 1st year.

  274. Kenline says:

    I’m almost done. I started getting them the beginning of summer, finding great deals at staples. I have some left over from when I went to school, but my daughter is starting kindergarten and wants everything to be her favorite colors.

  275. Tania says:

    I am DONE with my back to school shopping. Thanks to Cindy I was able to stock up on great deals last year. Enough that I have this school year covered. Thanks Cindy for all the match ups.

  276. Jenn says:

    My daughter’s first year of school is this year so she couldn’t wait to buy her backpack (from the Toys R Us deal, with her free lunch pack). I’ve been piecing together the rest weekly with the super deals at staples/office max!
    Thanks Cindy! 🙂

  277. Nicole B says:

    I official start at the end of school when I pre-order next year’s supply list through the school for one of my girls. Just purchased some folders and colored pencils for my kindergarteners at the dollar store this week.

  278. D says:

    I have started and finished all my Back2School shopping!

  279. Lori says:

    Started as soon as school let out so I can pace myself. August 16th is just around the corner!!

  280. Kristen says:

    I have only bought a few things…I’m not ready to start thinking about the end of summer!

  281. lynda says:

    started shopping now to jump start the sales

  282. Pat Kaczka says:

    I have started collecting “back-to-school supplies” for our local church drive.

  283. Anja says:

    I never stop! I chase any and all sales and buy up as much as I can. All the extras go to our local “Stuff The Bus” school supply drive.

  284. Winnie says:

    Since I’ve been following your blog, I’ve learned to purchase these things when they go on sale… so basically, I stock up for school stuff all year round! I started stocking up on Mead composition books for my kids last year and my oldest only needed 1! My kids are 5 and 4 so I’m sure they’ll be put to good use. Thanks for showing me how to buy these things for cheap!

  285. Rachel says:

    Just loaded up on extra computer ink. Notebooks and pencils soon!

  286. Maria says:

    I never STOP shopping for school supplies. I used to shop for my two girls but ever since they became active in school/community services, it seems they are always asking for donations for less-fortunate students. Now, whenever they ask, I have supplies already sorted according to age group and ready to go!

  287. Stephanie says:

    I just officially started “back to school” shopping today. I bought my youngest two children new backpacks!

  288. MAITTE says:

    I have not started shopping yet.. last year i was pratically done by now, but i have been so busy lately… maybe i will start this week 🙂

  289. Jaime Patino says:

    Not yet but getting ready! I’m also thinking about stocking up for the year and donating. Always having fun, too!

  290. Adrienne says:

    Haveny started because that means summer is coming to an end and in not ready to face that yet! We are having too much fun!!

  291. Heather says:

    Have started already for a fundraiser for my community for children of low income families that need assistance and have started a little on my on kiddos. Love the savings on school supplies this time on year!

  292. Kathy M says:

    Our school put together a list of suggested supplies.I have been able to use the last few weeks to pick things up when on sale. Having the list early saves money! I am almost done.

  293. Loni kesler says:

    We are starting this weekend.. Trying to get it done and out of the way..

  294. Kristy H. says:

    I’ve started buying school supplies from several stores to score all needed items before the last minute rush. I’ve even bought some supplies as filler items at places like Walgreens so I even have extras ready!

  295. Sebsa says:

    I am such a huge fan of Staples that I feel like I am “back to school shopping” all year long! : )

  296. Vicki says:

    Not yet!

  297. catherine says:

    I’ve started at Staples two weeks ago – trading in old binders for a $2 discount and doing my on-line rebates. Now I’m in Stoprite buying Mead notebooks – all my kids will use. With 4 kids, it seems like there are never enough supplies.

  298. Cristine says:

    My kids are too little for back to school shopping, but my home office is getting stocked up already thanks to Staples!

  299. maureen says:

    I’ve been buying a lot of supplies for my grandchildren, woul love to win this giveaway for them

  300. Sue says:

    I started this year earlier than ever – thanks to the match-ups at Staple! Last year, I waited til the kids got their lists and spent a fortune. This year, 1 cent items are awesome!

  301. Susie says:

    I have not yet started my back to school shopping but i do plan to put things on layaway tomorrow at Kmart. This is the first year that I will have a Kindergartener, a 5th grader and a 7th grader so i have a LOT of work to do!

  302. Aileen says:

    Just about to start and would love to win this giveaway 🙂

  303. Jessie C. says:

    Yes, I’ve started.

  304. tara says:

    I was just about to start, and winning this would make it that much better!

  305. Kaye H says:

    Have started back to school shopping, need bargains for donations!

  306. Kaye H says:

    Have started back to school shopping, need bargains for donations!

  307. Stephanie B. says:

    I have started a little bit of the school shopping, but need to buy clothes now, since supplies are taken care of now! This kit would be a life saver since one child is going into 3rd grade & one is a 8 month old & we don’t need either of them getting sick!

  308. Mary M says:

    Yes! And almost done thanks to your wonderful matchups for staples and Walgreens!

  309. Melissa says:

    My son is only 13 months old, so no back-to-school shopping for us. That won’t stop me from taking advantage of the deals though!

  310. Linda says:

    I haven’t started yet. I’m still trying to snag the summer sales.
    You know buy a size or two bigger and be all set for next summer. Bathing suits, etc. I will be starting soon. Maybe in a week or two. Summer goes by to fast.

  311. Stephanie Gray says:

    I have started by shopping the deals at Walmart and Walgreens. High School is expensive.

  312. Rebekah says:

    I have started (almost finished) my back to school shopping, with the helpful advice found here!

  313. Jay S says:

    I started my shopping at Staples, but still waiting for some good deals.

  314. Sylvia says:

    I can’t get myself to do it. I am in total denial. I bought a few crayons and glue sticks. My daughter picked out her sparkling sequined Barbie backpack. Sadly I had no coupon for these items. I refuse to purchase wool or corduroy until September!

  315. Eileen says:

    Already started with the great stuff from Staples.

  316. Jill says:

    Just starting

  317. robi says:

    all done, between the deals at staples and the $.20 spirals at shoprite have enough supplies for all 3 kids and probably some extra!!!

  318. Amanda says:

    Started school shopping! CVS, Target, Walmart and Staples

  319. Peggy Ann says:

    My daughter will be starting a new school that has a “dress code” (aka uniform). So we have been scouting stores for deals on the required clothing. Have also picked up some great school supply deals at Staples.

  320. Robin S says:

    I have yet to start back to school shopping for my 4 children, I am too busy shopping for our upcoming Disney trip!

  321. Jill e says:

    Yes! Even tough I don’t need 5 pairs of free scissors! Lol Iove staples.

  322. Jeanne says:

    Yes – But I keep everything hidden in the trunk of my car so I don’t depress my 8th grade daughter!

  323. An says:

    I started… sort of…I think I just bought 1 pack of index cards so far. I have to get organized!

  324. Sharlon says:

    I have started school shopping for my son.

  325. Danielle says:

    Yes, I have started. I am having so much fun getting all my free things at Staples.

  326. Truly says:

    I am grandma and have lots of time to shop for grandkids. So I collect all the coupons I can. This Johnson and Johnson giveaway sounds right up my alley, and amusingly, my last name used to be Johnson. Although not related, my family has used their products for over 60 years!
    Can’t wait for grandchild to arrive so we can shop till we drop for school goodies!

  327. Stacy says:

    I have also started gotta love the free stuff

  328. Lauren says:

    Yes, I just started yesterday! I cant believe that its that time already! 🙁

  329. Lauren says:

    Yes… I just started yesterday. I cant believe it is that time already! 🙁

  330. Andrea says:

    Yes!! My 5yr old is starting kinder and he is very excited!:)

  331. Shell says:


    I am thinking about going Back to School since it is never too late to do this!

  332. Rachel says:

    I have already started shopping for school supplies. Looking at your site for all the latest deals helps me tremendously.


  333. Rachel says:

    I have already started shopping for school supplies. This used to be an errand I dreaded because it can bery very expensive but now I save a lot of money on the supplies my kids need because of your blog.

    Thank You!

  334. Regina says:

    Yes I have started for 2 reasons: 1. try and get everything at lowest price and 2. not hit with the whole cost at one time.

  335. Pati says:

    No,sad to say I haven’t started yet. Don’t want to think about the summer being over!

  336. Anissa says:

    I’ve been picking and choosing the bargains that started a few weeks ago. We don’t need alot but I don’t want to have to pay full price later!

  337. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been picking up little things that I’ve found good deals on, but I want to give my big seventh-grader a little more choice this year, so we are going to do the major shopping together.

  338. shannon says:

    I started awhile ago. I only have a 4 and 5 year old but I have bought some stuff for the teachers classrooms. I also bought some for my little guy who starts first grade. Where does the time go!! The 4 year old is a klutz like her mommy so we could use all the band aids we can get

  339. Shantanu says:

    Have not started yet, but it would be a good start to get this kit! thanks

  340. Ebie says:

    No, I haven’t – but I don’t need to do too much back-to-school shopping for my 2nd year of grad school.

  341. LaTanya says:

    I have not started back to school shopping yet

  342. Ungennette says:

    Yes, I started at the beginning of the summer. I see a sale on school supplies I buy. I’m finished with the essentials. Clothing that another thing, she 13!!!

  343. Susan McCarthy says:

    I have started, got backpacks, lunchboxes and crayons!

  344. Leslie says:

    I just finished buying all the school supplies last weekend!!!

  345. Nancy says:

    I have started school shopping by picking up a few items during my last shopping trip and will pick up a few more next week. I have to spread out the expense with three children.

  346. Nancy says:

    I have started back to school shopping with some great deals at Staples. Sneak them into the house so my daughter won’t complain that I am putting a damper on her summer!

  347. brandi hawn says:

    Yes I have started! 🙂 Would love to win this, thank you!!

  348. Christy says:

    Yes, kids picked out backpacks and I got shoes at target 50-70% off! Now have to start uniform shopping!!

  349. Kim says:

    Haven’t started yet, but plan to next week. It would be great to win!

  350. Donna Brown says:

    I Love shopping for back to school supplies. My kids are always ready by the 2nd week of August!!!

  351. Bonnie says:

    Nothing like waiting until the last minute

  352. Laurie A says:

    Yes, I’ve started…bought three marble comp books at ShopRite this week. Does that count? LOL

  353. Cat says:

    I always buy supplies in July and August and wait for new clothes and shoes until October when prices come down. It always seems to get really hot again once school starts! They wear the summer clothes until the start of October.

  354. Mary O says:

    Started shopping, tho It is for a “care pack” of free things for the women at work

  355. Julie L says:

    Yes, yes, yes! The quest to find the best back to school bargains has begun : )

  356. DHM says:

    Started my school supply shopping two weeks ago. Great deals at Staples and Walmart!

  357. vickybee says:

    Hi, I would love to have survival kit in school days for my 10 years old boy…Thanks.

  358. AA says:

    Various coupons have been popping up so I started early this year.

  359. Siri says:

    I have! In fact I think I’m done. I got the paper, pencils, etc. at Walmart last week (I have a kindergartener and 2nd grader so not too much to get). As for backpacks and lunch boxes, we are going to simply reuse the ones we got from Lands End last year. Deal!

  360. Mia says:

    I’m glad I’ve started early. So much great deals. Would be great to win :-)) Thank you.

  361. Linda says:

    I buy enough to take me through the year. I’ve started to restock.

  362. carolyn says:

    YEs, love staples for extreme deals.

  363. Kaycee says:

    Yes, I’ve started. Some of the Staples deals have been too good to pass up! I love shopping for school supplies!

  364. Lorraine says:

    I have been shopping for some time, getting ready to send my daughter off to college.

  365. Sandy Anderson says:

    Sadly I have not started my back to school shopping, I am looking at starting next week and waiting for the tax free week for clothes and shoes!!

  366. kelly says:

    Yes I have started thanks to to your matchups! Feels good to
    get a head start and not wait till school starts, then spend a
    fortune. Wish I had been couponing a long time ago, could have
    saved alot of money over the years.

  367. diana says:

    just gonna get started…3 out of the 4 kids will be in school this year….very exciting!

  368. Christina says:

    I started doing some back to school shopping for little gifts for my niece!

  369. Christina says:

    I started doing some back to school shopping for little gifts for my niece since my daughter is too young for me to shop for her yet!

  370. Jenn Fields says:

    We are starting this weekend 🙂

  371. Michelle says:

    I have started school shopping. I love the deals!

  372. Cathy says:

    I’ve started already with the penny stuff at Staples 🙂

  373. Meagan says:

    I have started back to school shopping keeping an eye out for one cent items at staples and deals at target. I am almost done with the supplies due to the fact that even last year I took the list for 3rd grade supplies (that my daughter will be in this year) and when I found a good deal I bought extras

  374. Kelly says:

    I just started stocking up at Staples last week!

  375. Lisa says:

    I started shopping for my four kids BEFORE the last day of school – early bird gets the worm around my town. Good luck everyone and a happy, healthy safe new school year to all!

  376. Cathy S says:

    Started last week…thanks to your back to school deals, I made some great buys!!!

  377. Angela says:

    I have already purchased many items thanks to Staples, Kroger, and Menards sales. Never too early buy when there is a sale.

  378. Stephanie Messercola says:

    Don’t need to school shop yet as my boys are 3 years old and 3 months but could use most of the products listed

  379. Debra says:

    This is the first year I have only high schoolers and the challenge becomes more difficult since 1) they want to pick out their own stuff (sometimes it’s not at the bargain price) 2) their supplies are more expensive. Oh well, welcome to the teenage world LOL

  380. Nancy says:

    Whew! Am I the only one who hasn’t started BTS shopping yet? I have four kids starting in a bit and I am overwhelmed already 🙂 Talk about filling four backpacks and getting it all straight!

  381. Cheryl:-) says:

    only have gotten a few things. I do want to start early:-)

  382. tara p says:

    I actually started last year. I stockpiled all the basics for pennies when they went on clearenceand used coupons to match many.Now I am looking for the rest of the items to round out my supply and help my family get off to school on the right foot.

  383. Nancy says:

    I have no children (unless you count the cat) but that doesn’t stop me for looking for great deals for myself during “back to school days”. I do taxes for a living and I love any gadget that can help me in the office, especially pens. Plus I am a big “do to list” person and a doodler. The more notebooks the better. Who says you have to have kids to enjoy the savings? Not me. So back to school days means big savings for me 🙂

  384. Silveria Reyes says:

    No, I haven’t started yet but I know I should soon because the back-to-school deals are coming up!

  385. sandra t says:

    Yes I have been picking up things as I see them on sale

  386. Mary says:

    Yes – I have done most of my back to school shopping at Staples. I would love to win this.

  387. Kelly K says:

    I started at Staples last week and just got back from Target. I have to take advantage of all of the deals with 4 kids to shop for.

  388. Liz says:

    Just started, but barely 🙂

  389. carolin says:

    picking up a few deals for home and church, kids are all grown

  390. Kathy says:

    Started but I haven’t gotten too far. With 3 elementary kids, supplies don’t seem to last.

  391. Dee S says:

    Yes, I have started…I always start early!

  392. Linda says:

    I just purchased clothing today for my grandchildren. Last week I picked up crayola goodies for the preschooler. This takes me back to when mine were young.

  393. Marsha says:

    We have started shopping for my 3 children and myself. Probably not half-way through it yet but we have a good start. Freebies are always helpful.

  394. Sandra Knobloch says:

    I have done most of my back to school shopping. I have one son starting college so we’ve been buying all of his dorm bedding, etc. and a new computer. Going back to school is a lot more expensive these days than when I went to school.

  395. Michelle Zamorski says:

    I have ordered my daughter’s uniforms but haven’t bought any supplies yet

  396. Maddelena says:

    started back to school shopping in may on vacation in PA the walmart had a clearance sale that couldnt be beat. got their clothes done too

  397. Patricia Crowley says:

    I have done a little bit of shopping but still need to buy a lot!

  398. Susan Paffett says:

    Ofcourse I started, with four kids I have to take advantage of every great deal I can find. 🙂

  399. KJ says:

    Just started shopping for my son who is going off to college. The school provided us with a long list of things to get.

  400. Mo says:

    Already started…Bought my son a Pink Back-Pack, next on the list is Sneakers!!!

  401. Kim Bergert says:

    Yes, I have started some back to school shopping. Thank you for all of your help is finding great deals out there!

  402. wafa N says:

    I’ve already started back to school shopping for my son, backpack, clothes, snack packs,juice, etc. kind try too take advantage of some sales and stock up on what he whould use during school.

  403. michele says:

    I started my back to school “Stock Pile” two weeks ago. School is all year around here.

  404. Kelly says:

    I just started my back to school shopping, but have a lot more to do still.

  405. Valerie says:

    Yep, already started and have gotten some great deals!!

  406. Nathalie says:

    Just got started !

  407. Amanda says:

    Definitely started my back to school! With four kids its never too early.

  408. Debbie says:

    Yes I already started school shopping. School starts on the 8th here so its crunch time.

  409. Jalen says:

    My mom has been helping me shop for my college school supplies. She has been teaching me to save with coupons. Thanks LRWC and J&J for helping us all.

  410. Sherri says:

    Not yet, but realized I should have started 2 weeks ago. Need to start ASAP. Thanks for the giveaway.

  411. soha molina says:

    we started today.

  412. Chrissy says:

    Planning trips this weekend to pick up a bunch of items for my friends’ 3 kids to help out….Thanks Cindy for the awesome Back-to-School deals!!!

  413. Andi says:

    I am taking 15 hours this semester and have 9 textbooks/workbooks to purchase. I have received some good deals from our local staples for notebooks and other supplies but I still have a lot more supplies left to get for my fullest college semester yet! Wish me luck 🙂

  414. melissa says:

    Just started today! Shop Rite had some great deals on crayons & notebooks! Thanks!


  415. Robin Kennedy says:

    Even though my kids are all grown up, I like to help my daughter get the school supplies for my 4 grand daughters as you know the schools no longer supply the kids with crayons, notebooks, pens, and pencils so thats where gramma comes in…I love it.

  416. Started back to school shopping for all of my children. Looking hard for deals and bargins.

  417. Renee says:

    Have not started back to school shopping yet! I get frustrated because we don’t know what is needed until the first day of school and then its a MAD RUSH to the store to get what is needed! With all the great deals, I am stocking up on crayons and notebooks though!

  418. Teresa says:

    Yes absolutely started back to school shopping, almost done with the backpack items!

  419. Brad says:

    Yep, I’ve started back to school shopping – bought some crayons!

  420. Judy says:

    I started school shhopping with some help from my friends from LRWC and staples.

  421. Darlene says:

    Started back to school shopping for my 10 year old. First stop clothes shopping!

  422. Kait says:

    We have not gotten too much, just a few notebooks and pens.

  423. tracy says:

    Yes i have already started and took advantage of the great deals at Staples the last couple of weeks.

  424. Trying to surprise my grandchildrens moms by getting all seven kids their school supplies.

  425. kabby says:

    I started with a few penny deals from Staples…our schools use Binder systems verses notebooks…so my list is rather small but higher priced items…I personally LOVE school supplies.

  426. Kim Adams says:

    Yes, I have started back to school shopping, but I still have alot of items we still need.

  427. gloria says:

    yes, almost done with school supplies.starting on my own school supplies now,I buy myself school supplies for work since I work in a school office.but finished with my sons supplies.

  428. Sue says:

    I got some note pads and dividers at Staples…Still a long way to go!

  429. Maria says:

    As a teacher with 3 kids of my own, I start back-to-school shopping early! I have been looking for the best deals so that I can work through these lists a little at a time without breaking the bank.

  430. Evelyn says:

    Started about two weeks ago and still not done. One going to college, one is a senior in high school and the munchkin is going to third grade. So my list is long :0)

  431. Lisa - NYC says:

    Well my school shopping differs from most others. I have a special needs child who goes to a specialized school.. Our supply lists consist of more health and wellness products, such as tissues, bandaids soaps etc. So notebooks and such are deals I get my son for my home. Can’t wait for the J&J coupons…will help alot

  432. Allie says:

    I just registered my daughter for kindergarten and will start shopping today! We’re both nervous, excited, upset and scared all at the same time. But I’m not showing the nervous, upset or scared part for Sophia’s sake haha <3

  433. Colleen says:

    haven’t even started yet!!! told my daughter I will not be doing any back to school shopping (supplies, clothes, etc) until she completes her summer assignmets! 🙂

  434. Anjani says:

    Started shopping for both me and my sister! I’m going into my senior year at college and finally have an apartment and didn’t realize how many little things you need. My sister’s going to be a freshman at college and it’s been fun shopping for dorm stuff. And of course all we do is look for sales…2 kids at college is expensive and we’re trying to make it as painless as possible for my parents!

  435. Nadine says:

    Alas, no. Working 2 jobs and haven’t gotten to it yet. With one in college and the 2nd one entering college next month I’m a bit behind. Well, alot behind…

  436. Jessica B says:

    I have started getting a few things. Always checking this site to see what is on sale!!

  437. Jessica B says:

    I have started getting a few things. Love this site for deals!

  438. Nadine says:

    Alas, no. Working 2 jobs and haven’t gotten to it yet. With one in college and the 2nd one entering college next month I really have to get started.

  439. Barbara says:

    Started a few weeks ago. There are some great deals out there. Thank you!

  440. Colleen says:

    I shop for school supplies for my son,my preschool and my summer daycare.I tend to buy things year round so it doesnt hit me too hard when September comes around.This giveaway would really help out all of my needs this year.Thank you J&J and Living Rich

  441. amy says:

    Thanks to your coupons and store match ups I am almost done with my school shopping for my high school senior and my preschooler.

  442. Mari says:

    Oh boy…No I have not started shopping for Back-to-School, but will start very soon. Our 1 yr old keeps us busy. Our 7 yr old has a nice long list from school. I guess entering the 2nd grade involves more than I thought. This could help us out definitely. Love the coupons you guys put out.

  443. Barb says:

    Yes, I’ve started!!

  444. Jessica says:

    I haven’t even started school shopping yet….yikes!!

  445. Megan says:

    No school shopping for me this year. My son is in preschool and supplies are included in the tuition.

  446. Amanda says:

    I have not started school shopping yet as of this morning, but after work today I will be going and picking up a few things. My daughter is going into First Grade, I can’t believe it!!

  447. George says:

    I just registered my son for kindergarten and will start shopping soon; Thank you J&J and Living Rich

  448. Kt says:

    I have not started yet. I blame my busy summer activities and a summer that is flying by!

  449. stefanie says:

    Nope, I have my kids use their 1 yr old backpacks and binders for a few months of the new year until they go on super clearance!
    But I do take advantage of the super deals at Staples and Office Max to get those nice to have supplies!

  450. Kim Green says:

    My babies are all grown up and in college,but mom still helps out with supplies by couponing!! Will also be helping a friend out who has one starting kindergarten by introducing her to all the great deals you can get with coupons..

  451. maryellen says:

    just started shopping for my sons second year of college. thnks for all the help!!!!

  452. Renee says:

    Sneaker shopping… boys only want sneakers for back to school! I’ve already started shopping for the essentials ~

  453. Shannon Goad says:

    Yes we have started shcool shopping. With 3 boys in 3 different schools, 1 in elementary, 1 in middle school and 1 in high school, you have to get started early. Love finding great deals to help out! Thanks for all you do for us!!

  454. Jessica says:

    I’ve got 6 kids…I’m always school shopping!!! Picked up some great deals at Office Max last week!!!

  455. LaJoya Johnson says:

    I started my back to school shopping.

  456. pat says:

    I have a big bin where I collect school supplies (on sale of course!!) all year long. Usually I well stocked by the time September rolls around!

  457. Robin W says:

    I have started shopping the school sales to add to the school stock pile I already have collected.

  458. Jennifer Moriarty says:

    I’ve slowly but surely started my back to school shopping!

  459. lissa says:

    Almost done with school shopping, mostly thanks to this great web site! Got lots of great discounts and freebies-thanks LR!

  460. Leslie says:

    Already started and a most of the way through. Going out today to get shoes.

  461. Regina says:

    YYYEEESSS started already!

  462. Pam says:

    I started shopping and got my son an angry birds backpack, lunch kit and binder.

  463. Shirley says:

    I started with the deals you posted. Now all I need are backpacks picky kids and one binder.Thanks for your matchups I carry your printouts everywhere.

  464. RobinMW says:

    My youngest is 21 so I shop for the grandchildren and a few needy familys I know. With such good sales and since it cost so little to help others I feel blessed to be able to help.

  465. DADAY BULAW says:


  466. hanna says:

    I haven’t started yet. We even don’t know the HR teacher and can not get supply list yet. Used to know this before Summer started, but now we get
    to know mid to late August. Not really a good system.

  467. Kim says:

    Of course I have started shopping, I need all the savings I can get and with all the sales going on its worth it!!!

  468. Michelle W says:

    Unfortunately, I do not receive a list for my daughter until the first day of school, but I have taken advantage of the back to school deals listed on LRWC. I will be donating any items that my daughter doesn’t need to those less fortunate.

  469. Dlila says:

    I started a couple weeks ago!

  470. Sherry Hicks says:

    We don’t start until August 1st. This gives the kids a chance to not think about school for at least one whole month!!

  471. Amy D says:

    I don’t think the school shopping ever ended – just the classes.

  472. Melissa Galvin says:

    I have started back to school shopping! im really nervous, my son is going into kindergarden and im scared to let him go! he’s been with me every day since he has been born so i can definately use all the help i can get! this giveaway would be a life saver!

  473. alison says:

    Yes! I’ve never started this early, but I can’t pass up the deals!

  474. christine says:

    Since I am a teacher, I never stop back to school shopping!! I pick up things all through the school year and throughout the summer 🙂 can’t have enough school supplies!!

  475. Pris says:

    Started this week! We have one son who has finished his first year two college,two more in middle and high school a daughter in Graduate school. It is fun but stressful- so thankful for sites like LRWC for paving the way to savings!

  476. Lillian says:

    Started last week! One heading into 11th and the other into 8th.

  477. Jaye says:

    I just began back to school shopping. Some notebooks & pens.

  478. Angela says:

    I started shopping for back to school weeks ago!!!

  479. Jennifer K says:

    I started couponing from your site last year right before back to school season and I still have tons of back to school items, so I really don’t need much, but if I can find something at a GREAT bargain, I can’t past it up!

  480. roni says:

    Still in summer mode! can’t bear to think of school yet!!

  481. andrew pinkhasov says:

    Love this kinda kits they looks amazing and my child will love em

  482. tara says:

    I have not. It makes me sad. Summer is not over 🙂

  483. s sare says:

    Started couponing with this website 1 year ago so it all began with these fantastic back to school specials. So my second anniversary to be able to stretch my limited income. Thank you!!! 🙂

  484. Kim Miller says:

    Just starting my granddaughters back to school shopping.

  485. Liz Starita says:

    All done , I never wait till last minute especially if there is a sale 🙂

  486. Linda Piro says:

    I actually just started yesterday! I was at CVS and couldn’t pass up the Angry Birds folders for my Grandson!

  487. Paty R. says:

    I will start tomorrow! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  488. Amy A. says:

    Just beginning to do a little bit of back-to-school shopping now. Thanks!

  489. Su says:

    Nope, not yet. Too soon–we need more summer. Also, I’m waiting for the tax-free days in August!

  490. Sarah S. says:

    I started my back to school shopping last month and still not done! Thanks for the great give a way!

  491. April says:

    Just got started!!!

  492. Shari R says:

    I just started our back to school shopping a few days ago… but I have a lot of supplies left to purchase.

  493. Mks says:

    Hi! I just started shopping!! I am excited how much I will save this year;) Thank you!!

  494. Larisha says:

    Just getting started!! This is would be awesome!

  495. Cheryl says:

    Yes, I started my back to school shopping for college. 🙂 Already got two bags of food/ personal items ready to go.

  496. Karen Mariner says:

    Always on the lookout for office/school supplies – it’s a year round job.

  497. Christopher John says:

    Yes, already bought uniforms and supplies.

  498. Jennifer Lanci says:

    I’ve been hitting up the best deals for a few weeks now! I’m shopping for myself and for my PTO’s welcome back gifts for the teachers!

  499. Sherry says:

    Thanks for giveaways\

  500. Allison says:

    I started at Staples and Shop Rite for the cheapest and best Deals. OH Dollar General products to $5 rebate on DG school supplies it you purchase certain name brand products.

  501. beth says:

    I am a late one!
    Havent started!

  502. Jennifer says:

    I plan on starting next week after this weekends coupons. I think its going to be a fun time. I have a junior in high school and a preschooler! Lalaloopsy backpack and lunch box here we come!

  503. Lorraine says:

    Just started getting some school supplies for my grandchildren so i can help my daughter, who is a teacher, get some things for her students!

  504. Jodi says:

    I started back-to-school shopping for my two youngest at Walgreens this week. Their sale prices were excellent. Then went to Walmart to pick up some of their deals. We have just a few more things to get, then we’ll be ready for the next list the new teachers send home!

  505. JEN C says:

    My daughter is only 2.5 years old so no back-to-school shopping for me. I usually pick up a few boxes of crayons or other art stuff for her, but that’s about it.

  506. jonni says:

    My son is going to the Middle School. Since he will have his own locker, I bought him a magnet pencil cup and mirror. As far as pens/pencils and notebooks, not yet.

  507. Jane says:

    I’ve already started back to school shopping so I can donate a lot of the nessities that the elementary classrooms need (i.e. glue sticks, paper).

  508. kclg132 says:

    I have already started my back to school shopping, with the great deals at Staples. I am not lloking forward to clothes shopping though. I will put that off til the last possible minute. With a soon to be 13 year old daughter, clothes are more important than anything else. I justdread the fact, although, she has gotten into using coupons and buying from sale racks so it might turn out to be enjoyable this year.

  509. Shannon says:

    I have been in college for what seems like forever…at the moment I am trying to enjoy every last moment of Summer. I will shop last minute…LOL

  510. Susan says:

    We started our back to school shopping early this year! I’m just picking up the great deals that Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, etc has now. It feels great to not have to fight the crowds this year.

  511. angelina says:

    We are always doing our back to school shopping on tax free weekend. Since I started couponing this year I have been looking each week for deals on the stuff our kids need. We still got a ways to go but at least I started already.

  512. Stacey B says:

    I havent started yet, but have been looking around for deals lately and plan on starting next week.

  513. Su says:

    Nope, not yet. I was waiting for tax-free days in August! thx

  514. Jennifer says:

    As a teacher and mother of two (12 and 9 years old), I began my BTS shopping when I saw great deals in June (school was still in session in NJ). Thrilled that schools give out lists before the end of the year so we can all take advantage of the great sales as they pop up!

  515. Jessica To says:

    I have started school supply shopping, but not clothes shopping.

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